Harvard Prof. Avi Loeb’s Search for ET Is Over

For the sake of science and human evolution, dare to have a “Galileo moment” and let the new epoch begin

Below is a copy of the email that I sent Harvard Prof. Avi Loeb, who’s been courageous enough to dare to discuss the possibilities of extraterrestrial life and that we are not alone in the universe, despite the less than warm reception he recently received from many in academia.

Perhaps, as we approach the 409th anniversary of Galileo’s Sidereus Nunciusfor the sake of true science, and human evolution, Prof. Loeb and his associates will also dare to have a “Galileo moment”… and look through the telescope.*

They may then realize that their search is over and an entirely new epoch in science and human evolution is about to begin.


Michael Horn

Hi Avi,

As per my phone messages, and because of your interest in the search for extraterrestrial life, black holes, etc., I am sending you some introductory information on the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing in Switzerland for over…77 years.

Since you have already received some criticisms from your associates, the truth of the matter is that few if any scientists actually expect to receive, or discover, credible information and/or evidence pertaining to extraterrestrial life. In order to not make this introduction overwhelming, I am providing a few links to information and I only ask that you respond with any questions and challenges you may have.

As I continue to do for 40 years, I would be more than glad to make a comprehensive, multi-media presentation to any and all scientists, professors and students who would be interested. If this seems immodest on my part, please also know that I am more than well-prepared to satisfy any challenges or questions, as I have indicated, and as you can determine for yourself when we speak.

Here are a few links for you:

USAF OSI Investigator Concludes Billy Meier UFO Case Real

Former Operations Director/VP, Orbital Flight Systems Group

Billy Meier UFO Case: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

NASA Engineer: The Billy Meier UFO Case Is Real

The Real UFOs the Pentagon Hid from You

This article contains numerous links pertaining to some of the scientific information provided to, and published by Meier:

*Alien Life? Look Through the Telescope, Prof. Wright

To date, we have corroborated over 200 specific examples of accurate scientific information, verifiably published by Meier up to more than 60 years before “official discovery”. So far, we have found no erroneous information, etc.

Some of the more than 1,200 pre-digital era UFO photos, from 1975 to 1981, by Billy Meier:

The following links pertain to the original analyses of physical evidence that began about 40 years ago:

Scientific Experts’ Comments on Meier’s UFO Evidence

Documentation from IBM on Marcel Vogel’s Patents

Analysis of Meier’s ET UFO Photographs

Report on UFO Sound Recordings

And more recent analyses:

Rahl Zahi’s Analysis Report on the WCUFO

Rahl Zahi’s Analysis Report on the Pendulum UFO

Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock’s Analysis on The Energy Ships

This is either the most impenetrable, longest-running contemporary hoax, or the most important development in all of science and human history. If it’s true, there must be a…reason for it.

You’ll find information about that in the numerous environmental warnings, spanning almost 70 years, from Meier, who’s the first person I know of to specifically warn of manmade climate change, unnatural global warming, etc., and there’s more in one of my documentaries, filmed in 2006.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


Michael Horn

Regarding Predictions

Please also note that Prof. Loeb is credited with 12 confirmed predictions  – a word usually eschewed by scientists. As mentioned above, we have corroborated over…200 specific, error-free examples of predictively accurate scientific information, provided to Meier by the Plejaren human race, verified by copyrights in previously published, dated books and documents, many examples of which are linked to in the above articles, with many more found on this page.

While Meier’s voluminous, independently analyzed and authenticated, physical evidence, i.e. over 1,200, pre-digital era, UFO photos, films, videos, metal samples, sound recordings, etc., remains unprecedented and still irreproducible, it is the scientific information – published up to decades before  “official discovery” – that constitutes an even higher standard of proof. There are absolutely no suppositions or theories contained within the more than 26,000 pages of information published by Meier; science continues to confirm its factual accuracy…without knowing it is doing so.

The non-hierarchal access to extensive research and information, previously unavailable to non-academics before the internet, also makes obsolete the pretensions and opinions of arguably unqualified, self-determined  “experts” such as those at SETI , who’ve not only suppressed Meier’s evidence and information but also sought to needlessly complicate matters with their own archaic beliefs and assumptions, deaf and blind to being spoken to in the clear language of scientific fact. If advanced, space-traveling, extraterrestrial life exists, it is quite capable of contacting whoever it choses, which should have long been obvious to SETI.

Hopefully, all who read this article understand that not only is it intended to provide answers and insights to questions and opinions raised by Prof. Loeb but also to encourage further inquiry among those who have the requisite scientific curiosity and intellectual honesty to examine and test all such information and claims as I’ve presented, using critical thinking, logic and objectivity, to determine the truth for themselves.

Prof. Loeb’s search for ET is over.  And so, a question for him and you:

Now that you know…what will you do?


NOTE: We are not aligned with the so-called field of UFOlogy, which has the least scientific, lowest standards of almost any field of interest, and which allows the most nonsensical, patently false and outrageous claims, by completely unqualified and non-credible people, to be presented without evidence and/or substantiation.

See also:

Peer Review of Billy Meier’s UFO Evidence and Information 

The Billy Meier UFO Case: Now You Can Prove It to Yourself

Skepticism Bears Good Fruit When Truth Prevails

The Party’s Over…but Apophis Is still Coming Anywa

From Volker Engel, Marc Weigert of Uncharted Territory, 
Academy Award-winners, Special Effects for “Independence Day”:

“But, to reflect on the statement that’s in the film, I also remember seeing a shot on the Super8 reel that showed a UFO circling around a fairly tall tree. According to that shot, we said that we can’t conclusively say whether it’s real or not, but it seemed impossible to stage that kind of a shot with a miniature (it would have to be hanging on a very tall crane, with wires – but even then the movements would be hard to achieve.) So, yes, in regards to that shot, we mentioned that we could definitely do it today with CG, but at the time these were supposedly shot – it would have been very hard, probably even impossible, to fake this kind of shot.”

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Andrew Darroch

Hi Matt

Thanks for your message. Sounds like a great idea for a group collective, would be great to meet up and discuss further, however in these coming times I’m not sure where the best place would be to set this up to ensure our future survival. As you know Hp’s make reference England thrown down to the lowest level of misery and complete destruction of northern hemisphere etc. However I think what’s key here is as Meier says, you could be in the most chaotic place on earth and yet be safe or be in places regarded as the safest and be unsafe. I guess it’s all down to application of the spirit teachings, power of the thought, meditation etc and being around like minded people regardless of location. Good luck with the property search, although I haven’t been yet the Cairngorms I hear are a beautiful part of Scotland., I was up at the Isle of Skye a couple of weeks ago on a site visit, the scenery en route and in situ really is stunning..creation in all of its splendour .


Matt Knight

Och aye, Andrew, West Scotland is bonnie from what I remember from a childhood holidaying in Dunoon.

The UK prophecies are all so miserable I think I’ll defer to your point about mental powers. Also, the translations from the book ‘Prophetien und Voraussagen’ are unofficial and I do wonder how much, if anything, was lost, e.g., the repeat reference to the ‘stormflood bomb’ when viewed against recent headlines like this: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/bomb-cyclone-storm-riley-latest-boston-flooding-power-failure-outages-snow-a8237551.html


MH, I’ve emailed your support email regarding a specific matter, I believe that I read, somewhat around 2003-2004 about billy and what he writes about the atoms structure. Now I can’t find it, but I believe I have found the 7th last part of a atoms structure. I’m right now in the middle of a safety research where I’m looking for different point of views to acknowledge my discovery. So far, only four steps of a seven total has been found. Atom, neutron, quarks and what they call the cloud. It’s actually a neoelectric dust that controls the quarks.
Let me explain about the 6th part, the subatom or more precise the subelectron in a future contact.

Melissa Osaki

Hi Kris, please use your first and last name for future comments. Thanks

Ned Duke

Hi Mike,

How much manual labor do these professor types do on average in that they are capable not to be fatigued reading the Meier case? I’ve been reminded of CR 156 from Quetzel after watching a video from Arnold, an immigrant to the US that has accomplished a lot, that manual activity/work stimulates learning. Unfortunately, political discourse sometimes masks plain hard work in order to have the work-shy folks attach themselves to someone or some idea/group/box.

“43. Learning activity is enhanced by a prior learning of manual activity.”

Arnold example outside Meier:

Anthony"Bonzo Dog"Alagna


You are not seeing this from both sides. It is not about reading or time or anything like that keeps professors, for example, from publicly accepting the Meier UFO case. The Meier case is toxic to careers, friends and family relationships, and even a person’s safety. I do NOT blame any professional or science organization for not acknowledging the Meier case at this point in time. What Meier folks should be doing is planting seeds of thought for uninitialed folks to consider. Nobody should be expected to lose their income, spouse, children, friends, possessions or even perhaps their safety by giving Meier credit. Personally, I think MH is wrong in contacting these folks and badgering them or expecting them to convert to the Meier material. No self respecting science organization, like SETI, is going to drop everything and follow a controversial UFO case, for example. This is not only silly, it is unfair to the process of science. I do not care how many so-called experts Figu gets to say they think the case is real, folks have to discover the validly of the case on their own. Nobody can tell you the truth; it has to be discovered by a person through their own work.

The truth is in nature, as we all know here. So there should be examples in nature as to how to feed knowledge to another person. Take for example feeding wild animals. The best approach is to leave it for an animal to find on their own; rather than track down the animal and try and feed them yourself. Even if you bring the best food choice for the animal in question, often it will be rejected because of the unnatural confrontation of the human. So the best and most natural way is to let the animal come to the meal.


Anthony"Bonzo Dog"Alagna

Please provide an excerpt (and link) to the conversation between Meier and Ptaah that you are referring to. Then we can discuss the ideas here.

Melissa Osaki

This is the type of thinking that keeps us in the scientific rut. Modern day scientists are cowards and bring dishonor to their field of scientific research. Science is about research and discovery. Much of the Meier evidence can be proven using the scientific method.

Michael is in no way badgering these people who have public email addresses for the very purpose of contacting them with information regarding their fields of research. With your kind of thinking, it’s a wonder we ever made it out of the stone age. The scientific motto: If you don’t keep your thinking in this box, we’ll make your life miserable and send you into financial ruin.

Anthony"Bonzo Dog"Alagna

You have no idea how this Prof. Avi Loeb personally thinks about the Meier case. He may secretly agree with some of the concepts, yet refuse to PUBLICLY put himself at risk by acknowledging the case.

This validity of the Meier case is not obvious, it takes years of study and thinking to determine value for oneself. The flaw in your thinking, and the rest of the commenters, is that folks NEED to recognize or accept the case this lifetime. This case spans hundreds, thousand of years into the future. There is MORE than enough time for folks to find the truth. Please just be patient and don’t look at the current ills on the planet as something unique. It is not. There will ALWAYS be problems to face and folks to help. The KEY is knowing and applying the best way to HELP. And we can learn how best to help by looking for examples in nature. Please, feel free to present another example we can find in nature that contradicts my point that animals must come to the food rather than having it brought to them.

Why can’t we debate the logic I presented in my example of feeding wild animals? This is nature. This is what we are studying. It is about time, figu folks stopped with the knee jerk reactions and consider what is said by experienced students, no matter how strange it may sound at first.

Anthony"Bonzo Dog"Alagna

“A real scientist – or ANYONE who can think and apply standards of logic and the Means, Motive and Opportunity protocols as delineated by Joe Tysk (https://theyflyblog.com/?p=5366) – can determine the authenticity of the Meier contacts in a matter of hours…or less.”

This is just ridiculous. The Meier case takes YEARS of study to determine for oneself if it is real or not. Even myself, after many years of study, there is still a small chance in my mind that Meier made this up. Or there is a possibility that the Plejaren are not real extraterrestrials but rather Meier is interacting with secret (Swiss) government or something with advanced technology.

The Meier case is a puzzle meant to be put together by inquisitive minds. The photos by themselves are ridiculous and look to-good-to-be-true, in many cases. The films too look ridiculous and appear hokey. The prophecies and so forth are not much different than other so called seers like Edward Cayce. Much of what Meier babbles on about concerning world affairs is NOT much different than what is covered by alternative media, RT, etc. I could go on and on.

The Meier case only makes sense, or takes on value, when one considers ALL the material, from the films, to the written, books, the concepts and investigation, etc. The Meier case demands that folks look at the big picture, anything by itself is just NOT enough.

Anthony"Bonzo Dog"Alagna

There is nothing wrong with getting credible sources to find truth in the Meier case. However, these great sources should only lend credibility for the student, not be the decisive factor. When you promote that the Meier case has been proven real by any of your great sources, you do ALL the interested truth seekers a disservice by landing on an extreme instead of the middle.

If you are 100% convinced that this UFO case is completely real then you are NOT in line with the spiritual teaching or nature. You are not considering the law of contrariness.

Eddie Martin

The only truly verifiable “evidence” in the Meier case is the spiritual teaching, ie; the Goblet of the Truth.
It is there that I found the evidence. More important than any scientific analysis of photos, verifications of prophecies or any corroborations of scientific nature.
These things have been well explained and the logic is sound. I personally know of religious people who will have near nervous breakdowns if you go too deeply into a discussion of the likelihood of extraterrestrial existence.
Creational recommendations state that there must be consideration of this and one should act accordingly.
Creational recommendations also state that rational thinking is not only possible, but inherent in every human being, therefore each should act according to courage, rationality and logic when investigating or scrutinizing any aspect of the Truth & Reality, ie; the Teaching Of The Truth.
It revolves around the developed consciousness and ones truthful desire, integrity with oneself and one’s own dignity.
But the “evidence” one seeks is in the spiritual teaching. Because knowledge is power. The faculties the spiritual teachings open up is the might of said knowledge.
If “evidence” is what you seek.

Andrew Grimshaw

I apologise for going off topic after pointing out that we are up against a lot of different beliefs. My intent was to find a middle ground, a neutral ground.
BEAM isn’t trying to get on TV or any other medium, not everyday, not weekly, NOT AT ALL. Plant the seed (cause) and watch the plant bare fruit (effect). In Decalogue/Dodecalogue we are comforted slightly that we are not to be reprimanded as our current state is the effect of others ancient doings. Yet we are yet responsible for treating each other with equitableness and we have a duty to turn this ship around and we should be bloody thankful for the get out of the bottomless abyss clause afforded in the fine print of the idea.
I hope that Avi avails himself of the self-resposibility required to help make the future for all of us that little bit more palatable.

Andrew Grimshaw

Makes you wonder why it took 7 prophets, if you can’t grasp that the psychopaths in positions of parasitic leadership kept modifying the seedling, onwards, with pesticide (truth killing lies) and cutting the branches of learning from the plant (suppression) until you don’t even have a plant that resembles the planted seed; so don’t wonder why the new-time prophet knew to fly under the radar of the psychopath!
Which brings me to asking y’all of your opinion on Propertarianism? Which in my opinion is the eradication of Parasitism (the art of advantage) by enforcing (Peace Keeping Force) reciprocity (equitableness).
Curt Doolittle & John Mark

Matt Knight

“The photos by themselves are ridiculous and look to-good-to-be-true, in many cases.”

I disagree. The photos of Semjases and Qetzal’s ships from the mid-to-late-seventies are REALLY impressive, even for today, but, especailly for the time.

Expertise is a tricky thing as it can be limited to a specific field, ordained by a Uni-or-college decree, or, job, that does not extend beyond that specific field/task, but, where there are these overconfident ones who start claiming expertise outside of their field because of an expensive piece of paper that has their name on it.

Think what Michael is showing is how like feathers many of those with expensive pieces of paper can fall down upon the slightest hint of a test of their own reason on subjects they claim to have an interest in, but, just want to look cool, or, open-minded about to ingratiate themselves.

It’s heartening for all those who are reasonable, but, without traditional qualifications, or, for the young who can barely afford that bit of paper to see that kind of false authority shut up so effectively as happens when Michael shares the Meier case with them. I think Michael may not always see how effective his email alone is and what effect that has to the extent where email bombing, in my view, is not required in most instances, or, at least not mine, just in case that has a negative effect of bullying, which could effect their approach. My targets tend to be a bit less civilised.

It’s disappointing that these “experts” with expensive pieces of paper do not want to even discuss the Meier case, as it means many are respected for the wrong reasons. Many don’t even want to look through the telescope, if it’s not pointed at something shiny they can put in their pockets. That does not mean going round the workplace talking about Meier, but, it does if you’re claiming expertise in that area and claiming to be interested and publishing information on that specific topic related to Meier. Even if they’re against the case, they will still have to answer questions related to their position, or, bow out and these discussions can help promote the case in the right way.

Melissa Osaki

Any scientist who deliberately conceals it or remains silent is being dishonest and shouldn’t be looked upon as an intelligent and reliable researcher. Admitting the Meier case is real doesn’t mean they have to scream it from the rooftops, but imagine the progress that could be made by simply aligning with the Meier data on the most important issues: population control, climate change, solving Pi, diverting Apophis and global geothermal energy production. I don’t doubt that the Spiritual Teaching, interstellar space travel, time travel and some of the more advanced aspects of physics will be processed later, but I can live with that if we can agree to take action on the most pressing issues. We can’t improve everyone’s lives and evolve our consciousness with a planet on the brink of atmospheric collapse. There won’t be many animals left to feed at the rate we are going.

It’s not a knee jerk reaction to state the obvious truths about the modern day scientific community. You always seem to get on Michael’s case for his efforts to inform scientists and researchers about the Meier case. Why does this bother you so much? Michael is actually doing very valuable work to bring awareness to this case. We should all realize how important this information is and how critical it is to our planet and survival.

It’s completely up to you; sit on the porch and watch the birds and the trees, or get up off your fanny and do something to help. If you choose to stay on the porch, that’s great, but don’t worry about those who are trying to get things done.

Anthony"Bonzo Dog"Alagna

“You always seem to get on Michael’s case for his efforts to inform scientists and researchers about the Meier case. Why does this bother you so much?”

It must bother you and MH, hence the backlash instead of embracing natural law. Your poor moderation and misunderstanding not only confuses the message for newer students, it puts me at risk because beginners may think that I am hurting the truth instead of putting light on it. I am applying the spiritual teaching to the best of my ability here. My analysis should interest all students interested in the natural-creational laws and directives.

MH is wrong in his approach and I have proven it with logic from nature. I don’t care how much good MH has done, he is not infallible to mistakes. I am sorry that MH sees my critic as an attack rather than constructive criticism.

My “mankind needing to feed wild animals due to climate and environmental destruction” example is a breakthrough for me. I thought the blog would love my finding.

Instead, to my surprise, and I mean really, you and your other moderator make my post seem like an attack on Meier when it is far from that. Rather it is ALWAYS my best attempt at practicing the spiritual teaching. Starving wild animals still need to strive for their evolution. So when man needs to feed a species for example to keep it alive due to the ills of human overpopulation, otherwise go extinct, he must not make the animals dependent, or overpopulate by making the food easy. Instead the responsible thing, imo, and in line with the spiritual teaching, is to make good ‘food’ available instead of letting the animals starve to death and die out a a species; but once the food drop is made, there should be no more further attempts to get the animals to eat. Survival and striving still play a role, and hence my argument, “don’t go to the animals, make the animals strive toward the food like they would hunting or foraging.

Please, you moderators and Figu leaders have power in your words. If the greater blog see me as an enemy of the truth, instead of a real student, I am attacked even more. I do not want this. I am a friend of the truth as you should see and know by now.

Melissa Osaki

I don’t think you are an enemy. I just question your theories, which everyone should do if they don’t sound logical. Sitting around waiting for nature to take its course is no longer feasible. Letting nature take its course means letting the planet rid itself of the billions of excess humans. That’s not the best option for supposedly intelligent beings, especially when we have the power to change things in a humane and safe manner. So no, I don’t agree with your nature scenario.

None of us are perfect and I don’t think Michael is infallible, but his attempts to further the mission and make others aware is not wrong. If those people don’t want to listen, that’s not Michael’s fault. He can rest assured that he made the best effort to inform them. Once they reject the information, he moves on to the next scientist. There is nothing wrong with this approach. These people claim to be looking for the answers. They just don’t want them if they don’t come from the right person.

Anthony"Bonzo Dog"Alagna

“Sitting around waiting for nature to take its course is no longer feasible. Letting nature take its course means letting the planet rid itself of the billions of excess humans.”

What on earth are you talking about? Where is this “sitting around waiting for nature” coming from? NOT from me!

You are misunderstanding all that I have said; and the creational laws and logic that I have shared have also gone unnoticed. The debate has gone unnoticed….

The whole point of the spiritual teaching, you say you are studying, is to align with natural (Universal) laws. These are not just words in Figu books, these concepts apply to everything in life, including spreading the mission.

We can learn how to feed uninitiated, starving humans the same way we deal with starving wild animals. Again, the ideas are simple AND in line with the spiritual teaching you are talking about on your Figu websites. Rejecting these ideas is the same as rejecting the way nature works. Your reaction to my posts, along with others here, shows just how alien nature (natural laws, logic, the spiritual teaching) is to folks right now.

Study, study, study…..

Melissa Osaki

Do you think we should just study and let nature take its course? You are suggesting that we get back to nature, but you’re not giving any ideas on how to solve the current pressing issues. Sure, nature is what we need, but how do you suppose we get back there without some sort of intervention at this point? Observing nature and watching the wild animals strive for their food? Or, watching humans strive for their own food? Great idea, but how do we continue to feed 9 billion people while all these humans learn through striving?

Anthony"Bonzo Dog"Alagna

Now people should be “concerned” about what I say to you in private?

It is you who is “weird;” I have done my best to be friendly with you and your followers for years. I have tried to “like you.” But now, if you want it public, “yes, now after interacting with you and getting bullied by yourself and your followers, I do not want you to contact me. I do not like you. (that is NOT for ALL TIME -Btw;) I HAVE asked you several times privately to stop emailing me and you have ignored that request. I have given up on you; and the recent email was intended for Melissa. As I understand her to be another moderator to this blog.”

Sheila Clark

Anthony if you were into natural law like you claim, you would know better than to feed wild animals. Oh so cute and cuddly from a distance but when there’s a worldwide food shortage and you have no more food left to feed the wild animals, you will be their lunch because…that’s natural.
If instead you had made them afraid and not dependent on you by yelling and screaming and making lots of noise to move them away from civilization (not only for your own survival but theirs as well) you would be better off…just saying.

Anthony"Bonzo Dog"Alagna

Now we are getting somewhere….

You make an excellent point about “worldwide food shortages.” Just as you say there is NOT enough food for the animals, let alone the humans.

So my proposal to feed starving animals from extinction, might put humans at risk due to the overpopulation symptom of not enough food resources to feed the entire planet. My nature example was just for example purposes only to demonstrate how logic found in nature applies to the spiritual teaching.

Melissa Osaki

One last thing: observing nature is pretty much the same thing as letting nature take its course if you don’t plan to intervene. I understand what you are saying about not supplying excess food to make others dependent, but its really late in the game to let the natural course of striving take over. Humans are so far detached from nature that they overpopulate to the severest degree. We will never get back on course and return to nature naturally. There has to be an intervention at this point. I don’t disagree that we do need to get back to nature, but the planet is at the point where it’s starting to defend itself. The only reasonable solution is humanely reducing the population, stop using fossil fuels and stop being wasteful with all resources. This is not going to happen naturally over time through striving. We have to take immediate steps to reverse the overpopulation. If we don’t, the consequences will be catastrophic.

Anthony"Bonzo Dog"Alagna

“The only reasonable solution is humanely reducing the population, stop using fossil fuels and stop being wasteful with all resources. This is not going to happen naturally over time through striving.”

You got it backwards, unless humans strive to protect their planet and reduce their populations, the results will be catastrophic. I think the confusion for you is that you need to consider that all creatures strive naturally. Animals are in line with nature and when they strive it is in line with the Creation. The same for all other living things except the human being. A human can strive for religion, strive for excess materialism, strive for food, strive for sex, strive for things without being a spiritual human. It is only when the human being starts to strive for Universal things that his life opens up to the infinite or he/she becomes spiritual.

My feeding starving wildlife example was my best attempt at striving for creational laws and directives. And the other thing that you are confusing is this whole, “leave it up to nature” misconception. When Meier talks about Creational laws what he means is how the physical universe works as nature represented as a microcosm to the larger Universal laws.

So going back to my example with the starving wildlife. Since normally feeding wild animals is bad for nature, because it can make the animals dependent and overpopulate, thus putting the whole ecosystem out of wack, it would be against the laws of Creation to feed them. However, since the world is really suffering a catastrophe, as you say because of the monster of overpopulation, animal (plant, fish, etc.) populations are abnormally dying out and causing species extinctions.

Therefore it makes sense to save these animals if we can. And the only way it will work is if humans follow creational laws, and put nature back into tune. Following creational laws is the same thing as observing nature. Nature is just the microcosm to the infinite macrocosm of the Creation. So if we are to be effective in the forest as well as this blog, the spiritual teaching student is NOT “leaving it up to nature” but rather “putting himself/herself in line with nature (and the way it works logically) so as to align with the greater Creation, or thus be a spiritual person instead of a religious one. This is the basis of the Mission you are supporting.

Jacobus Kotze

Anthony”Bonzo Dog”Alagna

If you want to debate MH, then why not do a proper debate on hangouts or something? Oh, I see, you are not interested in honest discussion, you would rather just annoy MH and waste his time with nonsensical arguments.

Anthony"Bonzo Dog"Alagna

Go study the spiritual teaching or go learn German or something….

Jacobus Kotze

This is from wiktionary.org. An individual that routinely solicits attention through inappropriate tactics and provocation, is called an attention whore. When Anthony says jump, everyone asks how high? Don’t pay attention to this clown with his duplicitous behaviour

Bill Ter Burgh

Dear “Bonzo Dog”,

Bad dog! Get off the couch!

The fact that you use the term “convert” when describing someone who now takes the Meier Case seriously speaks to your own lack of critical thinking and ignorance involving this “controversial” case.

The only people who believe this case needs “converts” are belief oriented people who don’t have a logical leg to stand on when deeming this case too “controversial”, or in religious-speak, too “unbelievable”.

As Melissa pointed out, this case is easily proven with the scientific method using evidence, logic and reason. Which is a fact that belief oriented people never focus on because it doesn’t require “converts”, or illogical, emotionally manipulated zealots.

Lastly, as Michael said, how is emailing scientists with public emails “badgering” them? The whole “let it happen naturally” argument falls short when you just observe human behaviour in regard to something as simple (and as stupid) as the Flat Earth Society; obviously, they don’t have the critical thinking skills, or willingness to do their own research on this or any subject.

Sadly, this is becoming the norm, even within the scientific community. So, “naturally”, we aren’t trending toward an increase in people willing or able to “find the meal on their own”. Quite the opposite actually. Plus, from a logic stand point, there is more mis-(and dis)-information on the internet about the Meier Case such that the illogical “controversy” will overshadow the provable facts in this case…at least until the “sources” spreading disinformation get relegated to the bottom of the pile on Google. Which is slowly happening with people like Michael holding them accountable.

Perfect real life personal example of how the “let it happen naturally” argument fails; a friend of mine, PhD holding Atheist was told about The Meier Case by me, even giving him links to the original investigation into the case, chose to bypass that and do a Google search where he stumbled upon a site filled with misinformation (from the UFO Community) about Meier and this case, which he then used to say he didn’t think it was true. After I politely poked holes in everything that the “anonymous writer” said about this case, he flat out, didn’t want to discuss it anymore.

So, even “presenting the meal” in front of him, he chose to look away and denied the meal was in front of him. This is the counundrum Michael, and all those trying to get the word out about the important aspects of this case like Apophis and the true value of Pi, which, if not acknowledged will kill us all in the near future “naturally”. Salome. -Bill Ter Burgh

Anthony"Bonzo Dog"Alagna

Not “leave it up to nature” but rather look to nature for clues. All of you who have commented on my post have missed the point.

Ned Duke


It’s best summarized by the Contact I mentioned:

“33. If you or we or the Earth human beings want to develop spiritually and in a knowledge-related manner, then we can only do this if we also exercise our manual activity in the best way.
34. This is, in fact, not only necessary for livelihood but also for the right shaping of the teaching and its processing and effects.
35. If a human being and also we want to live and learn in accordance with the teaching, then we also have to perform sufficient manual activity; otherwise, things will get confused and the teaching will become a failure.

36. That is of correctness because the greater the quantity and the difficulty levels of the learning material are, the greater is the need for physical activity.

50. After the consideration of all factors, it arises that the Earth human being, at the minimum, must one day exercise two hours of intensive manual activity, in order to produce the norm of the consciousness-related stability.
51. Nevertheless, this minimum case still doesn’t appear on the Earth with anyone because the lowest rate is five hours.
52. This rate, however, can only be found with people who have already attained a high norm in consciousness.
53. The maximum performance, on the other hand, is 12 hours of daily manual activity.
54. But the large average is six to nine hours a day.”


Let’s not get hung up on making excuses for intelligent people that are also work shy and won’t put the effort into the Meier material. Even if they asked for it and you spoon fed them this information it would digest right out of their bodies. They don’t know what they’re asking for in the first instance but it’s good that they do as how else would they know they’ve lagged behind? Let’s instead get folks into shape and have a smile on our face like Arnold did in his video to do the next rep and be happy as tomorrow we’ll be around to do another round of work. Let the professors of the world do the jogging to catch up.

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Bill Ter Burgh

Anthony”Bonzo Dog/Bad Dog”Alagna,

You need to get a life. Not to be insulting/crass here but sifting through your attention/discord seeking comments/replies is a clear indication that the comment section on a blog is not the place for your victim seeking behavior.

Logically, if you a problem with how Michael operates according to the Spiritual Teaching, take it up with FIGU. Be sure to bring up the fact that you refer to people who take the case seriously as “converts” and that you still believe Meier could still be “making the whole thing up.” They will be sure to help your flawed thought process.

I think what you need to do is “study, study, study” the areas where you have doubts/misunderstandings, which appear to be quite vast. Actually, what you should really do is go back to the UFO Community from which you came as the way you write/think implies that was the hole you came out of.

Lastly, and most importantly, stop wasting everyone’s time dealing with your nonsense because this isn’t the outlet for you. By the way, you’re not a “victim” of anyone but yourself and your own convoluted thinking.

Bill Ter Burgh

Andrew Grimshaw

Just in case you missed it, forgot it or ignored it:
1) Primary development of reason.
2) Effective realization of reason and its use.
3) Primary recognition and acknowledgment of higher influences.
4) Belief in higher influences without having knowledge.
5) Belief in higher powers, delusional faith, fear of evil, veneration of good, etc.
Germinating time for religions, etc.
6) Primary recognition of the real reality. Stage of knowledge-related development.
Research, first spiritual insights and their use: “spiritual healing,” telepathy, etc.

I have spent the last 5 days on youtube watching the ex-converts of Crapology, oops I mean scientology, delineate the abuses that they experienced because of their BELIEF! I once was a believer, myself, FACEPALM!!! and my knowlege of it being UNTRUE, DID NOT happen “NATURALLY”, it took others who experienced a HELL OF A LOT WORSE than little ole me to help me see the TRUTH! And the powers that be of crapology spend a fortune on covering up their own crimes, and attempting to destroy any apostates.
If you want to have some fun, walk into a crapology org and say, “Not only do I remember seeing the light of my 1st implant, but I remember CLEARING ALL the thetans from my body”
You can thank me for saving you approx. $500,000, later!

Andrew Grimshaw

If, for some strange reason, you do the fun thing mentioned above I guess I should say to not let them know who you are, your number plate or where you live. The implant light is what I think is the cognition that means you are “clear” and the clearing of the body thetans is the OT VII result & cogntion.
Kooky crap Batman!

Sheila Clark

A Miscavige of Justice?

Andrew Grimshaw

LOL. YEP. But it all started with the psychopath hubbard. If only there was an internet in ’96 that is like today’s.

Matt Knight

Re: Discussion around letting nature take its course.

This is unnatural natural climate destruction, meaning that things are not going in a natural way, but, are working against nature and although the effects are natural (and lovingly patient and obvious in my view), so are those from scurvy which is preventable through knowledge of what vitamins to take (I’m such a limey), i.e, good information is more important than the pure act of consumption.

This is why I quickly ditched the food analogy for the teaching, as the consumer can still die of ignorance whilst their belly’s full. This is why the teaching is described, more accurately in my view, as a treasure.

Sheila Clark

I always like to point out to people that it took the CIA 11 years to determine the Meier case was a hoax. Eleven freaking years? So they are either stupid because it would have only taken a short time to determine that OR they are lying. I always lean to the latter.