As Billy Meier Warned ISIS Danger Not Over

How some “UFO experts” have contributed to the unchecked spread of terrorism

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Despite rosy pronouncements from hype-happy Donald Trump, it appears that ISIS is anything but “defeated”. There are also warnings for the holidays in the US, etc.

As usual, this comes as no surprise to those who’ve read the…real news for some time now, including this.

What’s the UFO Connection?

Now, considering that Billy Meier’s warnings about radical Islamist terrorism date back to 1958, note that all the liars and profiteering parasites mentioned in this recent blog – who indeed have long known about the singular authenticity of the Meier contacts – are as complicit as the government, media, etc., in suppressing these very warnings and  many more.

Indeed, because of their blind ambition and dishonesty, some “UFO experts” have contributed to the unchecked spread of terrorism. And this isn’t the first time I’ve pointed this out.

While they have capitalized on the interest in UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc., by suppressing, censoring and cynically directing attention away from the Meier contacts and prophecies and to blatant disinformation, much of which originates with the intelligence services, it may become evident in the times to come just how badly they betrayed their responsibility to humankind. If that sounds hyperbolic, check back in a couple of years.

As you refresh your knowledge of, or familiarize yourself with, all the prophetic information from Meier, here  and also on this blog, realize that not only will the government, the mainstream and alternative media continue to suppress it but so will the phonies in UFOlogy. Having said that, we’d certainly welcome some renegades who realize that the truth is far more important that any dubious success in UFOlogy.

Perhaps now you’ll also understand why I express such utter contempt for those who have contributed to suppressing this invaluable knowledge from humankind from…you.

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As Billy Meier warned:

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14 Replies to “As Billy Meier Warned ISIS Danger Not Over”

  1. I just heard from c2c that there are also threats from the Fourth of July public gatherings and protest of Home Grown terrorsist groups such as the White Supremacists etc too here in the US. Strangely Trump wants to put a military tank right in the middle of the Washington Mall if you can believe this come Thursday July Fourth so much for Trump`s rants on twitter etc? What else is new? Happy Fourth to all and “stay very quiet and low keyed Oh and Watch your back!” Salome

  2. why are you bashing your head against a brick wall? one other thing i don’t understand you put shit on just about every ufo researcher i have ever heard of BUT NOT ONE WORD ABOUT BOB LAZAR.

    1. Ray, a two second search of the blog would have taken you to the most recent blog where Michael lists the liars, fakes, phonies and frauds. Bob Lazar is most certainly on that list. I also wouldn’t say that Michael is bashing his head against a wall by bringing light to the widespread disinformation campaign. Why shouldn’t someone expose these UFO phonies who go around spreading disinformation to all the light chasers? Presenting the truth to those who are actually looking for the truth is not yet a crime, is it?

    2. I guess you didn’t see this:

      Hi Chris,

      We’re speaking about what is, if true, the most important development in human history. As I said in my response, if people like me – with no scientific background let alone top secret clearance – can find and realize the significance of the Meier contacts, certainly Lazar would’ve at least come across it.

      And, what do you know…he did. From

      I’d agree with ya, the reason we got interested in Billy Meier,
      it goes back to Lazar, was because Bob Lazar says, the saucer
      that he saw fly, he dubbed it the sport model, was the same
      saucer in the Meier photos, exactly the same.”

      Now, when I speak so disparagingly and disgustedly about the poseurs in UFOlogy – even more so in this blog – I’m absolutely serious. For those of us who know what has long been foretold by Meier, the Plejaren and the prophets of old, for all these quacks – Lazar included – to have prattled on, trivialized and made a farce of the truth is a treason to all humankind.

      Those who will be scraping the ground for something to eat,and a bit of water to drink,should know how the forewarnings were suppressed and ridiculed, damning any chance that they could have been acted upon in time, which condemned so many in the future to their miserable fate.

  3. Just as i believe Billy Meiers stories and predictions so i believe in Bob Lazar for whatever you are spruking i don’t believe that Meiers aliens are the only ones in our galaxy or universe and also George Knapp is no fool he has investigated Lazar for many years and he also believes him, and one other thing why did the paranoid American government try to wipe out all of Lazar’s early history and just for a laugh maybe when Bob took his mates to the ufo demonstration at night maybe they were Meier’s aliens.

    1. Ray, Billy has never said that his “aliens”, who are called Plejaren, are the only extraterrestrials in the galaxy or Universe — that’s nonsense. You are free to believe whatever you want, but Bob Lazer will lead you nowhere. The Plejaren wouldn’t have been anywhere near Bob Lazar because the only contact person for them on Earth is Billy Meier. Good luck with your rabbit hole.

    2. In case it isn’t clear, Meier certainly isn’t concerned with popularity, getting agreement, followers, etc., and I’m not either of course.

      I do find it disappointing that people who profess to grasp the authenticity of the Meier contacts, presumably by…thinking through the evidence, information, etc., come here to talk about what they friggin’ “believe”. And they also rely on the dubious information that they read online, drawing conclusions about things that they, quite honestly, are ill-equipped, unqualified actually, to make pronouncements about because the things they draw conclusions about are mostly speculative, or third-hand, concocted, etc.

      Who cares what anyone…believes? Belief has done more harm to humankind than most people can comprehend. So if someone wants to “believe” the tales a man tells, when that man could’ve instead boldly stepped forward and helped to usher in an unprecedented era of discovery, expanded awareness, consciousness and understanding of our real place in the universe, as well as helped to avoid some of the otherwise now unstoppable events unfolding – but who chose to be complicit in preventing and suppressing those very things for his own profit – maybe this blog isn’t the place for them.

      1. They definitely do not comprehend the gravity of the Meier contacts. Billy is just another UFO guy to some of these folks. They’ve not studied the Spiritual Teaching and have no clue what it’s all about. Whenever I hear someone say they believe, I know they haven’t grasped a single aspect of the most important mission on Earth.

        1. If you want to really go nuts, consider that people come here to tell us that they “believe” what someone said they saw, without any evidence…and only give a passing mention at best to Meier’s 1,200+ UFO photographs, films and video, etc.

          The disinformation, distraction and…DUMBING down efforts have succeeded all too well. What else can one say?

          1. You’re absolutely right about the distraction and dumbing down efforts, Michael…and I feel that Quetzal would say: “With that, you, unfortunately, encounter the truth.” =)

    3. “stories”
      a narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer or reader; tale.
      Thinking is NOT your strongest ability, is it? C’mon, let’s agree on reality, that you are one who believes in what you are told by Mummy and Daddy and those that equate to them, meaning those that are NOT responsible, honest and intelligent!

  4. The sons of heaven were negative ETs posing as God’s/angels. Religion is their vehicle for world domination. Billy Meier is the person that embodies the one spirit that for our planet has been trying to bring the spirit teaching to our world for 13,500 years now. Talk to me in 14,000 years about roswell and Bob Lazar. The massive effort by Billy and 3.5 billion Etc civilizations to help us understand reality is far more important than lights in the night sky and element 115. The supposed spaceships Bob Lazar talks about could very well be of Earth origin. Who knows ? TV is for entertainment and mind control, the spiritual teaching is for planetary survival and betterment of the human race on Earth. Choose wisely. If it doesn’t help our collective evolutionary path, maybe we should lay it aside and stay busy with the 40-60 million years of living we must go through before we return to our true home.

  5. Funny how I used to believe these stupid UFO stories years ago before I even had a computer untiI found out about Billy Meier and the Plejarans back in October 1997 etc.

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