We Told You So Moments

You may already know, be living next to, or even be one of the Pod People yourself

The doubters of the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts are akin to climate deniers, flat earthers, skeptics, etc. They stubbornly cling to their unscientific prejudicial premises in the face of all substantiated evidence to the contrary. This primitive, greatly underdeveloped kind of thinking is actually one of the reasons that we, the people of Earth, have had to receive the truth in small doses, often inserted obliquely into our overly aggressive, easily enraged, violence prone world.

The Current Mindset

It doesn’t matter that Meier’s UFO evidence has been independently authenticated by experts over a 40-year period. Even the newest and most definitive authentication by the former top investigator/supervisor for the USAF OSI doesn’t register among the professional (and amateur) skeptics. The current mindset, certainly among Americans, is more in tune with polarizing partisan politics, conspiracies, celebrity worship, sports and entertainment, not exactly a recipe for survival or evolution these days.

Prophetically Accurate Information

I’ve frequently pointed out that we’ve found over 250 specific, error-free examples of prophetically accurate information. And more items regularly appear that move towards further fulfillment and corroborations of information verifiably published by Meier up to decades earlier.


Among the greatest examples are those in the various sciences, such as the information about Mars, published long before “official discovery”, that had a USGS astrophotography expert stumbling all over himself trying to explain away as “Meier’s lucky guesses”.

Age of the Universe

Scientists may have to correct their pathetically inaccurate estimate of the age of the universe in light of this information. Of course, the information from the Plejaren space-traveling, extraterrestrial human race, which places the current age of the universe at around 46 trillion years*, will be impossible for the know-it-alls to even consider.


On the other end of the spectrum, i.e. the unscientific “true believers” may go apoplectic, or at least be in deep denial, about this article regarding the lack of any real historical record for the most famous person to walk the earth, i.e. “Jesus Christ. Again, this has long been explained in the Meier material, i.e. that there never was a man by the name of “Jesus Christ” but that the real man upon whom the falsification was based was named Jmmanuel. The late Prof. James Deardorff delved into this aspect in his own research into the Talmud Jmmanuel, co-discovered by Meier in 1963.

Science Marches On

Scientists long ago succeeded in putting the brains of monkeys in human beings, otherwise known as politicians. They’re now beginning to fulfill another one of Billy Meier’s prophecies by putting human cells in monkeys, though the difference in the resulting creatures may be slight.

India and Pakistan

Only a few months ago the ever-intensifying conflict between India and Pakistan almost led to an exchange of missiles between them. This brings to mind the warning from the Henoch Prophecies:

47. Also Pakistan will allow herself to be misled to instigate a war against India, which will be especially dangerous in view of the fact that both countries are developing atomic weapons.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

And while many people laughed at the idea that the USA could have new civil wars erupt here, as Meier also long ago foretold, it seems that the breakup of the country is already filtering into the mass consciousness.

Too Stupid to Survive

Returning to those troublesome monkey brains, reminiscent of when Bill Clinton facilitated the transfer of nuclear technology to China in the 1990s, Canada’s apparently decided it should share dangerous, potential bioweapons with China. Since human greed, power-hunger and stupidity know no bounds, we can reflect on “the most important part of Henoch’s prophecies”, i.e. the ultimate – and now inescapable –  consequences of ignoring the law of cause and effect:

187. Due to the fault of scientists, enormous power will be seized by the power-hungry and their military, their warriors and terrorists, and power will be seized as well through laser weapons of many types, but also via atomic, chemical and biological weapons.

189. However, this will not be all of the horrors; as besides the genetic technology and the chemical weapons, far worse and more dangerous and more deadly weapons of mass destruction will be produced and will be used.

227. Even when the North American continent will be stricken by the most terrible catastrophe which has ever been recorded, evil military powers will wreak havoc with computerised and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, whereby it will also happen that computerised weapons become independent and cannot be controlled any longer by human beings.

245. China will attack India; and if biological weapons are used, around 30 million human beings will be killed in the area of and around New Delhi alone.

246. However, this will not be the end yet—because the effect of biological bombs and missiles, etc., used cannot be controlled at that time, and terrible epidemics unknown up to that point in time will arise and will spread quickly to many areas.

275. Not only nuclear, biological and chemical weapons will be used en masse, but also enormously deadly systems of computer-controlled weapons that are only in the beginning stages of development today, or will be invented and constructed during the third millennium.

Comic Relief

Fortunately, we have this latest example of politically correct white guilt, generously provided by an  idiotic actress who feels “ashamed” that she couldn’t undo – wait for it – being born white.

WARNING: Should you be considering enrolling in an American university, or be a parent about to tragically put your child into one of these lobotomy factories, please reconsider. It’s not necessary to spend outrageous amounts of money to be infected with the kind of mind-rotting stupidity now contaminating the educated and non-educated alike. In fact, you may already know, be living next to, or even be one of the Pod People yourself. Save your money and donate it instead to the Michael Horn Wildlife Fund, you’ll be glad you did…and so will I.

*Contact Report 238: “Our DERN universe is now just 46,000,000,000,000 years old, even when the smart Earth scientists ignorantly and uncomprehendingly assert that this cannot correspond to the truth, because, since the formation of the universe, only 13,000,000,000 years have passed, over the entire course of time.”


Please, let us learn how to think, to direct and live our own lives in accordance  with Creation’s universal laws and recommendations, while the now unstoppable external events fulfill as they must, because of the unreasonableness of humankind for far too long.

The Might of the Thoughts

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154 Replies to “We Told You So Moments”

  1. I think it would be helpful for the forum, for those who are insulting posters who don’t “belong” to the group to refrain from using scurrilous words like “asinine”, “stupid”, “idiot”, and I’m sure you get my point here. Nothing is being accomplished with this kind of obvious bullying. It seems like you only want to interact with yourselves in the same old way, going over the same old stuff, the same old ideas and flogging that dying horse “overpopulation” to an early death.

    Also, some of your English is substandard, particularly the spelling of ordinary words. I suggest that if you want to be taken seriously in the English speaking world you clean up your written English! Your use of the language borders on the ridiculous. In fact, you show your relative lack of good education and this may account for some of the attitude I have personally experienced in this forum.

    Linda, clearly you and I are not welcome here as this forum is only used as propaganda for Meier’s “mission”. It is not tolerant of “outsiders”. I don’t fear banishment at all. . . . .I have learned in life that if my welcome in a place runs out, it’s better I find another place. Best wishes all.

    1. Carolyn, if what you are saying is nonsense, you should expect someone to say so. There are no safe spaces in the real world. Should you just post your unsubstantiated claims without anyone responding to them?

      If you had one shred of evidence for your claims, that would be different, but you come on here talking about things that are clearly idiotic and wonder why folks say anything. This blog is about the Billy Meier case. You are certainly free to have your beliefs, but we are certainly free to call out the idiocy in the claims that you make.

      Going forward, please substantiate your claims about FIGU, Billy and all your other beliefs, or we will not be posting them.

      1. I ❤️ U Miss Melissa, kick’n butt for the TRUTH. Looks like it’s been an exhaustive day on the blog, have yourself a peaceful evening!

    2. Carolyn, theirs only so much living fertil soil on earth , square footage per living life then it’s even less (because there’s a per square footage of fertil land per human requirement according to arahat athersata book). Also to mention the plejarens/ the federation Billy, personally assisted so much in preventive measures from deflecting asteroids, removing the intelligence from under the great pyramid, preventing the malicious ones from the Pegasus, stoping the detonation of a time bomb connected to earth on the far side of andromeda, anotated historical events in accuracy
      Provided medical, sociological, ecological imperative information. High level storage bank recovery of information for the benifits of assisting the evolution on earth, assisted the the laboraious undertaking of assisting in the annotations of the all the encompassing teachings…this doesn’t including sending impulses for technology and technical development as well. And impulsing science fiction writers to inspire better things, thank you isn’t enough, a dinner and glass of wine to toast to them isn’t enough. You know what’s enough?…the whole earth actually listening one day to be capable to thank them in person and continue the path of human development and not human destruction. I’ve learned more from life and beyond from these groups of people more then anyone else in my entire life I’ve every come accross.

      1. “Impulses” and “storage banks”. . . . now how are these “scientific”??? What kind of a machine is a “storage bank”? You folks have a strange definition of “science”. You say, that the extra-terrestrials sent thought impulses in the form of some kind of wave energy into certain individuals to inspire them to create things. Where is the scientific proof for that? It is all conjecture. . . . could possibly be true or not. We really don’t know, do we? At least I don’t see any scientific basis for asserting that ET’s are “beaming” thoughts at us. We have to rely on Billy Meier’s testimony for that. . . . so everything hangs on what Meier said. There is no scientific proof of any of this. And “storage banks”? What exactly are “storage banks”? Is that some kind of great machine in outer space somewhere which collects all our thoughts and memories and stores them, much like a giant computer? Is it visible? Is it tangible? Can one visit it? What is a “storage bank”?

        1. You’re just being silly now. You’re making no sense at all and showing everybody your inability to THINK or make connections with A, B and C. I see this over and over again with the majority of people who can’t comprehend how things work. It’s really sad that the people have sunk into such non-thinking idiocy. They can no longer anticipate, work out, detect, research, calculate, see the big picture or make any sense of the world around them. We truly are on the brink and it’s not going to be pleasant folks.

          We can’t help you if you don’t help yourself.

          1. Well, this much is clear Melissa, you certainly have never seen such a “storage bank” and you are not able using your own words to explain what it is. I rest my case.

            1. Hi Carolyn, Impulses are sent to people to invent new things is my understanding. An example would be the Wright Brothers Flying Machine. Check out the other half a dozen people around the world who had the same impulses during the same time period. Ask yourself why no one was impulsed one hundred years before that with these “ideas”.
              Storage banks are accessible and my own proof is that my practitioner told me things about myself that she couldn’t have possibly known. As opposed to the occult witch I went to 30+ years ago who could only get things out of me by asking questions and much of it was flat out wrong.

        2. Dear Carolyn,

          Please correct if I’m wrong but I seem to recall that you had talked about your religious beliefs in the past, perhaps pertaining to being, or having been raised, Catholic. If that’s accurate, then you probably also were taught that the pope was infallible, etc., a quality that was bestowed upon him by a bunch of guys in dresses who, for centuries, have continued to run the biggest institutionalized pedophilia ring in history. I won’t get into how “scientific” ANYTHING in religion, Catholicism included, is.

          But I digress. Not really because the Meier material contains those things that one can prove as being ironclad, i.e. the physical evidence, the prophetically accurate scientific and other information, etc. But there are plenty of things that one could simply say are “speculative”, or to use your word conjecture, at this time, can neither be proved with hard evidence, nor disproved. But the important thing is that there is zero…BELIEF necessary, recommended, asked for, etc. Much of the information, though fascinating, may not even become very relevant to human beings for a long time.

          The thing that anyone can determine for themselves is the validity of the spiritual teaching in their own lives and that requires no belief at all.

          You object to the harsh reaction your opinions have received, which is understandable. However, you’re also very familiar that the Meier material is quite clear – in German and in English – about how the truth can be quite harsh. That isn’t to say that any personal name calling is the “truth” but you’ve come into a place where the participants have a tendency to avoid diplomacy when people (including those who should know better) come in making wild, illogical and unsubstantiated claims. And, in these times when the necessity for clear thinking, seeing things as they are, being reality based is – and will become – all the more necessary, maybe there’s actually some real, non-fuzzy tough love going on.

          We really are in all this together and, as is becoming very clear, things “out there” are going to continue to get rougher. A fellowship in which people recognize that, cut the b.s. out of their lives and do their best to make progress evolving their thinking, could turn out to be a refreshing and renewing environment, albeit with plenty of bumps on a road that leads to more love, peace, freedom and harmony.

          1. Yes Michael, now I must point out that you have brought up the subject “Catholic” and “religion”, which I have not! I do my own thinking, and no I wasn’t raised as a Catholic, I was raised by a Nazi father (German “son” of Hitler) and a Canadian mother, who was a music teacher, and not at all religious. I actually came to Catholicism because I was opposed to the Nazis and everything they represented. Some of the staunchest opponents of the Nazi regime within Germany were Catholic priests and bishops. The people who have not studied history at all would be ignorant of all the processes which led to the terrible genocide against the Jews which we now call “Holocaust”. I began to realize that only by going to the inside of the Catholic church would I be able to explore the otherwise hidden realities and politics which are closed to outsiders. So for me this has been a long journey, and not motivated by religious feelings as much as a need to find out the how’s and the why’s of how the Church of Rome works. I am a historian and have an M.A. in history from the University of Toronto. Because I know the history of the twentieth century, I see how Billy Meier fits into the history, and what his role seems to be.

            I am no friend of atheistic forms of government. . . . such as Communism or Fascism. What brought down the Iron Curtain in Europe in 1989 was the efforts of the Catholic church working through Poland, its priests and bishops. We can also thank the Church of Rome for the re-unification of Germany in 1989, with the fall of the Berlin Wall. For us Germans (I am half German) it was the most significant event for us, seeing that wall come down and families being reunited.

            Politically, now I am thinking of what I read in the “Zeitzeichen”, Billy Meier is someone who seems to support Communism in some form. He has unending contempt for the European Union and seemingly unending contempt for all our western democratic governments, and seems to wish the worst on us. I can in no way support that agenda and the attempt to undermine the fragile stability of the West. I have no love for Russia, remembering the terrible atrocities committed against German women in Berlin at the end of the Second World War. There is no way that I will ever support the idea of Russian world domination. And I guess in that way, I am obliged to support Donald Trump and his cronies, even though obviously the American government needs to be cleaned up! The Masons, well again, they helped to rescue the West from the Nazis. . . . so I don’t think we should come down too hard on them, do you?

            Study the history. We don’t support the study of history in schools much anymore. Probably that’s part of the general attempt to dumb down the population as much as possible, in order to create unthinking clones who will follow instructions from a charismatic leader. Billy is such a charismatic personality and he has attracted some followers. Take care, learn the history and don’t be fooled!

            1. Thanks Carolyn. I seem to recall, without doing any searches online now, that there was at least one pope who was said to have collaborated with the Nazis too.

              The Russians are not saints and they too have had centuries of attacks made against them. My mother fled communism when orphaned at 10 years of age, later she had to flee the Nazis, as my father also did.

              The people of today are not the people of yesterday, for better or for worse. And what I think Meier is pointing out, foretelling, is that in the future it will be from Russia that a more consciousness-based, spiritual world will evolve. Why not? It certainly isn’t going to come from the US, nor from the EU, etc. The Russians are also what we refer to as a long-suffering people. And the fact is that so much of real history is hidden from us; history is written by the victors, as the saying goes.

              There is a new translation coming out, for the benefit of non-German readers, that presents things about Trump that even for me were a bit shocking, as I haven’t had strong feelings against, or for him. There’s also controversial information about environmentalism, Greta Thunberg, electric cars, the prognosis for the actual survival of the human race on earth, in these new CR.

              Billy certainly isn’t such a “charismatic personality” as you state. I don’t know how much of the CR and spiritual teaching, etc., that you’ve read but I think that there are things, such as you speak about in your comment here, that may be giving you a somewhat jaundiced view of who Meier is, what he does and why he does it. I also say this as someone very familiar with charismatic personalities and also people who absolutely don’t manifest those tendencies. In my 20 years of visiting with Meier, I’ve found him to be a remarkably balanced and, to use the word, normal person.

              1. Thank you Michael. Perhaps, someday, God willing if he lives long enough, I too will meet Billy Meier and have a chance to get to know him. If not in this life, then maybe in another!

                1. By the way, that Pope you mentioned who “collaborated” with the Nazis was Pope Pius XII, who was also responsible for “saving” a lot of Jews. His collaboration was for the sake of helping Jews escape Hitler’s henchmen, and to save others from the death camps. Michael Hesemann wrote a book about this not too long ago. Regretfully, it’s not translated into English yet, but I’m sure that at some point it will be.

                2. You’re welcome Carolyn and I’m sure that Billy would both appreciate your sentiments and the irony of “God willing”. I do hope that you are able to meet him in this lifetime because, in the next…he won’t be Billy Meier again!

                  All the best.

              2. I would add that the people from Russia have suffered very badly through centuries of brutal dictatorships over the centuries and are now learning the same way that we here in the US are learning that politics and relgions have no place on Earth. Trouble is that some of the people in Russia are still very devoutly religious thanks to Putin but I think very soon that will end as religions will end all around this world along with politics etc. The people of Russia are not the same people they were when they once had to live under an totalitian communist rule so trying to fight a war with Russia to me persinally is not the answer since they are now in the same boat as we are and are learning and struggling just as we are here in the US too. I think China will be the next country to ched ist brutal dictatorship son too and learn and struggle as Russia and the US are doing now. “Blaming Russia and China is very very wrong. You have to think of the people themselves not their stupid religious leaders and their stupid pioliticans who like all the rest of the worlds politics and relgions are so corrupt that sooner or later will have to just cave in and die out the sooner the better!”

            2. Mikhail Gorbachev singly and alone brought the end of the Cold War. Sorry, it was not Ronald Regan or anyone or anything else struting around the parade grounds claiming victory and ignorantly failing the grasp the significance of one of the Soviet Union’s own members to bring about a change of that magnitude. This was proven recently by Stephen Kotkin (a real scholar) and something Quetzel the alleged Plejaran ET unequivocaly stated to Meier in the Henoch Prophecies. The significance of Gorbachev seems to not have percolated much and continually ignored with its the implications and self-congratulatory manner folks ‘remember’ that time to their own detriment:


              “241. The Soviet Union will be dissolved in this decade or at the latest by the beginning of the next.
              242. The man decisive for this action will be Mikhail Gorbachev.”

              More revealingly Ptaah says THIS:

              “485. Thus, he will continue his positive reforms, even against all adversities that are placed in his way, whereby in particular, the power-hungry Boris Yeltsin will become a talking point, in terms of hostility against Gorbachev.
              486. But unfortunately, many are not as strong in their truth conviction and in their actions as Mikhail Gorbachev, which is why many fall to the hostility of the sectarian forces, either in the way that they fall into doubt and dissension or in that they become sick in consciousness and confused and overtaken by delusions, as this becomes more and more prominent the more that the time approaches the point when the power of the worthless number, 666, openly manifests itself by force, namely in the sense of the murderous, criminal, and destructive power of sectarian Christianity, which, in many respects, holds the lethal value of 666 in itself, as you know very well.
              487. The Anti-logos will become more and more apparent and will demand more and more victims, from which also group members will not remain spared, but also not many outside of the groups, who strive for the real creative truth and for the observance of the creative laws and commandments.”

              1. “I think this is the very reason we MUST do away with religion and politics otherwise we will end up with this sinister 666 and biochiping as soon as possible if we don`t band together NOW the sooner the better off we will be!”

    3. Thank you for your kind words, Carolyn. After this experience I’m convinced that the ‘Plejarens’ are very much human and aligned with globalism. And I hadn’t realized until now that they also promote man-made climate fear, so no surprise that Billy’s reportedly written a hit piece on Donald Trump, globalism’s public enemy #1, who’s derailed the climate fraud by withdrawing from the rapacious Paris Accord and rejected the insane ‘environmental’ regulations designed to destroy our economy and make way for an eco-fascist world government. Unfortunately it’s full steam ahead in Canada, Europe and Australia.

      Although I expected the information I shared on Julian Simon to be greeted with suspicion, I assumed there’d be an effort to conform to the Plejaren philosophy with ‘rational and logical’ debate. So I was frankly stunned by Melissa’s bullying, wildly false and insulting assumptions and vicious ridicule, and how she and Michael wield their power to censor anyone for any reason. Basically the playbook of Silicon Valley and fascists in general; they certainly share the same goals – micro-managed control of humanity. And Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals #5 is clearly a favorite: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

      And such bigotry and contempt for entire groups of people, which history has proven never ends well. And the belief that you’re chosen by a higher power and superior to your fellow humans is typical of all religious cults.

      I regret giving Bllly Meier any thought over the last 30 years. I was always a bit put off by the ‘Plejarens” contempt for the human race, which did set off those alarm bells, but I tried to reason it out as impatience for our slow evolution. But it was all just Billy, whose unusual history does hint at the possibility of sophisticated nazi mind control.

      It was Climategate that freed me from ‘liberal’ smoke & mirrors and revealed the true villains, the eugenicist ‘elite’ who Blame the Victims for all their crimes – ‘overpopulation that requires a ‘final solution’. Then I recognized the alignment with the ‘Plejarens’.

      The shared ‘utopian’ wet dream of ‘the elite’ is carved in granite in multiple languages, per ‘karmic law’; it seems they must ‘respect’ our free will and inform ‘the masses’ of their intentions. Isn’t that special? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones And now I see that the ‘Plejarens’ are just the sci-fi branch of their twisted psychopathy.

      And thank you for your thought-provoking comments, Carolyn. I was relieved at your assertion that the ‘Plejaren teachings’ have communist overtones; I’ve heard that some call it communitarianism – now that’s a mouthful. I suppose it’s to avoid any association with the genocide of 100 million people.

      btw my mother was also Canadian and I posted some concerning information about Justin Trudeau here, but it was censored by our Dear Leaders for some inexplicable reason. I’d post it again but this whole comment may be censored. Actually, it may be anyway since free speech is obviously selective in these parts; all fascist systems do fear exposure.

      I hope this comment reaches you! All the best!

      1. Hi Linda,

        Since you feel that I’m bullying you, please see Michael’s previous comment. Thanks.


        It’s very clear that you’re unable to respond to either my or other people’s points raised and that rebut your complete lack of knowledge of the extensive contents of the Meier contacts, even those few thousands of pages only available in English.

        Instead, you want to plunge ahead with repeating, with parroting, the conspiratorial, irrelevant bilge from the “online experts”. Most importantly though, what actual benefit will rummaging around in all that crap have for you in your life now, and in the lives of those you know?

        Yes, we point out how unerringly accurate the Meier material has been and also how the spiritual teaching is indeed the key to our future survival.

        You can be certain that if anyone is interested in playing ping-pong with you, they’ll respond to your supposed “questions” and challenges, inaccurate and insincere as they may be.”


        1. Hi Linda, I don’t believe that the Plejaren have a negative agenda for the earth, and I do think that their contacts with Billy Meier are benevolent, and that their intention was and is to be helpful to the human race. After all, we are their descendants and some of us hearken back to the ancient Lyran civilization. Some are Vegans, from the Vega star system. I believe myself to be of Lyran descent. I have wondered from time to time how the ancient Greeks fit into Billy’s cosmology. . . . I suspect they are Lyrans. Someone please correct me if you have any more definite information about that!

          I do have a few issues about the conduit of information, the translator, if you will, that transmits the Plejaren knowledge to us. As I see Billy Meier he has a couple of roles here. First, he is a reincarnation of two people who the world knows as “prophets”. . . . the first is Henok (Henoch) and the second is Mohammed. From some of his written works, he lays out what are the “spiritual teachings” which were corrupted, as he says, by people who didn’t understand them. These corrupted teachings became the Koran, which is the foundation for the Islamic religions. I say “religions” because there are many brands of Islam. . . . some more tolerant and some very intolerant to other peoples and races. The second role Billy Meier seems to be fulfilling is that of a communicator between the race of Plejaren peoples and the earth. Why they chose him to be the communicator is explained in many of the contact reports. In any case, we are either to believe him and accept the whole package, as it were, or not. If his information is partially true and partially fabricated, then it presents a complex problem to sift through it and try to separate the truth from the part which he has made up out of his own thought processes. For him, this may be one and the same, as he may indeed think that what he thinks is accurate and true information. I am not in any position to judge him, and since I’m not in his mind, I don’t know what (of all that is presented) is fact and not fiction. Are his dates and names accurate? Are the events long ago accurately explained? We have nothing to use to verify his information, so it’s again left to the realm of “belief”; it’s up to the individual, whether to accept what is presented or not. For myself, I accept some things and reject others. . . . and this is what infuriates the “opposition” on this blog and other places where I have interacted with FIGU. They do not allow a person to pick and choose from the information presented. It’s either the whole package, or nothing. And this in itself bothers me.

          The story of Atlantis, for example, appears in Plato and was written more than two thousand years ago. If I am confronted with disparities between Plato’s account of Atlantis and Billy’s account of it, I will sooner accept Plato’s account.

          The third role I see Billy Meier taking, is that of a modern political revolutionary, a rabble rouser of modern times. His Zeitzeichen (online publications) are full of the most scathing critiques of almost every existing government. And he encourages everyone to literally take up arms against the governments of our time. In my eyes he is an anarchist.

          The fourth role Billy Meier is playing is that of the prophet and seer. His predictions for the future of the earth are nothing less than catastrophic and leave no stone anywhere unturned. He predicts the collapse of the Catholic Church, the total collapse of the American democracy, the destruction of Europe through cataclysms that will flood most of the continent and England. However, his negative predictions don’t seem to include much of Asia. . . . Russia and China and even Africa emerge relatively unscathed from the future disasters. This in itself leads me to believe that he sincerely hates Democracy and Democrats, and would prefer to imposed some kind of atheistic dictatorship on the world. Religion of any kind is to be abolished. Well, folks, that’s what the Nazis and the Communists did, and we all know what happened to the unfortunate populations of both Germany and Russia under these respective dictatorships. Nazism and Communism are godless forms of government, devoid of compassion or even basic ethics. Now, I know this post (if it is posted by the moderators) will generate a huge assault on myself, for not providing “facts” and “science” and “quotations” to back up what I’m saying. So my early reply is, those facts are all at your fingertips, who are so schooled in the Meier material. I don’t have to dig through it all again and quote sentences from contact reports to back up what I have presented.

          1. Hi Carolyn, I think the reason you may not be able to “swallow it whole” is that you have preconceived notions of what truth is and these do not conform with Billy’s material. I think everyone has had this experience going through it. The truth is harsh. You don’t appear to like harsh as you feel you are being disrespected. Maybe harshness reminds you of your father and you just don’t like it.
            If you want to know what happened to Atlantis you should read Otto Muck’s book as Billy says he’s the incarnation of Plato.
            Billy has NEVER said “to take up arms” against governments or politicians. He HAS said we should start electing those of high values. The taking up of arms should only be for ones own self preservation.
            What Billy predicts WILL affect the whole world. Understand that if positive predictions are made, they will be turned negative. That’s why Billy makes negative predictions, so they do have a chance at being positive or at least give us the chance to prepare.
            How can you possibly think religion and politics are the answer? Ethics means doing no wrong and not even allowing any suspicion of wrongdoing. Politics in all earthy forms are about greed and advantage, even our beloved democracy. The reason Trudeau will win the election is because $595 million given to the media to help elect him. What kind of democracy is Canada anyway, when the election is already decided as soon as the votes are counted in Ontario? Why do the votes in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Colombia, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut not matter in a supposed democracy?

          2. Hi Carolyn.. Thank you for your enlightening observations! My main reason for posting here is that the fear of overpopulation and scarcity aligns with globalism and Julian Simon disproved both. And I was shocked to learn that Billy also promotes the man-made climate change fraud. My understanding is that he holds humanity responsible for the dismal future world he predicts, and not the small group of ‘elites’ who’ve taken control of all the organs of power over the last 100 years of technological progress. Blame the Victims.

            And the claim here that Nikola Tesla’s inventions were worthless is interesting. It would mean that human evolution wasn’t thwarted by this small group of ‘elites’ and Plejarens have no such withheld technology to correctly share with us. That’s convenient. Yet the evidence that Tesla’s inventions were fully functional and suppressed, and that other inventors since have met the same fate and worse, is far more compelling than evidence of Plejarens communicating through Billy Meier.

            Concerning the 666 prophecy, I know of nothing that fits the dual meaning quite like the fact that carbon is 6 protons, 6 neutrons & 6 electrons; the human body is mostly carbon; and globalists intend to replace cash with a carbon chip, presumably in the hand. They talked openly about it until Ciimategate derailed them for awhile. They intend to start slow, of course…

            Carbon Chastity
            “Only Monday, a British parliamentary committee proposed that every citizen be required to carry a carbon card that must be presented, under penalty of law, when buying gasoline, taking an airplane or using electricity. The card contains your yearly carbon ration to be drawn down with every purchase, every trip, every swipe. There’s no greater social power than the power to ration. And, other than rationing food, there is no greater instrument of social control than rationing energy, the currency of just about everything one does and uses in an advanced society.” – Charles Krauthammer, May 2008

            ‘Gorebull warbling’ is based on computer JUNK science, so isn’t it Perfect that Prophecy would take the form of REAL science? The Creator does have a sense of humor. :} I posted the carbon 666 fun fact here two days ago, along with info on Justin Trudeau, but it was censored. Can’t imagine why.

            And of course the passionate opposition to human ‘overpopulation’ that Plejarens share with the ‘elites’, was literally carved into stone, or rather their intention to reduce it to 500 million was. So over 6 billion of us should not be here, once robotics can fully replace us. I wonder how many from FIGU will make the cut? They might want to take note that demonization of carbon dioxide is the means: forced migration into ‘low carbon smart cities’, where bio agents can be released to efficiently eliminate millions of ‘useless eaters’ at a time without the agents dangerously spreading. We’re talking psychotics, after all. Does Billy talk psychotics? The ones in expensive suits?

            I do believe we’re being visited by benevolent entities from the Pleiades and elsewhere. The most convincing evidence, to my mind, is a 2001 press conference with retired military officers from across the world, who’ve testified that their nuclear facilities were messed with in ways far beyond the capabilities of terrestrial forces. They were asked at the end of the press conference why this might be so and all agreed that we’re being warned against nuclear power. Military minds are not inclined to be easily convinced, so their testimonies are all the more compelling, imo. Here’s the press conference if you’re interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DrcG7VGgQU

            This comment has already gotten so long, sorry! I just want to include this fascinating 3 part video series that presents compelling evidence that Atlantis is the ‘Eye of the Sahara’ – the Richat Structure. The evidence aligns perfectly with Plato’s writings so I thought you might enjoy it. The videos were made by an Iraq war vet inspired by ancient history, who goes by his first name, Jimmy; they’re posted on his Bright Insights channel. The first video went viral literally overnight, with millions of views and it even hit the British mainstream press; the follow up vids also went viral…

            Part 1: The Lost City of Atlantis – Hidden in Plain Sight – Advanced Ancient Human Civilization

            Part 2: This is How We Know Atlantis Existed…AND Where – Lost Ancient Civilization Hidden in Plain Sight

            Part 3: Ancient Map PROVES The Lost City of Atlantis is The Eye of The Sahara – Ancient Civilization

            Jimmy was inspired by the documentary Visiting Atlantis, made by an English couple from academia a few years prior. Their video doesn’t have the high energy of Jimmy’s, though it’s quietly compelling…

            Visiting Atlantis Full Documentary

            And so it is that ASTRONAUTS DISCOVERED ATLANTIS! Proving once again that truth is stranger than fiction. And AFRICANS WERE ANTLANTEANS, not surprising when you think about it. Interesting that Marvel Comics came out with Wakanda in 1966, one year after Atlantis was first seen by NASA.

            [there’s nothing Officialdumb hates more than a prole threatening their Darwinian narrative; so Google and Wikipedia are on it, like hobos on a ham sandwich]

            All the best, Carolyn!

            1. Hi Linda,

              This is the last irrational, inaccurate and irrelevant, cut and paste comment that will be posted here until you, with your vast wisdom and that of the sources you refer to, present a credible, comprehensive rebuttal to:



              And don’t bother to complain and claim that you and the rest of the climate and overpopulation deniers are somehow being discriminated against. We’ve generously allowed a lot of latitude for you and other people (who like you also can’t seem to post your comments in the most relevant sections) but now it’s time to do as requested and provide your credible and comprehensive rebuttals.

              1. https://www.breitbart.com/radio/2019/03/21/greenpeace-founder-climate-change-crisis-is-a-completely-made-up-issue/
                Greenpeace Founder: ‘Climate Change Crisis’ Is a ‘Completely Made-Up Issue’

                Today’s “environmental movement” subscribes to an anti-human ideology, observed Moore. He described his 1986 departure from Greenpeace following the organization’s shift from a “humanitarian” orientation towards an anti-human one:
                “By 1986, the evolution that occurred was something I couldn’t live with…So I left Greenpeace, because we started with a strong humanitarian bent in order to save humanity and the environment from all-out nuclear war. That’s what the ‘green’ is and the ‘peace’ is in Greenpeace: the environment and people living peacefully.”
                “By the end of the Save the Whales campaign and all the others, the rest of the environmental movement and Greenpeace, my fellow directors, were basically treating humans as the enemies of the Earth. It had switched over the years from humans being part of nature and part of what we were fighting for to being the enemies of what we were fighting for. And I don’t see it that way because I am an ecologist, and I understand that we all evolved from life on this Earth together. We’re all part of the same ecosystem and the same planet, and we shouldn’t look at it as if we’re separate from nature. We should look at is as if we’re a part of nature, and of course we are.”
                “As time went on, I watched as Greenpeace evolved, basically hijacked by the extreme left. We were pretty centrist when we started. We were basing our positions on science and logic, as I saw it, and I’ve been a scientist all my life; that’s my orientation — not to make up stories and not to exaggerate unnecessarily. And I found that Greenpeace was just going off into this sensationalism and misinformation, and using fear to get people to send them money — fear that the world was coming to an end, which we hear repeated over and over and over again now with this final declaration by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that we have 12 years left until the end of the world. The fact is, people have been saying that since the beginning of time, and it never has and it never people, but they get away with it.”
                “Through history, you see organizations that start of with noble causes — and this applies really often — they start off with a noble cause and they eventually evolve into a business, where fundraising actually becomes the most important goal because you’ve got to keep 200 people on a salary. When we started, we were volunteers. We didn’t have any salary. But as it evolved, that happens, people have to live, and people send money in for the cause that you’re promoting, and you become a business. But then the really nasty part happens. It turns into a racket, and that’s what’s happened with Greenpeace, and it happened a long time ago.”
                “The Al Gores are basically snake oil salesmen, charlatans. They are dealing in this complete hoax of a scare [about] the climate, and as you say, scaring young people into thinking that they’re going to die.”
                “The environmental movement as it was in the Sixties and Seventies is not really necessary anymore in North America or in Europe,” declared Moore. “It’s done its job, and yet it’s perpetuating itself based on this so-called climate change crisis or catastrophe that actually doesn’t exist.”
                “[They] invent ever-more far-fetched problems that in the end don’t really exist. The climate change issue is a completely made-up issue. Of course, the climate has been changing ever since the Earth was born; and, of course, it’s still changing now. It hasn’t really changed very much. People don’t even realize that 20,000 years ago there was a mile of ice on top of New York City and three miles of ice on top of Montreal. That change from then until now is substantial, but the little bit of temperature change that has occurred in the last couple of hundred years on the planet Earth is nothing compared to the changes that have occurred in the past over time. It is completely exaggerated, and it being used to scare people.”

                “Our addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is fertilizing all of the plant life on Earth, including all the forests and all the food crops on Earth, and we have something like a 30-percent average increase in the growth of plants over the last 50 years because of the CO2 that we’ve put in the atmosphere. CO2 is the primary food for life, and along with water, H2O and CO2, plants make sugar, mainly glucose, which is a carbohydrate, which is the basis for all the energy for all of life, beginning with photosynthesis.
                If people just understood that basic fact, and the fact that CO2 is now lower than it has been virtually in the history of the Earth — because life has taken it out and deposited it in sediments, called fossil fuels, and carbonaceous rocks like limestone and marble and chalk, all of which contain carbon that used to be in the atmosphere or dissolved in the ocean where they were absorbed by living creatures to make themselves. Over time those creatures have fallen to the bottom of the ocean when they die, or have been buried in sediments on the land to form fossil fuels, and they have removed that carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the oceans. So we come along after 4 billion years of this, and start burning some of the fossil fuels, and finally start putting some of the carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere where it came from in the first place.”
                “[Carbon dioxide] is actually the main fertilizer and building block for life” The climate change narrative is “not just fake news; it’s fake science,” Moore said. “That is a fact, and I will put my reputation — 45 years as a scientist studying these subjects — on the line. I don’t get paid by the government to make up stories so politicians can scare the electorate into voting for them on the climate issue.”

                1. Linda,

                  I’m approving this one post, of the three you submitted, because the other two are also simply quotes of non-specific opinions, many of which are political comments ore than specific science.

                  They can be compared to the following, which contain very specific figures and information that put the situations in a factually supported light, without any political slant:


                  So, if you’re trying to make a case against the realities of overpopulation and unnatural, manmade climate change, you’ll have to provide credible facts and figures to rebut those provided by Meier. Any interested parties can compare the quotes you provided with the information in the Meier material and then determine the truth for themselves. However, until you can provide the requested rebuttals, please don’t continue to quote Simon as if he’s someone who already did, which of course he didn’t.

                  1. Michael, to be clear, when I posted a link to the comprehensive Wired article on Julian Simon’s research on overpopulation and scarcity, I did expect to trigger some hostile emotions, but I also expected any responses to be rational and logical, in line with the Plejaren philosophy. And I wanted to be respectful and not seem combative for challenging Meier’s assertions, so I didn’t excerpt the article so as not to ‘get in any faces’ with the material. I figured anyone who’s curious would just check it out and/or maybe ask me a question or three. Or just ignore it. https://www.wired.com/1997/02/the-doomslayer-2/

                    Being ignored would have been preferable; I was personally insulted and ridiculed and accused of being a liar. Nearly all the responses were illogical, irrational and offensive and most offensive was Melissa, who seems to fancy herself a ‘rational and logical’ superior intellect, the opposite of how she presents. Her lack of self-awareness is almost comical, really. But sad, too.

                    I began to wade through the avalanche of appalling comments and responded first to the one or two reasonable questions. At that point I was accused of deliberately ignoring others and warned that I must immediately respond to everyone or be banned. Basically “You and your information are stupid, but read and respond to Billy’s stuff NOW or be DELETED!”

                    That was fine, since I’d ‘led the horse to water’ as I intended and I’m no fan of abuse, which is apparently the norm on this platform – actually reminds me of EST and Scientology – but I wished to correspond more with Carolyn Snyder, whose views I find enlightening – and isn’t that the ideal of any communication?

                    You wrote: “you’ll have to provide credible facts and figures”, yet there are DECADES of Simon’s facts and figures, so I posted links to his various areas of research so anyone who cares to can pursue what they’re most curious about. But you wouldn’t post the links, claiming they weren’t sufficient, when in fact the links lead to an abundance of riches! And there’s obviously more than one correct way to share information, so your reasoning doesn’t seem at all reasonable to me.

                    But to sum up Julian Simon’s research in one short paragraph: OUR MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE IS HUMANITY. His facts & figures over many decades and 20 years since his death continue to demonstrate that when population grows, human creativity does too, which includes MORE innovation, MORE sustenance and MORE and better solutions to make a better world.
                    And the more free humanity is allowed to be, the better off we all become. The root of the problem is oppression, not population. Darwinism run amok.
                    But don’t take my word for it. I’m happy to re-post the links to Simon’s indisputable findings for anyone who cares to step outside Billy’s invisible electric fence and risk getting zapped by ridicule and insults.

                    MODERATOR NOTE:


                    Do you have any verifiable evidence for your claims and wild assertions? Enough is enough. Michael has repeatedly asked you to substantiate your claims with verifiable evidence.

                    1. Linda,

                      While I think your post deserves a longer, more extensive reply, for now I’ll jump to your last two paragraphs.

                      As far as humanity being our “most precious resource” that kind of statement reminds me of “our strength is in diversity”, which is another nice sounding generalization that also says nothing about the…qualities, abilities, values, etc., of human beings. Such feel-good statements are dangerously dumb and tell us nothing of importance. And I think that any objective, reasonable person will see that the innovations and good solutions are vastly outstripped, even trampled over by the exponentially increasing hordes of humanity who are now – literally – bursting through fences worldwide in desperate attempts to gain economic and other resources that they’ve decided they’re entitled to, having failed to become RESOURCEFUL in their own lands, having failed to curtail overbreeding, having failed to become educated, etc. And of course among the ones simply seeking benefits, or asylum from persecution, are the many terrorists and criminals who are already wreacking havoc.

                      Not exactly “precious” behavior. And it contributes greatly as well to climate destruction.

                      So the facts and figures of an economist – who doesn’t perceive or understand the law of cause and effect, the laws of nature, etc. – fail drastically, as the real facts reveal.

                      Certainly, since the cornerstones of the spiritual teaching are love, peace, freedom and harmony, those things don’t find resistance or rejection here. But there’s also a difference between freedom and license, between rights and responsibilities. With responsible population control, there’s no strife from those who crash borders, invade others’ lands, stealing of resources and destruction through wars, etc., since the underlying causes including scarcity, dwindling resources, unemployment, etc., don’t exist.

                      As far as your posted responses go, as I said, they are mainly political quotes, personal accusations about the people who support the views about climate change, etc., and they are devoid of the facts and figures about actual numbers of births, available arable land, and other critical points raised in the FIGU articles. Where are the figures that credibly contradict that information?

                      There is something called false humaneness and a great example of it is exemplified by the behavior of various liberals, Hollywood heroes, etc., whose hypocrisy was called out recently:


                      Your comment about Darwinism run amok may be applicable to what happens when the struggle for survival is among ever-growing numbers of people, especially in countries less developed, where the people have also abdicated their self-responsibilities and allowed dictators and oppressive governments to arise. And we have our own problems here – and which will greatly increase – because, no matter who is elected, the real controllers manipulate things to the disadvantage of the population.

                      America will destroy itself, as Meier stated, so these things don’t just affect “someone else, over there”.

                    2. Melissa: can I be frank with you? I think you’re an educated idiot, and I know from painful experience that it’s pointless to try to explain anything to an educated idiot, especially the zealot variety.

                    3. Ptaah:

                      …Many unwary people permit these denouncers and debunkers, know-it-alls and intrigants to mislead them. In so doing, the unwary actually enable those who deny our existence and undermine you and your mission for reasons of hatred, envy, religious-sectarian delusions, know-it-all attitudes, perpetual criticism, upgrading their own image, lust for admiration, arbitrariness, inferiority complexes, megalomania, feelings of superiority, a need to show off and the like. Also, the desire for financial gain, which is of particular importance to those individuals for whom money means everything, frequently plays an important role in this scenario. No intrigue or defamation, no lie or fraud is too low for them…

                      …Not only will you be included in these attacks from every corner of the globe, but all Core Group and Passive Groups members will be affected as well. Additionally, all your efforts to disseminate the truth and to fulfill the Mission will be increasingly defamed and affected. This also includes the efforts by the Core Group and the Passive Groups. Even the individuals’ personal rights and personal freedom and work may become influenced…

                      …You will all need even greater strength from now on as you face the defamations, attacks and false accusations, which will become ever more drastic because the time is now ripe for certain “elements.” Another reason may be that the attackers even sense setbacks in their passion to boast, their vainglory, arrogance, power hunger, greediness for financial gain, their fear, or in their deceitful actions to suppress the true facts which discriminate against the truth. You and your Core Group and Passive Group members will be subject to undue stress from now on and, therefore, the chaff will separate from the wheat. Those who are not completely on the side of the truth will fall by the wayside and drown in a sea of irrationality and the denial of the truth.


                    4. Linda, would you like some cheese with your whine? You’ve admitted to posting for a reaction and then did nothing but complain when you got it. Melissa is a way better person than you could ever hope to be, as is Michael. Don’t go away mad, just go away.

                  1. Michael.. That phrase is based on Julian Simon’s factual evidence, it’s not just a ‘feel good’ sentiment.

                    And your viewpoint shows such sad contempt for humanity and entirely overlooks the cause of the rampant desperation you describe – a small group of rapacious ‘elites’ who have systematically caused devastation, nation by nation, like a cancer, dramatically accelerated over the last 100 years of technological advancements that have given them a tremendous advantage over nearly all of humanity.

                    At the same time they’ve suppressed advanced technology that could free all humanity to become the creative beings we were born to be. Instead, most humanity is still chained to poverty by design, because the ‘elite’ want the world to themselves and fully intend to reduce the world population to 500 million souls, once we’re fully replaceable by robotics, and before releasing any advanced technology to create the ‘utopia’ they’ve carved into the Georgia Guidestones for everyone to see.

                    And thanks to ‘elite’ control of all the organs of power, every effective attempt to improve the lives of the suffering on this planet over the last 100 years has been undermined and dismantled, while ineffective means are touted but never achieve success. There is a deliberate, slow genocide of the human population and Africa is the most appalling, overt example. Rich in natural resources and in ancient cultures that have been slowly destroyed by christian missionaries and by the money of the ‘elite’ and hapless taxpayers with no say, that pays criminal factions to attack their own, and allows big pharma to use it as a deadly laboratory, among other horrors. People forget or don’t even know that the worst criminals of nazi Germany were doctors & scientists, who were transplanted here, along with their ruthless philosophy.

                    One example of hundreds, maybe thousands of suspicious deaths of those who try to find solutions to suffering is the sudden death of Harry Chapin, who’d begun a charity to help feed the world that started to succeed. Six years later he was dead. And Julian Simon was on the verge of completely exposing the lie of overpopulation and environmental ruin – the foundation of the ‘new world order’ . And dead men don’t tell tales. Just summing it up briefly.

                    The ‘elite’ is an octopus with many tentacles that all work together under the umbrella of ‘globalism’. And their vast control includes the media, by way of five globalist multinationals. And that brings me to your PS – Live Science is also controlled by a globalist multinational. ALL major media, most NGOs and most government organizations, including public education are controlled by globalist factions that ALL promote the big lie of man-made climate change. The demonization of carbon dioxide is literally the foundation of world government, the ‘new world order’. It is the most effective means of controlling and restricting all humanity and all energy. It is the MONSTER of big lies.

                    In FACT, the ocean is the primary emitter of carbon dioxide and in FACT, more carbon dioxide means more plant growth, which means more food and more oxygen and cleaner air and a healthier environment and so on and so on. Nature is Powerful and Perfect and self-corrects as history has proven over billions of years.

                    And in FACT, carbon dioxide levels FOLLOW the rise in temps, they do not cause it, which was proven in court when Al Gore’s crockumentary was on trial. The judge found no less than 40 lies, but it served its purpose in scaring the hell out of millions of people, especially children. I volunteered for Al Gore in 2000, even gripped his love handles for a photo, so it was TOUGH finding out the truth through Climategate. Did you inform yourself or did you just believe the globalist media’s claim that ‘there’s nothing to see here, folks’?

                    So having had to face the painful reality that my heroes were villains, I have no respect for the intellects of people who ignore facts in favor of Beliefs. And I’m especially disgusted with people who cling to terrifying beliefs rather than admit they might have been fooled – or worse, have a ve$ted self interest in Believing. In any case, the climate change fraud is terrifying and WRONG. But what’s more terrifying is the eco-fascist world government planned for us if this fraud takes full hold of humanity.

                    And I posted the climate skeptics’ quotes because they’re scientists and other experts ignored by the media as though they don’t exist. The 97% consensus is a proven LIE, and the only way it’s protected is by steadfastly OMITTING the truth and those who tell it. Climategate exposed all this and the junk scientists who blacklisted all honest scientists who didn’t get on board – in collusion with the media.

                    Globalist Obama’s watermelon laws did a lot to destroy our economy and globalist Queen HIllary was going to usher in the new world government, but globalists unexpectedly lost the WH. Ironically Donald Trump’s win was a result of their ‘racist’ tactics backfiring, so internal polls were wrong. They showed Trump ahead, but millions of voters lied, afraid to be thought of as racists, so he was far more ahead than they knew. So their ‘fractal magic’, illegal voters and state-by-state DNC fraud wasn’t enough to beat him; it gave woefully UNpopular HRC the popular vote, but Trump won in an unanticipated landslide that overcame the election fraud. So globalist tactic #2 was “The Russians did it!’ and to call him illegitimate, weaken his mandate and divide the nation. And when you own the media you can sell whatever lies you want.

                    Donald Trump is not a globalist and not owned or controlled by anyone so his very first moves derailed the ‘new world order’, canceling TPP and the Paris Accord and bringing attention to the open borders that are destroying western culture and economies. The wars in the middle east were part of the long-range forced migration plan, and Trump has said many times that it would be FAR cheaper and far more compassionate to help these people reestablish their lives in their own countries. Of Course! But his common sense is steadfastly IGNORED by the globalist media that pushes the big lie that plays on people’s guilt about being charitable and compassionate.
                    Ruthless globalists in both parties are using good people’s emotions to support the open borders to serve their human trafficking racket and destroy America for their world government.

                    And the truth is, most Americans DO want strong borders, including legal immigrants who became citizens the RIGHT way. So the media just ignores them.

                    And although Billy supports borders, he supports globalism in nearly every other way.

                    Incidentally Donald Trump is the only person on the planet who’s offered common sense solutions for our economic problems for over 40 years and been asked for just as long by some very smart people to please run for president and fix our nation. There are a number of these interviews online that you can see for yourself, but some would rather close their eyes and ears and project their ignorance onto Trump supporters. The earliest video I’m aware of is this one in 1980, just a fluff piece, though Trump was more prescient than he knew; it was before he developed his tough New Yorker shell that the liars use to demonize him further.. why not demonize Ralph Cramden too? “To the Moon, Alice!” OMG He’s a MISOGYNIST HITLER!… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAgJAxkALyc

                    1. Linda,

                      You apparently don’t know how to respond to and try to rebut facts. Your comments above are simply…non-responsive to the points raised by the Plejaren, Meier, me and other people here.

                      What you have posted here, again, as you continue to do, is an opinion piece, with a ton of cut and paste, online conspiracy stuff, etc. And what is this supposed to mean: “Globalist Obama’s watermelon laws”?

                      You are entitled to your opinions, of course, but they are in no way factual, substantive, or particularly well thought out.

                    2. I didn’t ‘cut & paste’ anything, Michael. I took time away from other pressing obligations to respond to your opinions with my own opinions and some factual information. Your kneejerk response to anything you don’t like has been to call it a ‘conspiracy theory’. That’s just lazy and dishonest. And who has time for dishonesty? Especially when you have the power to simply DELETE my comments at will. If you have no awareness of fairness then it’s futile to converse with you.

                      But please, present factual proof of Meier’s claims of horrible humanity about to destroy the planet and ourselves. I’m genuinely curious.

                      Or maybe you’ll delete me now that I’ve responded in kind to you, as rudeness can only go one way in your little kingdom.

                    3. You’ve had plenty of chances to provide evidence, but you insist on character attacks and avoidance of the REAL scientific evidence that was presented to you. You play the victim of “oh I’m being censored and bullied” when you’ve been free to call people names and spew your nonsense.

                      Unless you present some type of verifiable evidence, we will not be entertaining anymore of your opinion/hit pieces.

                    4. Linda,

                      While you use an awful lot of nasty ad hominem attacks, you’re very short on specifics to back up your emotionally charged claims, backed only by your opinions, as supported by online “experts”. And yet, while you’re non-responsive to volumes of information, you ask for more.

                      You didn’t see this?


                      Let’s make it easier for you. Review the figures in this contact:


                      …and extrapolate for us why the consequences of such rapidly rising population aren’t really a problem. Surely you have evidence that cause and effect really isn’t an immutable law, which can be superseded by feel-good generalizations about “precious humanity”.

                      Explain why the damage to the ozone layer, explained to Meier in the 1940s and published by him in the 1950s, as well as in 1975, isn’t really happening and/or inconsequential…despite what was reported by Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in 1988, when the ozone damage was directly tied to A-bomb explosions (manmade cause). I included the actual article in my documentaries.

                      See also: https://www.esrl.noaa.gov/csd/assessments/ozone/1988/vol2/chapter7.pdf

                      And explain why Meier’s warnings about the connection between earthquakes and oil/gas extraction, in 1976, were simply wrong…despite Stanford scientist Paul Segal’s article in 1989 showing the clear connection See:



                      We’ve done our homework, Linda, and we don’t resort to being vile and vituperative in pointing to the supporting SCIENTIFIC corroboration.

                      Even the Pentagon concurs with virtually every one of Meier’s major point about climate destruction…to them it’s a “THREAT MULTIPLIER”:


                      Now, instead of continuing to demonstrate investigative incompetence along with your immature, out of control, mean-spirited attacks on people who are way ahead of you in this discussion (and then playing the victim) either provide the requested rebuttals – with specific scientific research and not the theories of an economist unfamiliar with such – or yes, you can take your bad behavior elsewhere and cry that you were censored, when in fact you were simply given sufficient opportunity to flail about and make a mess of your own positions.

                    5. NOTE: Linda again posted a bunch of links that didn’t deal with the specifics raised.

                      For example, nothing to refute Meier’s SCIENTIFICALLY CORROBORATED information on the ozone damage, the oil/earthquake connection, nor did she even try to respond to the specific figures on the rapidly increasing population and its effects on natural resources, etc. Of course, she also ignored the report from …the Pentagon, giving point-by-point validity to Meier’s warnings about manmade climate change.

                      We’re leaving up her previous posts in case anyone wants to go through them and see if they can find specific rebuttals to the Meier – Plejaren information.

                      Recommended for Linda: Back to school.


                      P.S. I guess that the title of this blog also turned out to be…prophetically accurate, i.e. “We Told You So Moments”.

                    6. Linda, isn’t it perfectly clear than human kind is destroying the planet? The Pacific ocean is as good as dead, through decades of underwater nuclear testing and now finally the nuclear radiation coming off the dead nuclear reactors at Fukishima has finished her off. All the sea creatures are dying. Moreover the ocean is full of debris of every description and totally polluted. In China, Africa and South America populations are expanding at an intolerable rate; they are not able to sustain themselves. Sooner or later, we are going to come to the end of finite earth resources, and people are going to be hungry and fighting one another for food. Climate change, in my opinion is peripheral to the other issues: 1) the ongoing “poisoning” of the earth and its finite resources and 2) the increasing population which at some point will implode the earth’s resources, which are already imploding. Why are these illegal migrants coming to America and Europe? Why, because their own countries are destroyed and cannot sustain life anymore. Agriculture has been obliterated by ongoing droughts and these people are literally starving. They are beggars, and it behoves us as compassionate people to take them in and help them start a new life in a more prosperous part of the world. Moreover, many of the countries that have been destroyed were destroyed through political activities of other powers, be that the United States, China, Russia or Israel. We need to have some compassion for the suffering billions on our planet. If we don’t resolve this crisis soon, we (in the West) will be confronted with the same disaster in our more comfortable countries: crops will fail due to bad weather and other natural disasters, people will be starving and fighting each other like primitives for the next piece of bread. If you think it can’t happen here, you deceive yourself!

                    7. Let me add some information that I just received form a friend. They said that a relative of theirs is a geologist and is in Iceland visiting doing studies on the volcano Kayla. They forwarded some of his notes below:

                      “Glacier on the volcano Katla along the south coast. Katla last erupted in 1918 and is apparently overdue for another eruption. The glacier has been receding for the past ~20 years due to climate change. The ash from the last eruption covers the glacier.”

                      Based also on Sfath’s information, we won’t have long to wait until the increased volcanic and tectonic events begin to occur. Let the climate deniers have their final hurrahs.

                    8. Hi Carolyn.. I’m well aware of the devastation and suffering across the Earth, but you’re blaming the symptoms and ignoring the cause. In other words you’re blaming the victims and ignoring the perpetrators: a small group of ‘elites’ with a long-range plan to form a ‘new world order’.

                      I’d elaborate, but there’s no point in spending the time if it won’t be ‘permitted’ . Censorship says everything about this cult of thought that unwittingly serves the same perpetrators.

                    9. The elite plan for world domination does not include destroying the entire planet that they too have to live on. They have to breathe the air, drink the water and eat the food the same as we do. They also have secret plans to decimate the population because they already know that the severe overpopulation is not sustainable for the planet. The elite are responsible for a lot of the ills on this planet, but even they KNOW that overpopulation is the ultimate threat. If you ever listen to some of those bigwigs talk, they openly admit there are too many people on the planet.

                      Your theory falls short when one does the actual research into what’s causing the rising CO2, the melting glaciers and a whole host of other rapidly changing climate phenomena. The runaway greenhouse effect is not a theory and can be done as a science experiment.

                      The rapid deforestation, extreme overuse of fossil fuels, overfishing the oceans, garbage and plastic everywhere you turn are not symptoms of a small group of elites, but a huge problem caused by the massive 8 billion people on the planet.

                    10. Melissa Osaki: The ‘elite’ are certainly aware of the destruction they cause and they do not care. No doubt they have advanced tech to solve many of the problems they’ve created. And they’ve observed the population growth and have done nothing to stop it. If they’d simply made the cervical cap available to all females it would cut the birth rate dramatically. But the ‘elite’ consider humans a ‘resource’ to be used until we’re no longer useful. Once robotics are fully operational the population will be reduced to 500 million – it’s carved in stone for all of us to see. Do you think FIGU will make the cut?

                      The establishment of the Federal Reserve and the IRS in 1913 made war big business, the first big step in the ‘elites” long-range plan to create a ‘new world order’. War has devastated nations and ‘elites’ have funded their continued degradation, through criminal politicians and military to run totalitarian systems that force populations into poverty and desperation. And forced migration is the next big step, to destroy the west and the beacon of liberty to the world, America – the jewel in the crown of the NWO.

                      The cancerous ‘elite’ and their faithful servants are the perpetrators of worldwide misery and destruction, so of course they blame humanity – all villains blame the victim. And they must surely approve of FIGU.

                    11. Overpopulation can’t be solved with advanced tech unless the tech is used to slaughter billions of people.

                      WHY do they need to get the population down to 500 million>

                      WHY don’t you address the causes of runaway greenhouse effect?

                      WHY don’t you address the REAL reason so many people are poor and starving?

                      WHY don’t you address the fish, birds, mammals and insects that are rapidly disappearing?

                      WHY don’t you address the earthquakes, volcanoes, sea quakes, floods, hurricanes, fires and other severe and violent storms that have rapidly increased?

                      WHAT, do tell, is causing all these things to occur?

                      Since we know for a fact that rapid increase of CO2 causes the planet to warm, we can logically deduct that going from roughly 3 billion to 8 billion people in around 50 years is what’s causing the global climate catastrophe. The single most urgent threat to the planet is and has been…overpopulation.
                      Giving birth control is a band-aide to the real underlying issues of religious delusion, greed, materialism, megalomania, hate, violence and hunger for power. Until we learn how to live in accordance with the laws of Creation, we will not fix these underlying issues.

                      By the way, we don’t need any more links to the opinions of Julian Simon.

                    12. MH and Melissa have both presented excellent counter arguments that would cause any reasonable person to at least consider some of the points. Instead, Linda is countering with the same thing over and over again… as if she is trying to sell us on her ideas. She thinks that just because scarcity does not exist in an economics equation because of market factors, that somehow this also extends to the natural world; and that somehow natural resources are not depleted, abused and polluted, because markets flow smoothly for the time being. Linda is NOT self responsible to herself and instead blames only the outside (elites) as if she is a perfect being who is without fault as a fat consumer; and certainly she is not self responsible as a guardian of the Earth since she can still buy stuff at the store while most of her brothers and sisters in less developed countries could do well for clean water, thanks to resource substitution and technology.

                      I find it interesting another poster here commented that the name “Linda Goodman” is from a deceased person. I think we are being trolled and Linda is not being honest with us or herself.

                    13. Melissa OsakI: I didn’t have time to respond to the other issue you raised til now …. Climategate exposed the ‘top global warming scientists’ at the University of East Anglia as junk scientists. Anthropological Global Warming [AGW] is the computer-based theory that carbon dioxide is warming the planet and it must be restricted to avoid out-of-control warming. And restricting energy is the means, and coincidentally the most effective means to control humanity. What we do, what we buy, what we use, where we go, how we get there.. everything we do depends on energy; and humans exhale C02 of course, so every one of us is allegedly putting the planet at risk.

                      In truth, heightened carbon dioxide levels follow warming, they doesn’t cause it – this fact was visually obscured by Al Gore in his crockumentary, which was put on trial and found to contain no less than 40 lies. More carbon dioxide actually means more plant growth, more food, more oxygen, cleaner air and a healthier environment. And the ocean emits the most carbon dioxide by an Incalculable amount. And the SUN is the driver of climate, not C02. And in fact, the climate is now cooling via the Grand Solar Minimum. Not great news since life does better in a warmer climate. Though it’s good news in the sense that it highlights the falsity of global warming, so they just renamed it ‘climate change’.

                      The demonization of carbon dioxide is what the nazis called a Big Lie.

                      But don’t take my word for any of this, you can easily confirm these scientific facts, they’re simply kept out of the globalist-owned mainstream and alt-left media, including the print media.

                      The truth IS out there, but the ‘elite’ control the flow of it, so all you’re meant to see is one side, the wrong side. the ‘consensus’ lie is the means to avoid debate, because the alarmists always lose. I posted a slew of honest scientists’ views, but it was censored. I’m happy to post it again. And there are some excellent books on the ‘other side of the story’.

                      And fyi, contrary to the repeated false accusation, skeptics aren’t being funded by big oil; in FACT, big oil supports the climate change fraud – they make more money for using less product. Literally money from thin air.

                      This was just a quick overview. I was an AGW believer myself until Climategate. It was a terrifying realization after 30 years of voting democrat and volunteering for Gore and Obama. What was terrifying? Realizing they’re all LIARS, all globalists who want a ‘new world order’ where only ‘elites’ are free. Realizing they have pure contempt for the rest of humanity. Read UN Sustainable Development – none of that applies to them. Haven’t you wondered why the ‘elite’ are completely unconcerned about their MASSIVE ‘carbon footprints’? They won’t sell their multiple mansions, cars, jets, their beach houses before they wash away with the rising sea levels. it’s all a FRAUD. Fear is a powerful manipulator. Know Thy Enemy.

                      A-listers flock to Google summit in private jets, mega yachts to talk climate change

                    14. Linda,

                      Please read Anthony’s newest post, it’s pertinent to you.

                      First, Meier long ago called out the phonies in the so-called environmental movement, from Greenpeace to all the attendees of meaningless climate conferences, etc. We know all this already and there’s even more in the yet to be translated Contact 721.

                      But you’re doing a lot of irrelevant finger pointing and, again, failing to address the specific points I presented to you.

                      And, as Anthony points out, you’re being immensely irresponsible and disingenuous by doing so.

                      Please also check your email.

                    15. Linda, what did the “elite” have to do with any child you know in your life being born and please explain how?

                      Whilst I agree, history shows us that living bodies are stock commodities manipulated to over-reproduce by every power group you could name, this is proof that overpopulation does not serve us, it only serves them. Therefore, it’s completely illogical to suggest, as you have, that these same power groups, the elite, would advertise a lower figure of 500 million like it’s an elaborate “escape game” they’re playing and clue is only found in Georgia. There’s no evidence that they want us have any clue about keeping our numbers that low and the sectarian elite plot you are promoting on this blog is exactly what they want you to think, which is why the world’s going to hell in a hand-basket and very few know why.

                      There have been a few good messengers and your raging against these because it’s easier to just blame a faceless elite is weak and stupid.

                      I would recommend you doing more research about the climate, ice and oceans and a good place to start would be Paul Beckwith on YouTube videos as he reports regularly on recent scientific data.

                      P.S. Re. Harry Chapman. Billy stated that food aid is false humanitarianism as it causes more deaths and misery in poor nations than it solves because when all your basic needs are provided for, idleness leads to excessive reproduction, when the real, outside, conditions are feeding back that this is not in harmony with that immediate natural environment.

                      We each have see the world and know its, and our, limits and act accordingly.

                    16. I need to clarify something before anything else..

                      NOTE: No you don’t, Linda. Since you didn’t provide the requested verification of identity, and arrogantly think you can come here and dictate the way this blog works, you’re invited to get lost.

                      Feel free to whine and moan somewhere else…whoever you may be. Your rudeness and disrespect for people is completely unwelcome here.


                    17. A further note to all concerned. The breakdown in human consciousness manifests itself in many ways.

                      We often go a bit out of the way to hear people out, make suggestions and requests, and try to find common ground by virtue of common values based in, and/or compatible with, the spiritual teaching as we are learning and understanding it.

                      Some people are very damaged in consciousness, which can manifest itself in many ways. In the case of the person calling themselves “Linda Goodman”, we see unwillingness to respond to the requests of moderators and other participants, while indulging in unrelenting meanness and obtuseness, which they sought to endlessly perpetuate through the phony accusations of being censored, cult like behavior, etc., etc.

                      So we let her/him post here as they, unrepentant in their accusatory comments, left no doubt about their character (or lack of it) domineering tendencies and all around unfitness to participate in a discussion that doesn’t require beliefs, or unanimity of viewpoints, but does require functional intelligence and civility.

  2. LOL.
    The know-it-alls are roaming in packs, of TWO (2), with they’re spell checkers on over-drive, sowing the seeds of UNTRUTH.

    We are well aware that we will be accused as guilty of the very things that the accusers are.

    1. It’s the Grammar Nazis! The ones who look down their noses at anyone who dares make a spelling error or OMG a grammatical error because…that’s important to show how superior their education has been.
      The rest of us will continue to make mistakes because that’s how we learn important non grammatical lessons.

  3. G-Day Mate sore for all my mispelled word words. A have Google spell checkers but last night i think I lost them and will have to restore the Google Spell checkers. sorry about that but I hate to type. I just wish we had all those Star Trek technologies such as voice commands and touch screens on pcs too if and when all these ideas rom Star Trek ever happen? Salome

  4. Dear Linda

    Your premise that — “… when I realized that the Pleiadean/Plejaren philosophy [and the democrat philosophy] is aligned with the globalist agenda of an eco-fascist, techno-totalitarian world government. And man-made climate change and overpopulation are the frauds it’s dependent on.” — is wrong, period. No truth can possibly emerge from a wildly incorrect starting point.

    Firstly, if you had read and understood the Meier material, you would know there are no Pleiadeans and why, and therefore to write “Pleiadean/Plejaren ” is error #1, i.e. lie # 1.

    Then you equate the Plejaren’s words, which you call philosophy, with the “democrats” philosophy, and I assume you mean the current Democratic Party in the USA. This is absurd beyond compare and with that you don’t present your case, whatsoever, to prove that there is the tiniest shred of similarity between the Democratic Party’s philosophy of profit and power with the Plejaren’s ‘philosophy’ of living in accordance with creational-natural laws and the recommendations emerging from the natural laws of creation, so that it will go well with the human being and all forms of life on planet Earth and throughout the universe.

    Then you make yet another absurd statement beyond compare, that there is no such thing as overpopulation, without citing a shred of evidence for such a conclusion.
    Instead of accepting the words of some guy, whether your overpopulation guru Simon, Meier, the Plejaren, X, Y or Z, all you’d have to do is keep your eyes and senses wide open.

    I have been here for 63 years. When I was born, the global population was estimated at 2.8 billion. If you accept official statistics, the global population stands at 7.7 billion, which is nearly triple the number at my birth.
    I can tell you that as a child, even from my small vantage point, it seemed like there were plenty of human beings populating this world and now it seems obvious to me, that the place is way too overcrowded. That is no scientific study but my own sense of things and that’s what I go by. It just so happens that my view aligns with Meier’s view on the subject and that his thousands and thousands of words on the subject make complete sense to me and hold logic like a leakless cup holds water.

  5. In considering the totality of information and contributor exchange found here, to say this blog is ‘immeasurably invaluable’ is an ‘understatement’. So thank you all ! Yes, I’ve briefly fallen into a couple arguments with one or two other contributors here, and perhaps some may recall that my online identity [last year] interacting here was ‘hacked’ and some postings appeared here in my name making me appear quite erratic at that time. I regret that experience, but, that aside, and speaking for myself, I can easily waste a lot of time online, as so many people do. My decision to educate myself is made that much easier for me, simply by way of this blog, [thank you Michael Horn] and the translated volumes from the life and times of one Eduard Albert Meier.

    1. As is clearly stated in AA ‘The purely intellectual human beings of the earthly sphere feel shocked and disparaged by the utterance if these truths, which is why they may indeed laugh pitifully at the explanations. In the absence of real logic and a real thinking capability they must in fact do this because they must thereby reveal their unknowing dumbness’

  6. I find it interesting that I’ve been able to ‘tweak’ my perception of the overall commentary on this blog. Obviously, it is an ages old human trait to become uncomfortable and defensive should others not agree with one’s point of view on subjects discussed. When one becomes verbally / physically defensive, logic would define such traits to stem from the ‘fight or flight’ response which, in my view, is a product of fear. We humans seem to perceive our environment as a realm of opposing forces. I would like to offer the following to the contributors here, and yes, please do respond to these words authored by Peter O. Erbe: “in our accordance with our perception of the world of opposites,
    positive and negative, male and female, peace and war, etc., everything that IS represents a polarity. For every yeah there is a nay. This applies to the whole of Creation, not merely to the physical plane. But are the forces of life really opposing each other as we perceive them? Our entire perception of the physical realm exhausts itself in a rejection and acceptance game. We fight conditions, we resist most currents of life and ‘believe’ we can make life function this way. We create and manipulate any situation. Thus, as a result, there is barely a day in our lives without a problem surfacing somewhere, however minute. We have come to accept this as ‘normal’. ‘That’s life’ we say, unaware of the fact that evaluations are born of a split mind. That same life seen with a unified consciousness would be pure bliss. The instant we single out a polarity from its unified whole, as being of greater or lesser value than its opposite, then there’s a problem. Life, however, functions perfectly without our interference.”

    1. I think now would be a good time for us ALL to “tweak” our own commentary, errors and incorrect judgments of others and start working within. Working on our own incorrect thoughts, feelings and actions is the only way we will change the world for the better.

  7. How about tweaking this primitve world to something more positive thinking thoughts with the spritual teaching. I think that is why people are so drawn to movies and entertainment because there is something more positive instead of the news which is so negative and scary.

  8. It seems what me and C SNYDER has been accused of is not being able to reach an answer or correct conclusion on something quite complex and mind boggling.. According to Melissa and pals, we have lost our inability to think things out… despite Melissa admitting it is quite normal for us to stratch our head at Billy Meier Material and wonder how it can make sense. we are suppose to keep over thinking all these problems which results to illness, headaces, migraines and even death.

    The More you will Over think the less you understand -Habeeb Akande

    We are slowly dying from Overthinking, we are thinking about everything, Think, Think, Think, you can never trust the Human Mind anyway, it is a death trap -Anthony Hopkins

    Overthinking ruins moods and kills good vibes -Supernova Slum

    Don’t overthink things, sometimes we can convince our head not to listen to our heart, Those are the decisions you regret for the rest of your life – Faith Barnett

    Meditation is about not thinking, clearing your thoughts… connecting yourself with the divine.. we don’t always need to think or calculate stuff in our own way

    As Einstein Said Everyone is a Genius, if you judge a Fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will believe for the rest of its life it is stupid

    We are All Smart in our own way, we are all Educated in our own right, we can all Think, Calculate, Add up, Subtract, Do math, Write, talk, etc etc we take these things for granted.. we have a brain, it is just putting it into perspective..

    1. You miss the entire point, Thomas, and I wonder if you are deliberately playing games or genuinely not getting it.

      Thinking (contemplating) is necessary and the correct way to assess all situations and life in general. Not thinking is what we currently have on Earth — look around for confirmation. Meditation brings cognitions by connecting yourself with Creation and freeing yourself of thoughts. Don’t twist my words like you have on many previous comments because it’s quite clear what I’ve been saying.

      I think you should go back to the very beginning of the contact notes and start over. Also, some good books to read are Might of the Thoughts, The Psyche, Arahat Athersata, and of course, Goblet of the Truth.

      Here’s a little confirmation from Ptaah:

      “That would certainly be so, for as with many other things, the majority of Earthly men are not accessible to intellect and rationality, but only to confused belief in relation to deceit, lies, defamations, and religious-sectarian delusionalism, and consequently real reality, well-founded knowledge, and material truth can only be perceived contrary to understanding and rationality, as everything can neither be judged nor grasped, but misunderstood and therefore not comprehended. This is also the result, as I have to recognize again and again in my observations of the Earth-men, because warnings and explanations are not effectively perceived with interest and also not registered, as well as not understood, but as a rule only counter-interpreted due to missing considerations.”


    2. “Overthinking ruins moods and kills good vibes -Supernova Slum”

      Tommy “gun,”

      This is just precious. Let’s not think about our situation… just party like it’s 1999…

      “was dreamin’ when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray
      But when I woke up this mornin’, could’ve sworn it was judgment day
      The sky was all purple, there were people runnin’ everywhere
      Tryin’ to run from the destruction, you know I didn’t even care

      Say say two thousand zero zero party over, oops, out of time
      So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s nineteen ninety-nine”


  9. I find it rather sad and yet funny that the know-it-alls DO NOT KNOW that we that frequent here are the 1st ones to openly and unashamedly say that we DO NOT KNOW IT ALL!

    MARY KINGSLEY can be found at the top of a google search too!

    Just sayin’

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