How Did He Know BEFORE the Scientists?

In 1987, Billy Meier knew the Mars probe would be called “2001 Mars Odyssey”

Many people familiar with the Billy Meier UFO contacts have long known about Meier’s unparalleled record of hundreds of specific examples of his error-free, prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information, from my site as well as from my blog and my film, as the time fulfills. But many more people – scientists especially – don’t know that Meier has consistently preempted so many of the most important scientific discoveries, from a few months to years and even decades before “official discovery”.

I’ve often referred to this information as the higher standard of proof because, while people still may want to try to dispute Meier’s independently authenticated UFO photos, films and other evidence – despite it no longer being debatable due to the various independent analyses and authentications done over the past 40 years, as well as USAF OSI investigator Joe Tysk’s definitive recent analysis – there’s simply no arguing with copyrights. Not only is Meier’s scientific information always impeccably accurate, coming as it does from the more advanced Plejaren extraterrestrial human race, but so much of the information is published in copyrighted, dated books and documents. That makes the date of their publication…ironclad.

The often unacknowledged fact is that even scientists who openly profess interest in the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and those who are presumably “searching” for it (“it” can surely find us…if it wants to) have absolutely no expectation that they will find it. And they are absolutely certain that nobody else, including a modest, reclusive Swiss man will either.

So, it’s a somewhat daunting task to offer Meier’s ironclad informational evidence, let alone the physical evidence, to scientists who have many of their own preconceptions and even prejudices about being provided with it. In fact, not only will they be reasonably skeptical but they may also quickly disregard such evidence, even when it’s more easily proven than many things they take to be indisputably factual.

For instance, none of us can really prove that various probes have been sent into space, that moon landings occurred, or even that there are Rovers on Mars, etc. We – and even the scientists – have to rely on what we’re shown and told to be true in this regard. Because technology today allows for so much fakery and deception, can we say for certain that images from Mars ostensibly of and/or taken by the Rovers on Mars are absolutely “real” and not created/manipulated through high-tech means? What about photographs of Pluto or the other planets, can we be sure about these too?

I for one do take most of the claims of scientists in these situations to be factual and accurate. But, as I pointed out to Prof. Tegler,* head of the astronomy department at NAU, if photos of objects that are thousands to billions of miles away are good enough for science to draw all sorts of (perhaps not always accurate) conclusions about, what about objects that are a mere…15’ – 20’ away and that have been analyzed with today’s state-of-the-art equipment and that anyone can perform a test  on themselves?

Do the standards and goal posts get changed and moved because the claims are supposedly “extraordinary”? Wasn’t Galileo’s claim extraordinary at the time? As I’ve already told a few scientists, even though we have the mostextraordinary evidence, all that’s required is that scientific methodologies are applied to testing it. And, over a 40-year period, that testing has authenticated Meier’s UFO evidence and absolutely ruled out trickery, hoaxing, manipulation, models, special effects, etc.

In my opinion, all of the UFO photos and other physical evidence were the eye candy, initially intended to get our attention and propel the UFO controversy forward. The prophetically accurate scientific information served to raise the standard of proof to a much higher level and to also point out that there indeed are farmore advanced and knowledgeable human beings in the universe than us. Beyond that, it was intended to encourage us to use deductive reasoning so that we could utilize many of the inherent warnings to help us to assure our own future survival.

One of the greatest obstacles though, in these times when almost 32,000 imbeciles calling themselves “scientists” deny climate change despite ever-mounting irrefutable evidence, is our resistance to taking complete self-responsibility and determining the truth for ourselves, through logic and reasoning. And that applies to laymen and scientists alike.

So, in Part 1 of this series, I’m presenting some of Meier’s prophetically accurate information about Mars below, verifiably published by him longbefore“official discovery”. If any reputable, credible scientists, university professors, etc., wish to take issue with this, please do so that we may move this discussion along to its hoped for next, important steps which, as I pointed out above, are intended to help us to assure our own future survival.

As Prof. Scott Antes stated:

“Provoking thought is what universities are about. It is all too common today for people who think they know better to automatically dismiss alternate views. People who aren’t willing to listen are directly or indirectly responsible for the sad condition our planet is in today.”**

So, in addition to all of the other information below, did Billy Meier really know – in 1987– that the Mars probe would be called “2001 Mars Odyssey”?

What do you think?


Water, Rivers, Ice, South Pole, 2001 Mars Odyssey

Official Contact Report 210, Wednesday, June 11, 1986

Billy: While visiting Mars, Ptaah explained to me that Mars had larger amounts of water led into its rivers, which are now partially filled-in by dust and volcanic ash, than what was ever the case or what is still the case with the largest rivers on Earth. In addition, he talked about thousand-fold more water than what is found in the largest rivers on Earth. That seems to be somewhat fantastic to me, which is why I think that I misheard or didn’t listen properly.

Quetzal: You shouldn’t doubt your attention because you properly understood everything that Ptaah explained to you. The information about the enormous quantities of water, which were led into the Martian rivers, corresponds to the facts, as well as the watercourses that are partially filled-in by sand, dust, and volcanic ash, which are generally called “canals” on Earth, but which were truly enormous rivers that were dozens and even almost a hundred kilometers in diameter and that were thousands of kilometers in length.

Official Contact Report 219, Tuesday, June 16, 1987

Billy: Then we can still exercise some patience. Let’s talk about something else. Although we’ve already talked about this several times, I would like a specific answer from you. As Ptaah said and showed to me, there is a lot of water on and also under the surface Mars in the form of ice, mostly very close to the surface of Mars, whereby the South Pole is of special importance in this regard. As Ptaah explained, however, not all ice consists of water but also of other materials. Now, the question about this is whether you have foresight as to whether this water can one day be used by the Earth people, once they eventually colonize Mars and can, so to speak, bring it back to life. And in the coming time, will the fact of the presence of the enormous canyons and black sand dunes and water on Mars be discovered by probes, if such should be sent to the Red Planet and reach this at all?

Quetzal: That will be the case several times in the coming time in reference to the water, namely that large occurrences of water in the form of ice and snow can be proven by probes on Mars. But the final certainty will first be attained at the beginning of the third millennium, and to be sure, by a Mars probe that will be called “2001 Mars Odyssey,” as our look into the future has revealed.


Scientists Find Largest Flood Channels in the Solar System, August 2001

“Scientists may have discovered the largest flood channels in the solar system on Mars where a system of gigantic ancient valleys, some as much as 200 kilometers wide, lies partly buried under a veneer of volcanic lava flows, ash fall and wind-blown dust in Mars’ western hemisphere…The best explanation is that they were formed by catastrophic floods that at their peak potentially discharged as much as 50,000 times the flow of the Amazon River, Earth’s largest river, Dohm said… At sustained peak discharge rates, floods through the valleys would have filled a large ocean (96 million cubic kilometers) hypothesized for northern Mars in about 8 weeks, and a smaller ocean (14 million cubic kilometers) in the same region in about 8 days, according to the scientists’ calculations. The large ocean is equivalent to about a third the volume of the Indian Ocean, or more than three times the volume of the Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, South China Sea and Arctic Ocean combined. The smaller ocean is equal in volume to the Arctic Ocean.”

2001 Mars Odyssey

Mars Odyssey detects evidence of water ice, March 2002

“In its first major discovery since entering orbit, NASA’s Mars Odyssey spacecraft has detected evidence of extensive amounts of water ice below the surface of the Red Planet, scientists announced Friday.”

Mars’ South Pole Ice Deep and Wide, March 2007

“New measurements of Mars’ south polar region indicate extensive frozen water. The polar region contains enough frozen water to cover the whole planet in a liquid layer approximately 11 meters (36 feet) deep.”

NASA Phoenix Mars Lander Confirms Frozen Water, June 2008

“By melting icy soil in one of its lab instruments, the robot confirmed the presence of frozen water lurking below the Martian permafrost. Until now, evidence of ice in Mars’ north pole region has been largely circumstantial.”

UFO Skeptics Throw in the Towel – How Did Meier Beat NASA by 32 Years?, August 4, 2008

The Red Planet was once blue… Giant ocean once covered third of Mars, November 2009

“The area in blue shows where the ocean would have been. The yellow, red and green belt below it is where scientists found the valleys. They believe these were caused by water running from the south towards the ocean in the north.”

Mars’ South Pole May Hide a Large Underground Lake, July 2018

“The Red Planet just got quite a bit bluer, with scientists announcing the discovery of what they believe is a lake that’s about 12 miles across and hidden below a mile (1.6 kilometers) of ice at the south pole of Mars…The radar signals that MARSIS produces bounce back to Mars Express in different ways depending on what material they hit. And the team behind the new research said the signals MARSIS picked up over the south pole of Mars can be explained only by a large underground pool of liquid water.”

Mars Had Big Rivers for Billions of Years, March 2019

“The team’s work suggests that Martian rivers flowed intermittently but intensely over much of the planet’s 4.5-billion-year history, driven by precipitation-fed runoff. The rivers’ impressive width — in many cases, more than twice that of comparable Earth catchments — is a testament to that intensity…“The ancient Mars rivers didn’t flow in just a few favored spots; rather, they were distributed widely around the planet, Kite and his colleagues found.”

New evidence of deep groundwater on Mars, March 2019

“In mid-2018, researchers supported by the Italian Space Agency detected the presence of a deep-water lake on Mars under its south polar ice caps. Now, researchers at the USC Arid Climate and Water Research Center (AWARE) have published a study that suggests deep groundwatercould still be active on Mars and could originate surface streams in some near-equatorial areas on Mars…The study, to be published on March 28, 2018, in Nature Geoscience, suggests that groundwater might be deeperthan previously thought in areas where such streams are observed on Mars…For Heggy, an advocate for water science and water science education in arid areas, this particular study is not about colonization. But he says these rare and puzzling water flows on Marsare of big interest to the science community.”

Official Contact Report 219, Tuesday, June 16, 1987


Billy: And how does it stand with the storms on Mars; will these also be investigated then, and will it also be discovered that there are something like flashes of lightning up there? And since we’re already at it: through the powerful flashes of lightning on the good old Earth, which shoot vertically into the air at around 100 kilometers per second, radio waves arise with such high frequencies that through these, the very sparsely settled air molecules are brought to radiating illumination. Is this a specific feature that only appears on Earth, or does this phenomenon also occur on other planets?

Quetzal: This likewise applies to other worlds, both those that are of the same nature as the Earth and those that are of a different nature.


First direct evidence of lightning on Mars detected, June 17, 2009

“In 2006, using theoretical modeling, laboratory experiments and field studies on Earth, a group of planetary scientists suggested that there was no direct evidence that lightning occurred on Mars. This new research refutes those findings…For the first time, direct evidence of lightning has been detected on Mars, say University of Michigan researchers who found signs of electrical discharges during dust storms on the Red Planet.”


Official Contact Report 59, Thursday, July 8, 1976***

Meier: Well – then your earlier answer does not exclude (the possibility) that any other life of floric or faunic form can exist there, or even does exist. You then told (me) expressly, that life does not exist there, while logically you had addressed only the human planetary life. What do you think now, Will the Americans discover low forms of life with their sonde sent to Mars?

Semjase: They will meet with surprises in many respects, as in the fact that Mars has much more water than earthly science had assumed until now. But there are also surprises in the character of the ground and the nature of the microworld. The floric and faunic world can absolutely be found on Mars when the scientific instruments of these sondes are well enough to evaluate and store the concerned results?

Meier: Then “life on Mars” could prove true for our science?

Semjase: It is in the compass of possibility, that the analyses could verify this, when the scientific instruments are good enough, because faunic and floric forms of life are existing on Mars, even though this “planet destroys other forms of life” by its contrary to life nature.

Scientists: Martian Soil May Contain Detrimental Substance, November 2008

“NASA’s Phoenix spacecraft has detected the presence of a chemically reactive salt in the Martian soil, a finding that if confirmed could make it less friendly to potential life than once believed.”

‘It’s 99% certain there is life on Mars’: Shock finding as scientists re-analyse soil samples from Seventies Viking lander, April 2012

“In July 1976, the Viking 1 probe touched down on Mars and failed to find traces of life – but now, three decades later, scientists think the experiment was flawed.”

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*The graphs referred to have disappeared but the points about them should still be understandable.

**Please also listen to this interview and especially the last few moments when Clyde Tombaugh, the man who discovered Pluto, in 1930, speaks about the need to be open-minded regarding things pertaining to other intelligent life in the universe.

***The only available English translation for this contact is in the Message from the Pleiades series, Volume 3, pages 122 and 123. Earlier translations, in document form, were available in the early 1980s. Due to the fact that several translations had to be made prior to this published book version, and also considering that book publishing/self-publishing in the pre-computer era was a far more time consuming process, Volume 3 was published a number of years after the translation project was undertaken.

This can also be seen in the information from Volume 1, pertaining to the copyright dates, which begin in 1979, when the translation process for the first 1,800 pages of the Contact Reports began, under the direction of Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (USAF) and Lee and Brit Elders.





17 Replies to “How Did He Know BEFORE the Scientists?”

  1. Excellent Michael ! It sure would be nice, hopeful, if more people and scientists, (MSM too – good luck with that) could find / consider this case, the overwhelming validated evidence in it, drop their preconceived notions and predjudices, religious beliefs, etc, etc and just have a look at this and consider it. The amost daily now wild and exteme weather enviromental related events nationwide and the world SHOULD easily have people taking notice, (I have used this single topic as a launch platform with those I have deemed a real possibility of reaching with the truth for some time now already) but, alas, most cannot even seem to take note of this even when it literally is hitting home to them. I digress. But I still try Michael as you have often past said, TO BE OF GOOD CHEER!



  2. And the latest BBC news concerning pi: Emma Haruka Iwao smashes pi world record with Google help. The value of the number pi has been calculated to a new world record length of 31 trillion digits, far past the previous record of 22 trillion.
    Emma Haruka Iwao, a Google employee from Japan, found the new digits with the help of the company’s cloud computing service.
    Pi is the number you get when you divide a circle’s circumference by its diameter.
    The first digits, 3.14, are well known but the number is infinitely long.
    Extending the known sequence of digits in pi is very difficult because the number follows no set pattern.
    Pi is used in engineering, physics, supercomputing and space exploration – because its value can be used in calculations for waves, circles and cylinders.
    The pursuit of longer versions of pi is a long-standing pastime among mathematicians. And Ms Iwao said she had been fascinated by the number since she had been a child.
    “Someone please inform the young lady she’s been using the wrong pie value all this time.”

  3. Beautifully pieced together Michael… Is there someone out there who would do a similar format with the over 200 other e.g. of Billys proven to be true prophisies and predictions…? It would require many years but would sure be worthwhile, even if it was not read for many years… such info would not only flood the concious minds and awaken real rationality in the DUMB and NUMB minds of the so called sientists, but also smash through the knee jerk barriers that these people so stubbornly adhere to –
    ” There is no greater priciple to keep mankind in everlasting ignorance, than condemnation, before investigation”…
    Enjoy your day Buddy, and as allways, WELL DONE, again…

      1. Hi Melissa, For sure I am aware of the list, and have read it many times over the years. I just really liked the ‘format’ that Michael used in that post, i.e. all of the relevant discoveries of the scientists corraborating Billys info, and thus simply wanted to urge others to add the same into other e.g.s as they come across them…
        Have a great day, Salome Gary

        1. Thanks, Gary, I figured you were probably aware, but wanted to put it on here for others. Maybe those who are not aware will have their light turned on by the hundreds of corroborations. The smallest tidbits on up to the extensive information about the planets, the Universe, environmental destruction, wars and civil wars are discussed years before actual discovery or occurrence. I don’t think anyone can get that “lucky”. Salome

  4. You realize that many stop reading at the quip attempting to assert the delusion of man-made global warming, right?

    And FYI, all UFO/Alien manifestations are extraterrestrial in the sense that they are either Angelic or demonic manifestations.

    You’re welcome. May God bless you with the revelation of who his son is.

    1. Demons and angels? Now that’s quite the irony. You do realize how delusional that sounds, right? We do not subsribe to religious delusion. You are of course free to do so, but it won’t be warmly welcomed.

      The climate change is a direct result of overpopulation and mankind’s insatiable greed. If you can’t see how stripping the Earth of all it’s resources and disrupting all the eco systems would make for an environmental catastrophe, maybe do some more studying.

      Also, please use your first and last name when commenting. Salome

      1. Templar sounds like he is from Virginia. Oh how I know these people. Blah Blah Blah As a former devout catholic, I still can not get over how educated grown people believe in this fantasy. It is just so sad.


        1. Hi Diane,
          I also can’t understand how adults can fall for these oppressive dogma’s, but it especially creeps me out to see women who are brainwashed by these cults. I was sent to church when I was a kid, but I never warmed up to the biblical hooey. I hated going to church and as soon as I was old enough to have a choice, I never went again. I’m so happy that my family wasn’t really religious–church was just something a lot of people did back then. It’s great to hear that you were able to break free from religion. I’ve known and still know a few devout Catholics so I think I understand your frustration.


    2. I realize that you’ve provided nothing to substantiate your disinformation, on top of which you ironically assert delusional claims about manmade imaginary ” Angelic or demonic manifestations” and top it off with a reface to an imaginary deity and his non-existent “son”.

      We allow one ridiculous, nonsensical post from new participants but require your real first and last name for all future comments.

  5. “What do you think?”

    By deduction and the precedence of proof, I trust that the dates of the contact reports are correct, but, claiming copyrights before an official discovery based on the CR date alone, when these were not available in published form before that official discovery, could be construed as misleading and unnecessary when copyrights are actually available before some official discoveries, but, I think Michael’s approach is that this doesn’t matter, i.e., would you refuse 10 injections because the doctor had put Antivenom labels on 9 placebos and only one was real? The urgency may require a net approach rather than a fishing line, but, my religious background makes me skeptical of such approaches, rightly, or, wrongly.

  6. I have been a fan of MH and Meier for years….heck my last name even has meier in it. Yes, Meier has been accurate on so many events….but there are a few items that just knaw at me. The big one is his opinion of the chem trails. With all I have read about the chemical content of the sprays and the pattern flying…I just do not agree with his answer. Any comment MH? Also keep up the good work Brother, we need you.

    1. Hi Howard,

      Michael is away from his desk, but I’m sure he’ll respond to you when he returns.

      I would think about the first thing you said regarding Billy being accurate on so many events. Do you agree that Billy is honest and forthcoming in what he does? What is the possibility of one or two things being a lie or misleading while hundreds or thousands of other things are true and resonate on your internal meter? Sometimes you have to look at the whole picture which then should greatly reduce the odds of one or two things being a lie. Salome

    2. I myself photographed supposed “chemtrails” as early as 2000 and brought the photos to Switzerland. FIGU’s position has been the same for all this time, supported also by James Deardorff, who was also a meteorologist, and also a pilot who wrote me many years ago.

      That being said, I don’t have the necessary scientific background and expertise to absolutely agree or disagree. I don’t know. It’s also possible that subsequent to the Meier information, some kind of “spraying” was introduced, experimented with, etc. There are problems with that, which include the fact that winds can be very unpredictable, they can shift and change, cause clouds and contrails to dissipate etc. So presuming that there’s an attempt to use chemtrails to protect an area from the sun’s rays, etc., how do you account for the movement of the sun and be assured of precisely providing supposedly reflective material to follow the sun and protect specific areas, etc.?

      Common sense also tells us that if all these tails about spraying of highly toxic substances were true, the hospitals in many places would have to be overflowing with people clearly suffering from aluminum and barium poisoning, etc. And that would have to include the families of the so-called elite, the military, government, etc. We’d also have to consider that the rain would bring the toxins down and pollute our water, as well as our crops, etc.

      While we can’t assume that any nefarious, insane and ridiculous plans and plots are beyond the capabilities and intentions of the psychopaths and lunatics who have much power that they badly misuse, there are logical considerations that even they probably couldn’t overcome.

      And thanks Howard for your ongoing study and participation!

  7. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it.”
    — Upton Sinclair
    Many scientists today live in great privilege, afraid to challenge the system that richly rewards them. Rocking the boat is not encouraged.
    Their truth is rooted in maintaining a lie at the expense of scientific discovery.
    It’s commonly called “scientific reticence” and it means that our modern scientists have chosen to put their own well-being ahead of the possibility of integrity.
    They are guilty of scientific malpractice.
    (And crimes against humanity.)

  8. Most “chemtrails” are due to increased water vapor in the atmosphere, which is induced by a warming atmosphere.
    However, beware of new scientific experiments spraying sulphur particulates into the air.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures.
    You don’t want to know what comes next.

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