Directed Energy Weapons or Methane?

The unexpected consequences of manmade climate destruction Billy Meier warned about

Billy Meier’s Prophecies and the Environment

Among the many specific consequences of manmade climate change – now more accurately described as climate destruction – foretold and described by Billy Meier decades ago,  is the otherwise largely unforeseen dangers anddamage from methane gas.

Now, as various long foretold events are ceaselessly occurring, such as the fires in California, there’s a never-ending proliferation of conspiracy theories offered by experienced, as well as completely inexperienced, people. One of those theories is that the California fires simply had to have been caused by attacks orchestrated by the nefarious elite, using DEW (Directed Energy Weapons). While that has yet to be proved, Randy Arena, a scientist and student of the spiritual teaching, wrote the following to the California State Fire Marshall:

State Fire Marshal
Dennis Mathisen
2251 Harvard St
Post Office Box 944246
Sacramento, California

Dear Mr Mathisen,

An accelerant which you may not have thought of:  Methane, possibly sulphur dioxide and other gasses.

It has come to my attention that many of the California fires such as Malibu, Coffee Park and The Camp fire may have been so large and rapidly spreading due to an accelerant rather than the normal way fires are spread and that the accelerant may be Methane or Sulphur Dioxide emanating from deep underground, a byproduct of ancient forests and shallow oceans.

This accelerant which many in the fire industry may not be aware of is due to the polar regions being less heavy due to the recent decline of the polar ice weight shifting and being melted off by increased deadly ozone depletion. One reason I think this is primarily because of learning some information written by Billy Meier of Switzerland and his high level scientific information stating that ozone was being burned off way back in the year 1958 and even previous hints of this type of thing in 1941. Another reason for my understanding of this is due to the fires being of a bluish flame (indicative of methane) and the fire tornados which are becoming more and more prevelent. Yet another reason is the green plants nearby unaffected and the abnormal time of year for the fires probably due to a lens of clay (scraped off in building sites for structural stability) blocking the accelerant from optimal effluent of the aforescribed off gassing. For this reason I feel after much thought that your men may be wise to stay out of the valleys and canyons  normally safe areas devoid of wind and that if indeed this accelerant may be due to off gassing of the earth from cracks formed due to the monumental change in weight of the polar ice caps these areas are now unsafe. Thank you for your concern and more importantly your actions to save fire men and women and our homes.


Randy Arena

Feel free to respond to this email for any question or follow through about this matter.


Of course, at the root of virtually all of humankind’s problems is overpopulation; to even dare to mention it is to risk violating the great taboo, put in place largely by the profit-seeking religions and political systems.

Nature, however, cares not a whit for human feeblemindedness and our inability to rely on logic and common sense so as to not overburden the natural order and imperil our own lives. While the perceptive human being can see the laws of Creation, such as cause and effect, in operation merely by observing and contemplating nature, our failure to do so and to heed the inherent warnings only guarantees much self-inflicted pain and suffering.

India and Pakistan

The US isn’t the only country that faithfully follows the script to destruction. India and Pakistan want to make sure that they do their part to corroborate the Henoch Prophecies, first published in German in 1987.*

247. Also Pakistan will allow herself to be misled to instigate a war against India, which will be especially dangerous in view of the fact that both countries are developing atomic weapons.

Animal-to-Human Diseases

In light of new concerns about strange animal diseases that could spread to human beings, we find this information Contact 251, from 1995:

“The health of terrestrials is in extreme danger not only from the rapid spread of AIDS, but from the rising ill effects of scrapie among humans, whereby the Creutzfeldt-Jakob-Syndrome is not the only repercussion. The scrapie epidemic will increase among animals as well.”

“It is very important to realize, too, that many negative events will occur in the near future regarding diseases and epidemics on Earth. For this reason all humans must become very meticulous about their personal hygiene and must avoid physical contact with people of questionable health status. There should be paid great attention for harmless disesases and infections, because in future times these can turn into much graver and even incurable illness. The same will hold true also for physical contact with animals, including touching of any type. An additional concern will be the intake of animal-origin food products, absorption of viruses, bacteria, etc., of animal substances such as feces, saliva, blood, hair and so forth, which can cause also fatal diseases and epidemics. For this reason alone, creatures of every type should not be kept within the confines of human residences, indeed, they must not be tolerated therein even briefly.”

Prophetically Accurate Information from 1985

Take a sobering look at what Billy Meier was told about human-animal mutations, sex toys and… Hitler, a thought-provoking combination of topics.

Coming US CIvil Wars in the News

Norm sent me this, just prior to to posting today’s blog:

Former Federal Prosecutor: “We Are In A Civil War… I Buy Guns”

It kind reminds us of what Billy Meier first foretold, in 1981:


The Teaching of the Spirit-WE-Form ARAHAT ATHERSATA, or its inspirative transmissions and instructions. ARAHAT ATHERSATA (Sanskrit) = “The valueful one who looks at time” Inspired written work of a higher spirit-form. Transmitted from an incorporeal, unmaterial and pure spiritual level.  ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier was the inspirative recipient of the message which was received and written down from May 15th, 1975 to August 11th, 1975.

Stay tuned for prices!

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REAL News from 1948 to…2250!


Thanks to Randy Arena, Norm DeCindis & Mark Kikuchi for updates.

*You can see here that the Henoch Prophecies actually originated approximately…11,000 years ago.

7 Replies to “Directed Energy Weapons or Methane?”

  1. Very nice reasoning from Randy!
    This may explain the “rolling walls of fire and violent hurricanes will rage all across America”. If the hurricanes knock the top off all those fracking wells and a bolt of lightning ignites the escaping gas on top of the already escaping methane…

    And if in the future we can’t get our protein from “animal-origin food products”, then Spirulina and Moringa will be in high demand.

    Looking forward to the new translated book!

  2. Michael I just want to let you know that this page is for some reason not available on your blog’s front page. At least I was not able to find it. I had found this page via the future of mankind’s website.

  3. Thank you for posting this letter as I found not much was done the first time I spoke about it to a fire professional. Also thank you for providing our Swiss friend’s references and contact notes and that overpopulation is indeed the reason for all of earth’s problems. By reason and logic we will eventually fix them one by one, but up until and only after we realize it is overpopulation that is causing for example this civil war, famine, earthquakes, war over resources and overall quality of life. It is not caused by others… it is caused by us.


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