Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions, Part 4

Another coming volcanic eruption and rising methane levels puzzle scientists

One of the things about reverse engineering the Billy Meier predictions is that we can pay attention to recent events and watch their unfoldment and fulfillment in real time, although there may be no telling just how long it will be before the final event(s) occur.

Based on Meier’s track record, the only thing certain is that they will occur.

Skeptics often claim that Meier back-dated the prophetic information, even though there’s already ample evidence that he didn’t, such as documented proof of their prior publication, copyrights, etc.

Instead of trying to explain or defend the prophetic accuracy of now unstoppable coming events, we can observe the news and note those elements that appear to be part of the fulfillment of the events.

We’re not trying to make everything fit some preconceived ideas. We’re being attentive observers, noticing and thinking about the bits and pieces that appear, and then also later checking the accuracy of our own thinking, the hits and the misses. In this way we can become more cognizant of how the law of cause and effect operates and, thereby, smarten up so that we are far more careful about the thoughts, feelings and actions we create and put into the world.

As Sfath Foretold in 1948

Recently, this article about “new research by geophysicists in Germany” regarding a volcano under Lake Laach, which is part of the East Eifel volcanic field within the larger Vulkan Eifelbrings, reminds us of the following, from Sfath’s 1948 letter to Meier:

222. On the American continent much will be destroyed far and wide in a more distant time, as the great caldera will break open, which cannot be prevented, as the Earth being broken open by the great Eifel caldera in Germany cannot, whereby the upper part of Europe will become a sea of fire.

He also referred to Yellowstone in the same paragraph and the volcanos he also specifically mentioned in Italy have recently become active as well:

223. But also in the south of Europe, the all-transforming consequences will be enormous when the volcanoes of Mount Etna, Vesuvius and Stromboli as well as the submarine largest active volcano of Europe, Mount Marsili off the coast of Italy, together with about two dozen further submarine volcanoes in the Mediterranean, begin to erupt.

234. Also the caldera, that is to say, the super volcano, Phlegraean Fields in Italy, is already making itself more and more noticeable in order to tear open the Earth in the distant future.

Rise in Methane Levels

As far as the claim in this article that “no one knows why” atmospheric methane levels are indeed going up, maybe if these so-called scientists weren’t so myopic and resistant to actually researching and thinking, they – like so many of us – would’ve, somehow, found Meier’s ample warnings from almost 10 years ago.

Be of Good Cheer

Yes, we’re living on Planet Stupicide and the mass consciousness, drugged and drunken by imbecilic religions and politics, brings forth the ugly consequences of millennia of irresponsible human thinking and behavior.

However, we must do our part to set a straighter course, for ourselves and the survivors of the next few hundred years of payback.

What Anthony has said here:

“I just finished reading the newly translated Arahat Athersata and I must say that it is the most helpful book I have ever read. The book puts it in simple and easy terms how anyone can change their bad thinking nearly overnight, a manual for a healthy mind if you will.
And a human can not only eliminate pain, anxiety, doubt, desperation, etc. but also real illnesses by just thinking as nature intended it for the human being.”

Anthony A.

…holds true for all of Meier’s books on the spiritual teaching, which is the key to our future survival. Gift yourself with this invaluable treasure.

The people were warned…and did they listen?

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Timothy Ransom

Truly we are remembering our purpose. Thank you, Billy Meier and everyone’s hard work and duty. You’re tirelessly hard work will challenge our thinking and correct our thoughts, dreams and propel us into destiny!

Terry Carch

Hi MH I don`t know where to put this question in They Fly Blog but if you,Billy,Ptaah or anyone else could give me these questions on Black Holes. 1. I read some time ago that the Andromeda Galaxy has 2 black holes in its center that orbit each other and the one of these 2 black holes is slightly bigger than the other? 2. I recently read that gllobular clusters also have black holes in its center depending on how big or small the gloular cluster is? 3. The late Stephen Hawking has stated that there are also mini black holes all over the universe too? Could all three of my questions on black holes be true or are all theses questions false,I`m just curious to know etc. Thanks. Salome Terry

Melissa Osaki


Do you know how to put a question in the search bar of your browser? Let me know and then I will help you solve your questions. Salome

Terry Carch

Hi Melissa unfortunately I~m technically challanged here, could you please help me put these questions in the correct search bar. This would help me with these questions and maybe MH could send these questions to Billy to ask Ptaah,Quetzal or anyone else who might want to send me an answer about black holes that is if they want to and are available. Thanks Salome Terry

Melissa Osaki

Hi Terry,

We’ve advanced enough in physics and astronomy that we don’t need Billy or the Plejaren to work this out for us. I enjoy getting scientific info from them too, but we are perfectly capable of figuring these questions out. The answer to your first question is yes. We are able to see Andromeda with our own apparatuses and NASA took of a picture of the binary black hole system.

“Images of the nearby Andromeda galaxy has revealed what could be the most tightly coupled pair of supermassive black holes ever seen.”

“Astronomers made this remarkable discovery using X-ray data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and optical data from ground-based telescopes, Gemini-North in Hawaii and the Caltech’s Palomar Transient Factory in California.”

The link takes you to where you can read more about it.

I’ll take a look at your other questions and get back to you.

Ned Duke

We’re starting to see true peace elude Earth Humanity mentioned in HP line 225. I’ll quote the past to elaborate why that is the case as this relates to all that will imperil.

Stalin in Sep ’29 responding to Molotov and Orjonikidze – pg. 26 in Stalin waiting for Hitler by Stephen Kotkin):
“full-on self-criticism activates the mass and creates a state of siege for all and all kinds of bureaucrats. This is a great achievement.”

Sounds familiar with what is going on in social media today where folks of all stripes are being put under siege whether they want to be left alone or not isn’t an option. If you disagree or say nothing you’re put into a rightist/opposition view.

Bear in mind a de-kulakization policy and force/coerced collectivization would take place during one of the worst famines in the 30s. Stalin expected resistance with quotas drawn up explaining the resistance to the new policy.
“Naturally, with such a ‘baffling turmoil,’ we are bound to have those who are exhausted, distraught, worn out, despondent, and lagging – and those who go over to the enemy camp. These are the inevitable ‘costs’ of revolution.” (p.36)

Ned Duke

Stephen Kotkin is really intelligent. He has given a good lecture here and came to similar conclusions in the HP/Meier materials in that unilateral foreign policy is driving away allies/friends and that no outside force could really remove the US from the center stage but only the folks within that ignore or willing let go of their own institutions.

Ned Duke

Saw this on Dutchinsense:

“The purpose of Shaken Fury 2019 is to evaluate and improve the whole community’s response to a “no-notice” earthquake, identify gaps in resources, and implement a coordinated recovery strategy that prioritizes resources required for the response.”