Turning Point 2020

How to maintain clarity in the midst of coming chaos and confusion 

We’re a few months away from another numerical turning point, 2020, and followers of this blog are already quite familiar with this quote from Contact 544:

Some people have misinterpreted this to mean that there is a sudden and complete collapse of the country coming immediately after January 1, 2021, or even right after January 1, 2020.

That isn’t the actual meaning of the statement, although by either date it’s quite likely that America will be significantly more troubled, polarized and moving towards anarchy than it is even now.

Specific Warnings

In light of the recent volcanic eruptions in Italy and elsewhere, as well as the heavy earthquakes in Los Angeles, some people are experiencing heightened concerns about the seeming unpredictability of natural disasters.

You’ve certainly seen these on the blog too:

There’s no doubt now that the events referred to in them are already underway, as is true for many more of the specific warnings given by Billy Meier’s first extraterrestrial teacher, Sfath, in the 1940s.

Further Clues

There are further clues from the Plejaren time traveler as to when the real “apocalyptic destructions and disastrous devastations” will occur:

230. However, particularly severe seaquakes worldwide will increasingly lead to huge, tsunami waves, which are many meters high, which will wreak much havoc and claim the lives of tens of thousands of victims, which will be the case especially in the first two decades of the new millennium up to the year 2015, but it will not end there.

231. Everything will continue to an increasing extent, the signs of which will be the great earthquakes in central Italy,* which will be the beginning phase of the fulfilment of those happenings which will bring many catastrophes and much terribleness, and much suffering, hardship, misery and destruction over the Earth.


292. These happenings will inevitably come, and the resulting apocalyptic destructions and disastrous devastations will unleash an unparalleled incredible confusion, among all human-civilised life.

293. The whole coming chaos and disaster in the coming times up to the second and third decade of the third millennium will still appear harmless in contrast to that which the times after that will bring.

Deer in the Headlights

Sfath tells us that everything happening up to the third decade (which starts with 2020) “will still appear harmless in contrast to that which the times after that will bring.” And Ptaah, Sfath’s son, also specifically mentions 2020, as the year by which the necessary changes in the USA must be made, lest the country’s status as a superpower comes to an end. That this may also draw us closer to the long foretold break-up of America, may seem equally improbable to some.

Knowing that many people who see this information, including many who actually respect its sources and their unparalleled accuracy, nonetheless still act like deer in the headlights, still want “more” information, details of specific events, dates, etc., this is not a wise approach.

While nothing compels anyone to take these warnings seriously, portending as they do unprecedented and even unimaginably devastating events, it’s sufficient to say that we’ll become aware of the details…soon enough.

Normalcy Bias

While these foretold events have not yet personally affected most of us, because of our normalcy bias we often gloss over, as well as glaze over, certain things that we’ve gotten used to seeing.

We’ve seen dozens of mentions of the various fulfilled and as yet unfilled prophecies and predictions. And even though we may want to think that we can survive natural and/or manmade disasters and disruptions, that things will “settle down to normal soon enough”, we may have ignored the most important thing that Sfath said.


Sfath specifically pointed out how such events “will unleash an unparalleled incredible confusion, among all human-civilised life”. People can quickly lose their ability to reason and protect themselves and others in the midst of the societal breakdown, criminality, chaos, panic and utter…confusion that life-threatening events produce.

We may think all we need for survival is enough food, shelter, weapons and water, but many factors can interfere with our access to them. And clutching too tightly to things, when conditions necessitate leaving them, can also be fatal.

We mustn’t wait until societal breakdown and confusion are upon us to try to gain control over ourselves and our…state of mind. The way to live, and how to create and control the might of the thoughts, are taught in the books of the same names.

To attain clarity in the midst of chaos and confusion, nourish and prepare yourself now with the profound, life-changing wisdom and inspiration of the spiritual teaching.

*The referred to earthquakes in central Italy appears to have already started in 2016.

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46 Replies to “Turning Point 2020”

  1. I also just found this article down in the bottom of c2c In the News article from The New york Times A Conversation with Toby Walsh, AI Expert Is Racing to Stop the Killer Robots There is no date and no author?

  2. Here are 2 very serious articles abut the 2 nuclear bombs that destroyed Hirioshima and Nnagski Japan in 1945 and the fact that Trump REFUSES to sighn ANYTHING to stop the building of MORE US nuclear bombs and weapons etc! 1.Hiroshima Unleashed, Time to Tell the Truth About Relations with Russia and Finalky Band the Bomb by Alice Slater 2. Hiroshima and the new Arms Race-No Winners by Robert Dodge from counterpunch.org for Thursday August 8th, 2019

  3. Well, 2020 has already kicked off with some crazy events, further demonstrating that humanity is on track to fulfil what Meier warned us about, for example, in Contact Report 215:

    “237. In addition, significant tensions will arise between the native citizens and immigrants from foreign countries, who as a rule also observe religious beliefs different from those of the native populace.
    238. And in the end, this will lead to severe conflicts.
    239. Hatred against strangers, foreigners and people of different religious beliefs will be the order of the day, as well as the rise of neo-Nazism, terrorism and right-extremism.”

    This video answers any doubt about who is responsible for turning Strasborg, France into a war zone yesterday during the New Year holiday. Strasborg is around 136 km from Switzerland. Notice how calm and relaxed the perpetrators are at 1:48. They have no fear and are clearly of middle eastern descent and mention ‘Allah’ when greeting each other. Notice the bottles (of fuel?) and fireworks in their hands at 1:54: https://youtu.be/vmtSq2zIqCU

    The toxicity levels in the air the next morning look to be so dangerous to human health, as can be seen in the following video from RT, who further explain that, “The burning of vehicles is an unfortunate New Year’s tradition in some parts of France. According to local media, 1,031 vehicles were set alight nationwide on the night of December 31, 2018, compared to 935 on the previous New Year’s Eve.”: Source: https://www.rt.com/news/477267-strasbourg-cars-fire-new-years-france/

    Speaking of fires we could’ve avoided, we also might want to avoid trips to the South of Europe any time soon as Stromboli and Etna are currently erupting and Camp Fleigri is described as being “restless”:

    Source: https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/erupting_volcanoes.html

    “Stromboli volcano
    Current status: erupting (4 out of 5)

    Etna volcano
    Current status: erupting (4 out of 5)

    Campi Flegrei (Phlegrean Fields) volcano
    Current status: restless (2 out of 5)”

    On a positive note, we may have had a nod in the title of the Keiser Report (Max and Stacy) as to how seriously they take the warnings from Billy about the superpower USA coming to an end after 2020, as this video appeared after a well-liked comment about Billy’s warnings was posted in their episode before: https://youtu.be/AnTVUGbxXss

    You could spend literally tens of thousands to pay others to promote your message on social media, or, we could all just be a bit more proactive in 2020 ourselves to get the word out about Meier and theyfly as many have been doing for years.
    Oh and… Happy New Year everyone… Yay… life and soul right here…

    1. I’ve had this blog for about 10 years, and I began my research over 40 years ago. With the exception of some generous people whose donations here and there have certainly helped me, I have absolutely no reason to think that people will be significantly more proactive, or effective, than they have been so far.

      It’s certainly not a matter of spending “literally tens of thousands” for anything. It’s intended to help create more opportunities for me to bring this information to greater public awareness and not be “boxed in” by assumed connections to the ridiculous UFO community, etc.

      Those of us who have good reason to be concerned about what’s coming humanity’s way may also want to consider that just digitally communicating with each other on a few blogs/forums is NOT an effective way of making those outside connections.

      1. Nonsense, “digitally communicating” is the basis to any serious publicity and marketing plan these days.

        I’ll take my own advice on how effective my comments are, both on here and on other sites and I learnt some time ago not to expect you to either appreciate that, or, know what’s the best way to do things as you would have done in those 10 years, thanks.

        1. The information to be conveyed is the actual basis and the purpose of getting a professional firm to assist is to get interviews, media presentations, etc.

          I think you’re missing the point that the kinds of sites that these discussion take place on are usually not high readership, very mainstream, nor very influential, other than sometimes with people who are interested in the overall topic. So it’s not about how worthwhile one’s comments, articles, blogs, etc., are, it’s about how broadly available to the general public they are.

          So maybe also reflect on the tone you’ve taken that shows you’ve either misunderstood or didn’t fully consider the points raised.

          1. Respectfully, I think that you’re missing the point. The Meier case has never been a popularity contest and 10 grand will not let you penetrate those trending and populist circles with millions of viewers who like shows about celebrities, make-up and cars. That would be delusional.

            The mainstream media is controlled by corporations who don’t care for Meier’s anti-profit message nor will they promote it for the money you claim it will take. Like it or not, social media comments, posts, videos and info by others on independent media may be keeping your site newly visited.

            We comment and reference this blog and Meier’s information under videos and articles online where the themes and ideas being presented are directly connected. This way we have a good chance of reaching those who are already interested in the subject and thinking along those lines.

            Maybe you’ve been ill advised, but, what you judge as being “not high readership, very mainstream, nor very influential, other than sometimes with people who are interested in the overall topic” (like the Meier case?) sounds like something a scam marketing pitcher would say who is clueless about the real ramifications of this case in order to present you with their costly solution. Hope I’m wrong.

            1. Well maybe your definition isn’t the one that I’m relying on, anymore than your conclusion about my efforts being delusional.

              So then you think I’m “a scam marketing pitcher would say who is clueless about the real ramifications of this case in order to present you with their costly solution”.

              I guess I’ll just have to keep…STRIVING for things that I want to reach in various ways.

              Think whatever you want but it sure seems to have ticked you off.

            2. No, I did not say you are, “a scam marketing pitcher” which was clearly indicated by my adding “…present you (MH) with their costly solution”. Maybe you’re just being overly sensitive about this and want an argument, but, you won’t get one from me as I’ve said all I need to.


          2. Thanks Michael for all your efforts to assists the mission for all these years.
            Same goes for all the supporters who has contributed in their own ways.
            I think that going forward every effort whether large or small counts, whether directly, indirectly, obliquely, upside down, side to side and by whomever decides to contribute towards the great awakening.
            The mission is slowly gathering steam and however and by whomever the name Billy Meier and the truth he has newly brought in this so called new age, is kept alive I think that in itself is a good thing.

            1. You must have read my mind, Matt. I was just typing out something very similar, but instead I think you nailed it. I also think that this time, right now, is better than all previous decades because so many folks are tired of the status quo. I think many are ready for some real changes from the old, materialistic and wasteful generations. We’ve become a miserable world where only the rich have real options.

            2. By the way, I was a little busy these last few days, but I will get those comments emailed to you by this weekend. Salome

            3. Hi Melissa as always much appreciated.
              You are MIB but have always the generous heart to assist others so thanks for that.
              Yeah I agree ‘ money money money its not funny its a rich men’s world’ ABBA
              They’ve had it for too long but hopefully we are living through an era where we witness their demise and crumbling power as the momentum of truth gathers steam and brings down their house of cards.

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