Turning Point 2020

How to maintain clarity in the midst of coming chaos and confusion 

We’re a few months away from another numerical turning point, 2020, and followers of this blog are already quite familiar with this quote from Contact 544:

Some people have misinterpreted this to mean that there is a sudden and complete collapse of the country coming immediately after January 1, 2021, or even right after January 1, 2020.

That isn’t the actual meaning of the statement, although by either date it’s quite likely that America will be significantly more troubled, polarized and moving towards anarchy than it is even now.

Specific Warnings

In light of the recent volcanic eruptions in Italy and elsewhere, as well as the heavy earthquakes in Los Angeles, some people are experiencing heightened concerns about the seeming unpredictability of natural disasters.

You’ve certainly seen these on the blog too:

There’s no doubt now that the events referred to in them are already underway, as is true for many more of the specific warnings given by Billy Meier’s first extraterrestrial teacher, Sfath, in the 1940s.

Further Clues

There are further clues from the Plejaren time traveler as to when the real “apocalyptic destructions and disastrous devastations” will occur:

230. However, particularly severe seaquakes worldwide will increasingly lead to huge, tsunami waves, which are many meters high, which will wreak much havoc and claim the lives of tens of thousands of victims, which will be the case especially in the first two decades of the new millennium up to the year 2015, but it will not end there.

231. Everything will continue to an increasing extent, the signs of which will be the great earthquakes in central Italy,* which will be the beginning phase of the fulfilment of those happenings which will bring many catastrophes and much terribleness, and much suffering, hardship, misery and destruction over the Earth.


292. These happenings will inevitably come, and the resulting apocalyptic destructions and disastrous devastations will unleash an unparalleled incredible confusion, among all human-civilised life.

293. The whole coming chaos and disaster in the coming times up to the second and third decade of the third millennium will still appear harmless in contrast to that which the times after that will bring.

Deer in the Headlights

Sfath tells us that everything happening up to the third decade (which starts with 2020) “will still appear harmless in contrast to that which the times after that will bring.” And Ptaah, Sfath’s son, also specifically mentions 2020, as the year by which the necessary changes in the USA must be made, lest the country’s status as a superpower comes to an end. That this may also draw us closer to the long foretold break-up of America, may seem equally improbable to some.

Knowing that many people who see this information, including many who actually respect its sources and their unparalleled accuracy, nonetheless still act like deer in the headlights, still want “more” information, details of specific events, dates, etc., this is not a wise approach.

While nothing compels anyone to take these warnings seriously, portending as they do unprecedented and even unimaginably devastating events, it’s sufficient to say that we’ll become aware of the details…soon enough.

Normalcy Bias

While these foretold events have not yet personally affected most of us, because of our normalcy bias we often gloss over, as well as glaze over, certain things that we’ve gotten used to seeing.

We’ve seen dozens of mentions of the various fulfilled and as yet unfilled prophecies and predictions. And even though we may want to think that we can survive natural and/or manmade disasters and disruptions, that things will “settle down to normal soon enough”, we may have ignored the most important thing that Sfath said.


Sfath specifically pointed out how such events “will unleash an unparalleled incredible confusion, among all human-civilised life”. People can quickly lose their ability to reason and protect themselves and others in the midst of the societal breakdown, criminality, chaos, panic and utter…confusion that life-threatening events produce.

We may think all we need for survival is enough food, shelter, weapons and water, but many factors can interfere with our access to them. And clutching too tightly to things, when conditions necessitate leaving them, can also be fatal.

We mustn’t wait until societal breakdown and confusion are upon us to try to gain control over ourselves and our…state of mind. The way to live, and how to create and control the might of the thoughts, are taught in the books of the same names.

To attain clarity in the midst of chaos and confusion, nourish and prepare yourself now with the profound, life-changing wisdom and inspiration of the spiritual teaching.

*The referred to earthquakes in central Italy appears to have already started in 2016.

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34 Replies to “Turning Point 2020”

  1. 2020 (MMXX) will be a leap year so let’s hope humanity makes some leaps of consciousness away from all the dead-end religions and political sectarianism towards the importance of dealing humanely with the massively destructive overpopulation problem. 2020 vision in regards to both the UK and US elections that year (by letting them operate fairly without fraud) will also be required.

    Good to see MH on fine blog-writing form.

  2. Right you are MH, as a possible reaction you can panic and run amok hysterically or you can stand on one leg like a pirate while carrying a fake parrot upon a shoulder as you place both hands on your hips and heartily release a knowing laugh, “Ha… ha… ha… ha!” I don’t know about you, but personally I prefer the latter reaction. Salome everyone!

  3. Much as I love living near the ocean, it’s NOT a good idea here on Earth due to the coming sea quakes. Anybody living near the ocean had better move inland if they want to save their lives etc! I just thought of something very very ominous! “Better shut down ALL nuclear power reaction power stations such as Hanford in the state of Washinton and Indian Point in New York State ect less we end up like Chernoble and Fulkishima etc,etc,etc!”

  4. Even though most who frequent this blog are well versed and for sometime now, this coming time: it is sobering esp in light of the recent events. Since I myself have been in know of the Meier material, these predictions and prophecies, the main thing for me was to be close to a natural water supply, I have done this and I did make it to the northern AZ area. Even with this there is no telling how it will work out on a personal level, keeping the teaching growing within is the best bet all around.

    1. Hi Ev If you`re in northern AZ you might want to check out Munds since Munds is in northern AZ where MH has a weekly figu group there you can join. Some time ago I looked up Munds on Google Maps because I`v never heard of Munds AZ before. Low and behold Munds is just east of Sedona not too far from Sedona AZ. Maby you might want to check with MH by Email to ask for help and advice etc. Salome Terry

      1. Hi Terry,

        I am in touch with MH, thank you, very kind of you to think of this. I attend the monthly meetings and learn a great deal. Others are slowly making their way towards this area, so our little group will be growing, it already has grown and there has been good headway in the starting steps of the FIGU guidelines of study groups.

        Again, thank you, Ev

  5. The NYTimes had an article today about the threat of asteroids…. and missed the biggest story in 10 years. They mention Apophis, of course, but scientists dont think it will be a problem for 100,000 years…

    1. 100,000 years? It’s no wonder one of the prophecies state that humanity will lose faith in the scientific community. They grow increasingly stupid every year.

      1. You`re guys we live on Planet Stupid and getting stupder more and more due to all the disinformation coming from from TV news, New york Times, radio, etc,et,etc. !00,000 years? I wonder if we and Planet Earth will wise up, grow up, and if there are still people living on Earth and hope they will be smarter and more spiritual than we are now. 100,000 years? Who knows?

  6. Hey Melissa If you`re moving moving out of Ca why not join MH and Ev Volner in Munds too to join their weekly little group too. The more the better the merrier. Wish I could afford to move there too but my stupid small government budget won`t even alow for such nicethings like the spiritual books and joining MH in Munds. Salome

    1. That’s the plan, Terry, but we can’t just leave without preparations and completing responsibilities in California. You should consider moving out of New York if at all possible. If you put away a small amount every month, it will eventually add up and probably be enough to pay for a deposit on an apartment somewhere else. It would probably even be much cheaper than your apartment in New York. These coastal states are the most outrageously expensive places in the country.

  7. So very tru Melissa but I don`t even have a savings account at my local bank anymore:((( All banks wat 500 t 1000 bucks for a checking or svings account:(((!

  8. Hi Michael,
    You mention recently something about a tsunami off the coast of Oregan, is this mentioned in a contact report or FIGU bulletin ?


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