Michael Horn Live, EP 36

Let’s get together and have a little chat

New Link!

Michael Horn Live, EP 36

It’s been a while since our last get together. For those who may be available to participate, pose questions, etc., we’ll cover things like:

  • Billy Meier regarding self-healing, Trump’s policies, America’s fate, etc.
  • Creating biotopes for preservation
  • Lecture and workshop at CONTACT IN THE DESERT
  • Disinformation campaigns regarding UFOs
  • Meetings of spiritual teaching study groups

Here’s the link to the show!

Michael Horn Live, EP 36

Thursday, June 20, 2019

7:00 PM Pacific Time

Let us know if you’re thinking of joining us!

37 Replies to “Michael Horn Live, EP 36”

  1. Great to hear you doing them again!

    I’d like to ask a question but alas I’m in Australia and will be sleeping for work next day. Why don’t you allow some questions posted from here?

      1. Great, thanks!

        My question is – Can the coming 2 civil wars and subsequent break-up of the U.S. be partly due to the coming global financial crash if the crash happens before the break up thus triggering the civil wars?

      2. Are you aware that since 2028 (height of Aquarian Age)we have been coming back to inform us of several events. Apextv has time travellers videos that do not mention Spirit teachings of course, but have some informational content. Bit coin and sea level rise are of particular interest. In general we have reverse engineered advanced technology and are messing with it. Will become public in 2028 in short.

        1. Hi Tony,

          What actual verifiable evidence have these alleged time travelers provided to prove they are from the future other than CGI videos and photographs of future cities?

        2. Since you have no evidence of any real time travelers, and you also admit that there is no mention of the spiritual teaching – which is the main reason for the contacts with Billy Meier by actual extraterrestrial time travelers like Sfath, Asket, Ptaah, Quetzal and others – please demonstrate that you recognize the importance to human kind of the spiritual teaching and the Meier/Plejaren mission by informing your many viewers and subscribers about it.

          That would be a huge contribution to spreading the truth here and now, as well as demonstrating that you’re not just another bunch of attention-seeking, get-rich-quick types promoting sci-fi to gullible young viewers.

          Remember, you and your audience are inheriting the mess of this world and what could be more important to you and them than having, and sharing, the real…key to our future survival, from real time travelers?

          1. Real temponauts, real time travelers, using real chronons in the art of Temponautics (time travel). Billy was leaving frashlights behind in 14th century France before the “modern age.” A leap into the past that left ripples into the pages of history. Billy’s the greatest teacher ever.

    1. G’Day Ian, We Aussies will be participating from 12 midday Friday, if I am correct.
      Do not sleep so much. 😉

      1. PS. I am glad that you survived the dessert, MH! Yet, looking at your figure, I guess you do not eat dessert that often! 😉

  2. I’m in, but first the question I must ask is “has Billy been provided with any updates concerning future events ? If so what are they and HOW can the negative be prevented?

  3. Just what I’ve been waiting for! I’ll be there! I may even have a question or two…
    Much gratitude for all your work over the years!
    Will H.
    SF, CA

  4. Omg! That’s sooo cool. Can’t wait! I’m currently healing very well because of your advice and re-reading “the might of the thoughts”. Forever grateful.

  5. Michael,

    In my opinion, you should always try and post the “Michael Horn Live” here about one or two days in advance so that those of us who for some reason can’t watch the episode live can at least post their questions to you here.

    My question to you Michael is this:

    Do you think Iran did actually attack that Japanese oil tanker, or is it perhaps the American government is not telling the whole truth about the incident?

    The reason why I’m asking you this question is because as you obviously already know, tensions between Iran and the USA is unfortunately escalating.

    Another question for Michael Horn:

    When was the last time you had visited Billy? And when Billy had told you that it is basically only going to get worse within the next few years for the USA, did he tell you this with absolute certainty? Like as if he was telling you a prediction?

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