Stromboli Erupts As Predicted!

Latest of volcanoes to erupt foretells catastrophes predicted in 1948 

The latest eruption of the Stromboli volcano, while not yet particularly severe,  is  noteworthy because it’s one of the five major volcanoes, predicted in 1948 by Sfath which, along with the already begun earthquakes in central Italy, will be signposts for the coming times that “will bring many catastrophes and much terribleness, and much suffering, hardship, misery and destruction over the Earth.”

Most of humankind is completely oblivious to the existence, and steady fulfillment, of the prophecies and predictions published by Billy Meier, which span more than 70 years.

Of course, the ignorance of the populace as to what is coming is compounded by the fact that the information has been published by the man whose singularly authentic, scientifically proven contacts with extraterrestrials are still ongoing, for over 77 years.

Since all things UFO-related have unfortunately been co-opted, suppressed and subjected to disinformation by the intelligence agencies and their, often unwitting, stooges in UFOlogy, what surfaces instead are the beyond inane concerns about imaginary “aliens” by the so-called “UFO experts”.

Cause and Effect

Nonetheless, the long foretold events now unstoppably proceed, in accordance with the immutable law of cause and effect.

You may wish to share this information with any people you know who are concerned about their future survival, as the coming events are not solely destined to occur…somewhere else.

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Arahat Athersata

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Anthony A.


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Thanks to Keith Davidson and Timothy Vasquez for the news.

8 Replies to “Stromboli Erupts As Predicted!”

  1. unfortunately those who have read the prophecies and predictions know what is happening , though powerless to stop the consequences of overpopulation. Prepare yourselves with extra food/water.

  2. Well guess what “Trump is now turning into a REAL dictator that should only make Hitler,Stalin etc,etc,etc look and sound like a 2 year old child Disney Donald Duck Micky Mouse Rant! You NEED to see just what Washington D.C. now looks like with ALL those tanks and military parades will be like come Thursday july Fourth! This wilkl make China and the Former Soviet Union look really tame! What ever happened to peace, love,freedom,logic, reason, and compasion for those human beings who are less fortunate such as women,minorities,seniors,the disbled, and and the rest of the helpless who can`t even get a meal, water,clean clothes and a better life while all the four star generals, politiuans, and multi billionaires run off with cash and lavish themseves with private properties in wstern U.S. of A who stash all their money abroad in secret hide away bunkers while the rest of us fight our way through two civil wars, WW4 etc, and burn in hell! You tell me! Go Figure Salome

    1. Wow! I didn’t know a military parade would lead to all that. Is that all women who are less fortunate or just some? And what about the less fortunate men in the world? Hope you’re doing something fun tomorrow, Terry. You deserve a break. Salome

  3. I don’t recall a dictator prediction. I do recall a prediction of mistreatment of kids happening on US S boarder.

    1. Hi,

      Which predictions are you referring to? I don’t recall a prediction regarding children and the US border.

      Also, please use your first and last name when submitting future comments.

      Thanks and welcome to the blog.

  4. Apparently their was earthquake in the California as well. It’s high time for the public as officials to take responsibility for the overpopulation issue the world the wars amongst the countless other issues all revert back to Overpopulation, a 7 Year World Wide birthstop needs to be discussed and and brought to fore front. As respectfully discussed recently in the English translation of Arahat Arthersata. This is the answer in all times not nonsensical elections nor delusional politics and neither is schizophrenic religions. High time for the public to get in the engine bay roll up sleeves and give maintence to all life. It’s also high time that the world begins to assist and cooperating in geothermal volcanic conversion. The maintence of all life and the preservation of life is a human responsibility. High time the earth people live up to the title of human.

  5. Well guess what Trump being Trump is now TRYING VERY HARD to restore the stupid were you and are you “Born in the U.S.A. 2020 Census question again!

  6. And “I`m STILL Sleepless in White Plains when I close my eyes in my bed while the stupid boiler goes off!”

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