A Hard Fall Is Coming


June 18, 2019: It appears that the first indication of the “hard fall” foretold below* has occurred. The first major crack in the armor of unconditional, and unquestioning, support for Trump comes from Michael Savage:


Original article, June 15, 2019

Playing with puzzles is no substitute for real thinking

I recently came upon this excerpt of a quote on Twitter:

“…people following Q are like seniors doing Sudoku or crosswords — their brains are getting daily exercise — hence they are (literally) getting smarter”

In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. For people who never learned how to really think and to correlate self-responsibility to every thought, feeling and action, it might seem that pondering cryptic messages, which posit Donald Trump as the center of the world and his every utterance as profound, patriotic and predestined from on high, is a productive use of one’s time that will yield answers to life’s most important questions.

But as much as doing things like crosswords, Sudoku, etc., can sharpen certain skills, they are not in themselves going to produce in-depth improvements in logic, critical thinking, etc.

The Suicides

A friend told me that the recent spate of (possibly questionable) suicides of prominent people, supposedly numbering over 20, were specifically foretold by Q/Qanon (whoever or whatever that actually is). They believed that not only were all of the suicides attributable to the “Deep State” but that Q had some kind of “inside information”, hence was able to forecast these events well in advance.

Even though they couldn’t substantiate their beliefs, they felt that they were somehow…participating in a cohesive, unique, revolutionary movement. While there’s no shortage of conspiratorial conjecture from online pundits and theorists, so far as I can tell there is nothing evolutionary, no consciousness-related content but only a “movement” that effectively…stops moving when you close your computer.

The idea that somehow Q had foreknowledge of almost two dozen suspicious deaths raised some concerns with me. I pondered what the reaction of bona fide law enforcement officials would be to learning that someone  was in possession of, and publishing, such information. Wouldn’t they be just a little curious and want to interview or interrogate such a person? That would seem to be pretty standard operating procedure to me.

The other question it raised for me was…why didn’t Q, the party supposedly knowledgeable in advance about what were presumably murders, forewarn the intended victims? Really! This apparently hasn’t occurred to any of the devotees of what is, in my opinion, a rather suspect source.

When I was asked why I wasn’t as interested in, or excited about, the Q material as Billy Meier’s prophetic information, I pointed out that the purpose of Meier’s prophetic information, much of which originated decades or even centuries ago, was to forewarn people, and direct them to the right way of thinking, so they could become proactive in changing the negative outcomes, not amuse themselves with puzzles.

While I don’t know many people involved with Q, those that I do know seem incapable of grasping the reality of the Meier material and its rigorous requirement of complete self-responsibility, self-honesty and unvarnished realism. I doubt that there are groups of people around the world meeting in person to discuss – and learn to act upon – the Q information, as there are many groups so doing with the spiritual teaching.

Many people have been reduced to entertainment-addicted, unthinking dabblers who vastly overestimate their own intelligence, capabilities and significance. They’d rather get caught up in the premise that there’s some benevolent cyber savior out there who’s going to help get rid of all the “bad people”, while they sit around and interpret cryptic messages from an anonymous source.  While they may think they’re involved in something, they’re really spectators in what amounts to a digital soap opera. And this brings us to…

*A Hard Fall Is Coming

The disasters Trump continues to bring about are not yet obvious to his supporters

The blundering of the Democrats to remove Trump by bogus means allowed and/or increased support for him among some conservatives and members of what’s referred to as the alt-right.

Rather than opposing him and his policies legitimately, including by focusing on attracting a credible challenger for the 2020 election, all efforts were made to effectively override the will of the people, those who elected him.

Having bought into the rhetoric and the illusions about “making America great again”, hardcore Trump enthusiasts don’t care to contemplate and consider the real facts about the deteriorating economy, or the inane and insane tariffs and sanctions, all being used to attempt to further bludgeon other countries into submission who dare to oppose and defy the push for global American hegemony.

While they cheer on Trump’s rhetoric about closing the borders, they also excuse his inability to do so. The suicidal machinations of the radical Democrats, leftists, etc., instead proceed and the country is flooded with illegals, many of whom are possible carriers of diseases, and/or criminals, terrorists, etc.

All of these factors contribute to the polarization of the opposing partisan forces, not a person among them who demonstrates reason, rationality, the capacity to think…or to prioritize principles above power, profit and personalities, etc.


As Meier told me during our recent conversation in Switzerland, there is nothing that he nor I (or anyone else) can do now to change the coming events. These include the destruction of America, which he said would really be due primarily to America destroying…itself.

Nonetheless, and as also long suspected by many people who’ve studied the information, prophecies, predictions and spiritual teaching, we must persevere and continue to develop our own consciousness.

And so, the great and painful irony that may be recorded in the brief history of the United States of America is that, despite having no natural highly armed enemies to either our north or south, and separated by oceans to our east and west from any potential well-armed aggressors, this country embarked on a painful and futile push for global domination, squandering untold trillions of dollars in its greedy, power hungry pursuit, while the health and well-being of its citizens deteriorated and the vengeful descendants of many of the victims of American imperialism were among those finding their way into the country as sleepers and terrorists dedicated to destroying it as well.

So, it is for the…survivors of what is to unfold over the coming months, years and decades that those who have the wisdom and the will, study, apply and preserve the spiritual teaching, being of good cheer and embodying peace, love, freedom and harmony in all of our actions and interactions.

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30 Replies to “A Hard Fall Is Coming”

  1. Interesting that there are two simple calculating methods where Qanon amounts to 666, the first is where you use triangular numbers- 1, 3, 6, 15, 21, but instead of A=1, B=3, C=6, D=15 etc, you flip it around so that:
    Z=1, Y=3, X=6, W=15, then Qanon will be 666
    Q(55)+ A(351)+N(91)+O(78)+N(91) =666

    The second method is just using the alphabetic order(x9) A=1×9=9, B=2×9=18, C=3×9=27 and flip it as with the previous example, so that Z=9, Y=18, X=27, A=234 etc.

    Q(10×9=90)+A(26×9=234)+N(13×9=117)+O(12×9=108)+N(13×9=117) =666

    So, Q might be lying, but his numbers ain’t.

  2. When did you meet Billy Meier …. Is it this year …. ?

    And did Billy Meier told to this year ?

    Have a nice day ….

    1. We have 3 acres in Iowa. With the massive weather swings in progress, we have decided to build a 4 season green house. Yes we have 2 gardens and numerous fruit and nut trees, but one day of hail or off season below 32 weather and you loose your crop. Keep in mind that it takes a considerable amount of time to convert land into food producing land. Time is of the essence. Good luck and may we all make it through this….I believe this is gonna be very challenging.

        1. Tornados, drove by one last night and didn’t even know it the rain was so hard…I am not exaggerating either… tennis ball hail just down the road last week….this is going to be very challenging for all of us. All this will wipe out your crops in a second. We can only do what we can do. The governments all know about this cycle we are entering, I believe they are boosting it with their weather modification…this is of course is my opinion. And I believe since no country except China and Russia have been preparing for this, they want a large kill off of the population. This all works in with Meiers comments about civil war. Hungry people are pissed people. Good luck to all of you.

  3. The hardest part is watching this, knowing its cause and effect. Has taken many years to understand where the most work resides with me on our world. Within myself, creating with the best striving, working, struggling to leave a trail, aknowledgment of the values, virtues of basic grit filled, course material living. As it is apparent where we are heading, for a time. I just struggle, ache, push, loose sleep pushing myself forward… As much as I have the past, future guiding me to a destination I know will not end good here in the land of the free, home of the brave whom in many regards were nothing of the sort.

  4. That’s so sad, and I had spent so many nights trying to make waves in my own small way.
    I can’t really process it, but part of me feels a little relief too. Maybe the other countries, and life in general, will become a little bit more normal everywhere after the USA is destroyed.

    I’ll keep on posting the warnings on my Quora, maybe one or two people will move.
    I’m thinking that since the USA will destroy itself and become a faction region, does it make the most sense to encourage people peacefully to move away from “fault lines” where there are a lot of liberals and conservatives living at the future ground zero so to speak?

    I would think, and also hope, that some of the more southern/backwater states would be pretty safe, at least compared to the major cities.

  5. Thanks, Michael. I always look forward to your posts.

    I find it hard to believe that anyone would believe that Trump, Qanon, or even the democrats will “save” any of us. Politics truly is just another form of religion.

    I’ve recently disconnected with FB and the rubbish spewed forth by most of the people on it (there are some wonderful people as well, and I will miss them), and I am solely trying to work on my own inadequacies via the Teaching of Billy through his English language books. It is not easy. It is a struggle every day, but I will NOT give up.

    I may never succeed in being a “real” person, but at least I’ve tried.

    Many thanks, as always, for your posts!


    Will in SF

    1. postscript-
      One of the best things about leaving Facebook is the time I have to actually learn German. YouTube has many wonderful videos that help with not only learning the language, but with the pronunciation. I have also started to re-read the Might of the Thoughts, reading each paragraph in German and then in English.

      I have found that the combination of the two has actually helped me correlate the German with the English, both of which I read aloud to myself in the morning before meditation. I am actually able to understand some of what I read in German now before reading the English!

      Another great resource is Google Translate. While it is not good at translating text (www.DeepL.com is far better), it does have an option DeepL does not: you can hear the word translated spoken. Just click the little speaker icon under the translated word. This icon is under both the word you wish to translate and the translation. So, for example, if you come across a German word you wish to hear spoken, enter it in google translate, and click the speaker icon underneath what you have entered. You can disregard the actual translation.

      Speaking the German language correctly is fundamental in utilizing it.

      Hopefully this is helpful to someone!


  6. One other thing: I have issues with anger, as some may have experienced. I found this in an article “Anger harms the liver” by Mariann Uehlinger Mondria on http://www.futureofmankind.info:

    I am strong.
    I am indestructible,
    for in myself I am full of
    love, peace, freedom, harmony
    and feelings/compassion for all creatures.

    In German:

    Ich bin stark.
    Ich bin unzerstörbar,
    denn in mir bin ich voller
    Liebe, Frieden, Freiheit,
    Harmonie und Mitfühlsamkeit.

    I’ve printed it out in 36 point type and plastered several copies all over my apartment.

    link to the article here: http://www.futureofmankind.info/Billy_Meier/Anger_Harms_The_Liver

    Maybe someone else can benefit from it as well…


  7. I`m a senior citizen with multiple disabilities which now also includes asto-artrhitis. Back in March 2019 I came down with a fungal infection in my right foot and later in the right toes two months later which left me with severe pain. I just wonder how am I going live and get by since i live alone in a co-op apartment with a boiler that just wakes me up when I lie down no matter how bad or good things get? I wonder if I will ever survive the end of the U.S.A. since I live on very very limited fundsl? I wonder just what will happen to me next? All i can do is just take each day to do what I can do and just hope for the best but prepare for the worst and hope I can survive with out getting hurt,what next,you tell me?

    1. Hey Terry, can you go buy some food cans? Billy says it’s a good idea to have 30 days of food rations prepared (at least 30 days is a good amount).

      Christian Frehner made a good presentation at a FLCA meeting recently, where he talks about how we can “be like the ant”, because the ant just buys an extra food can each trip, and slowly but surely builds up a good nest egg.

      Add me on Facebook too ok?

  8. Hi William, thank you, that’s a great reminder, I did used to do the spirit prayer thingy but not sure why I stopped, just so busy and that my old way of life just creeps on back in. I also have anger issues, which are much better than before in my younger days, however, I should of carried on learning and succeeding at the changes daily, as I fall off the band wagon all to often!! (maybe an English term) So it frustrates me that I’ve not progressed further already, regarding my thoughts, actions and feelings. After reading your little post just now, it’s made me contemplate it all again and now I’m gonna get myself “back in the race” as the legend once put it 🙂


    1. Keep trying, Simon, that’s all we can do. I wish I could tell you it gets easier, and maybe it will, but right now it’s a lot of constant work. I’m almost 50, and I didn’t really start trying to improve things seriously until a year or two ago, so I am deeply ingrained in my ways. I have good days, and I have bad days, but either way, I do my reading and meditations every morning now. Hang in there, bud! Try not to focus on the future too much, only the present moment.

  9. Hi Terry, so sorry to hear your situation. It’s going to be tuff in life regardless of good or bad if your living alone and have nobody to help. Independency is good and healthy but we always need help from others, as truly nobody is 100% independent. You should try and build a study group and get together every so often, and at the same time build valuable relationships with the group members, a real friend will always help you regardless of the situation. Hope you get by in general not just when America falls. Take care, Salome

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