The UFO Contactee & Experiencer Delusion

Why would extraterrestrials travel through space to contact the most idiotic people on Earth?


One of the most amazing delusions that has overcome a large number of human beings is the claim of being a so-called UFO contactee. This is also now called being an “experiencer” and it’s indicative of just how successfully dumbed down, hood-winked, and brain damaged people have, willingly, allowed themselves to become.

And it’s been created – and promoted throughout the UFO community – by the same secret military and intelligence services that have long tried to keep the truth about the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts from you. What better way to do it than to start to convince people that…they are contactees and “experiencers”?

Actually, beyond letting themselves be misled, fooled and stupefied, the fact is that people with clearly too much time on their hands have enthusiastically pursued and embraced the delusion.

While it cannot be blamed solely on the inferior, moronic, worse-than-mediocre American educational system, that would seem to be one of the major contributors to the lack of critical thinking abilities that is ubiquitous in this country. Naturally, just as many people have rushed to emulate the superficial, vapid, celebrity and entertainment worshiping behaviors that are a hallmark of the American way of life, the Contactee and Experiencer Delusion idiocy has also spread to other countries.

As would be expected, this has turned into yet another “product” for the cynical and profit-hungry UFO industry and the utter charlatans in it who fleece the gullible public.

Indeed, not to miss out on the fun, some otherwise seemingly credible people have decided to participate and profit from this latest hysteria. What seems to have escaped the notice of both the so-called ”experiencers”, and the now self-disgraced professionals who’ve been infected by this nonsense, is not only the complete lack of evidence for anything even remotely connected to actual, space-traveling extraterrestrial life, but also a major failure in logic:

No one seems to have credibly answered just…why any actual existing extraterrestrial beings would choose to travel eons of light years through space to make any kind of contact with the most idiotic members of the world that they would’ve discovered.

Really, these people are even less likely to be “contacted” than even the dopes at SETI.

People seem to need to have “weird experiences” now to create anything even remotely defined as “meaning” in their lives…as if our religions, beliefs, political insanity, etc., aren’t weird and destructive enough.

The Spiritual Teaching

Fortunately, like a breath of fresh air, we find that the Billy Meier UFO contacts are at their core, based on the spiritual teaching, with emphasis on:

  • 100% self-responsibility 
  • The inescapable need to see things as they really are
  • The necessity to understand and live in responsible accordance with the law of cause and effect
  • To learn and apply Neutral-positive thinking and the might of the thoughts in our daily lives.

Far eclipsing the importance of UFOs and extraterrestrials, the spiritual teaching is the very key to our future survival…as it has also been for the Plejaren, and other extraterrestrial races, that exist throughout the universe.

So, instead of the delusional mind rot that tries to seduce you into thinking that you’re a “contactee” – ripe for costly, unscientific and ineffective “hypnotic regression” – try experiencing the eternally true, timeless and profound wisdom of the spiritual teaching.

And if you find yourself hungry for more, there’s plenty available here,as well as in these remarkable books.

Prepare for Contact

And yes, you can indeed have your own contact…with the truth. Just come on down to:


14 Replies to “The UFO Contactee & Experiencer Delusion”

    1. Yes, study the spiritual teaching, as mentioned in the blog, go to the Art Institute, etc.

      Also, pleases your first and last name when posting comments.


    2. Start with your community. Pick up a salad at Wendy’s and take it to a shut-in in your neighborhood.
      Start at home, become a concerned neighbor .❤️❤️❤️
      When I cook , I make a paper plate and send it to someone nearby that’s not able to leave their oxygen machine

  1. Have people noticed the discrepancy here.
    Not one of these so called self proclaimed contactees are ever vehemently opposed or target of debunking by people as much as it is the case with Billy.
    Funny that.
    I guess to be a successful contactee these days all one has to do is shout from the rooftops that you are one but not bother with providing any evidence.

  2. I would give my left testical to be able to see the legions of “experiencers” experience you at contact in the desert. Give em hell.

  3. Why does George Noory always have Peter Devenport on c2c every so often hawking UFOs all over the place when we all know that these stupid UFOs are nothing more than military aircraft trying to spy on us and find out just how stupid and dumbdown the people from earth are to say nothing of Seth Shostack at SETI hawkuing and advertising on TV? Talk about just phony and stupid the earth humans can get to say nothing about the stupid chammelers. I used to believe in channelers before I found Billy Meier back in October 1997.

  4. So very true, on another note does MH put out any more videos on his YouTube channel, not seen updated content on there for a while.

    1. Hi Gordon,

      Michael puts out short informational videos whenever he has time to do it. He travels a lot for his interviews and presentations so he does the video’s when he has time.

  5. Thats a pretty broad brush, I’d expect a portion of claimed abductees/experiencers to be frauds or delusional, but not all. I would also expect that a portion of actual abductees/experiencers do not come forward for lack of evidence. I’ve not had any sort of contact with or seen any UFOs or alien entities, but belive they likely exist. Is it not likely that aliens would encounter who ever happens to be present rather than choosing the less credible folks to contact?

    1. Ed,

      I would think that anyone who could traverse interstellar space would have a plan and would certainly be intelligent enough to seek out the most intelligent life on a planet.

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