The Adventures of Billy Meier…Back Online!

Illustrated information about the Red Meteor, the BP disaster and the true story of Merlin

Thanks to our friend, Nathanael Mallow, our multi-episode comic book, The Adventures of Billy Meier, is back online.

The Adventures of Billy Meier
“The Adventures of Billy Meier” – A comic book for kids (and adults!)

The episodes include illustrated information about the Red Meteor, (aka Apophis) the BP disaster and the true story of Merlin, in six languages.

I had this illustrated version of several of Meier’s contacts made for people who are more likely to be interested in, understand and benefit from a visual presentation of this information, which also includes young people (who are inheriting this mess of a world), environmentalists, historians, students, and some scientists, etc.

NOTE: There is a group, that fancies itself scientific, called Asteroid Day, which seemingly has good objectives pertaining to protecting the Earth against asteroids, etc. However, it’s a bit heavy on celebrity-ism, self-congratulatory excesses, partying and selling T-shirts and…making sure that their more trendy pursuits aren’t disturbed by important things – such as the preemptively published, superior information from superior minds, i.e. the Plejaren and Meier .

Since they have a public platform, should you, or anyone you know, happen to be a citizen of planet Earth, please feel free to attempt to awaken them from their willful and arrogant, slumbering disregard for being educated.

I don’t, however, suggest wasting your time bothering with the idiots, poseurs, profiteers and frauds at SETI.

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6 Replies to “The Adventures of Billy Meier…Back Online!”

    1. Welcome to the blog. Please feel free to interact with everyone on the blog and help spread the word. Salome.

  1. Hello, I am new to this web-site and was delighted to see that there was a list of Billy’s books for purchase,’but’ oh my goodnes. Why are they so expensive. Blessings Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian, Billy’s books have to be translated from German to English which is done by a professional translating service — this is very expensive in itself. Plus, I think you need to study up on the mission and Billy Meier to find out why his books are invaluable. This isn’t something anyone can instill in you. You have to realize or find this for yourself. You can start here on Michael’s blog, but also check out the Future of Mankind:

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