Arahat Athersata Now Available!

Get the newest book on the spiritual teaching

Newly translated from the original German!

The non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching.

The Teaching of the Spirit-WE-Form ARAHAT ATHERSATA, or its inspirative transmissions and instructions. ARAHAT ATHERSATA (Sanskrit) = “The valueful one who looks at time” Inspired written work of a higher spirit-form. Transmitted from an incorporeal, unmaterial and pure spiritual level.  ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier was the inspirative recipient of the message which was received and written down from May 15th, 1975 to August 11th, 1975.

NOW AVAILABLE: $45 + Shipping!  


20 Replies to “Arahat Athersata Now Available!”

  1. Awesome, thank you Michael for all the things you do for the Mission! I will now have more valuable Treasure to add to my collection of the most Valuable Treasure offered to human beings…The Spiritual Teaching!

    1. I’m restoring a little beauty with hyper-space capabilities that we had in the garage, you’ll be the first stop. While the craft isn’t going to be ready for about three months, the book has already been delivered when we tested out the time-travel hardware.

  2. Wow. That was quick. Thought it wouldn’t be available for a while. The shipping is more expensive than the book, but I’m looking forward greatly to contemplating the wisdom within its pages. THANK YOU Billy, Michael, and all.

  3. Thank you, Michael. That would be appreciated. BTW an email I sent to theyfly address bounced back undeliverable. It covered a Fukushima update from Arnie Gundersen: They plan to run the Olympic torch from Fukushima while the radiation readings up there are degrees of magnitude above the average.

  4. Michael just make sure the newton glass is around the beamship shielding the brightness of the speed of light, and if you can please locker space, navigation shifter and the best seat with ceiling view for reclined navigation for LSanchez within the beamship please. Salome

  5. Let me state that i have believed Billy Meier and his contact information for a lot of years, but i would like to know why there has been nothing said about the truth or falseness of Cydonia’s Mars face and the pyramids there. And i also find it hard to believe that we and the Plajaren are the only 2 forms of intelligent? life in this whole universe.

  6. I just ordered this book, which I’m grateful for. Really I hope the discussion of overpopulation becomes comfortable topic to discuss. Really human beings do NOT deserve to be born into unlove, false delusions and left to probability. Which certainly is the situation around the world. A human doesn’t deserve be born into a world were the parents do not have true love, were the union and the (garden/family) isn’t a priority. I’m grateful for my experiences in this lifetime because even the bitter can be learned from. And hope these books someday find my their way to my family in future generations.

  7. Hey all,
    Hope everyone is well, does anyone have any recommendations\suggestions as to what site I could use to teach myself to read German.

    1. Hi Joe,

      I’m too learning how to read German. Here are some of the books I am reading now.

      1) Some good books to begin to learn German are the short stories for beginners by Andre Klein such as:-

      a) Cafe in Berlin
      b) Ferien in Frankfurt
      c) Karnival in Köln

      2) Speak German in 90 Days by Kevin Marx

      3) some more advanced (and expensive) textbooks:-

      German for Reading by Karl Sandberg and John Wendel.

      Some reviewers have said that the 1st edition is more detailed.

      4) Also another useful book you could look at is “German Quickly” by April Wilson.

      I hope that this is useful. This is not directed at speaking and listening, but just to learn to read.

  8. Maybe this book will lessen the DELUSIONAL FAITH in the minority!
    (We still have to arrive at an evolutionary possible population)
    “5) Belief in higher powers, DELUSIONAL FAITH, fear of evil, veneration of good, etc.
    Germinating time for religions, etc.
    BEING***” (Emphasis added by little ole me)

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