The Health Ranger Isn’t Prepared Either

Correcting Mike Adams’ confused, conspiratorial, climate change conflation

I was recently sent this article written by Mike Adams, aka the Health Ranger. I’ve previously sent him Billy Meier’s prophetic information and, of course, received no response.

As you can read, Adams is mentioning many of the topics that Meier’s long been warning about, for over 70 years. But Adams has added some patently wrong assumptions and conspiratorial twists that don’t help people to really be prepared either, only to get them wound up in more inaccurate, unnecessarily frightening and time-wasting endeavors.

The most egregious misinformation is the concocted mischaracterization of the causes of the real manmade climate destruction that Meier began warning about more than 68 years ago which, I can safely bet, is before Adams was born. In true conspiratorial fashion, Adams claims that the agenda of the evil leftists, et al, is that they have designed “climate change” in order to, well, change the climate.

Promoting Lack of Personal Self-responsibility

So, another perhaps well-intentioned person promotes the blame-the-other-guy-and-take-no-personal-self-responsibility agenda, with goofy, antiscientific nonsense, for which he offers no credible substantiation, nor remedy in his online store.

As for his comments on other topics, you’ll find Meier’s long warned about such things as civil wars in America, terrorism, and the real agenda to reduce the human population and the coming global financial collapse, globalism and a war with Russia…and much more that Adams isn’t aware of.*

Unless, of course, he actually read the Meier information and is taking liberties with it.

No Expectations

While it would be nice, I don’t expect Adams to acknowledge Meier’s prophetic warnings, spanning over 70 years. Nor would I expect him to mention that many of these concerns were also covered in The Silent Revolution of Truth…filmed in 2006. My point here is that, as far as the title of Adams’ article is concerned, “You are not even close to being prepared for the chaos that’s coming”, based on his misperceptions and misplaced blame, I say to him, neither are you.

Arahat Athersata

“After several cover-to-cover readings of the Arahat Athersata book, I became able to neutralize or eliminate my migraine headaches within seconds.”
Eddie M.
“I just finished reading the newly translated Arahat Athersata and I must say that it is the most helpful book I have ever read. The book puts it in simple and easy terms how anyone can change their bad thinking nearly overnight, a manual for a healthy mind if you will.
And a human can not only eliminate pain, anxiety, doubt, desperation, etc. but also real illnesses by just thinking as nature intended it for the human being.”
Anthony A.


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18 Replies to “The Health Ranger Isn’t Prepared Either”

  1. I just posted this on his site 14 minutes ago, see if it gets approved:

    Climate destruction is not a conspiracy dreamed up by the elitists. Climate destruction is 75% human caused and the real cause is overpopulation. The population is at 9 Billion now, adding 110 million people per year. If we do not install a world wide birth and reduce our population humanely the elitists will start a pandemic or war to reduce the numbers. That’s the real conspiracy.

      1. My guess is that Adams, like all the “UFO experts” neither will reply nor mention anything to do with Meier, the blog, etc. They realize that people will then start checking more into Meier, which is bad for their profiteering scams.

        1. You are right MH. I was able to edit it while it was “pending” then added a link to your site and now it’s gone. I reposted it adding “Natural news, not so natural” and that didn’t even get to the pending stage and was gone too. So I sent a news tip asking what their excuse was for not posting it and why is there NO freedom of speech on their website.

          1. So much for the concern for…truth that all of these online experts carry on about. Funny coincidence that Adams is now on the Alex Jones show.

  2. Some people just can’t see the forest for the trees. We appreciate everything you do Michael , keeping us up to speed . If the know-it-alls every study fluidal forces , etc, maybe then they will become curious about the swiss farmer with a sixth grade education.

  3. Thank you Mike and I hope that it is hard enough to jolt the coasting masses to work together than being isolated raging mad frogs boiling in the same pot of steam. The beliefs are getting red hot which is getting in the way for folks to take responsible actions/motivations like how to move entire populations from disaster areas and ensure we work with our governments with adequate food, water, and shelter instead of rebuilding in disaster areas for profits. None of these folks that champion these various conspiracy theories even know or teach their audience on how to live with each other but instead take advantage of people to gain profit or power from them.

  4. Don`t forget what Ptaah said it isn`t just human nature but also the also the entire solar system to as well, which is warming up too. I hope Melissa Osaki isn`t any- ware near the 6.4 earthquake eara in Califiornia. Salome

    1. Thanks Terry, I’m in Northern CA and that quake was in the Searles Valley which is in Southern CA near Ridgecrest, CA. There’s been a few decent sized aftershocks as well.

      1. Hi Melissa hope you are safe and well. There is a rumore of a bigger quake with more little aftershocks. Please be very very careful and watch your step. Maybe you better move out of CA and join MH in Munds Az or Colorado where Bruce Musky is where there are FIGU groups in Az and Colorado etc. Stay cool and safe. Salome Terry

        1. Thanks Terry, that’s a great idea. There are certain things we have to finish up here in California before we can leave, but that’s definitely the plan that’s been in the works.

      2. Melissa I just heard there was a 7.1 quake in the same area. The worst might happen is another 6.0 aftershock. I hope you are safe. Stay calm, cool and level headed, think wisely. Salome

  5. I am prepared to say that mIKE aDAMS is prepared to believe that he can be the latest believed tin-god of those that believe that he believes in the belief that the believers believe will be the belief that wins out of ALL the beliefs!
    NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT COSTS HIS believers!??!!

    1. Absolutely Andrew. What a bunch of gawd damn liars. Their gawd isn’t going to save their sorry arses.

  6. dialectic

    It’s more about the lens beliefs are applied over rather than the physical tin god itself. This goes into such things as destiny and purpose. The long list of names Q gives in a contact I referenced awhile back also talks about beliefs but not necessarily in the sense we’re talking about verses in a religious text but something more obvious that results in actions.

  7. Since 1976 when there were only 3500 folks doing the Peace Meditation, and I know this is not the total number of folks who considered Billy Meier as a real source of information yet now we are told there are at least 35,000 terrestrial human beings participating in the Peace and Pentra meditations we are seeing a marked increase over time. Like a drop of water on a stone as Ptaah would say. Salome

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