Michael Horn Live, EP 36

Let’s get together and have a little chat

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Michael Horn Live, EP 36

It’s been a while since our last get together. For those who may be available to participate, pose questions, etc., we’ll cover things like:

  • Billy Meier regarding self-healing, Trump’s policies, America’s fate, etc.
  • Creating biotopes for preservation
  • Lecture and workshop at CONTACT IN THE DESERT
  • Disinformation campaigns regarding UFOs
  • Meetings of spiritual teaching study groups

Here’s the link to the show!

Michael Horn Live, EP 36

Thursday, June 20, 2019

7:00 PM Pacific Time

Let us know if you’re thinking of joining us!

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    1. Hi Joseph, I only saw one previous comment from you about Pompeo. If you had a second comment, please resubmit because it didn’t come through. Thanks

  1. Here’s a question that came up in a dialog with a friend: are brainwave entrainment audios, (i.e. binaural beats, hz frequencies 432hz, etc.), have a calming and soothing effect or are they damaging to the brain?

  2. Jane roberts and seth are mentioned in the meier material, i was wondering about the environment after death as far as what it would look or feel like? Any info on this would help…..thanks

    1. Hi Ty,

      Sorry for this long, off-topic response, but, your question was published by moderators and I’ve a lot to say on this subject.

      In my early “spiritual” studies, I delved right into the information from Jane Roberts (supposed “channeler” of the “Seth” “personality”) and found the information truly fascinating because it appeared to express many of my own dream and thought-feeling experiences, that weren’t covered anywhere else for me at that time, except partly by Freud and Jung. Of course, I later realised Billy clarified everything about dreams and related phenomenon.

      Billy has said that Roberts was a schizophrenic and he even hints that Roberts’ “Seth” “personality” may have ties to the ancient Egyptian deity Seth (Set). Whether that was in terms of Roberts’ spirit-form, or, via received information from the storage banks, or, other strong influencing vibrations from this false God is not clarified as it doesn’t matter because it’s not for our betterment.

      Al I can say is that my first visit to the US was to visit Jane Roberts’ now-deceased partner Robert Butts in Elmira, New York State from Florida. I tried to hitchhike due to lack of funds, but, was stopped by the authorities (who probably had me pegged from my punk little stunt to get a free ride to the States back in an English US Army base in my youth, around the late 80’s where I convinced the various officials there I was a stranded US student… accent and all (I had issues, okay), coincidentally, on the day that an IRA attack took place at a neighbouring US army base, which cost me some searching questions and probably a flagging to officials back home. Just to clarify: I’ve nothing to do with the IRA). I went to DC and there was a shoot-out with Police just outside the coach station (crazy) and I visited the White house. I admired Robert Butts for his dedication to his wife, who he patiently recorded every word from, like it was nectar, for years, which, although could be judged as a complete waste, was some achievement in loving dedication in my view, but, I’m probably wrong. He really was a kindly man and helped me out to stay a night in a good hotel as I’d been working voluntarily collecting donated furniture for the poor whilst staying in a probation centre in Elmira. Just to add: I thought the US authorities were treating their poorest citizens like absolute crap during Bush junior’s presidency.

      A few years later, I had some questions about Roberts’ information as I’d lost my mind on it and some things didn’t add up; like Roberts’ refusal to accept she had any orthodox Christian indoctrination, when she clearly did, as she attended a Catholic school with Nuns and reported this many times and as was indicated throughout her work, e.g., the story that Paul/Saul “personality” would be the real ‘second coming’, which, when you read the information from Billy, is nonsense as ALL personalities die and cannot talk to us from the beyond and because Roberts’ assigned things to a man who purposefully changed the info from Jmmanuel and who was determined to murder his supporters). Also, I had communications with Roberts’ friend who wrote a book explaining to followers that Roberts was actually very ordinary.

      Roberts’ idea that you can completely, “Create your reality through your beliefs, thoughts, experiences” is a tempting lie as beliefs are uncorroborated ideas about the true reality, not creators of it and reality must be aligned to cognitively first to stand any chance of controlling it, which is an ongoing test. It’s also why I’m a bit harsh on those interpreting the Meier case that way, i.e., that “believe” you can create anything you want by reading the spiritual information, as we have to be careful not to “magicalize” the truth beyond all recognition. Reality is reality and it’s our reactions, our subjective responses, that we can control and purposefully create conscious dynamics from through meditation, or, through our thinking efforts and so that we steer ourselves, which is a constant challenge – no easy rides. Also I would assume that Billy, who is a brilliant example of his own information, would be believing the heck for another arm and the great journey photos back, if that were really true. Anyone tempted by magical thinking needs to think only of what Meier says about what the good minority in the US can do about the military and government’s dirty tricks. If you disagree, then all I can say is… good luck.

      Roberts’ presents us with a more detailed idea than the traditional “positive thinking” diatribe, but, she hands us the keys and then crushes the car under her giant, imagined, feet as she misleads and doesn’t deliver in the details, as the idea that you just have to think a certain way to get money, power, status, anything, which she actually called, “Magical thinking” is a sectarian faith that doesn’t actually pan-out in practice as we are in a constant state of learning; failing, succeeding, etc. The information from Roberts can actually be a spell that keeps someone stupid as all the religions were designed to do. For me, the story had more kernels of truth in it than any religion I studied, but, this is why it should be vehemently discounted as Billy did and would continue to do as it’s not based in the real truth and can mess with our heads, is another evil.

  3. Sorry about my last post about EP 36 but the video quality was all jumbled on Youtube and hard to follow. Is there any way I can fix the Youtube video EP 36? Thanks. Salome Terry

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