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The incomparable wisdom and life-affirming companionship that only the truth can provide

“I just finished reading the newly translated Arahat Athersata and I must say that it is the most helpful book I have ever read. The book puts it in simple and easy terms how anyone can change their bad thinking nearly overnight, a manual for a healthy mind if you will.
And a human can not only eliminate pain, anxiety, doubt, desperation, etc. but also real illnesses by just thinking as nature intended it for the human being.”

Anthony A.

There are no shortages of opportunities to write about the ever-deteriorating state of the world, the crises, catastrophes, existing and newly threatening diseases and epidemics, etc.

But while we may become aware and informed regarding things about which we’ve long been warned and that are now upon us, we are not left any the better off, nor really empowered by the information.

Those of us that clearly recognize the reality of the situation, including the inevitability of the impending, unstoppable coming events, can all too easily succumb to the same kinds of avoidance, depression, etc., that other people do, even when they barely recognize the seriousness of the situation.

The most effective remedy I know of is to actually read – think about and implement – the spiritual teaching.

For those who still don’t know, this is the non-religious, belief-free teaching. It couldn’t be more different than the illogical, dogmatic, stagnant religious, sectarian and cultic beliefs and systems  which, in themselves, cause all life and evolution-necessary striving to cease…as is explained in the book, The Way to Live:

“Through this religious-sectarian irrational teaching, every believer’s creational-natural, innate striving, for that which is higher and for the highest possible absolutely full development, is throttled and even eliminated. But, if the human being lacks the striving, then he/she no longer finds and recognizes any Ziele towards which it would be rewarding to work and to live. He/she becomes dependent on religious-sectarian, wrong-philosophical, irrational teachings and dogmas, which every normal-rational human being recognises as absurd. To be a believer means to be without striving, to no longer have any initiative in regard to the natural advancement and to no longer be integrated into any evolution. To be without striving means to stagnate and to wither.”

This concept, its explanation and implications are stunning, shocking in fact when considered in its reality, as evidenced by the ever-imploding effects in the world, i.e. the increased conflicts, terrorism, wars, etc., which at their core are based in the anti-life, anti-evolutionary religious and political beliefs, cultic systems, etc.

This can only be fully realized and experienced through the explanations in the spiritual teaching which, unlike the aforementioned, regressive and degenerative systems, actually antidotes the negative, consciousness-crippling and life-enslaving effects that otherwise ceaselessly take their toll on our physical, emotional and mental well-being, and elevates our consciousness.

I have created two Special Offers containing an abundance of the incomparable wisdom and consciousness-enhancing spiritual teaching that will give you the uplifting, life-affirming companionship that only the truth can provide.


Arahat Athersata, the Psyche and The Way to Live



Arahat Athersata, the Decalogue and The Way to Live

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Each Special Offer package also includes The Meier Contacts AND The Silent Revolution of Truth (arguably the best UFO documentary ever made and includes all three Special Features) DVDs FREE! These DVDs are the two earliest productions on the Billy Meier UFO Contacts from They Fly Productions and provide a profound retrospective on the Meier contacts and include the prophetic warnings that have fulfilled since after the release of these presentations.

Each Special Offer package contains $200 worth of books and DVDs and includes insured shipping! Total cost: $145 each package.

Ask about other package deals! Please allow 10 – 14 days for delivery.

Prices are for domestic orders only, please enquire about international orders.


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45 Replies to “The Spiritual Teaching Books”

    1. Hello Michael! My wife recently purchased a book for my B day , The Goblet of Truth. Question! Is this the Spiritual Teachings? I had told her this is the spiritual Teachings but after reading your recent post on theyflyblog I’m not so sure now. Please help! my wife’s name is Charlene Vasquez and she recently made a purchase a few days ago.

      1. Hi Tim,

        The Goblet of Truth is the teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life from all 7 prophets: Henoch (Enoch), Elia (Elijah), Jesaja (Isaiah), Jeremia (Jeremiah), Jmmanuel (Immanuel), Muhammad (Mohammed) and Billy (BEAM). It is part of the Spiritual Teaching.

  1. Hello Michael. Just read an article on about how life on are planet started in fresh water not a salt water ocean. If they had read the contact reports they could of figured this out decades ago.
    Peace, Scott.

  2. Michael would you or anybody here be interested in chipping in towards buying a few or several books to send to Joe Roegan who is genuinely into UFO subject matter so that it may lay a path of possibility one day for you to be interviewed in his podcast which will then give the zmeier case that much more exposure?

    1. Matt,

      If anyone wants to step up and help create interest on Rogan’s part to interview me, I would suggest the Photo-Inventorium ( would be the best single one to send to him. If he doesn’t respond to that, it would be pointless to send anything else.

      One might consider first sending an email to to him saying that they are willing to send the book…IF they respond with willingness to look at it.

      1. I’ll chip in, after Christian Frehner visited
        here in Canada recently I’ve had a surge of striving and I’m working full-time now and earning well

        Get in touch through my email Matt:

        I wrote a pretty good carrot on my Quora a few days ago to prompt people to think about the Adam and Eve tale in an alternative light, it’s something to do my own part too 🙂

  3. $145 for 3 books plus 2 DVD’s is a good deal. I recently received my Arahat Athersata German/English translation via MH, thanks.

    Wow, over 1/2 billion dollars raised (via donations) in 12 hours of the fire that destroyed the Notre Dame cathedral to rebuild it! Imagine if the people only knew Christianity over the last 2,000 years was the evil handiwork of the Bafath, and that God does not exist, and praying to a tin-god that is powerless to help or hurt you, because it does not exist.

    1/2 a billion dollars would go a long way towards birth control for this planet (fund a birth-stop), or go a long way for high quality FIGU spiritual teaching book translations for the whole Earth to read, in a variety of languages (English, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, etc).

    My people are capable of funding fantastic ideals, whatever they set their mind to, if only the truth were explained to them just so, and in a certain way to prevent uprisings, if only they were given the chance, the donations would probably be in the trillions if only it were possible to explain the truth to all of humanity, and have gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit ready to go in case people start acting a fool.

    The first thing I would explain to the masses is the consequences of overpopulation, on all the main television channels in all countries 24/7, and then break it slowly from there.

    The people deserve to know the truth, if only it were possible.

  4. The people will find out the truth one way or another, I would much rather they find out before the fall of humanity, before there is a nuclear war, before Apophis strikes, before the ’48 predictions come true (which are set in stone), I would much rather the people find out the truth before the 200-year long prophecies of an evil future for Earth humanity (due to terrorism and overpopulation consequences) of contact 669 come true, as these are changeable still.

    Things will work out for Earth humanity in the long run, but doesn’t the short run deserve some notice before the downfall of humanity that we will have to rebuild from, and learn our collective lessons?

    1. Where did you read about contact 669? Is the evil time stretching out for 200 years, is that what is meant by decades?

  5. It’s has been said, “There’s not one truth, but many.” The Meier’s case may be the greatest and most cold blooded case to the existence of a more advanced human extraterrestrial race such as the Pleajaren, but they’re not the only et’s on Earth. There’re a lot of different et’s being watched and filmed all over Earth. Some in the Meier camp attacked it “as all being false,” when I fact they’re not. Do you mean to tell me that all astronauts, military officers and scientists, investigators and so on, that they’re all liars? That they don’t know what they’re reporting, but only Meier’s? I’m sorry, but I reject that allegation. Do we have charlatans,liars and deceivers on this matter? No doubt, we do. Not all of them. I seen bonafide qualify landings of UFO’s and et’s all through out Latinamerica, and even Russia. Are they’re all lying, hoaxes and deceipts? Get the hell away from me. What we got to do is contact and research them for their allegations, and then make a reasonable judgement.

    1. There aren’t “many truths” when it comes to establishing real facts. As I’ve repeatedly pointed out, the confirmed existence of extraterrestrial life would be the single most important development in all of science and human history…exceeded only by confirmed contact with such beings. So, unless people who make such claims can provide actual evidence (proof), then they’re just babbling idiots who’ve fallen for all the nonsense from the UFO community and online disinformation. Think about it, really.

      Further, all those people who make statements and claims about “a lot of different et’s being watched and filmed all over Earth” – which are primarily secret military craft – should also present THEIR established expertise and QUALIFICATIONS to make those claims. Somehow I doubt that they actually have them.

    2. Hi Carlos, how is the Meier case “cold blooded”? You want to talk about cold blooded then you should ask all the regressive hypnotists that look for new victims at these UFO conferences how cold blooded they are when they take someone who had a UFO sighting and turn it into a full blown alien abduction. Now that’s cold hearted.

  6. “I can teach you the secrets to heightening your spiritual self… all for the low, low cost of $150 per book.” Snake oil salesman. If someone were truly interested in spreading spiritual enlightenment, they would do it at no cost, because isn’t that the spiritually enlightening thing to do? Wouldn’t you want to spread this enlightenment as far as possible, to as many people as you possibly can? How many people can you be spreading it to at $150 a pop?

    1. Ah yes, another pompous, self-righteous know-it-all…who can’t get his facts straight.

      Let’s start with:

      I don’t sell any books that cost $150.

      Doing one’s work for “no cost” probably isn’t how you live your life…but it is the way I live MINE. For about 40 years now. I represent the Meier information at my own expense, including all travel, filmmaking, interviews, blogs, articles, presentations, and dealing with immature twits, etc., etc.

      As for Meier’s books, they’d be cheap at $150 for the value they contain. However, publishing books, like many other real world endeavors, costs money. I buy them from the publisher and I sell them, which provides some income to me too. And there’s no obligation for anyone to buy them. And there’s a ton of FREE spiritual teaching information…that I doubt you’ve troubled yourself to study, since you’re so busy showing what an idiot you are.

      Let me guess, left-leaning millennial? If you want to post more comments here, use your (real) first and last name, Mr. Benevolent.

    2. On the futureofmankind and this website there are many thousands of pages of extracts from Billy’s books all freely available. More than enough for many lifetimes of study. You could contribute, freely, Ben, by printing them all out and distributing them around your local neighbourhood. The most important book of the spiritual teachings, The Goblet of the Truth, is available in PDF form absolutely free.

      Since FIGU is a not profit organisation they do do it for free really as is required by international law. What they charge for the books only covers the cost of printing/publishing and distribution. How many of Billy books do you think are purchased each year? Michael Horn is not getting rich by making a few $$ on each book.

  7. I’d like to request info on how to contact someone at figu that could tell me how and where to buy the untranslated book Billie wrote about dream interpretation. I have a friend who speaks and reads German who could read it for me. I tried looking online at the figu site and couldn’t find anything. Thanks from South Dakota.

      1. Lol good one Andrew. Maybe it’s because Pam can’t figure out if she’s Damian. I’m sure through a dream all will be revealed haha.

  8. I’ve recently noticed online discussions since the motion picture recently “Avengers” was released people discussing overpopulation in a rather morbid way. Really in truth the universal laws and recommendations of a “World Wide Birth Stop” of 7 years, through which the number of inhabitants depletes in natural compliance as respectfully recommended by Ararat Athersata on page.44 would be wise.

    29. All famines become resolved and various illnesses are nipped in the bud when the laws are followed and observed.
    30. Through this, however, your problems of environmental and air pollution also become solved, along with many other problems associated with it.
    31. Wars and other similar outrages become reduced in the greatest measures, and the earth human being learns again that to him/her, his/her next to one is, in truth, his/her next one and that the human beings, amongst each other, are reliant on each other.
    32. The love and harmony will again attain its validity, and peace WILL return to the earth.
    33. Therefore, it is the first recommendation of the hour and of ALL TIME that the human population be kept to a normalized mass and be reduced back to it, because the most unsolvable problems rest in the earthly overpopulation of the human life form.
    34. The way to the destination is long and hard, and first the rationality must prevail in the earth human being.

    – Salome to all

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