US Navy Ruins UFO Con

Peddlers of UFO disinformation will be scrambling to remain relevant

We’ve been saying it for a very long time: Most UFOs are secret military craft.

Now, the US Navy is trying to get ahead of the whole UFO controversy by “revealing” information from 2016.

The problem is that various alternative craft, terrestrial versions of extraterrestrial UFOs, have been in development…since the 1920s, almost 100 years ago.*

This is also a big problem for the phony UFO industry, its so-called experts, investigators, contactees, experiencers, abductees, etc. It makes fools out of MUFON, TTSA, Tom DeLonge, Steven Greer, and other profiteers who’ve willingly suppressed the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing in Switzerland for over 77 years, solely for their own profit.

Maybe the poor folks who run around chasing lights-in-the-sky for MUFON (who’s in bed with the CIA and State Department) will now finally understand that they’re just giving free feedback to the military on how their craft appear…and helping to spread the myth of the “alien presence”.

Maybe Tom DeLonge will realize that he hasn’t been given any “privileged information” and that the “insiders” at TTSA must’ve actually been keeping things from him, including what they and the Pentagon have known all along but wouldn’t admit.

Maybe Steven Greer will stop peddling his phony “disclosure” nonsense, and bilking people out of large amounts of money for “Ambassador Trainings and Contact Expeditions”, with promises of “aliens-on-demand”responding to their shining flashlights in the night sky.

While all the willing peddlers of UFO disinformation will be scrambling to remain relevant, the clock is ticking on their con. But it mustn’t be overlooked that the US Navy, and all militaries in general, only “reveal” things when they think it’s to their advantage. In this case, certainly there will be a lot of interest in the purported technology, with little understanding that there are all sorts of publicly unknown weapons being developed in a big lead-up to, guess what, another senseless world war.

Pre-digital era photographs of extraterrestrial UFOs by Billy Meier

And Yet More Stupidity

Not content to understand two very basic points:

A. Extraterrestrials can easily find us…if they want to.

B. We may really be inviting trouble with our foolish “searches”

We have the latest idiocy from so-called “scientists”, and others, that may “one day lead to enormous unpleasantness and even to acts of war with extraterrestrials and to the danger of the enslavement or extermination of terrestrial mankind”, as Meier said, in regards to the original, ill thought out SETI project.

But no matter, one thing you can be absolutely certain of is that none of these people – especially the dangerously deluded and incompetent Doug Vakoch -have, or ever will trouble themselves to dig into the vast amount of evidence and specific, prophetically accurate scientific information, that’s been freely offered to humankind, over the last 77 years.

*From 2006:

Ptaah: Of course, not all so-called UFOs were spaceships of beings foreign to earth, because the majority of all observations of such objects were and are still today based on earthly things, for example on electromagnetic or atmospheric phenomena but also based on other natural occurring happenings, like swarms of insects or birds, dust formations and so forth, or on meteors from space. Apart from that, there were and still are many objects of futuristic forms of secret, military origin belonging to different countries, that were and still are described as UFOs or extraterrestrial flying craft by earth human beings due to a lack of knowledge regarding the origin and construction of these objects.

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8 Replies to “US Navy Ruins UFO Con”

  1. Dear Michael,
    When the time begins wile ‘ufologists’, ‘contactees’, ‘pseudoscientists’ and ‘sectarians’ begin to see that their income/profit will eventually dry up, whereas a growing number of BEAM followers will come up with more and more realities? Then the growing number of seekers will flood the ‘official’ [corporate] mass media with facts, so that after many years the tide will turn and the ignorant and the faithful will hungerly search for certainties and eventually find pure wisdom, undeniable truth and eternal Creatonal peace. SAALOME

    1. Hi Arjsto,

      Every single being lives according to the laws of cause and effect, whether they believe it or not, and so those folks who continue to lie, cheat, scheme and swindle others knowing full well that the nonsense they spread is based on deliberate lies will eventually have their effects come due. This may take many centuries to fully express itself, but the masses will one day search for and know the truth.

      Also, please use your first and last name when commenting. Salome

  2. Here’s something interesting, in contact 688 (the link on Canada FIGU seems to be broken…) Ptaah mentioned that “earth-foreign ones” would sooner or later step into appearance.

    That contact happened in August 2017, and was released in English in October 2017, coincidentally ‘oumuamua was detected in October of 2017, and would have been on the way in August.

    I wonder if this is just coincidence or not…

    1. Hello Terry. According to Wikipedia, whatever that’s worth, the word “oumumua” has the meaning of:

      The name comes from Hawaiian ʻoumuamua, meaning ‘scout’ (from ʻou, meaning ‘reach out for’, and mua, reduplicated for emphasis, meaning ‘first, in advance of’), and reflects the way this object is like a scout or messenger sent from the distant past to reach out to humanity.

      Peace, Scott.

  3. As the Noocracy I think you were a little hard on Greer. He’s doing something important. I don’t think anybody can omit the Meier case or that is what he’s trying to do. He’s introducing people to the concept of a bringing contact with our minds… UFO summoning or CE-5 as he calls it. Surely we are in our infant stages of contact and not everybody has such an extensive story as Billy. My only personal contact on the ground is with the Light forms who can take any form they desire. That’s why I don’t talk about Reptilians and things I don’t know about. I just have my own tiny piece of the pie that makes up the accumulative story of the fact we are being visited by higher intelligence. I think it’s important we cut the phony stuff out of the picture so we all have a cohesive picture of what’s really going on. If I know I am the only one who seems to know about the UFO that went between the towers before the 2nd plane hit on 9-11 I am going to talk about it. The majority can miss something major like that an if people were more aware of it that might spawn a greater awakening. Who is going to talk about the anomaly as the Space X Falcon 9 was blowing up on the launch pad? We have to start distinguishing between ETV and ATV if we are going to have a proper national or global defense.

    1. I think what you’ve accomplished in this comment is to show how successfully the various parties, i.e. government, secret military, phony UFOlogy and its “experts”, have succeeded in trivializing the single most important development in all of science and human history, dumbed people down to the point that they hallucinate and delude themselves with utterly irrelevant and mostly imaginary stuff, while at the same time laughingly encourage them to think that they know even the…slightest thing regarding something that they know absolutely nothing about, i.e. UFOs and extraterrestrials.

      And please use your real first and last name should you wish to post any further comments.

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