As the Storms Fulfill

We’ve already gone from climate change to climate destruction

Another mega-storm is expected to hit and whether this one meets or falls short of expectations, the long-foretold increase in frequency and intensity of all manifestations of manmade “unnatural climate change” are upon us and, at their core, caused by overpopulation.

Of course, some “scientists” know better. And it’s their idiocy, denial and personal political-economic agenda that has contributed to ignoring and postponing the recognition of the seriousness of the situation.

Here’s a little refresher course on the specific warnings from Billy Meier that date back almost 70 years. A few excerpts from 1951:

20. Not only wars, terror, destruction and annihilation with thousand-fold deaths and hundreds of thousands of murdered people will mark the future but also a monstrous overpopulation will be to blame as all natural laws will get thrown out of kilter.

21. Through the guilt of the people, all storms will assume increasing and more violent forms, such as hail storms, blizzards and flooding rains, as however also the ozone-layer will become very dangerously damaged.

22. Monstrous deluges will belong ever more to the order of the day, because through the overpopulation, the forest wetlands and swampy plains will become altered in function to become residential areas, whereby the wild waters of the flooding rain will find their way into the houses of the people because they can no longer escape into uninhabited wetland areas.

23. Landslides and avalanches, as well as earthquakes and seaquakes as well as every kind of storms will prevail; gales and typhoons, hurricanes and tornados will increase ever more in their numbers and will become ever more violent and destructive.

The Conspiracy Con

Unfortunately, further adding to the avoidance of human self-responsibility are various idiotic conspiracy theories, like those from the QAnon Qlowns, or the hucksters who compound everything with religious delusion, as is also often the case with the conspiracy theories about UFOs that proliferate everywhere.

In the conspiracy con, it’s always somebody else’s fault, especially the “evil elite” who are supposedly solely responsible for bringing everything bad down upon us.

These tactics target the public in such a way as to play on, and increase, their feelings of impotence and powerlessness, which they then compensate for by turning their frustration into hysteria driven finger-pointing towards the presumed perpetrators, further abdicating their own self-responsibility in favor of pointless venting.

The Unavoidable Truth

The truth isn’t just inconvenient, it’s now unavoidable. We’ve already gone from climate change to climate destruction, as repeatedly spelled out by Meier for decades.

However much other parties may have contributed to the mess, the fact remains that we, the people, were abundantly warned but failed to listen…or act in favor of our own future survival.

And so, not just a storm, but the time itself fulfills.

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25 Replies to “As the Storms Fulfill”

  1. When my folks were alive I thought due to my Jewish faith background that we were Sirians, then Martians, now Earth? After reading and learning from Billy and the Plejarens I learned to reject all of the above mentioned! Salome

  2. Question? How in living hell are we going to convince Trump and his gang that Climate Change/Climate Destruction is REAL? So much for Trump and his stupid climate denial ech?

  3. Wow so there is no Sky Daddy??? Who will save Humanity from themselves??? Your Bible and the so called Book of Mormon states there is a Sky Daddy! What to do!

  4. MH Culd you please give an answer to the stupid Sky Daddy and Trump`s denial of “Climate Disaster?” Yuk Yikes!

    1. Which question about the sky daddy? There is no sky daddy, only Earth daddies.

      Trump needs an education on climate change, but so does a large portion of the country and the world for that matter. The breeding continues unabated while the pollution from all kinds of engines, machinery, coal burning factories, etc. fills the air. The oceans are filled with garbage while the fish are slowly disappearing. Everyone goes on with life as if things will never change. It’s alarming how uninterested so many are when it comes to the drastic climate changes that are happening right now.

  5. I feel [must I have to think?] that the Plejaren, and the spiritual teachings espoused, continue to represent a facet of human fear … something that exists in humanity [universally?] itself! The study of human fear is, in my way of thinking, a most tantamount topic for discussion. If anyone in these discussions can consider that fear is nothing but illusion … please do let me know of your perceptions.

  6. It could be because the genetic manipulation or artificial genetic manipulation really, because it’s artificial or really a falseness that’s been accepted as a natural occurrence , then everything will be communicated and correlated as such (the artificial genetic manipulation which results to limitations ) such as religion, mercilessness, overbreeding, limited life spans, unvirtue, addiction, lack of empathy to name a few are then blindly accepted as natural occurrences as well. Then this sorts of artificial limitations accepted as natural accurances will be translated (because genetics is a language in and of itself) then communicated and correlated into all Terrestrial human endeavors example what terrestrial humans have done to GMO’s seeds fruits and vegetables creating artificial genetically manipulating limits in them. Then terrestrial humans are continuing with these sort of self imposed artificial manipulation of limits and it’s expression in other areas.

  7. This is off topic but I sense it was Pelegon who sent the Spherical spacecraft back to Erra 50,000 years ago to orbit for 37 days within ttheir space time configuration because the 50,000 years (as stated within contact report 711) was the exact timeframe of the 50,000 years ago (contact report 09) Pelegon and the sub leaders took the beamships by force to leave due to the constant wars.

  8. Here is an article Ijust read from for Thursday Auust 15th, 2019 Overpopulation a Cover story for Money-Cancer System by John McMUrtry

    1. They use satellites and other technology to monitor the weather systems because severe weather can affect the economy when it causes massive destruction.

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