Regarding Iran from Billy Meier 2006

Added topics for tonight’s live show

A quick note to let you know that, on tonight’s show (new link!), we’ll also address information from Billy Meier, from 2006, about the US agenda to start a war with Iran, which would be another step towards an eventual world war.

Here are excerpts from this article:

Regarding Iran from Billy Meier 2006

Should the attack against Iran, planned since the year 2002, actually succeed, then this would therefore be secretly prepared though an SOG team in Iran, as was also the case in Afghanistan and in Iraq.


The CIA does not only lead a secret war to achieve world control and world domination for the superpower USA, rather also in regard to petroleum, because one of its efforts consists of snatching as many oil fields as possible under its control, and under the control of the USA.

Also, to this end all intrigues and other such machinations, extending to murder, are par for the course.

Through such intrigues and photo falsifications of an alleged armored deployment of Saddam Hussain’s on Saudi Arabia’s border, they seduced the then Saudi King Fahd, to allow “disbelievers”, respectively, US soldiers, in the country and in the vicinity of the holy state of Mecca so that they could attack Iraq from there.

And naturally it came to be as it had to: once the US Yanks were in Saudi Arabia, then they also stayed there, which has remained that way until today.

Yet that was not enough, because since 1990 the USA not only controlled the oil fields in the re-conquered Kuwait, rather also those of Saudi Arabia, whereby the control of the oil fields in Iraq came in the year 2003.

Therefore, only missing in this circular dance of Orient-oilfield-countries is Persia, respectively, Iran, for which plans for a military takeover have already existed in the USA since 2002.

And there is no doubt that that is also being worked out today because the CIA as well as the government of the USA wants control, under all circumstances, over all Arabian oil fields, no matter what the cost.

Thereby, namely China could have the oil spigot turned off if it should dare to want to raise itself as a superpower, and as a matter of fact one such crisis is coming about.

Such a war would ultimately find America also defending itself against an alliance of Third World countries:

224. Not only will America, but also all other Western industrial countries which still live at the beginning of the new millennium in the delusion that they could dominate and rule over underdeveloped nations, i.e., Third World countries, will not only soon lose influence over these but must defend themselves against them.

…and not just Russia:

272. America and Russia will have the most terrible weapons of mass destruction at their disposal—a fact which is already the case to a certain extent today—and will clash with violent force against each other at that time of conflict, whereby Canada will also be dragged into this conflict.

…or as we now know Russia and China.

Of course, by that time America may no longer be the USA, i.e. United States of America, as Meier was told by the Plejaren in 1975 and 2012:

“the superpower USA could come to an end after 2020, if nothing in this country changes for the better by then”

Debate with Skeptic

I’ll also be updating on my challenge to Jim Kerr to debate me and substantiate all of his long disproven, defamatory attacks against Meier the evidence and me, etc.

Better Late than Never

I just found out that my press release about NASA discoveries confirming the Meier contacts was picked up by a writer for a UK tabloid:



Note: Here’s the UK Express article with the advertisements.

46 Replies to “Regarding Iran from Billy Meier 2006”

  1. Hi Belinda, This last paragraph is so very depressing to me because any other power might just be very detrimental to the well being of planet Earth do to all the wrong thinking of most of the people of Earth due to the religious political military,corporate structure of Earth. It would be very unwise and wrong to rely on extraterrestrials who would not have our backs spritualy, intellectually etc who would get the people of Earth out of their stupid blind faith in such nasty primitive religious faith in a god, Jesus stupidity statues that are so false and fool of make believe nonsense. The real truth is out there in the stars, planets, flora amd fuana and humans from other worlds(Plejarens). “I just only wish that the Plejarens would finally really show themselves to the people of Earth to prove that they are human beings like ourselves who maybe more advanced but they too realize they are not perfect ether. Then mabye the people of Earth would finally wake up and realize that the Plejarens are the REAL extrarestrals human beings just one step over and above us in the next dimention over. The Plejarens are not saviours to be worshiped and envied but a good does of reality might finally kick in and from there people of Earth would finally learn the REAL truth from the spiritual teaching, Billy and the Plejaerns etc. Mabye now the Plejarens would be willing to intervien to put the people of Earth on the right path to grow up and learn from Billy and the pejaens and evolve in a more peaceful loving compassionate caring society of kindness,geriousy and soon.

  2. While there are many things that I disagree with for Trump’s leadership, I think he made the right, peaceful move in calling-off the attack on Iran.

    Peaceful actions need to be further studied and immortalized for the good by people of this planet, so they, the people of this planet will no longer ask for war through their government.

    If the people of Iran want a new nuclear deal from the people of Europe, perhaps this should be allowed in a non-hegeminous way for both sides, that is to say if both sides agree to be non-hegeminous and strike a deal, so be it.

    I have said this before, and I will say it again, before our US government collapses, or before our country falls, the United States needs to cooperate with Russia and China in an act of peace, and form the Trilateral government.

    To stave off a nuclear obliteration:

    1) sign 300-year long binding peace treaties between the former enemies of the United States of America, the Russian Federation, and the people’s Republic of China.

    2) under articles of the same said treaties surrender all nuclear weaponry save only 3 warheads apeice for each of the 3 Trilateral nations.

    3) Surrender all other nuclear weaponry for the entire Earth country, including India and Pakistan before there will be a nuclear catastrophic scenario.

    4) Dismantle all other surrendered nuclear weaponry and advanced targeting systems that target our international neighbours. Surrender and dismantle all futuristic advanced weaponry before there is a cataclysmic advanced war.

    5) Transfer the power, ability, and ways and means to outlaw war to the Trilateral government, the union of the Trilateral Army, all overseen by the Trilateral Federal Council who answers to those well-versed in the spiritual teaching IE: the spiritual teaching people of the FIGU nation.

    5) All other nations can assist the Trilateral union in stages over decades after a time period of 40-100 years time, once the nations of the kingdom of Earth learn to act in global solidarity.

    6) Prepare the people of Earth to withstand the suffering caused by future cause and effect as a direct result of our global human overpopulation by modifying public opinion towards a global birth-stop that will have to be legally binding in a few months time.

    7) Directly change the laws of the Earth to be reciprocal of the regulation of the laws and the recommendations of the Creation. Prepare the citizens of Earth to partake in a global direct democracy in perhaps 70-100 years time, or whatever time period the peoples of the kingdom of Earth can be trusted to act in solidarity to direct vast international coordinations and occurrences.

    Note: the Trilateral Army would not be a new era of military supremacy, it would be the forerunner to gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit (forced forcelessness) which is a concept of active logical force taught by the teaching of the prophets found in the “Goblet of the Truth” and other sources found through the FIGU community.

    Corey Müske (Mueske)

  3. Corey I wholeheartedly agree with you 10% Lets get the UN to sign on to your idea and get Trump to stop behaving like a warmongering racist military nuclear weapons nut on Earth and above Earth and the Moon etc,etc since Trump refuses to sign the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and also since Trump dosen`t believe in a womens right to choose to only have three children spaced out seven years apart(Birth Stop&Check) laws etc,. The more cooperation the better off we will be so we can finally join the Plejaren Federation and behave in a normal peace loving free world without having to wait 800 years while we are still alive and living.

    1. I got a better idea! USA should withdraw from the United Nations and UN should be removed from USA soil. Any UN troops on my soil is a bullseye target to me! Good thing we got the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms!

      1. NOTE: Your other comment “I say again…” was deleted since it was ridiculous the first time and totally unnecessary the second.

    2. Since the the spirit doesn’t enter the fetus until after the 3rd week. Is abortion after the third week murder?

  4. Melissa Osaki

    Where is your evidence that Billy Meier traveled back in time and mat Jesus Christ? If you really believe that Billy Meier traveled back in time and met Jesus Christ, it is you whom mentally lazy.

    1. Is it asking too much that you actually KNOW what you’re talking about before you blather on here?

      Speaking of being “mentally lazy”, please provide a link to exactly where Meier EVER claimed to have “traveled back in time and met Jesus Christ”.

    2. Craig,

      Both John Lear and Bob Lazar brag about how impressive the Billy Meier UFO photos look. John Lear even acknowledges the Billy Meier UFO case to be real! Please take a look at this YouTube video:

      It obviously wouldn’t surprise me if Bob Lazar actually got his “UFO diagram” from one of Billy Meier’s photos and then he made up a story about working as a scientist at “S-4” to reverse engineer an “alien craft” and claimed that the “aliens greys” of the “alien craft” were from the “Zeta Reticuli” which in my opinion is nonsense!

      In my opinion, Bob Lazar is just in it for fame and money!

      What saddens me a little is when people like George Knapp continue to defend this charlatan!

      Of course Billy Meier is more credible than Bob Lazar!

  5. Craig “There is NO Jesus Christ just Imanuel who would cringe and be horrified if you called him Jesus Crhist!”

  6. Bob Lazer’s story is more credible on Joe Rogen then Billy Mieir’s story that he has time traveled in the past and met Jesus Christ. Billy Mieir is on a big ego trip with his claim that he the only contractee on Earth and everybody else is a “liar and fraud”. LOL!

    1. Billy has never claimed to have traveled to the past to meet Jesus Christ. If you continue to make false claims without any evidence, this will be your last post.

      Why are certain people, who never provide any credible evidence, more believable than someone who has? And why do you base your research on “beliefs” rather than actual cold hard facts? This is exactly why the system of disinformation was setup; it keeps gullible believers chasing lights in the sky. You obviously don’t know anything about Billy Meier so I suggest you do some actual research before you slander the man with fraudulent claims.

    2. Craig, As an obviously astute gentleman I’m going to share with you that that the gummerment knows I’m Jesus. Don’t take my word for it, take anyone’s. I have S-2000 ‘Everest’ class access (which is the highestest) and only through me can you reach salvation, so, you better be nice. I might be on an ego-trip though.

    3. Craig,

      In a way it is understandable for people like yourself to be sceptical about Billy going back in time to meet Jmmanuel who unfortunately is still known today by the incorrect name of “Jesus Christ”. The reason for this is because time-travel itself hasn’t yet been proven scientifically, therefore there will always be some controversy over it at least for the time being. But with the Billy Meier UFO case I think it is important to see the whole picture and not just cherry-pick something that is not to your liking. There are perhaps some things in the Billy Meier UFO case that might not resonate with you. But that does not necessarily mean that the Billy Meier UFO case is a hoax either.

  7. Here is an article from The Daily Mail you need to be aware of for Saturday June 29,29019 Pentagon has developed a laser that can idetify subjects from hundreds of meters away based on their HEARTBEAT By James Pero for DAILYMAIL,.com

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