A Hot Time on the Old Planet

“A climbing climatic warming becomes apparent that will be carried far into the Third Millennium” Billy Meier, 1951

As we enter the summer season, we take a leisurely moment to fondly recall Billy Meier’s earliest environmental warnings about the unnatural climate change and warming:

1951: 24. And also therewith overpopulation will bear the guilt, because overpopulation will become monstrously negative and will thereby give rise to an unnatural climate change that in only one decade from today will already begin to effect the world very detrimentally.

1958: 54.) Through the madness of his overpopulation, the human has already detrimentally altered the world and the climate in such a way that a climbing climatic warming becomes apparent that will be carried far into the Third Millennium and release monstrous natural catastrophes, yet that will not be the end, because everything goes further in the same style and at the beginning of the Third Millennium more than seven billion people will be on the Earth, which will lead to even greater harm and to destruction worldwide because on one hand nature strikes back in vengeance and on the other hand, the human undertakes everything which will destroy the entire environment and life.

Naturally, alternating cycles of great cold will also increase:

“The world’s climate rapidly warms which leads to monstrous revolutions in the climate which bring with them great waves of heat and cold, blasts of fire as well as droughts, floods, snowstorms and hailstorms.”

Make Friends

The inescapable reality of what is now climate destruction is also noted by a writer who, apart from his religiosity, has much in common with those of us who study the spiritual teaching and recognize the desire to live a meaningful life, where people need to love one another in this largely unloving world.

As the time ceaselessly fulfills, we will also need to form healthy, cooperative, mutually interdependent relationships with people of like values.

While we know that there is no god who has caused our problems, nor is coming to save is from them (or from ourselves), and that we are completely self-responsible for everything in our own lives, we may also at times find common purpose with those who have various philosophies, beliefs, etc.

So long as we have sufficient overlap in core values such as love, peace, family, service to community, care for nature and the environment, etc., and allow each other the freedom to think and live as they and we choose, we may make progress in discovering the eternally valid laws of Creation and thereby living in harmony with each other.

Nothing to Laugh About

As the climate heats up unstoppably, we also find ourselves impotent to protect our own borders, one consequence of many decades of institutionalized US aggression. While mighty US forces invaded, occupied, overthrew and otherwise violated the rights and lives of peoples around the globe in pursuit of American hegemony, it would’ve seemed laughable to think that our country would one day be invaded by people simply walking through our undefended borders, with armed soldiers standing idly by.

Compounding the problem are the politicians – on both the left and right – who prioritize political and/or financial profit over the lives and safety of the legitimate citizens. We are reminded about what Meier said about the people not being able to stop what’s going on:

As Long Foretold

For those who may have forgotten how this will turn out, simply read through The Predictions of Jeremia:

And there will be new and big mights across the big ocean, and from one of them new legions of barbaric hordes under the command of mightful ones who have got very badly out of the control of the good human nature will set out in order to carry out wars and conquer the world and to get hold of the countries’ mineral resources. However, on the other side of the big ocean, the walls of cities and villages of the conquerors wanting to seize the might over the world will collapse, and the might will then only be destroyed and be a scorched land and only be muddy water.”

The Henoch Prophecies further elaborate:

217.Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

Indeed, as long foretold, America is destroying itself.

Billy Meier UFO Contacts on Joe Rogan

If you’d like to see me appear on the Joe Rogan show to discuss the Meier contacts, please contact Rogan’s producer, Jamie Vernon, at JAMIE@JAMIEVERNONPHOTOGRAPHY.COM.

Rogan also recently interviewed Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell here. You can also let Corbell know about the Meier contacts, at editor@ExtraordinaryBeliefs.com.

Obviously, Rogan has a large audience some of whom just may prefer the truth over lights-in-the-sky and unsupported anecdotal reports.

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