The Annunaki Ancient Alien B.S.

The Plejaren explain the real truth about the Sumerians and Nibiru

It’s no secret that the UFO/extraterrestrial and New Age topics are replete with disinformation, utter nonsense and bizarre fabrications of all kind, as also promoted by equally inept “experts”.

One of the more popular, and uncritically accepted, myths that blends New Age doubletalk and extraterrestrial misinformation is that of the so-called Annunaki, their planet Nibiru and all sorts of lore about the mining of gold on Earth for the purpose of protecting their planet because of a damaged atmosphere, etc.

Chief proponent of all this Annunaki ancient alien phantasmagoria was the late Zacharia Sitchin. Other purported experts, like Michael Tellinger, have also helped to make a mish-mashed concoction of the entire matter, getting a few things right and mixing them in with Zitchin’s theories to arrive at an abundance of erroneous conclusions.

Factual Accuracy

Considering their established track record for factual, scientific accuracy, let’s see what the Plejaren have to say. As Quetzal made clear to Billy Meier, in 1989, Nibiru wasn’t actually a planet:

113. The Annunaki beings were a pure imagination of the Earth humans, who, full of fantasy and according to their beliefs, fabricated the “Annunaki people from the planet Niburu”, as the giant shape in the sky appeared, which truly did not deal with an actual planet, rather it concerned an uncommonly big comet, which actually does have an orbital period around the solar system of around 3,600 years.

The Sirian refugees

The Meier material also states that the Sumerian forefathers were descendants of the Sirian refugees that settled in 131,000 BCE. This refers to the refugees from the regions of the Sirius constellation. It will also be helpful to read what Billy Meier and Ptaah discussed pertaining to the assistance given to developing human beings throughout early stages of their development by more advanced extraterrestrial races. Of further interest in this regard would be this article as well.

That’s Why They Call It Dope

This also includes the noted “ancient everything” aficionado and drug addict, Graham Hancock, a big proponent of the use of ayahuasca. Perhaps he, and other users of this drug, would benefit from considering what Ptaah had to say about it, including:

46. Whoever stupidly, unreasonably and perhaps selfishly hopes through the ayahuasca brew to be able to fathom any secrets of life, etc., etc., is mistaken and should be warned in this regard just as if irresponsible attempts are also made with the brew to achieve better and good meditation successes, to free himself from worries or to want to solve problems.

Things of Real Value

Years of efforts on the parts of various people, well-versed in the Billy Meier evidence and information, to inform and enlighten all of the self-appointed experts have proved no match for their celebrity and profit hungry pursuits.

One of the great truisms is that we must look in the…right place and at the right time when searching to find things of real value. The Plejaren provided us with a voluminous amount of information about humankind’s true origins and history which, while it may not be fancy enough for all the New Age archeologists, fantasists and escapists, might just be quite compelling to those people who are interested in the truth of the matter.

Eyeopening Revelations

I suggest searching for terms such as: Giza, Arussem, Kamagol, Jehova, Bafath, Aryan, Pelegon, Armus, Muras, etc., for some more eyeopening revelations about our real history and, if I may drop the other shoe, those beings who set in motion and perpetuated our mind-enslaving, bloodthirsty, illogical religions and their ugly twin sibling, politics.

More information about the Sumerians, etc.:

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E.T. debunks Nibiru and Annunaki

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Arahat Athersata

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  1. If she had just checked the etymology she would have found that the “ant” in Antarctica is from “anti” meaning opposite. In this case opposite from the north or Arctic.

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