Delusion, Distraction & Disinformation

Confronting the problem of insomnia caused by imaginary creatures from other worlds

A Bad Case of Reptile Dysfunction

Here is a Facebook post by someone who thinks there’s a big problem with insomnia caused by…Reptilians:

“Question: My team and I have been hearing from experiencers of Reptilian contact who cannot close their eyes at night without being in a Reptilian presence. Some of this contact is positive and some is negative. But the significant problem is their inability to sleep as this scenario plays out night after night. They are not suffering from a major mental illness. The primary problem is with sleep. Have you encountered this and what is the solution?”

This person also thinks that they are capable of “regressing” people through hypnosis to “uncover hidden memories of your Alien Abduction/Contact experiences”, etc., etc. And they have issued a plea for “the End of Discrimination Against Experiencers”. “Experiencers” is the new, politically correct term for people who think they’ve been contacted and/or abducted by “Non-human intelligences (NHI)”, the new, politically correct term for the beings formerly known as extraterrestrials or aliens.

Further, this person is involved in bogus “research” that promotes the nonsensical idea that people are, and can be, having, “’contact’ with non-human intelligent beings” through other delusional means, including “NDEs, OBEs, Hallucinogenic/Entheogenic natural substances, Shamanic Journeys, Spirits & Ghosts, Hypnotic Regression, Mystical Meditation Travel, Channeling, Remote Viewing, etc.”.

If “aliens” are such a big problem, why court “contact” with them? Oh right, some of them are gonna save us from ourselves, in this pseudoscientific admixture of religion, New Age gobbledygook, drug-induced escapism and schizophrenic  channeling , etc.

All of this is an unfortunate testament to how successfully the mass consciousness is polluted – for profit – at every level and how the singularly authentic Billy Meier contacts are ignored, suppressed, marginalized, etc., by such means as have their origin in the secret military and intelligence services, dedicated to keeping the truth from humankind.

Regarding all of the hysterical claims, in Contact 443, Meier and Ptaah discuss “reptilians” and Meier commented on the delusional contributions of the late Prof. Mack, and the outright fraud Barbara Marciniak, as well as the truth about the real origin of abductions and animal mutilations. We are gratuitously reminded of the Lizard Lady of a few years ago.

Of course, the worldwide spread of this idiocy has its origins in America where, fortunately, we don’t have more serious problems to deal with and can indulge ourselves in the…regression of our consciousness instead*.


As many readers already know, presentations on the Billy Meier UFO contacts are largely blacklisted in the so-called UFO industry, which promotes the abundance of delusional nonsense and gibberish in a growing number of venues internationally. There are some exceptions, for which I’m grateful.

I recently made two presentations in Canada, both of which ran well over their scheduled time, due to the interest of the audiences. And I recently did this interview that may be helpful to people interested in the truth who haven’t known about the Meier contacts, the vast body of prophetically accurate scientific information and, especially, the spiritual teaching, which is the key to our future survival.

My upcoming presentations here should also be interesting, as many of the people who claim knowledge about UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc., will also be presenting there…including people who think the biggest problem facing people today is insomnia caused by imaginary creatures from other worlds.

Wish me luck.

*From Billy Meier:

In general, the hysteria, such as the one about alleged abductions and sexual activities by extraterrestrials, is a psychosis to which the purported abductees have succumbed. One must keep in mind, however, that many of these abduction claims arise from inferiority complexes, reasons of the individual’s own image, and factors of self-esteem and the like. Oligophrenia may frequently play a role as well, though, and individuals afflicted by it fail to realize what nonsense they are telling others. In such cases, oligophrenia is linked with a psychosis as well.

Oligophrenia (Greek) – A weakness of the intellect or, rather, feeblemindedness. This infirmity of the intellect may be inherited or acquired as the result of brain damage that generally has its roots in infancy; oligophrenia can also be caused by inherited metabolic anomalies. Depending on the severity of oligophrenia, serious disturbances of the thinking and speaking process may manifest themselves. There are usually four degrees of differentiation: retardation, debility (slightly feebleminded), imbecility (demi-feeblemindedness) and idiocy.



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  1. Why can`t these stupid feebleminded people understand that there are NO such lizzies etc,etcetc? “There are ONLY human beings like the rest of us ere on Earth that live elsewhere in this huge giant vastness called the COSMOS?

  2. Ah Micheal I will miss your presentation as I’m flying to SF on the 4th June travelling to Yellowstone I am sure it will go well and good luck

  3. I’m not sure if there are reptilian humanoids in this day and age, but I am reasonably sure there were in ancient times. In Hawaiian legends many demigods and goddesses battled Mo’o (Reptilians) as chronicled in collections like Pele and Hi’aka, where Peles’ younger sister has epic battles with Mo’o in her travels around Hilo, Hi in ancient times. It seems logical that Pele was, in fact, Plejaren, in the same sense as the Celtic goddess Ceridwen was.

    1. Hi Scott,

      I think Ptaah says it best when he says: “The truth is just simply and somehow too banal”.

      From Contact 443:
      Such kinds of beings (reptilians) are pure inventions of the scribblers because they thereby connect the evil and want to thereby transmit the impression of the evil and diabolical, whereby the Earth humans are driven to angst and terror which naturally again has its effect on the numbers of sales of the books and brings in great profit.

      Reptoid, respectively, reptilian beings, as these are described in the nonsensical books, exist even less in the entire universe than they do in other dimensions of this universe, so however, also not on the Earth – also not in forms of transmuted humans.

      It also corresponds to a lie that such extraterrestrial beings, or other kinds, have lived on the Earth since time immemorial or since more recent times and are even active in the governments, because assertions which claim that it is true, indeed, correspond to the crazy fantasies, illusions, angsts or conscious lies and slandering of the book-scribblers.

      Yet in every regard believers do not, as a rule, let themselves be impressed by the truth, rather they faithfully remain in the prison which they themselves delusionally imagine because that is simpler than having to grapple with the real truth.

      1. Melissa, regarding contact 443:
        I don’t think the recorders of Hawaiian Legends we’re concerned with book sales or profits…but rather, preserving the oral traditions that we’re handed down regarding life in ancient Hawaii. They describe the Mo’o as bipedal reptilian creatures, whether extraterrestrial or indigenous, as being a hazard to early human dwellers here.
        Paragraph 2 of contact 443 does not definitively state that reptilian humanoids, that is bipedal reptilian creatures, never existed at all on Earth or elsewhere. The ancient Hawaiian Chronicles state that they were eventually wiped out off all the islands, to the benefit of the human inhabitants here. They also have no traditions indicating reptiles could “transmute” into humans, or vice versa. The only stories of transmutation occur when the demigods/goddesses would turn them to stone.
        I don’t necessarily take all these stories as the gospel truth, or set up a system of belief surrounding their content. Having research these stories, “myths” if you will, extensively, and feel they need to be considered with an open mind. To do otherwise would be doing a tremendous disservice to those who handed them down for posterity. A lot of valuable information could be disregarded if we just throw the baby out with the bathwater.

        1. Hi Scott,

          I understand what you’re saying, but I still think Ptaah’s quote explains it best. These old myths and folklore most likely do have some truths behind them but by the time they spread through hundreds or even thousands of years, they usually end up becoming overblown, wild stories with not much original truth. I’m not saying your Hawaiian chronicles have no truth, I’m just saying that the truth is probably much less extravagant.

          While I also agree that everything needs to be examined with an open-mindedness for the truth, it really should be the responsibility of all generations to keep truthful and accurate records. Of course, in those days they didn’t exactly have the best means of recording history which led to the development of many myths and legends. Heck, much of our history is speculative and fraught with many untruths and exaggerations. Therefore, it is now up to us to evaluate the evidence and separate the myths from the truth.

          I would be interested to know if any bones or fossils of these creatures have been found across the islands and how many of the early reptiles were able to use bipedalism as a form of locomotion. I would imagine there would have to be some evidence somewhere for their existence.

        2. Something else I should have mentioned earlier is that it is not doing a “disservice” to not rely on ancient, anthropomorphic myths as any credible, verifiable basis for “facts”. We should also preserve the truth by not contaminating the Meier/Plejaren info with illogical, unsubstantiated elements of conjecture.

          Since these are oral traditions, they cannot be verified; we don’t even know when the first alteration to the “original” story was made, let alone how many modifications and elaborations were made.

          If the info is not in the contact reports and not specifically mentioned by Meier, it does nothing for the case, the truth or open-mindedness to suddenly attribute these old myths with the Plejaren. This is how conspiracies and falsifications arise. To refer to “Pele’s younger sister” may also be misleading, especially if Pele is only the volcano and not named after some actual personage, etc.

          1. I agree Melissa. Some of the ancient oral stories are quite laughable today. But pointing out that fact makes the person pointing it out come across as being very disrespectful. I think the truth is far more important than hurt feelings over ancestors inability to properly assess what was going on at the time.

            1. “Mabye its time to educated the people on earth about who the REAL ETs are so we don`t ever ever wind up doing what we are doing now by destroying all life here on Planet ever Earth again!”

          2. Remember Billy had contact with the “Frog Beings”, amphibian like bipeds who the Plejarens ended up helping repair their ship so they could get home…

            1. Yes, and there are also reptilian humanoids in our Universe, including other dimensions of our Universe, but the important context of Ptaah’s information was that no reptilian humanoids/beings have ever inhabited Earth in a capacity that was menacing to Earth humanoids. It’s not that they don’t exist, it’s that they haven’t and aren’t existing on Earth in a menacing manner or governmental position. I’m absolutely certain that Ptaah would have mentioned reptoid beings that inhabited the Earth at some point in time if that was the case. We can’t attribute these stories and myths to the Plejaren.

              We’ve had a wide array of reptiles(some very dangerous) on this planet since time immemorial and that is most likely the case here. Our ancient ancestors simply didn’t understand or weren’t always aware of the dangers from these creatures/animals that were roaming the lands.

      2. That explains why the people of Earth like to watch and read such stupid violent movies,TVs, books of all kinds etc. Thankyou Ptaah

    2. That’s hard to insert our modern day interpretation to what our ancestors believed in the past since we don’t have anything tangible to their world view to interpret those things. Folks generally don’t understand that controversy impels the person to engage because the quiet state they have is no longer there and they’re reacting to all the stuff surrounding them (whether conscious or not). So, those past myths using today’s controversial language is meant to draw folks into a discussion and/or world view of the person presenting their controversy whether as a viewer, supporter, or a rightist/opposing view. The more people in the discussion the better. What Ptaah (or anyone else coming to the same conclusion) says above does apply to our folks in this present time.

  4. I’ll make a correction on my post. I just had a discussion with Butch Helemano, a Kahu (Hawaiian priest) and an authority on the subject. The Mo’o true form, apparently, we’re not bipedal, but quadrupedal…but they could shapeshift into virtually any form. Will do more research into this. Sounds like they were more dragon-like…

    1. I think we can safely place these stories in the book of legends and myths of Earth. It’s not uncommon for young civilizations to tell tall tales because they don’t understand something or have very little knowledge. We should not give unconditional reverence to those in positions of authority because then we end up losing our ability to think and question things that don’t make sense.

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