Canadian Society of Questers Interview Michael Horn

Upcoming presentation in Canada on the Billy Meier UFO contacts 

Please tune in Sunday, February 24, for an interview pertaining to Michael Horn’s upcoming keynote presentation on the Billy Meier UFO contacts, and Michael’s Consciousness Awareness Workshop, sponsored by the Canadian Society of Questers in May.

Michael’s keynote presentation will focus on the voluminous examples of Billy Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate scientific and geopolitical information, spanning more than 70 years. Having established Meier’s unparalleled prophetic and predictive accuracy, Michael will speak about the long foretold, coming events, many of which are now considered unstoppable.

Even more importantly, Michael’s Consciousness Awareness Workshop, also known as Standing in Spirit, will center around effective solutions that individuals can apply to the problems that humanity faces, and which are largely of our own making.

The workshop incorporates key elements of the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching that one can practice and draw from on a daily basis.

Revisiting Ancient Indigestion

The Billy Meier information now spans over…45,000 pages, which contain literally hundreds of specific, error-free examples of prophetically accurate scientific, environmental and geopolitical information.

Among the most amazing information is that pertaining to the so-called Iceman Mummy. Reading the information and contemplating all of the factors, as well as Meier’s own circumstances and resources, the situational and medical details and implications are simply staggering. Please read, or re-read the article to comprehend and appreciate the unprecedented, amazing body of work from Billy Meier and the Plejaren.

Sedona Presentation

In case you missed it, here’s the Sedona Presentation:

Recommended Reading:

The Way to Live

Humankind doesn’t have the faintest idea regarding what life’s all about and how to live it. Consider this your personal sanity and survival system.

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Tony Quinn

I commend you for accepting an interview with Zzen but he’s obviously not an interviewer in reality, that was the most passive aggressive piece of attempted bushwhacking I’ve ever seen. He had zero interest in actually discussing anything you said in reality and clearly wanted to get you to box yourself into a particular corner he had prepared for you to attack with his very strongly held beliefs, he’s as bad a a religious fundamentalist. He’s not worth interacting with. Looking forward to your next real interview. 🙂

Ev Vollmer

I agree with you Tony.

Gary Lomas

Hi Michael, just finished watching your Sedona presentation –
A great crafted and balenced one, both in an intro for people, and its coverage of content. Very fluid and polished, and inspiring, for those seekers out there… WELL DONE…
Trust you are well, and remembering ‘Sharpened attentiveness’ after being so brave in naming certain people… Take care mate

All the best, Gary

Bruce Lulla

From what little I saw of that conversation, I agree with Tony Q.
From the above 1973 clip of the Tonight Show, Mohammed Ali is Michael Horn and that guy who changed his real name as only criminals, hookers and actors do, is Johnny Carson.

Have a look for about 4 minutes.

Patty Fletcher

Tony Qulnn, I agree with you 100%….and like you, I’m also looking forward to Michael’s next REAL Interview…

Ned Duke

The interview felt more like a normal conversation between two Americans. I don’t know how to say the name or if there is a pun in zzzzzzzzzzzzzZen (the channel being un-spirituality) but we have to forgive folks of their mistakes which is something people generally are not good at doing themselves. However, it’s an important interview for that distinction because there is a certain man from Galilee that mentioned something about poking one’s eye out with wood.

That being said, the normal religious response (from the unconscious mind) is to judge your own personal experiences/information, or through your own virtues as a human being, and exert on that person and become the objective point of that person’s failure. No bueno folks. We’ve reached a point with our voluminous amounts of spiritual criticism on people’s beliefs that you can easily find yourself surrounded looking into mirrors all day and never know or make the effort to know where something is true or something has been tampered with/edited. That’s the vibe I’m getting from Unspir and the only solution to that is to wear a blind fold and pass through the maze of mirrors.

The other vibe I get from elsewhere, not from the interview but my experience, is this cowardly manner to hide’s one bushel under a basket. Quite frankly, if you wait for this opportunity to present itself “on the best way to deliver the spiritual teachings” then you’re not aware or conscious about what planet you live on. If you disagree with that then consider when a powerful person uses their virtues as a human being over other people think about what real opportunities are presented to the people to make an informed decision. Most likely you’re going to have to make a response based on a subservient role at an abrupt moment which will interfere with your alleged independent existence to respond accordingly.

If you understand the teachings then you know that it’s not the spiritual teachings they despite but they actually despite themselves. It’s something about turning one’s cheek with regards to the spiritual teachings and one also mentioned by Jerimaiah (if you can correctly interpret through the muck the editor made –not translator– did to the following passage)
“See the children gathering sticks, the father lighting a fire, the mother kneading dough, and all to make cakes for the queen of heaven! See how they offer libation to alien gods, to despite me! 19 Yet not to me they do despite, the Lord says, rather to themselves; every hope of theirs shall fail them.”

Luis Sanchez

I personally have been reading less news and not giving attention to (stagnation’s/ interruptions). I think focusing on personal development, family and community is by far the best use. On other hand most of if not all the illogical ad hominem and dual partedness content within media society is obliviously submitting to yet again not attentive not important. But their are exceptions of course. Really in truth reason and common interest is important . Just stopping for a moment to realize we are all within us and surround by…love.
A logical laden love more powerful then one individual human, sect or group etc.
That we all apart of and unlivens us all. A logic laden love more power then any self professed enemy, sect or group etc.
A desire to perserve such a logical laden Love and to uphold such a union and strengthen the loyalty to such a logical laden love is really the only true thing I pursue.

Xila Clark
By all accounts Michael Horn’s presentation was a huge success.
Thanks to both of you for giving up your free afternoon for the awesome visit! Very much appreciated.

Xila Clark

Sil I think we all delight in the fact they have no evidence. Looking forward to the presentation. Thankfully with all the fake news recently people are getting smarter about wanting actual evidence which definitely works in all our favours. Not so much for the ones that have no evidence and only tall tales.