Let’s Give the UFO Skeptics Another Chance

After 18 years maybe they’re ready to stop denying the truth 

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It’s been 18 years since I first challenged the professional skeptics to back up their claims that the Billy Meier UFO contacts, and the evidence therein, was an “easily duplicated hoax”. Their continued failure to duplicate Meier’s still irreproducible UFO evidence, substantiate their claims, etc., is their legacy.

Skeptics don’t seem to abide by recognized scientific standards when confronted with evidence that challenges the underlying prejudices that motivated them to become – and define themselves as – skeptics…and not scientists. Also lacking the requisite ethical standards, they feel no need to apologize for wrongly trashing a man’s character and reputation when they are proved wrong.

As I periodically do, I contacted, and sent the information below*, to some of the newer crop of skeptic podcasters. I also sent it to those who were among the worst of the pseudoscientific offenders, such as foot-in-mouth specialists Derek BartholomausSteven Novella,  Stuart Robbins, Pfoolish Phil Plait, Michael Shermer, and various skeptics at CSI, etc.

The Skeptics Conspiracy of Silence and Denial

According to Stuart Robbins:

“However, all it takes is ONE experiment, one piece of indisputable, independently reproducible evidence or an experiment or observation that is irreconcilable with any established theory, and the theory goes out the window.”

Since they still can’t answer how Meier knew so many things before the scientists – and certainly before the skeptics – what has prevented their hoax “theory” from going out the window?

Ironic and surprising as it may seem, the answer is:

conspiracy of silence and denial was tacitly entered into by the skeptics after the definitive authentication of Meier’s evidence and claims by Joe Tysk.

That doesn’t mean that skeptics sat around and plotted to never speak about the Meier UFO contacts. Underlying the pseudoscientific philosophy of Skepticism is an unrecognized and unspoken…fear. The fear is that some things may actually be far more inexplicable to the solely materialistic view of life and reality held by those who choose to call themselves skeptics.

Cowardice Born of Fear

Fear often breeds cowardice. If one has already identified themselves as holding preconceived notions about reality, even though they’ll claim that they’re “based in science”, aligning oneself with Skepticism means that they aren’t objective and neutral but already filtering everything through their particular prism, because they feel safer with the pretty little patterns it projects, rather than with the dark and scary uncertainties that not knowing provokes.

Where true scientists dive in to discover the mysteries and and apply the scientific method to uncover their mechanisms, skeptics circle the wagons and are quick to look for any opportunity to deride and ridicule the unfamiliar. Of course, they have ripe pickings among the loonies who make all sorts of claims about “paranormal” abilities, phenomena, etc., that they can’t prove, i.e. provide credible, independently analyzed and authenticated evidence for.

The skeptics never could substantiate their amateurish and dismissive claims that they could “easily duplicate” Meier’s photographic evidence. And once Tysk showed that Meier’s 1964 evidence was ironclad – and even offered to take on any skeptical challenges to the contrary! – nothing has been heard from them, despite my having repeatedly shoved it in their faces.

For these glib, cynical, know-it-alls, the Meier contacts have proved to be like Kryptonite, weakening their already flimsy, self-assumed status of superiority as arbiters of what is or isn’t real. Ironically, they’re similar to all the charlatans and liars in UFOlogy who, because of their own ego and profit-driven needs, have done equal harm to the truth.

No Answer Is Also an Answer

With the irrefutable authentication of Meier’s UFO evidence, and the ceaseless fulfillment of his specific prophetic information, what will the skeptics do now?

Certainly, the newer crop of skeptical podcasters have yet to show any willingness to stand up for their predecessor’s flubbed and bumbled failures.

As the saying goes, no answer is also an answer.

So, it remains to be seen if, after 18 years, the skeptics’ conspiracy of silence and denial will end and some self-identifying skeptics will show backbone and integrity, decide to behave like actual scientists and participate in discovering – and loudly proclaiming – the truth.

*The information referred to above and recently sent to the skeptics:

Dear Skeptic


Here are some of Billy Meier’s  1,200+ pre-digital era UFO photos the skeptics can’t duplicate or debunk.

Meier 1975 UFO photo displayed in Times Square

A few of Meier’s UFO photos, 1975 – 1981

One of Meier’s 1975 UFO photos modified and used in I WANT TO BELIEVE poster on the X-Files

One in a series of nine 1975 UFO photos taken by Billy Meier

1975 UFO photo taken by Billy Meier…from inside another UFO

17 Replies to “Let’s Give the UFO Skeptics Another Chance”

  1. Is it even possible to be skeptical about things that have been proven by evidence? Is it rational, logical, intelligent or wise to doubt and fight against things proven by evidence?
    Do you think I could get a job in a bank if I was skeptical about 1 + 1 equalling 2 and instead believed without providing any proof that 1 + 1 equals 3? I reckon I could, if, 1 + 1 = 2 when it came to the customers and 1 + 1 = 3 when it came to the bank; to hell with cause and effect, right, ’cause we aren’t governed by that at all, right?!??!

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