NASA Fatally Wrong about Asteroid Apophis


Another example of NASA’s miscalculations and more reasons to heed the warnings from the Plejaren.

Space agency’s miscalculations greatly underestimate real threat

While the dire reality of the environmental destruction is staggering to consider, there’s another massive threat to the planet and human survival. NASA recently took the opportunity to disagree with Elon Musk’s concern about a threat to the planet from asteroids, and then to specifically dismiss concerns about asteroid Apophis.

Both times NASA greatly – and dangerously incorrectly – minimized the actual threat of Apophis impacting Earth.


Apophis was “officially discovered” by NASA in 2004…23 years after Billy Meier first published information from the Plejaren about it and the threat it posed, referring to it as the Red Meteor at the time.

While NASA has  been unconcerned from the beginning about any potential danger from Apophis, they changed their estimate of its size to within 25 meters of Meier’s information. It’s just a…coincidence, of course.

Apophis also attracted the attention of people like Brian May who, along with some others, created the Asteroid Day event and have effectively trivialized the actual threat from the asteroid and turned it into an opportunity to party and sell T-shirts.

The UFO Connection

We’re quite aware that any information connected to the topic of UFOs is often dismissed from the outset by many people. Fortunately, Harvard Prof. Avi Loeb’s search for extraterrestrial life has given this once marginalized topic renewed international interest among inquisitive scientists, professors, media, etc.

And while it’s often assumed that there must be other intelligent life in the universe, no one seems to question SETI’s assumption that we will “find” and contact it – through ridiculous means – when it’s obvious that any existing race capable of coming here would contact us…if they wanted to. And neither scientists nor UFOlogists ever credibly explain why an extraterrestrial race would want to contact us, at our comparatively primitive level of evolution.

Our Future Survival

These questions are clearly answered in the Meier contacts. Unlike all of the fearful, misleading information that projects our own negative, violent characteristics onto imaginary evil “aliens”, intent on invading, abducting and destroying us, the Plejaren extraterrestrials wish to assist us to assure our own, very threatened, future survival, without directly interfering in our world.

The unerringly accurate scientific information and prophetic warnings they’ve provided, for almost 70 years, clearly express this intention. This includes the extensive, unheeded warnings about the – now unstoppable – environmental destruction, the warnings about Apophis, and specific, previously unknown information about Mars, etc., all of which were verifiably published long before “official discovery”.

Sill Ongoing

The Billy Meier UFO contacts are still ongoing in Switzerland, for over 77 years, and contain more than 45,000 pages of information, most of it still untranslated from the original German.

Independent expert analyses and authentication of Meier’s physical UFO evidence span 40 years. A recently concluded, eight-month long investigation by the – formerly skeptical – USAF OSI investigator/supervisor, Joe Tysk, resulted in the definitive authentication of the Meier contacts. He conclusively ended any credible skeptical challenges to Meier’s evidence and claims.

The greatest challenge so far has been to get otherwise intelligent people to simply look through the proverbial telescope and determine the truth for themselves.

As for NASA, SETI, etc., they are certainly aware of the Meier contacts. But as is often the case – especially in America – political, economic and other selfish considerations supersede everything, including their own stated policies and public pronouncements.

Consequently, they stubbornly continue to ignore the unprecedented, singularly authentic, most important of all scientific evidence and information in human history, despite the consequences of continuing to do so will also directly…impact them and their families, as well as everyone else on Earth. Perhaps they also forget that Apophis is called the Destroyer and that it’s an equal opportunity destroyer at that.

The people were warned…and did they listen?

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  1. In response the the so-called “fearmongering aspect to this blog”, that is like reading through the road traffic safety rules, and saying,
    what a joke! I hardly ever respect the speed limits or buckle up, that is just fear-mongering nonsense,nothing bad ever happens to me because I do it all the time!

  2. I have sent a couple of emails to the Canadian Space agency about Billy’s findings and what is going to happen. But they are so arrogant, they just replied back stating that they are aware of what is going on. I replied back stating something along the lines of they should be following Billy’s advice. They basically stopped replying to me.

    P.S – Off topic, but I was going through my Prime TV account and was pleasantly surprised to find the Video “And Did They Listen.” Watching it now.l

    1. Hi jo Seems to me NO political organization not even ANY politician will even bother to listen to Billy and the Ps! If anything bad happens just let it be and let these stupid morons figger out their own problem themselves if they can`t handle the truth!

  3. Ptaah contact report 251

    “The blame for this upward trend must be placed on the terrestrials, for through the constant increases in OVERPOPULATION they compound the increase in their every ill.”

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