Arahat Athersata Now Available!

Get the newest book on the spiritual teaching

Newly translated from the original German!

The non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching.

The Teaching of the Spirit-WE-Form ARAHAT ATHERSATA, or its inspirative transmissions and instructions. ARAHAT ATHERSATA (Sanskrit) = “The valueful one who looks at time” Inspired written work of a higher spirit-form. Transmitted from an incorporeal, unmaterial and pure spiritual level.  ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier was the inspirative recipient of the message which was received and written down from May 15th, 1975 to August 11th, 1975.

NOW AVAILABLE: $45 + Shipping!  


20 Replies to “Arahat Athersata Now Available!”

  1. Maybe this book will lessen the DELUSIONAL FAITH in the minority!
    (We still have to arrive at an evolutionary possible population)
    “5) Belief in higher powers, DELUSIONAL FAITH, fear of evil, veneration of good, etc.
    Germinating time for religions, etc.
    BEING***” (Emphasis added by little ole me)

  2. What a great addition. It doesn’t appear on the Swiss Figu site yet.
    Because I live in the Netherlands I tend to purchase the books from there. Does anybody know if the Swiss Figu will sell it too on short notice?

    1. International insured shipping charges are high and continue to go up.

      Whenever possible, refunds are given for extra postage.

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