Did Billy Meier Hoax the Talmud Jmmanuel?

There’s no credible evidence that anyone named “Jesus Christ” ever existed

Let’s take a look at two similar stories, supposedly published about 1,964 years apart. The most familiar story is the Book of Matthew, from the New Testament (NT), and the lesser known one is the Talmud Jmmanuel (TJ), first published by Billy Meier in German, in 1978, and then in English in the 1980s.

Before we concern ourselves if either one is a true story, let’s consider some other aspects and questions. In doing so, we want to view them both as stories that purport to involve real historical events.

It must be noted that while the NT involves a person called Jesus Christ – arguably the most well-known figure for the last 2,000 years – there is little to no other evidence that a person with that name actually ever existed. There are no actual biographies of Jesus Christ ever written by the numerous biographers who existed at the referred to time period, in the overall region where the events were said to have taken place. There are references and evidence that other personages mentioned in the NT did exist but it seems that the name Jesus Christ doesn’t really appear contemporaneously but only decades later.

Further, the NT, while “believed” by many people, has many supernatural, mystical elements that defy logic, known laws of science, etc. While such liberties are taken in terms of other deified personages in various religions, etc., respected historical records aren’t known to include them. Of course, history itself is subject to many questions and it’s frequently pointed out that “history is written by the victors”. Perhaps it can be also said that religions are created by those with the abilities, power and position to fashion events – and people – according to their own liking as well, based on real or fictitious events, people, etc.

The fact that the NT can more easily be regarded as a story than a history creates other problems, as the TJ could be regarded as simply another version of the same story and also not any kind of reliable history. But let’s also remember that the majority of human history, as we know it, has been handed down not in modern digital format but in written form, often redacted, edited, altered, etc., as well in oral tradition, leaving a lot of room for distortions, as well as outright fabrications. Even in more modern times, with all sorts of recording devices, cameras, etc., disagreements about differing versions and interpretations of events are not uncommon.

Enter James Deardorff

The TJ caught the attention of James Deardorff, a professor and religious scholar who decided to debunk it because he believed it had to be a hoax. Instead, he found that it resolved over 300 inconsistencies that existed in the book of Matthew. Even if we are not scholars, we can see that Deardorff was impressed with the TJ text and took an immense amount of time and effort to diligently research and note the details.

One isn’t required to accept the largely religious notion of “sinners”, for example, to appreciate the far less judgmental description of “ignorant” (http://www.tjresearch.info/mt9.htm), which may well be both more accurate and acceptable in describing a stratum of society in what were rather primitive times.

It would’ve required very thoughtful consideration to change a negative religious term to one that only described thinking capacity, something not likely to be done by someone rushing to “falsify” a religious document. Why would someone be so diligent and concerned about accuracy…if they were trying to further perpetuate, or capitalize on, a religious hoax?

As Deardorff points out:

“In forming an opinion of how genuine the TJ is, it is important to keep in mind that if one starts with a document that is genuine and consistent, the effect of errors in translation and editing is to introduce inconsistencies. Correcting the errors then eliminates these inconsistencies or contradictions.”

Means, Motive and Opportunity

Referring again to the ease with which the singular authenticity of Meier’s UFO evidence can be proven, the extent to which Deardorff went in his documentation, especially in relation to all the resolved inconsistencies, speaks also to the even more immense amount of time-consuming work that Meier would’ve had to have gone through to “hoax” far less initially attractive evidence, which may prove to ultimately be far more important than the UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc. Further, the TJ garnered nowhere near the attention of Meier’s UFO evidence, nor has there been any attempt to publicize it as broadly by Meier.

Taking into account that Meier is known to be an outspoken opponent of religions, etc., we’d have to ask if it seems reasonable that he would’ve taken the amount of time necessary to address the several hundred known and not known inconsistencies and then compose texts that would resolve the inconsistencies – to the satisfaction of a religious bible scholar – but then never point these out himself, after such a significant labor, before or after Deardorff had commented on them?

Assuming that Meier had the opportunity to procced with such an undertaking, we come back to the question of motivation. The most logical assumption would be that someone coming forward with a completely new narrative dismantling the foundational elements of one of the world’s major religions would be motivated in some way to try to assume its power, followers, wealth, etc., quite possibly tying it in with, and trying to capitalize on, his UFO evidence as a way to legitimize claiming a special status as a cult leader, new religious figure, etc.

It Must Be Magic

But where’s the pay-off for demystifying the story and de-deifying the central figure, a god-man who, instead of walking on water, curing terminal diseases with a glance, raising the dead and floating up to heaven after his own brutal death, we have a wandering teacher who has to flee from town to town, as he applies salves and balms to infected limbs and subtly inspires self-healing among the afflicted.

To further complicate matters, his mother isn’t a virgin, there are 17 previously never heard of female disciples and the (supposedly celibate) central figure’s post-crucifixion marriage (to an Indian woman, no less) – and fathering numerous descendants – is pretty far from the guilt-inducing story of a guy who, millennia ago, “died for your sins”…before you were even born and could get around to committing them.

But where’s the pay-off for demystifying the story and de-deifying the central figure, let alone inserting 17 previously never heard of female disciples and the (supposedly celibate) central figure’s marriage (to an Indian woman, no less) and fathering numerous descendants?

High levels of delusion are not unknown among the leaders and members of various religions, cults, sects, offshoot religions, etc. But Meier stands in stark contrast to these, not only in his own reclusive life but in the complete absence of any evidence that he’s ever courted such a position, cult following, wealth, power, etc., despite the numerous and completely unfounded and unsubstantiated claims to the contrary.

So, why would Billy Meier, the man who has just brought the most important story in all of science and human history to the world – with its independently authenticated UFO films, photos, video, metal samples, sound recordings, etc. – and which has already brought many attempts on his life and even on his children’s lives, want to make additional claims that would only further infuriate religious and non-religious people alike, including those who might otherwise support the authenticity of his contacts with extraterrestrials?

As for James Deardorff, why would a religious scholar come to endorse the authenticity of the TJ over the so-called holy book that he believes in? By standing behind the authenticity of the TJ and claiming that it is the original and real document upon which the book of Matthew was based, not only does Deardorff reject his own core religious beliefs but he does so in favor of a document that itself demystifies the entire matter and presents it as a historical event and not the NT fairytale replete with nonsensical, supernatural, mystical mumbo-jumbo.

Could it be possible that the TJ contains the original, non-mystical, non-supernatural, historical narrative of events and teaching surrounding a real flesh and blood human being?

If we view the TJ as such a narrative, absent all of the supernatural aspects of the NT version, is it possible that the original story and text was indeed falsified and manipulated by people who sought power and control through creating a god-like man out of the human being referred to in the TJ? Would it even be the first, or last, time that the life of a person, or various events, were falsified to create a myth, following, etc.?

Would the TJ be considered “heretical”, controversial, etc., if it existed on its own, without the existence of, and comparison to, the NT? Whatever one may think of the TJ as a historical document, there’s certainly nothing in it that begs belief in supernatural events, the raising of the dead, various unlikely “miracles”, etc.

The Crucifixion

We should acknowledge that the crucifixion itself is a very difficult topic. The brutality of human beings is well known, so the idea that someone was supposedly crucified some 2,000 years ago isn’t out of the question. However, the survival of Jmmanuel in either version may pose a problem for religious and non-religious people, for different reasons.

Religious people may be troubled by the notion that Jmmanuel survived the crucifixion, rather than having died and been miraculously “resurrected”, which is  central to the premise of his divinity. Non-religious people may have trouble with the idea that someone could survive the crucifixion, even with the supposed help of healers who, somehow, knew in advance about the event and fulfilled the role of healers, etc.

But  let’s remember that this is not about proving the truthfulness of either version of the story. It’s about making a reasonable assessment of the information and the arguments in order to determine for ourselves if Meier actually hoaxed the story or if, as James Deardorff concluded, that the version he published is the original one and not the more familiar New Testament version.

We can be grateful that James Deardorff, skeptical as he initially was, dedicated himself to such extensive research, textual comparisons, etc.,  and we can also respect his honesty and courage in presenting  his conclusions, which firmly opposed his own preconceptions and beliefs.

The Talmud Jmmanuel

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16 Replies to “Did Billy Meier Hoax the Talmud Jmmanuel?”

  1. The Talmud Jmmanuel (TJ) also resolves inconsistencies beyond the New Testament and Christianity. For example, the Qur’an states in 4: 157–58, that Jesus was not crucified:

    “And because of their saying: We slew the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, Allah’s messenger — they slew him not nor crucified him, but it appeared so unto them; and lo! those who disagree concerning it are in doubt thereof; they have no knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture; they slew him not for certain.”

    [Note: This tenet lead to the ‘Ahmadiyya Muslim Movement’ which was started by the man who wrote in 1899 the book, “Jesus in India”; a journey that really did take place according to the TJ. ]

    Where did Mohammed and his followers get this idea from when it contradicated all officially available accounts at that time and when his people were not steeped in Christian Orthodoxy? It could be argued, from today’s perspective, that some form of docetism (belief in Jesus’ body not being real) existed, but, already, by the end of the 2nd century, any ideas not supporting Jesus’ magical mystery retour were violently killed off and a tangible, contemporary, example of this is the fact that there were no hints of the Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts existing before their discovery in 1945 and the authors wouldn’t have hidden them as they did in 140 AD were alternative narratives expected to survive beyond that time, let alone to Mohammed’s time approx. 450 years later.

    Gnostic ideas about Jesus surviving the crucifixion, i.e., the “Swoon hypothesis”, whereby, Jesus is believed to have fallen unconscious (“swooned”) and later resuscitated by Joseph of Arimathea, didn’t emerge until the turn of the 19th century and only because the age of enlightenment allowed unprecedented access to censored, heretical, texts. The TJ explains how and why Mohammed and his followers thought that about the crucifixion.

    Interestingly, one of the Nag Hammadi gospels – the Gospel of Truth – seems to have taken, as metaphor, something which the TJ reveals about the very pragmatic nature of Jesus’ (Jmmanuel) healing ability:

    “But those whom he has anointed are the ones who have become perfect.”

    1. Even does the Bible gives evidence that ‘Jesus’ did not die on the cross. In Luke 24 it is said that, after he emerges from the tomb, Jesus asks for, and is given, meat and honeycomb. If he has died and in his spirit form, as he says himself, he would not need food. . . . Luke 24:38-43 (KJV):

      38 And he said unto them, Why are ye troubled? and why do thoughts arise in your hearts? 39 Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.

      40 And when he had thus spoken, he shewed them his hands and his feet. 41 And while they yet believed not for joy, and wondered, he said unto them, Have ye here any meat? 42 And they gave him a piece of a broiled fish, and of an honeycomb. 43 And he took it, and did eat before them.

  2. If only Professor Deardorff was alive to see the final English translation! He is a hero that I think helped change the course of history, perhaps shortening our 800 more years of mishegas.

    People (on Quora.com) are asking about the bible, what evidence there is for a person named Jesus Christ to have lived, and if certain passages involve extraterrestrials or UFOs, etc. I highly recommend that those knowledgeable about these topics join Quora and answer people’s questions. I can get 7 to 15,000 views a month. (And you can also post pictures in your response and leave links to Michael’s website and other resources like Future Of Mankind) There are people out there asking, begging for answers to many questions like this.

    I can easily think of three examples in the bible that involve E.T. contact:
    1. Ezekiel’s encounter 2. the end scene of John the baptist (initiator) 3. the “star” of Bethlehem

    Even reading the bible (rarely) as a young person prompted me to question terms like “sons of heaven”, “angels”, “guardian messengers” “voices coming from out of the sky”, “sky events”, “miracles”, “ascending into heaven” in a “beam of light or cloud”, etc.

    Since the large font format of the TJ happens to be under my seat, let me choose a passage…

    TJ 15:84,85

    84. “Yet, before the end of two times a thousand years the new prophet will reveal my teaching in an unfalsified manner to small followings (groups), just as I do to small followings (groups), so that my trusted friends and disciples and disciplesses will be brought the teaching of the wisdom and the knowledge and the laws and recommendations of the spirit and of the Creation.

    85. Nevertheless, his pathway will be very difficult and full of obstacles, and many killers (insidious murderers) will be striving to kill him (to insidiously murder him), so many will oppose him when he begins and carries on his determination (mission, task) in a peace-loving country in the North (Switzerland).”

  3. Hi Michael, Once again beautifuly presented / formatted and very lucid, with just enough info to cause an ‘ unscratched itch’ in embrionic ‘seekers’…
    All the best, Gary

    1. James Deardorff is confused iwhen he says about the 5th edition, “…consequently one is led to believe that the writer of Matthew did not have the TJ on hand when penning his gospel. ”

      He then goes on with his wrong assertion that some trickery was involved and the 5th edition is “disinformation” based on his uncorroborated belief.

      The new version of the TJ clearly says that Judas Ishkerioth’s stolen text was learned ORALLY by Jmmanuel’s followers and others. This important sociological dimension seems to have been missed/not accepted by the good professor.

      We can all relate to sharing ditties, poems, speeches, movie dialogue, songs, etc., with our peers and having mouths and, so, it’s safe to assume that this had a more important function, without the endless stream of entertainment we get today, back then and so ordinary people would remember whole texts – chapter & verse – and from the only the few scribes they had any access to outside the sectarian religions and enough that transcriptions would connect literally as did the TJ to Matthew, but, with the inherent flaws of this as each one adds their own religious bent.

      That’s probably just too much of “lengthy explanation” for Jim, but, this information was not available to the Plejaren, Billy, etc., before and so this needs to be pondered and not dismissed as Plejaren craftiness, etc. Guess he reached the limit that his religon will afford him.

  4. Believe it or not…the truth doesn’t rely on this falty gear (religion) within the gearbox, in other words the truth is the truth, unrustable and in all times. The days praying away responsibilities and wishes etcs are moons past and rubbish long washed away. Being that each human is a spark of existence and their only so many tin gods and tinder around to start yet again and retardedly again another world fire (world war). Might be a good time to think about the first marriage …and everyone and everything is married to nature. The first marriage comes first, while people are fanatically thinking about the pictures of ultrasounds, prego memes to share with others. check with your first marriage …nature. 8,953,851,418 …humans, not enough living acerage to support more, …one more “love child” they say…you can’t divorce nature….10 year birthstop should be the biggest movement of this century. As also no male making children under 35 years of age. Divide, wars all trace back to…overpopulation. It’s never to late to think about your first marriage…nature.

  5. Is anyone running a book (taking bets) on which religion is going to win?
    If so, I would like to know what odds you are offering on which one is going to win the title of Worst religion, Most Delusional and the one furtherest from the Truth?!!??!

  6. I wonder if James Deardroff has ever attempted to publish this research in a scholarly journal? How great would it be for Billy Meier to officially penetrate academia!

  7. Wonderful article Michael, always helping the “earthworms” like myself grow to become better than they were before. It comes with a delightfully perfect discovery in a “natural tomb” near the Jordanian border… Bethlehem was like Disneyland for the Romans I understand and that it was not there helps corroborate a truthful scenario. I am happy to have a friend like you (they are few and far between) helping mankind so much with your expert oratory and prose to go so amusingly along with it. The folks from India came in the other side to wake him up with some serious smelling salts and a heater… (blankets) so he lived to a ripe old age. This book is a fascinating story that I missed by reading it in German, although I understand it will help me in many lifetimes from now. The writer I am also happy to have as a friend I respect and enjoy being with in this life! This was a freedom of thought to understand and each time I read it (three times in English) and once in German. My German is not yet mastered so the English helps me to understand much more quickly but the German is helping me more and more and having them side by side is VERY helpful for my studies. I read the German first then the English to glean more “treasures”. These books will be worth a house in the near future! The light in the sky, the three wise men, Ishwsh’s all… to experience the birth of a man who has a spiritual line going back billions of years… eons an eon is a billion years. His writings go back trillions and the spiritual teaching is a joy to read but better yet to experience first hand by reading them, cognating, making them our own and using them (Wisdom) and finally have the power or might they so descriptively provide. If you buy this book from Michael here: http://www.theyfly.com/shop2/main/product/19/talmud-jmmanuel from this link you will be well on your way to a freedom you have not experienced in the many millions of years your spirit has been alive! Do yourself a GREAT favor and I hope he has them in stock because this was a great read from a great man who was and is ridiculed by the unknowing to this day!

    Thanks again Michael for attempting to guide all those unknowing of the one spiritual teaching who think they are the shining crowns of The Creation and yet are merely just above apes as far as consciousness is concerned not even human or humane as humans are. The battle cry of the unknowing and religious is : Fight On but to my mind, and those who know… Right On! Nice article.

    Peace and Wisdom:


  8. This may sound silly, but given the involvement of the Plejaren in all of this, and their assertion that Jmmanuel was also Plejaren, what would stop them from “resurrecting” him after he was killed in a crucifixion in Jerusalem? I suspect that they have sufficient technology to bring a body back to life after death, assuming that the body wasn’t totally destroyed or burned, etc. . . . . . All they would have to do with a manipulation of time, is bring Jmmanuel back to his life before he was crucified, and “Presto!” there he is! Because of the Plejaren involvement in that event in historical time, I can believe the “miracles” that are recorded in the New Testament are entirely plausible. . . . .spontaneous, miraculous restoration of limbs, resurrection of recently deceased people, etc., etc., etc.

    1. There is no possibility to come back from death. When the spirit leaves the body it cannot return. Do you actually read the contact reports or do you just skim through them and pick out certain items to concoct your theories? No offense, Carolyn, but you always seem to have ideas that completely contradict everything in the contact reports and spiritual teachings.

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