Greta Thunberg, Phony Environmentalism and Famine

Having ignored overpopulation as cause, climate destruction now unstoppable

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“The climate change, which was first denounced by an unknowing child and since then has created a stir worldwide right up to the governments and, moreover, has brought about masses of simple-minded people shouting climate protest, who, just like the child, have no clue and knowledge at all about what is actually a fact, has the consequence that those in government and the politicians will start to exploit the whole thing in a populist way and also in a way to fill their state coffers with it. This will happen by the irresponsible rulers and politicians inventing and implementing new compulsory levies and taxes, which will then correspond to nothing other than a financial exploitation of the populations, with the aim of stuffing up the state coffers in this illegal way, whose finances, however, will again be senselessly squandered and, in addition to that, debts will be made.”



Below is the massive, brutally honest, politically incorrect conversation between Billy Meier and Ptaah. It should be thoroughly read by those who want to know the honest, unvarnished truth.

Topics include: Falsified folk histories of the Hebrews, Jmmanuel and Muhammed; religious forms of belief-delusion of the Plejaren ancestors; the dearth of intelligent, qualified terrestrial leaders, Merkel’s responsibility for human misery and many deaths; the cluelessness and denial that overpopulation is the core underlying cause of climate destruction, the resultant, coming increase in earthquakes, seaquakes and volcanic eruptions, the ongoing, massive and ever-increasing extinctions of various species; the abuse of Greta Thunberg…and much more.

Compare this – for those patient and interested enough to read it all – with the predictably clueless, superficial, pandering, misguided, sensationalistic, spend-lots-of-money-to-feel-good-doing-something approach of Corey Booker.

Extract from the official 721st Contact Conversation of June 14, 2019

Billy:   It’s good that you say that, because if I had to explain these terms to others in plain German, then it would be unavoidable to write explanations as long as your arm for each term. Now, however, something interests me, namely you have said that that the Plejaren descendant named ‘Avian’, who appeared among the ‘Ebraya’, thus among the early Hebrews, who then however was called ‘Avram’, had been of a Negroid nature, so a black-skinned human being as we say. To that the question, whether this man then also founded a family with the ‘Ebraya’ and fathered offspring?

Ptaah:   That was the case, yes, as our handed-down knowledge shows, but this was concealed in the extremely heavily falsified written folk history of the ‘Ebraya’ as well as all the facts I have mentioned. In addition, the teaching of Nokodemion brought to them was extensively rejected and an untrue religious story was invented to the contrary, as also was the history of the origin of the ‘Ebraya’ people tribes and their descendants. Truthly, the records were only written out many decades after the real events by scribes with their own interpretations, ideas and fantasies, just as was the case with the six proclaimers. In the case of Muhammad, for example, it was more than 100 years after his death before the first words were written about him, and his teaching was completely disregarded and rewritten and replaced by a completely re-invented one. Hence, the true teaching that Muhammad brought, the ‘teaching of the prophets’ i.e. ‘teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life’ was not simply falsified beyond recognition, but this was, as was already the case with the same teaching of Jmmanuel, completely denied and replaced by a new religious history that from the ground up was false regarding the truth and directed towards a godhead and spread. In addition, over the course of centuries, new rules, rituals, prayer-, behaviour- and other regulations as well as religious laws etc. were invented over and over again, which were consciencelessly fantasised into the irrational and confusingly invented senseless religious teachings and were lyingly ascribed to the proclaimers Jmmanuel and Muhammad.

Billy:   Although I know about these facts, it certainly doesn’t hurt that you also mention something about them. But please, keep talking about what you have to say about your family task.

Ptaah:   As I said before, this leads back to Gilkas, but I think that I have made enough explanations regarding this for today and that I will again speak about it later, should it be necessary.

Billy:   That may really be the case, but all the things you’ve mentioned are really interesting and go a lot further than I had hoped to learn. But you mentioned that some of your ancestors were also religiously believing ones. What was that like, and what is it like today?

Ptaah:   In our very early times, too, various religious forms of belief-delusion were widespread among all peoples, as a result of which, on all our worlds the worst Ausartungen and terribleness were also part and parcel of everyday life as well as malicious wars and terror of all imaginable kinds, whereby religious wars were likewise unavoidable as also political wars and pure wars of hatred etc. All this only ended a little over 52,000 years ago, when what came to pass, which I explained to you in a conversation, namely the whole thing that happened with the moment that soothed everything that was evil, wrong and ausgeartet and so forth. That’s when the large metallic spherical structure influenced all populations of each of our worlds by means of swinging waves for 32 days, in such a way that every single human being became clear and conscious of his/her entire ausgeartet thought-feeling-psychological world. Thus every single person became frighteningly aware of everything that lurked, mouldering in his/her character and in his/her reflecting and striving, of misdeeds and wrongs, what was evil, loathsome and ausgeartet, and could erupt uncontrollably at any time by the smallest trifle, which was constantly suppressed by the religious belief-delusion, but always lurked in the underground and broke through with every possible negative impulsation and wreaked terribleness. This bitter cognition led each individual human being to study the personal thought-feeling-psyche world and to transform it into a positive equalisedness according to his/her own choosing and free will, which, however, only became possible as the religious belief-delusion was dissolved and became insignificant. But it took a long time for this cognition merely to penetrate, after which it took even longer periods of time to free oneself from the belief-delusion. Ultimately, it took between three and eleven years for each individual human being, depending on their personality, to implement the necessary change. And in fact it was not easy for any human being to break away from his/her religious beliefs, hence some persons had to fight hard battles with themselves, which some could not endure to the end and therefore put an end to their lives, as our chronicles tell us. In the end, however, all those who were strong enough were able to overcome everything and to carry out and win the developmental change through their own arduous efforts. That was more than 52,000 years ago, and since then we Plejaren have been free of belief, no longer have any religions, no sects and no unquestioning faith anymore and are completely free of them. And this has since given us Plejaren the freedom, without belief-delusion in a determination by a godhead, to determine and direct all and everything ourselves in every respect, to move in every kind and wise in peace and harmony among one another and with one another, to communicate with one another, to work with one another and to correspondingly live according to the whole in a human-worthy manner. And not a single Plejaren person has wanted to lose this since then and does not want to lose this in the present time nor in future time as well, which is why our directives were worked out, which are respected and uncontrovertibly followed by every single person and determine, that it must be strictly prevented that not even a single person of us Plejaren may fall prey to a religious belief-delusion ever again. But if this were to happen at some point, then the consequence would be that the person in question would be excluded from our entire community and banished to a humankind on a foreign world, such as to the Earth, which, having got out of the control of the good nature or of a good kind/form, is in accordance with the respective person’s own belief-delusion. So it is not only due to the entire Ausartungen of all kinds of the human beings of Earth that are wrong and with acts of Gewalt, that we must stay away from them and are not allowed to make direct contacts with them, but also the fact of their religious and sectarian belief-delusion. This is the case, because owing to that – as with us in times of old – also on the Earth, wars and struggles for might have been waged since time immemorial, acts of terror are carried out and millionfold murders are committed.

Indeed, because of the religious and sectarian belief-delusion, is everything buried in the deepest inner nature of the character and lies in wait to breakout as a result of an often only small trifle and maliciousness, falshehoods, Ausartungen, intrigues and wantoness up to murder and killing suppressed by the belief-delusion, very quickly become active and reach the outside to wreak terribleness. And that is exactly what you also teach.

Billy:   Yes, because it is simply nothing but the truth. But thank you for all that you have done and explained, because everything again allows a valueful insight into your Plejaren history. But now I would like to know from you, how you fundamentally assess our earthly politics. Personally, I see the whole thing in such a way that around the world everything goes completely haywire with regard to politics and is only carried out by politically absolutely incapable elements, who – with very few exceptions – are only domineering ones, solely directed towards themselves and their own greed for might and finances, who do neither something for their own country nor for the populace, but only for themselves. And, as I see it, this is the case in all countries, although some might-obsessed ones stand out particularly in this respect, such as in Germany, the USA, the EU-dictatorship and in France.

Ptaah:   With this you are saying something that we are also dealing with and I, for my part, can confirm what you have just said. Our observations and clarifications with regard to what you have just mentioned, show that in practically all governments of all terrestrial states, with very few exceptions, the highest and higher ones and the responsible ones of state who cooperate with them, correspond to absolutely unsuitable elements who do not have true capabilities for the leadership of the state. Hence, they are also unable to establish a clear line of leadership and to make and, accordingly, to carry out any clear and people-serving decisions and directives whatsoever. Their goods of thoughts, actions and ordinances are extremely inadequate and childishly illogical. All their thinking and acting is solely laid out for their exercising of might, into which, however, neither intellect nor rationality are brought, because the entire majority of those who have might who misguide the state and the people, amply lack the capabilities to comprehend the effective real reality and its truth. On the one hand, however, this has the consequence that the responsible mightful ones of state – as a result of their blindness due to their might-obsession – do not recognise the effective truthly connections of the facts available to them and therefore are also unable to consider and process them, even though this they would have to. In their reflecting and striving there is only their might-behaviour, which through their deceptive imagination and their delusion of wanting to be great, assuming an air of importance and wanting to be knowing, etc., they link up with their religious belief-delusion and therethrough deceptively imagine to rightfully handle and act on everything, the case of which, however, is absolutely opposite. This, however, has the consequence that they are neither able to perceive nor recognise existing real and true facts, because in their veiled childishly illogical and never brought to adulthood mode of thinking as well as in their unused intellect and their insufficient rationality, they are absolutely incapable of doing so. Furthermore, they also lack the effort to create the necessary capability and possibility to perceive the real-effective reality and truth, hence in this regard they can neither recognise nor think over arising facts and their contents. As a result of this inability, they are also not able to work on something in a logically intelligent and rational manner, nor to achieve any logical results, and not to make and implement any decisions of value. On the contrary, important facts are completely falsely understood and likewise falsely assessed, from which an absolute false understanding emerges and which in turn leads to catastrophically foolish false decisions, as has been the case since time immemorial.

Truthly, there are at the present time only very few venerable persons in positions of state leadership and among female and male politicians who are worthy and dignified for their office and who also assume their responsibility and put it into practice. And this is so, while the absolute majority of all upper and uppermost active persons in the governments and in politics show no suitability whatsoever for a state and political leadership, as it is in today’s time in a particularly bad way the case in Germany, which is at the very front of the line misgoverned by a female chancellor, who has caused a refugee catastrophe, which has already spread to the whole Earth. In this regard, this person is responsible for a great deal of human misery and many deaths, for which she would need to be harshly brought to account, expelled from the chancellery and sent into life-time exile. This person, in her boundless obsession with might, also works under the surface and disingenuously to create a new societal regulation that takes Europe-wide all-encompassing hold. Thereby her respective secret striving is such that like-minded female politicians and female state officials are like her appointed to high positions of government, and that in the sense of in this fashion building up a matriarchal government throughout Europe. At first, this is in accordance with her sense to happen via the EU dictatorship, for which she has already been making efforts for a considerable time to smuggle an incompetent and might-obsessed female person into the position of President of the EU Commission. Furthermore, she equally strives to arrange the same in Germany and to bring a might-obsessed female person into the chancellery, something for which she has also been cultivating corresponding thoughts and concocting plans for considerable time. And this she strives for in the sense that through her the woman is to be given a privileged matriarchal position in the state and in the family and any patriarchy is to be forbidden, it then follows that in relation to the matriarchy, in order to preserve the female lineage, a strict hereditary succession and social status is to be determined by law. However, what is still to be said with regard to the unsuitability, wrongdoers and imperious rulers, who have already been mentioned, one has also to mention, in addition to the aforementioned German ruler and her intellect- and rationality-less ones in bondage to her, who do not perceive what is really going on in the chancellor in falseness, the EU dictatorship as well as France and the USA, which are misgoverned by absolutely incompetent, imperious and hostile to the people might-obsessed and subservient elements. All of these persons exercising might are only thoroughly thinking of their own advantages, profits and of their prosperity, their might-behaviour and their high rewards, but in no way of the wellness of their peoples, for whom they would have to take a stand in order to do all that is good and the best for them in every respect, something for which they however have no interest whatsoever. What is further to be said, that refers to the climate change, which in the coming time due to the incapability of the rulers and their wrong decisions will not only sprout strange, but also malicious, perverting and people-damaging poisonous buds and blossoms and make many things even worse. This happens on the one hand because, as a result of the scientific arrogance of the ones entrusted with research, nonsensical hypotheses are drawn up, which do not correspond to any foundations or things of value whatsoever, and on the other hand, because one does not research for the real causes and therefore also does not realise, that these are altogether founded in the mass of the overpopulation and its completely perverted machinations. These correspond to monstrous life-hostile interferences against nature, its fauna and flora, the atmosphere, the climate and the entire planet, whereby these manipulations, which are to be called criminal, have an absolutely destructive, annihilating and exterminating effect in relation to everything, wherethrough already thousands of multifaceted forms of life were either already irrevocably exterminated or are now threatened with extinction. And it is also these ones entrusted with research, who should think further and should also achieve truthful results regarding the destructions caused by the world population in the nature, to the fauna, flora and atmosphere as well as to the climate and planet concerning the future. However, on the one hand this is not done in any way, while on the other hand the scientists and researchers have no capabilities in this respect either, since they may well carry academic titles, which however – as you always say – are only smoke and mirrors, because they did not study and fathom the effective reality and its truth, but rather clung to nothing but empty assumptions. For this reason, it is also not possible for them to explore, to recognise, to understand and to value the effective facts of the entire natural process in all conceivably possible and necessary relationships. Hence, it is impossible for them to gain the necessary cognitions and to calculate what is pending for the future, in order to necessarily, which should be their duty, inform and enlighten the Earth’s population about the results obtained. Thus, everything continues in the traditional way of destroying, annihilating and exterminating, so that the entire and further growing overpopulation as well as the nature, fauna and flora together with the planet are heading for a catastrophe of a kind that has never ever occurred on the Earth before.

Already as a boy in the 1940s you wrote warnings and with the help of your teachers Graf, Lehmann and pastor Zimmermann, who also translated everything into English, French and Italian, you sent them to numerous newspapers and radio stations, just as you also did in the 1950s, which however never brought about a public reaction. You have always described very precisely what – through the overpopulation and its criminal machinations – regarding the future, which has already come about for decades, is currently present and will continue to come about, but your clearly warning efforts at enlightenment have not been observed. On the contrary, you have already been called a do-gooder since the beginning, and are still today called a do-gooder, ridiculed, defamed and slandered as a deceiver and liar by know-it-alls, adversaries and other self-proclaimed confused people, who raise up against you very foolishly in hostility and revenge. And this is especially also done that way by the religionists, who make the populations stupid by lying and deception, who indoctrinate their believers with their illusory and irrational teachings of belief and force them in this regard to the bondage of delusion and dependence. But I digress from what I actually wanted to say:

In particular in Europe, the governments will in the coming times make more and more wrong decisions, and especially when it comes to the climate change caused by the humankind of Earth, which was set in motion as a result of the catastrophic destructive machinations of the overpopulation, through which the nature and its fauna and flora have already been largely deadened, ruined and devastated. This is compounded by the storms that are becoming increasingly immense, disastrous, more frequent and perverting into natural catastrophes, which on the one hand bring true torrential floods and develop into ever greater and more wide-ranging destructions of nature in the future, and on the other hand also increasingly affect and completely ruin the human achievements. And these events alternate with heat bursts that are unusual and even bring death to many human beings of Earth, which will already in this year increase in Europe towards 43 degrees, whereby from now on the growing number of natural catastrophes will also ever increasingly bring more and more immense and more devastating desolations and destructions and will in the coming times also claim ever more numerous deaths worldwide. This, while the planet itself will also rise up more and more and bring more earthquakes and seaquakes as well as volcanic eruptions, which will not only relate to known active volcanoes, but also to volcanoes etc. that have been inactive for a long time. In addition, increasingly perverting arsonists will again indulge in their evil playing with fire in the forests of Europe and in other states, and also the nature itself will again increasingly ignite fires elsewhere in the world, which will become ever more extensive, destructive and devastating, as I already said in our last conversations. Moreover, in the times to come, all acts of murder in the families will increase, whereby in many cases all relatives will be killed, just as many other perversions will occur steadily more often, which will emerge as acts of hatred from bad mentalities, such as through racial hatred, political extremism, religious hatred against people of other beliefs and as a result of insurrections against incorrectly acting governments. The times to come will in this way, as never before, be maliciously influenced and will claim countless human lives. And furthermore, the since ancient times fragile and always only temporary peace on the Earth is questioned again and again and more often by irrationality, obsession with might, lunacy, foolishness, and pathologically caused malicious threats, terror, revenge, imperiousness and consciousness-delusion. This in particular by the United States of America and its non compos mentis state leaders, as well as by the EU dictatorship’s leadership, who will however be replaced and newly occupied next month by an unsuitable and Russia-hostile person.

But now back to what I was talking about earlier on: Various countries on Earth keep so-called lists of extinct plants, animals and other creatures, etc., in addition red lists of endangered animals and plants are kept, whereby in these lists, however, only species previously known to the Earth’s humankind are listed, and of which about 28,000 are listed as endangered, yet the many still unknown to them are not mentioned. According to our investigations, however, these data do not correspond to the rightness, because the number of plant, animal and other creatures life forms endangered and threatened by extinction on Earth, as well as lizards, insects, fish, blindworms and snakes, as well as the butterflies and beetles – which do not belong to insects – of all genera and species, as well as other living beings, is very much higher than only 28,000. The number of endangered genera and species we have fathomed today amounts to 36,642, which includes a larger number of life forms that are not yet known to either the zoology, entomology or botany.

The threat of dying out and extinction of zoological, entomological and botanical genera and species, etc. continues to grow and, moreover, faster and faster, so that genera and species not only die ever faster, but effectively die out. According to the results of our long-term research, which we have been carrying out daily for many years now, between about 70 and 180 botanical, animal and similar creatures, entomological, as well as lizard-like, creeping, water-dependent and other genera and species are dying out every day. And this can no longer be stopped, which means that the entire destruction of the genus and species diversity of terrestrial living creatures and biodiversity can no longer be held up. This, unless the delusion of the earth’s population regarding the further excessive breeding of offspring is stopped very quickly, whereby this should have already happened in the year 1975 at the very latest and should have been implemented from this time on by a worldwide multi-year stop in births and a subsequent and henceforth controlled birth-direction. Until that time it would still have been feasible to stop all the destructive bad effects on the atmosphere, the climate, the entire nature and its fauna and flora and to bring them back to the normal course, which would have been possible at that time through an efficient intellect- and rationality-bearing action, something which is however no longer the case today. This is no longer possible today, though, because too much has been destroyed in all of the nature and on the planet itself, and too many life forms have been irrevocably exterminated. And this happened due to the criminal machinations of the overpopulation, and namely due to their need for consumer goods such as food, supplies and consumables, etc., whereby the whole of the destructive increased ever more in relation to the mass of the steadily increasing overpopulation – and today also continues to increase in an uncontrolled manner – which until today could only be mastered by intervening destructively and exterminatingly in the nature, its fauna and flora and in the planet itself, now also influencing the atmosphere and the climate devastatingly.

Already today the dwindling biodiversity threatens the earthly humankind, something which is unfortunately still not recognised and not understood by all researchers who arrogantly call themselves ‘specialist scientists’ and also by the earth’s population, and therefore one continues in the old and all destructive style. This means, however, that through all the exploitative machinations of the overpopulation, the diversity of species and biodiversity of the Earth and its nature and fauna and flora will continue to be exterminated and disappear, which will ultimately threaten and question the survival of all life and that of the entire planet.

Due to foolishness and irresponsibility, the majority of human beings of Earth give themselves the illusion by unintellect and irrationality that if a single grass or herb, a tiny animal or insect, etc., dies out, it would be absolutely irrelevant, because indeed the personal food would not be affected by it and nothing would due to it be lacking the life, which is why it would not be important if something small died out. At the same time, no thought is given to the fact that the extinction and disappearance of even a single plant species or a single small animal accelerates the dying of insects and the extinction of another animal species.

Fundamentally, the majority of terrestrial humankind does not bother about the nature, its fauna, flora, and the atmosphere and the climate, but simply lives senselessly into the day, as you keep calling it from time to time in our private conversations. Hence no thought is given to the fact that e.g. for many types of food the bees as well as various other insects are very important pollinators of blossoms, which e.g. account for one third of the natural food of the terrestrial mankind. The dying out of a variety of these insect species has already today negative consequences regarding the production of various natural foods, whereby already for decades famines have prevailed in countries disadvantaged thereby and many human beings have been dying tormentfully of hunger. The overpopulated humankind of Earth does not think about the really extremely bad consequences that will in future result from the ongoing dying of species, that is why the terrible consequences that are already in the offing are also not foreseeable for them. That however will change in the future for the descendants of today’s, tomorrow’s and the day after tomorrow’s irresponsible humankind of Earth because it will be these who will in the future experience and get to feel the evil consequences and will curse their ancestors and their irresponsibility for it. Yet, regarding the dying out of many diverse genera and species, this is not only about what is visible at glance today, but in future there will also be many further and other animals, plants as well as many other creatures, insects and diverse other life forms, which will likewise be threatened with dying out. That however does not concern the human beings of Earth at the present time, because they still cannot at all assess which monstrously terrible consequences the dying out of the respective further genera and species will entail. And it will solely and exclusively be the overpopulation which is enormous and not bearable for the planet Earth, with all its destructive machinations, that will be to blame for this, just as it is also the case today for everything that has already happened in this respect regarding the various exterminations of different genera and species of the natural diversity of life and biodiversity. That is because one does not want to realise that the immoderate overpopulation and all its machinations that destroy the nature, fauna, flora and the atmosphere and the climate are to blame for everything. And one does not want to recognise and act accordingly, that only by a drastic worldwide and multi-year birth stop, and an equally drastic worldwide birth control the worst could still be prevented and thereby a regeneration of the still salvageable could take place. Nevertheless, in this case a regeneration of what is still salvageable in terms of the nature, fauna and flora, the planet itself as well as the atmosphere and the climate would require a very long time, and namely throughout many generations.

However, what is now being done irresponsibly is that an adolescent and unknowing child named Greta Thunberg is being shamefully abused to lead a worldwide ‘fridaysforfuture’ climate protection movement. This, despite the fact that this innocent child has no clue or knowledge whatsoever concerning the actual connections of extermination and destruction in relation to the nature, fauna, flora and the planet as well as the climate etc. Moreover, the unknowing child, who has in the meantime since her first appearance fallen into a delusion of self-elevation, is afflicted by a milder autism, by which she has a weakness regarding a social interaction and also concerning the communication. This child also suffers from further disorders in the way that it is steered by habits and customs and does not show any form of deep feelings for the others, as I could clearly diagnose. As a result of a delayed development of consciousness she is also not able to perceive the reality and its truth in a correct, intellectually and rationally clear way, which is why she tends to indulge in individual factors of whatever matter in her thoughts, without being able to comprehend their fundamental factors in their reality. Hence, she cannot effectively empathise with her actions concerning her ‘climate protest’, in the same way as she cannot do it due to the absence of the ability to perceive impulsations regarding any life forms of the nature and of human beings. The child is also influenced by a severely inadequate social incapability, as well as sporadically also by a weakness of heedfulness, whereas she is nevertheless driven by a strong inner pathological compulsion during her climate protest practice.

The climate change, which was first denounced by an unknowing child and since then has created a stir worldwide right up to the governments and, moreover, has brought about masses of simple-minded people shouting climate protest, who, just like the child, have no clue and knowledge at all about what is actually a fact, has the consequence that those in government and the politicians will start to exploit the whole thing in a populist way and also in a way to fill their state coffers with it. This will happen by the irresponsible rulers and politicians inventing and implementing new compulsory levies and taxes, which will then correspond to nothing other than a financial exploitation of the populations, with the aim of stuffing up the state coffers in this illegal way, whose finances, however, will again be senselessly squandered and, in addition to that, debts will be made.

What I now have to say, however, corresponds to facts that do not really correspond to the nature of what I want to talk about, because it does not correspond to my needs to interfere in the irrational and confused, false, foolish and illogical governmental leadership machinations as well as the modes of action and behaviour of earthly governments and politics. Nonetheless, I see however a necessity to do this anyway today and to say that the absolute majority of the earthly rulers and of the politics may well be assessed as adult according to their physical maturity, but not in relation to their consciousness adulthood. In this respect the absolute majority, no matter how old it is in each individual case in terms of years of life, lives in an unadulterated, childlike state regarding its intellect and its rationality. In this state, however, it lacks the ability to evaluate, as well as the ability to make decisions, act, behave and take responsibility, wherethrough it is incapable of leading populations and peoples. And this incapability, as well as its selfishness and cowardice for recognition in relation to the reality and truth, as well as the anxiety of the public opinion, etc., leads to the fact that it does not muster any thoughts whatsoever to face the truth openly and to realise that the reality is different from what it claims to know it to be. So it neither strives for the reality and its truth, nor for what would necessarily have to be recognised and taught in relation to the real causes of the degradation of atmosphere, the destruction of climate, the threat to all life and the destruction of nature as well as the planet itself. This is equally true in relation to the extinction of the diversity of species of the entire biodiversity of the flora, but also in relation to the existence of the steadily increasing threat to the fauna, in which ever more genera and species of all kinds of life forms are dying out due to the fault of the human being of Earth. And the fact that the whole of all misery and evil, of destruction, death and extermination, etc., is only rampant because of the fault of the humankind of Earth, and namely because of the monstrous overpopulation, from which all life is jeopardised by their machinations, does not bother the highest and the upper ones responsible for the world. And if the further growth of the overpopulation is not curbed by a worldwide and multi-year birth stop and afterwards a worldwide birth control taking hold is decided upon and carried out, which should already have been done in 1975 at the latest – which however was not done – then the exterminations and destructions will continue and finally an unstoppable destruction of the whole existence of the Earth and of all its life forms of all genera and species will lead to the bitter end.

There are already secret plans being devised to disingenuously exploit the peoples with new taxes, such as e.g. with levies of fees for the alleged climate protection, as well as tax collections for the emission of all kinds of emissions. To this end, the use of today’s technology will be considered as a means of in a coercive way enforcing new taxes and other levies on the populations, which are often required to carry out their daily work very arduously for low rewards and to live in meagre conditions, while those in government are due to the tax money laboriously generated by the blue-collar workers living like pigs rolling in clover and are exempted from the new taxes and levies. As a matter of fact, there are already first beginnings for exploiting the populations with new levies and taxes, namely by intending to financially rob the at present time still heavily emission-producing heating systems, means of sport, transport and traffic, industrial machines, ships and airplanes as well as various other things for their output of emissions. The reason for this is that there are still no really effective as well as other and better possibilities to produce and use other vehicles, heating systems, airplanes, ships and industrial machinery etc. that are free of CO2 and other emissions. The recently popular electric vehicles, which are being propagated to reduce the harmful and climate-damaging release of emissions, are no solution either, because on the one hand this inconsiderate, erroneous and confused propaganda leads to a frenzy of production, and on the other hand to an as of today still impossible to oversee hostility on the part of that large part of the peoples who have fallen prey and will continue to fall prey to the delusion of climate protection, which has been brought about in a suggestive and forceful way by Greta Thunberg and which has now also penetrated the governments and is from now on also intended to serve for the financial exploitation of the populations.

Regarding the fact of the effective origin of climate destruction, the child Greta Thunberg is just as unable to recognise and understand it as are all the worldwide masses who, foolishly, inconsiderately and simple-mindedly carry out climate demonstrations by shouting for and cheering and make senseless demands. Demands which are addressed to the falsely governing rulers and those practising politics who feel threatened and have reached their positions in a populist manner, and who are now supposed to extend their hands to the mob of climate demonstrators and to follow their nonsensical demands. And these, how do you always call it, ‘who fear for their offices like whimpering wolves’, these are now the ones, who precisely for this reason swim with the tide of the climate demonstration machinations of the climate demonstrators and, as you simply put it, whimper together. The totality of this governmental machination i.e. the whimpering of governments and all other offices, organisations and climate protectors is only vain pretence and deception, as are their useless proposals and resolutions of every kind. And this is the case because fundamentally the only solution is solely to bring the humankind of Earth – by means of a stop in births for many years and a thereafter ongoing and controlled birth direction – to a population number that is planet-appropriate and to maintain this number. Only by doing so is it possible to also stop the perversions, destructions, annihilations and exterminations of all kinds by the criminal machinations of the overpopulation and is it possible in the course of a very long time, under certain circumstances and efforts, to partially calm down and halfway normalise some things in the nature and on the planet itself. To a large extent, this is no longer possible and can also no longer be realised, because far too much has already been destroyed, annihilated and exterminated in the nature, the fauna and flora, and also the planet itself has been irresponsibly and criminally exploited regarding its resources, consequentially, viewed from the perspective of a humankind of a distant future, it has already become useless at the present time, and will continue to be so for a long time to come. This fact already shows today that the only way to ensure the continued existence of the humankind of Earth in the more distant future would be if there were a broad-scale emigration of humankind, i.e. a resettlement of humankind, to a new, very distant and not yet destroyed planet. This would however correspond to nothing more than a very uncertain hope, if it could be taken into consideration, and that also because possibly foreign planetary peoples would not be willing to let a humankind that is ethically and morally perverted in a way just like the humankind of Earth, whose majority is mentality-based in a bad state, immigrate, i.e. enter their solar and planetary system. And yet again I digress from what I fundamentally want to say regarding the climate change and the nonsensical, inappropriate and foolish demands of the demonstrators for the climate and the governments. A still effective climate transformation can no longer be achieved in the short term, as I have already mentioned, therefore corresponding ideas, wishes, endeavours and proposals etc. are nonsensical and thus completely illogical and not designed for a worldwide birth stop and thus not laid out to stop and end all destructive, annihilating and exterminating machinations concerning the excessive needs of the overpopulation.

All the demands that the output of harmful emissions, in particular CO2, is to be reduced, in the case of vehicles of all kinds, for aircraft, ships, industrial machinery and heating systems, etc., or that these be generally forbidden and that the entirety of such equipment, machines, vehicles and means of transport, etc. be converted, modernised and replaced by an electrification, cannot possibly be more illusory. Of course, with such measures – this is undeniable – certain emissions could be somewhat curtailed, but this would correspond to nothing more than a drop on a hot stone, as you put it in comparison regarding always certain things that are useless when they are done. It is actually a fact that also by a small reduction of all harmful emissions nothing would change in the whole of all impairments concerning the atmosphere, the climate, the planet and its nature as well as its fauna and flora. This because the mass of the Earth-human overpopulation continues to increase immoderately, and no worldwide multi-year necessary birth stop, and a subsequent birth-direction is put into practice. With the further growth of the overpopulation and the planetary and life-destroying machinations that increase with each new birth of a human being of the Earth, all the demands of the simple-minded child Greta Thunberg and her equally unknowing, simple-minded, attached to her and to be called foolish demonstrators for the climate become ridiculous. This also includes the actions of those in government and politicians, who also ridicule themselves in their foolishness – which could amuse the peoples if the overall evil were not so serious – because these highest and upper officials of the state leaderships also do not perceive and therefore do also not understand what the emergency really requires. And this requirement, namely a multi-year birth stop and thereafter a birth control that takes hold, is unavoidable for reducing the humankind of Earth in a rational and human-worthy way in the foreseeable future. However, this is not taken into consideration and rejected by the humankind of Earth, because it wants to maintain and not restrain its criminal machinations for its life-requirements, its well-being, its food and luxury goods as well as its addiction to holidays and travel. However only through doing what is necessary all life and all existence can be protected and preserved, that is only then when the overpopulation threatening all life and all existence with all its endangering machinations is brought under control. Only by doing so is it possible for that, which has not yet been destroyed and extinguished in the variety of species of the entire biodiversity and on the planet itself, to gradually recover and regenerate over a process lasting many centuries.

Billy:  Thank you. Long story, long sense, on that point I think that it is good that you yourself have also once said something in this manner and not just always me. I like this particularly well, because each human being has to advocate his/her own personal opinion, just as everyone has however also to respect the opinion of someone else. And concerning this I behave exactly in this way, therefore I regard every opinion of a human being as his/her right and respect it, in fact totally irrespective of what kind this opinion is and how it is advocated, as long as it is not criminal, not felonious and therefore also not against body, life and against the safety of human beings or tormenting etc. concerning any other life forms. Thus, every human being has fundamentally the right to his or her own opinion, and this also applies to every religious, philosophical, ideological, worldly or other belief, however irrational and crazy it may be, but it must simply not be criminal, not felonious or perverted against body and life. Looked at it from this perspective, I leave every human being with his or her opinion the way he or she is, which is why I also never go at a religious believer hammer and tongs and do also not attack his or her delusion, unless he or she does this to the contrary and attacks me. However, in principle, I leave all human beings as they are, thinking and believing, and consequently I accept them as human beings as they are with their opinions, and therefore I extend to them as such the necessary honour and dignity and do not condemn them, but I may show them as foolishness if they think something wrong, act wrongly or behave wrongly, which brings harm to them or other human beings.

Ptaah:  It has been urging me for a long time to once myself say something like I did. And regarding to what you have now further explained concerning your behaviour in terms of your acceptance of other human beings’ opinions, about that I know very well that this is really your irreproachable style.

Billy:   But now it’s done, and it probably is good and right like that. However, I would also like to say something on this subject, namely that the screamers on climate of all kinds, thus also those of climate protection organisations, as well as those who are now running their big mouths in the governments and in the politics, do not want to hear anything about the truth of the real cause of the climate destruction. The reason for this is quite unambiguously that one does not want to reflect on the fact that the overpopulation with its destructive machinations of all kinds is to blame for everything, as well as the fact that only by a birth stop of a form lasting many years and a birth control the ultimate disastrous outcome can still be prevented. Probably it is now more than only seven years concerning a birth stop, because the mass of the humankind has increased enormously since then, when the 7 years were called for. The majority of human beings of Earth are simply unteachable and so egoistic, self-centred and conscienceless towards the Earth, the nature, its fauna, flora, the atmosphere and the climate that it is enough to make you weep. And this majority is also absolutely indifferent to the entire earthly existence and all life in general, which is why it stubbornly refuses to even ponder for a moment that the omission of creating descendants is also part of the entire existence and all life of all life forms on the Earth. This stubbornness, indifference and also the irresponsibility are not connected with it and have effectively nothing to do with the fact that an own free opinion is formed and advocated, rather only with the fact that under all circumstances the personal egoism is set above everything and is against all rationality and responsibility enforced in a coercive way and by hook or by crook. Another thing, I think, is the fact that the humankind of Earth has to be divided into six categories, whereby the following results:

Firstly, nowadays it is with the majority of earthlings no longer possible at all to have a proper and interesting as well as reliable and valueful communication.

Secondly, the majority of humankind does nowadays no longer cultivate any valueful interpersonal relationships whatsoever, hence the human bonding in general has already dwindled to such an extent and will continue to dwindle even further, so that not even genuine connecting acquaintanceships, let alone honest and sincere friendships, will come about.

Thirdly, the majority of present-day humankind is completely passive in relation to really valueful and stable in value interests and activities and is becoming more and more atrophied in terms of consciousness and intellect-rationality, no longer educating its intellect and intelligence, rather it is ever more vegetating due to the brainless use of the ever newer technical and electronic achievements, which is pushing the consciousness to dull itself.

Fourthly, the majority of present humankind is so dull that it is no longer capable of forming its own opinion, but instead only falls into a bondage when – by means of suggestively populist slogans hammered into it, lies, promises and slander – it falls prey to a deluded belief, which is imposed upon it by politicians, rulers, clerics, preachers, chiefs of sects or members of secret societies, etc., and it allows itself to be cheated towards taking their will and opinion.

Fifthly, the majority of humankind today is completely indifferent to its fellow human beings, to the nature and its fauna and flora, as well as to the effective reality and its truth.

Sixthly, only a very small part of present-day humankind is interested in the effective reality and truth of all things, such as in relation to the entire existence of everything that exists in every way, everything that is planetary as well as universally and altogether creatively given in every respect, so that altogether at least still an own opinion that is rationality-bearing and with a sense of responsibility is formed and represented. After all, it is effectively the case that the all overwhelming majority of earthlingness uses neither intellect nor rationality and is therefore going around dull and blind in sheer foolishness, is not interested in anything at all other than merely for its own wellness, enough money and the necessary needs to be able to vegetate at all.

Ptaah:   May your words be in the ear of the human beings of Earth, because that is where they belong.

Billy:   Well, when you are right, then that is also the way it is to be. But continuing to talk about it doesn’t improve anything anyway, so it’s probably better if I ask you something that interests me. Fundamentally, there is nothing left on the Earth in the open nature and its fauna and flora, which would not be contaminated by any pesticides, plant protection products, and the like, etc., and more specifically not by the natural toxins that are produced in the open nature, rather by artificial toxins of all imaginable types created by the earthlings. Already your father Sfath explained to me in the middle of the 1940s that all toxins of all kinds, which originate in the open nature, i.e. organic poisonous substances separated from bacteria, plants or animals, fish, crawlers, insects, snakes and from other creatures etc. or those resulting from the decomposition of bacteria, and no matter which ones, do not occur in excessive quantities and are also not necessarily deadly, unlike deadly poisons produced by the earthlings. He also said that these toxins will already in the next few years enter all naturally planted foods as well as the groundwater and thus into the food chain of the human beings. This would then already be scientifically detectable from the 1950s onwards and would also be scientifically recognised. However, the results of this research would be kept secret from the public by the scientists and authorities responsible for it, despite the fact that the Swiss federal health authority would also be concerned with it, which, if I remember correctly, would be transformed into a federal office for public health service or so in the 1960s, after which this office would however be renamed again in the 1980s and referred to in short as BAG. Today we are talking about the ‘Federal Office of Public Health’, which belongs to the Department of Home Affairs and is responsible for the national health policy and in this respect for the furtherance of the health of the Swiss population. In this context, however, it is incomprehensible that this office has not prohibited the entire release of toxins, but rather still claims to the contrary that certain very small quantities would be harmless and tolerable for the human organism. And this contradicts what you have already often explained – same as your father Sfath too – that toxins of any kind, even as the very smallest amount in the range of a single microgram, would be just as harmful to the entire organism of the human being as they are to all life-forms in general. And Sfath explained, as you also said, that the fact would be that such minimal traces of toxins would in the future cause many kinds of sufferings for the human being, which would not exist without these supplies of toxins into the organism. This means that even these most minimal traces of toxins result in new sufferings, damages and pains, which did not exist in the past, or existed only negligibly little, but which have increased alarmingly since the introduction and spreading of the toxins, which advance already existing ones and cause new sufferings.

Ptaah:   This is indeed the case, but it should also be mentioned that already since the mid-1960s also the groundwaters have been contaminated by the various toxins that have been irresponsibly released into the entire nature and flora, and that these substances thereby also enter the human organism as toxin-carrying drinking water, as well as by the finest toxin particles that float in the breathing air of the atmosphere and enter the lungs as a result of the inhalation, and thereby in turn into the blood and the entire organism.

Billy:   This is probably the case, and after all you ought to know it much better than our scientists, who, in comparison to your much more advanced cognitions and experiences, are practically just slowly crawling out of their caves and seeing the first blades of grass, with which they perceive their coarse outer structure, whilch they cannot yet explain, and recognise the first details. If we look at what has happened since the 1940s regarding the use of toxins in the nature, then the things that Sfath had said prove to be reality today. Because in the meantime his predictions have long since become fact and truth, namely that the release of artificial toxins into the nature in future time – seen from back then indeed starting from the second half of the 19th century and the present and future time – will cause deformations and other changes to the body extremities of the human beings, as well as damages to the health of the life-forms of fauna and flora. This, as I have already said, is the case with the release and use of quantities which are generally harmful, which of course has to be assessed relatively. Sfath also explained at the time that these artificial toxins would also cause severe negative changes in the brain of the human beings and adversely affect the consciousness, which would potentially lead as far as the mental dumbing down. However, it would also be the case, as he particularly mentioned at the time, that due to the influences of the all-contaminating artificial toxins, serious and also multifaceted as well as partly incurable diseases would be caused among the majority of humankind, just as kinds of changes in consciousness and serious damage to consciousness would occur, which would impair the use of intellect and rationality by the human being and in some cases make it completely impossible. Thereby, he explained, as I remember very well, many human beings will experience a decrease in their consciousness-power and will become extremely susceptible to illogical thinking, acting, and regarding addictions, as well as their own ability to consider and make decisions will be strongly impaired, weakened, and manipulated by exterior directed influencings.

Well, on all that Sfath had explained to me in this regard, I have already repeatedly pondered and arrived at the conclusion that the explanation for this could probably be that the damages to consciousness and changes in consciousness caused by the toxins, as well as the impairment of intellect and rationality, as your father predicted, correspond to what you already observed a few years ago and said, that you did not detect any progress in consciousness among the majority of human beings of Earth, but rather a atrophy of consciousness. If I bear this in mind, then it must probably be the case that for the majority of the earthlings, the itself and for itself already not very highly developed intelligence in relation to its level is steadily waning further and further, i.e. that the state of intelligence is deteriorating ever more as a result of the non-use of intellect and rationality. And this can, following my consideration, only result if, due to the absence and not practicing of the necessarily required intellect-rationality work, the intellect is no longer formed. This, however, I can very well imagine for human beings who have fallen prey to religious deluded beliefs as well as ideologies, dubious philosophies and any other unquestioning faiths, ingrained false teachings as well as false information, false views and/or misguidances and confusions. This just in the way in which the majority of the human beings of this world has been befallen by such influences and in this manner is suggestively influenced and indoctrinated by other human beings towards a belief of some kind whatsoever, and thinks that it has now found and won the non plus ultra of all essence of wisdom, but in reality has fallen prey to a confused misguidance. And this happens because these human beings do not turn to the effective reality and its single truth and do not seek the truth in themselves in a completely neutral way by freeing themselves from every belief and external influence and learning to be themselves and to trust only themselves. This, though, means that the human being, however and whatever he or she is, does not hang onto any belief, and takes everything that is brought to him or her into own consideration, fathoms it out, processes it and turns it into his or her entirely own knowledge. While doing so, he/she must also not let anything be decided by others in relation to the learning and the search for truth, rather this may and must in every respect be left solely and exclusively to him/herself, because only he/she alone is himself/herself and is singly allowed and able to decide about him/herself, whereas never another human being. A belief, on the other hand, corresponds in each individual case to an external suggestive and indoctrinating influence and coerces the human being into believing in something that had been hammered into him/her, whereby he/she inevitably loses in every regard his/her independence of his/her personal quest, as well as his/her own speculating, his/her personal quest for the truth and latter’s finding. As a result of believing, the human being loses in every way and manner his/her autonomy, independence and self-recognition, as well as his/her personal freedom of decision and decision-capability, wherethrough he/she inevitably becomes the slave of his/her belief, from which he/she can then no longer or only very arduously and difficultly free him/herself again – if at all.

However, something that would now actually be of interest to me is what your great-great-great-great-grandfather did here on the Earth. You once mentioned him briefly in a private conversation, but I forgot his name.

Ptaah:   My great-great-great-great-grandfather was called Isobron, and the meaning of the name is ‘He starts a storm with thunder’. He was an expert in languages and writings and came to the Earth with many of his students at the time of the Mediterranean-Middle Eastern civilisations. He settled in the region that was then called Egypt and continues to exist this way to this day, whereby, however, he travelled far and wide, so also to the country that is today called Greece. In accordance with his knowledge, he was always anxious to spread the art of writing and languages, something he also strove for around the Mediterranean Sea among the various peoples who accepted his teachings and learned the writing. Depending on people and language, he taught them a wide variety of writing forms, from pure pictorial writing to the graphic design of typesetting fonts in various languages. Likewise did all his students of both sexes, who spread all over the Earth and taught the at that time not yet very large in numbers peoples in writing and language. And when I speak of peoples, I do not mean the populations themselves, but only those of them who also at that time were striving for a higher education and for more knowledge etc. than was characteristic of the majority of peoples.

Billy:   Hence, at that time your great-great-great-grandfather was on the Earth and taught the writing to the early peoples, in the same way as his students did it all over the world, consequently it can be said that actually all the early scriptural languages applied on the Earth by the earthly peoples lead back to a Plejaren origin.

Ptaah:   Yes, you could say it like that. In the course of time these ur-scripts were of course again and again changed in their form or put out of use, which is why many of the original script types only exist as historical remnants – if at all. Yet what has also to be said about this is the fact that, unfortunately, already very early on, the written language was abused by those on Earth who were knowledgeable of the script. This happened in particular by persons knowledgeable in writing who recorded historical events in writing, which they themselves nevertheless interpreted inadequately and completely wrongly according to their own and inaccurate observations, as well as very often deceiving perceptions as well as imaginations, inadequate memories and assumptions. This equally occurred when the persons knowledgeable of the script were engaged and contracted by people for the purpose of written records, whereby it was without exception the case that those capable of the script and thus of writing never wrote down exactly what they were instructed to write. As a consequence, it always turned out that the human beings, who made use of those knowledgeable of the scriptures, because in fact they themselves were not knowledgeable of the script and therefore also of the written language, could do nothing other than orally, in their simple language, explain their concerns which had to be recorded in writing etc. to those knowledgeable of the script. The ones with writing aptitudes then allowed themselves to record in writing what was explained and said to them, by means of their own interpretations according to their own understanding and their own explanations. And the reason for this was that the people, who were not knowledgeable of the script, who gave orders to write something, were not able to dictate directly in the script-language what they had to say and explain. For this reason, in all old written traditions, faulty descriptions and sometimes extremely grave misinterpretations arose as a result of the ones knowledgeable of the script’s own interpretations, which have survived to the present time and are taught in equally false forms. This happened equally at all times regarding all religious written records, because only one, and apart from that one, not a single person to whom the written traditions are ascribed was knowledgeable of the script and the written language, consequently they all had their statements written down by those knowledgeable of the script and the written language, who formulated everything according to their own writing abilities and furthermore wrote it down according to their own interpretations and assumptions etc. This was also the case with all major and minor religions and their sects, thus also with Islam and Christianity. In the same way that in the case of Jmmanuel, after his flight from Jerusalem, his entire biography, starting with his birth up to his death, was disseminated with monstrous falsifications, lies, assertions and defamations, and later also written down, the situation arose in the case of Mohammed, whose real name was Abdul Kasim Muhammad Ibn Abdallah. In the case of Jmmanuel, only Judas Ischkerioth was knowledgeable of writing, yet neither a female nor a male member of his discipleship, which included more persons than just the twelve stated in the New Testament, which is full of inventions, falsifications, false recollection-claims, interpretations, and lies. Moreover, the individual sections, assertions and ‘recollections’ etc. of this opus of lies were not written until many years after his flight by those knowledgeable of writing and moreover authored with further falsification by their own additional interpretations, and partly also attributed to former disciples, who, however, never took part in such types of writing and thus did not provide any information whatsoever to what then gave rise to the opus of lies, New Testament. To this end you have also given … … the various necessary details and explanations for the purpose of rectification, wherethrough he has carried out pertinent investigations, but also found out much of the actual truth and was also able to record it in writing. However, I have to say that it is regrettable that you and Guido had to promise him not to mention his name and his written work, which contains extraordinarily good facts for the substantiation of evidence, when he is still alive. Regrettably, however, the man also conceals those of your information made known to him, which ought actually to be mentioned openly regarding the entire origin of Jmmanuel’s biography.

If one has a close look at the story of Muhammad’s life, one must also for this one say that there is hardly any true word in all that is supposedly ‘handed down’ about him, because just as with Jmmanuel, no one all around was knowledgeable of the script and written language, except for his first wife, the widow Chadidscha. She was member of the highly respected Quraish tribe and heiress of a caravanserai as well as a trading business in Mecca. At first Mohammed did various works for her under her matriarchy, before they found each other and got married, after which she appointed him as the business partner. The woman was connected to Mohammed with sincere love and was also able to connect with his teaching, which she greatly esteemed, whereby, however, she did not record a single word of his teaching or of his life in writing.

The incredibly disgraceful calumny that Mohammed is said to have fathered several children with this woman amounts to a lie without equal, because the woman was incapable of conception and therefore could not be impregnated by Mohammed. Since Chadidscha nevertheless wanted to have children, it was decided in agreement between her and Mohammed to adopt several orphans and to secretively pretend that they were their own. After his wife died, he married Sauda bint Zama as his second wife, with whom he however also did not father any descendants, nor with Aischa bint Abi Bakr, who was his third wife and who, contrary to the slanderous ‘ traditions’ was neither 6 nor 7 or 9 years old at the time of marriage, but 19 years of age. And the malicious story of slander against her, which is said to have taken place during the campaign against the Banū l-Mustaliq in the year 627, is just as much a malicious lie as the story of the twelve ‘Mothers of the Believers’ was built on nothing more than lies and deception. This applies equally to the manifold lies to the effect that Mohammed, in addition to his regular marriage, would have married a higher number of women and would have had female slaves as concubines, because in fact there were only the three wives Chadidscha, Sauda bint Zama and Aischa bint Abi Bakr, whom he had married after the death of Chadidscha, whereby these marital bonds also remained childless, since with these two women, too, he had no sense of procreating offspring. All the larger number of other women who were around him were in no way in any marital connection with him, nor in any kind of relationship of slavish or concubine nature, rather they were all well protected in his care and friendship. Thus, further women were imputed to him long after his death by lies and calumnies of alleged relatives and chroniclers etc. and had no truth whatsoever. This also applies to the veiling of women, as well as to completely different senselessnesses. Malicious-minded people who were against the spreading of early false Christianity that had emerged centuries earlier, which completely falsified the true teaching of the proclaimer Jmmanuel, saw in it an opportunity to also falsify the teaching of Mohammed. And so, at his time, they seized the opportunity to falsify his teaching, which was indeed the same as that of Jmmanuel, and to spread rules and regulations just as it was regarding the teaching of Jmmanuel. As Jmmanuel was not able to defend himself against it, so it turned out with Mohammed as well, because when both had gone their last way, their always identical teaching was abysmally falsified and new religions were created from it. As a consequence, the believers turned to the new teachings, to which Mohammed and Jmmanuel were due to their departure no longer able to set anything against, hence the Christianity with the ‘New Testament’ and the Islam with the ‘Recitation’ i.e. the ‘Koran’ completely suppressed the truthful ‘Teaching of the Truth, Teaching of the Spirit, Teaching of Life’.

During the time of Jmmanuel, the ancient Palestine was occupied by the Romans and had undergone some boom, whereby, however, the native population was directed by a hard Jewish and religion-related rule, which is why it was opportune for the emerging Christians to devise a story of lies of a resurrection of the crucified Jmmanuel and to call him Jesus. This, while southern Arabia was a very backward area at the time of Mohammed, far away from all the cultural and economic centres of the world at that time, where the human beings, who were poor suffered great hardship and were only too happy to believe and fall prey to a new religion of salvation.

If one looks at the old writings, which are supposed to come from disciples, direct followers and the like as well as from direct or indirect descendants, relatives or from family members of the two proclaimers, then in their entirety all such alleged written proofs correspond only to sneaky falsifications, false memories and false reproductions as well as very fallible interpretations by the scribes. Truthly, there is not a single such old document that is directly or semi-directly associated with a person who had been in direct or indirect contact with Jmmanuel or Mohammed.

Claims to the contrary and so-called ‘written proofs’ correspond to nothing other than falsifications and lies, because both in the case of Jmmanuel as well as Mohammed the first written records were only made years later, after their departure i.e. after their death. And this happened on the basis of very inadequate or erroneous memories, but also through consciously false claims and lies, etc., as a consequence of which glorifications and fairy tales regarding Jmmanuel and Mohammed came about too. Moreover, various direct and indirect follower persons were falsely attributed regarding the two proclaimers, who in reality had nothing to do with them. Also, disciples, followers, relatives, friends, etc. knowledgeable in writing were at all times attributed to the two proclaimers Jmmanuel and Mohammed, although among all those mentioned not a single one was knowledgeable of the script and the writing. Judas Ishkerioth was the only one among all, who mastered the script correctly and truthly and who was knowledgeable of writing and a disciple of Jmmanuel. Later he was defamed by falsifiers of writings and by hangers-on, just as Jmmanuel was then imputed with the name Jesus. We must therefore by means of repetition clear this up, that in the case of Mohammed and Jmmanuel everything was equal, whereby in the case of Jmmanuel, however, Judas Ischkerioth was knowledgeable of the script res and the written language and produced the records, from which then by your and the group members efforts the Talmud arose, which in the end had to be correctly translated and revised by our specialists who are knowledgeable of script and language, because the priest Isa Rashid had translated it incorrectly according to his Christian deluded belief. This, while all other records concerning the teaching of Jmmanuel and Mohammed were in no way made by any of their disciples or direct or indirect descendants, etc., rather by persons foreign to them, and that even only a long time after their death. Truthly, however, in relation to both and their teaching, which was the ‘teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life’ with both, everything was abysmally misunderstood and boundlessly falsified beyond recognition. This also applies to various other old writings found either long ago or recently, which likewise do not trace back to any disciples during the lifetime of Jmmanuel or to direct hangers-on or relatives etc. of Mohammed.

Billy:   So, does that also apply to chronicles?

Ptaah:   Yes, that is so, because records of all kinds, thus also chronicles, have since ancient times always been made by personal interpretations of the writers, which is often still the case in the present time, and not only when writing down historical facts in relation to annals and chronicles, but especially with information media, such as public media of all kinds. This also includes descriptions by observers and witnesses of any events and situations, who, although they have made the same observations and perceptions of the exact same thing, make completely opposite and contrary statements. Thereby, in addition to false interpretations, by means of withholding and keeping silent, false perceptions and false observations, etc., of effective facts regarding situations and events, etc., as well regarding what is heard, serious falsifications arise as well.

Billy:   Good, thank you, then that too has been clarified. If you now would like to read this – please.

Translated by Bruce Lulla and Stefan Zutt.












82 Replies to “Greta Thunberg, Phony Environmentalism and Famine”

  1. My intention is not to ‘nitpick’ … but when I read Ptaah’s “The climate change, which was first denounced by an unknowing child and since then has created a stir worldwide right up to the governments and, moreover, has brought about masses of simple-minded people shouting climate protest, who, just like the child, have no clue and knowledge at all about what is actually a fact . . .” I can’t fully agree with the “which was first denounced by an unknowing child” phrasing. There have been many other voices addressing climate change for several decades. What I CAN agree with, is that the Plejaren information suggests that overpopulation remains the prime issue when examining the historical / current negatives affecting Earth via human affairs. Overpopulation IS the ‘elephant in the room’ to be sure.

  2. Greetings.. This conversation is so very disappointing. The tone is needlessly low. Greta is just a child and is doing her best with the knowledge she has to bring to consciousness to the destructive effects of climate change. She may be leaving out population as a major major climate destruction cause and not see the full picture. However she’s an aware concerned child and trying to do her best. I think it’s disingenuous for the plejarans to think that by releasing these minor and petty examples of predicting the future that anybody in positions of authority would really take them seriously. The Plejarans are the ones that are sitting in a potential position to bring authoritive awareness to the population issue. People around the world are murdered for even mentioning population control. And the implementation of the solution is nearly impossible because of religious fanatics. The plejarans are the ones that could bring this issue to the forefront. It only takes a display of their Craft pre announced by Billie. Several showings at any large football game. And large numbers of the public would take this seriously. The past Plejaran efforts of prediction to politicians has been a failure. I find it amazing that even when Wendell Stevens and a team a very heart-centered loving and open people come to investigate Billy’s claims that the Plejarans could not even make a showing for them. They’re the ones that have power and the ability to crack this wide open. Criticizing from the sidelines is so easy.The people that are kind loving spiritually oriented do not have our hands on the leavers of power. We do not have the ability 2 come out and get any traction on announcing that we need to stop the population explosion. This is an extremely contentious issue and very difficult to even Implement. Think of the amazing obstacles 2 getting individuals to stop having children. I would hope that we could at least speak with love for people that see that we are heading down a road of destruction of our biosphere. People that see a multifaceted approach as having a slight chance and at least have the courage to take action as Greta is doing. Plejarans not so much.
    Peace David

    1. Thanks so much for pointing out that the warnings about the impending climate DESTRUCTION are “these minor and petty examples of predicting the future”. Gosh, I wonder what MAJOR and INESCAPABLE warnings would look like.

      Yes indeed, this certainly isn’t the warm, fuzzy stuff that the soft and spineless people of earth would like to see.

      After all, it’s the…Plejaren’s responsibility to try to do more to penetrate the thick craniums of the what just might be the most stupid and stubborn species for light years around.

      So, please hover here and there…never mind the panic, psychosis, suicides, murders and further insanity such would bring to a race that now gets its take on reality from the internet, celebrities, sports stars and the like and can’t think its way out of a pair bag opened at both ends.

      The “failure” is squarely on the sagging shoulders of the religiously and politically deluded masses and the ones THEY choose/allow to represent them, i.e. control, rip them off, and behave with utter contempt for them and all life, nature, etc.

      So yeah, let’s “speak with love”…rather than the decades of pounding on their doors screaming “Fire!” because their homes are being consumed, it’s so, so…unpleasant to be told things that we don’t like to hear. Consequently, no one even wants to put the fire out.

      BTW, as I recall, it was Stevens and his crew that MISSED the Plejaren flyover…not that it would’ve really mattered anyway.

      And, if it’s not too…harsh on my part, may I ask you to, please, use your full name when posting?


  3. Disappointing that Billy did not ask for info about the metal spheres that solved the plejarans problems through a complete change of consciousness for the entire population. We need the spheres or face total environmental destruction.

    1. Oh my goodness, yes, disappointing indeed. What was – or wasn’t – Billy thinking?

      But don’t worry, Great’s parents are certainly going to solve this one and, pretty soon, they’ll have her explaining how to fix it. From metal straws to metal spheres and no carbon footprint.

      PLEASE USE YOUR FULL NAME WHEN POSTING. Sorry I yelled at you, honest.

  4. And furthermore, the since ancient times fragile and always only temporary peace on the Earth is questioned again and again and more often by irrationality, obsession with might, lunacy, foolishness, and pathologically caused malicious threats, terror, revenge, imperiousness and consciousness-delusion. This in particular by The United States of America and its NON COMPOS MENTIS state leaders, as well as by the EU dictatorship’s leadership, who will however be replaced and newly occupied next month by an unsuitable and Russia-hostile person.

  5. While Greta leads the sheeple today in Montreal, we see that the attending PM Trudeau is attacked by someone in the crowd, made short-lived by the attending police. It’s nothing new in the mix of socio / political / environmental affairs. And, in North America, after Mexico 2018, and ahead of the US 2020, we have a [full blown stupid] Canadian election race, with typical front-runner candidates talking the talk, squawking about all the usual points of contention that supposedly concerns the Canadian electorate. Elizabeth May [Green Party, American born, also in Montreal] says the election “is a climate referendum.” – We all know that there’s a plentitude of talking the talk, and it’s too late for walking the walk.

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