The People Were…Warned

As the Cascadia Subduction Zone rumbles the masses still slumber

There was a magnitude 5.4 earthquake reported off the Oregon coast.

While we don’t know exactly when it will happen, it’s certain that the earthquakes and tsunamis in the NW that Billy Meier was forewarned about, and published, in 2005 will occur with certainty.

The same is true for the 1975 warnings about the Cumbre Vieja volcano  which, along with all of Meier’s environmental warnings,  should have long ago been heeded, while there was still time to prevent their now unstoppable consequences.

The 1976 warnings about dismantling all nuclear power plants takes on additional urgency – as if it was even needed – in light of the potentially life-ending, chain reaction consequences of quakes affecting the many nuclear power facilities, many of which already existed even years ago.

Of course, there are ways to access virtually unlimited natural, deep geothermal energy, without the insanity of nuclear power, or toxic, polluting petroleum products.

Not only did stupid human beings build these facilities in the US but also in Europe, where the pyrotechnics could take on even more spectacular proportions when Apophis slams into the earth, also despite ample warnings from the Plejaren. Fortunately though, we have these publicity happy, clueless dopes on the job ready to protect us…or not.

With no Sky Daddy coming to save us, and not a so-called leader anywhere to be found with functioning brain matter, it looks like humankind has chosen the path of painful lessons in place of learning The Way to Live in logic and reason, etc..

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17 Replies to “The People Were…Warned”

  1. Here is another article from Coast to Coast am In the News even though this article is mostly about architecture but this article gives you the basic idea about how lang not just buildings will last but about frgility, and resisiancy but also how long things will last. This article will give you at least some idea about why these prophecies are now turning into predictions called resiliency: “The simple rule that can help you predict the future” -BBC Future Tusday June 25th,2019

  2. Also I recall years ago when the Enterprise D from Star Trek TNG was forced to deal with the Borg cyborgs there was one instant when Giunan said that “As long as there are a few of your or a handful of, you will survive from Star Trek Voyager there was one line that Captin Janeway said when her crew were forced on a very primitive world by the Kazan that you have to have hope and resiliency to survive. These are the two thoughts we all need to keep in the back of our minds if we are going to get the hell out of this mess we are in NOW!” These two positive thoughts should be a must in the back of our minds if we are going to survive and get by each day in our lives no matter how bad things get. As human beings we are and can be resilient if we are willing to think and work at this through the spiritual teachngs and be consciously aware of our thoghts and our actions etc.

  3. Here is an article from Coast to Coast am you may need to read due to Billy`s predictions etc: From I the News two articles down: “Killer robots declared human threat” -Daily Star ” I did not read this article because this article is very very frightening and too scary for me to even read due to Billy`s predictions of the human race on Earth becoming Borg Drones after WW4 etc!”

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