Enviro-Nazis Censor Dissident Environmentalist

Mark Boslough calls for ClimateStrike to block Michael Horn on Twitter


Every now and then, people who get a glimpse of the truth and come down on the right side of a topic go off the rails, mistakenly think of themselves as “experts” and proceed to try to stifle vastly more accurate and reliable information.

Case in point, for some time I’d sent presumed environmentalist Mark Boslough information from Billy Meier pertaining to the real nature of what has now deteriorated from climate change to climate destruction, without any response. Meier began publishing the warnings in 1951,  long before Boslough was born.

Then I posted a link to Meier’s recent, rather dire environmental information from the 721st Contact, where the harsh and truthful realities are plainly stated.  Apparently it finally got Boslough’s attention:

It’s doubtful Boslough got past the title, which mentioned the darling of the now fashionable environmental movement, Greta Thunberg, but presumed that I was not only a pseudoscientist but also a “CreepyDenier”, dirty old man picking on “young (presumably only female) climate policy activists”. And, in true liberal fashion, he was calling out to climate brawlers and strikers to block, i.e. censor, me.

Of course I took the opportunity to respond:

I found it ironic that a guy, who was just a teenager when I started being actively involved in environmental issues, 50 years ago, would himself be a knee-jerk denier, in fact a…contact denier. It’s equally troubling that as someone professing concern about asteroids and global catastrophes,  Boslough would let his skeptical prejudices prevent him from also learning about the real dangers posed by asteroid Apophis, aka the Red Meteor.

I mention his skepticism because Boslough’s bio includes, “Physicist, skeptic, speaker, and writer. Fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Climate science communicator. Chair of @AsteroidDay Expert Panel”, the italicized emphasis being mine. It’s hardly a boost to one’s credibility to be associated with the failed skeptics at CSI, or the party clowns at Asteroid Day.

As many already know, years ago I posted Meier’s warnings about asteroid Apophis in a comic book format – translated into six languages – making it easy enough for even scientists to understand.

The Climate Con

There are well-meaning people who support various “climate this and climate that” organizations, although these groups are actually powerless to do anything meaningful and effective about the situation. They may not even know it but that doesn’t stop them from effectively conning people into thinking that feel-good, hand-wringing gestures, environmental conferences, marches, strikes, taxes, levees, fees and carbon credits, etc. -and clicking on the DONATE button – are anything but pitifully self-indulgent and profit-oriented exercises.

The inescapable fact is that no amount of money per se is going to forestall, let alone actually positively alter, the now completely unstoppable manifestations of manmade, unnatural climate destruction. As they have implored us for many decades, Meier and the Plejaren, as well as other insightful people on earth, the only way to forestall utter environmental, planetary, societal collapse is a temporary, humane halt to our bunny-mimicking overbreeding.

This is, of course, denied mainly because it’s never really thought through, with the limitless “go forth and multiply” entreaty looming large, even in the subconscious of those who aren’t religious.

How thoughtless and irresponsible to keep bringing new people into the world who, through no fault of their own, will be both the further cause and the victims of the climate destruction.

Failing the Young 

Nonetheless, and criticisms of Greta Thunberg aside, there is a growing awareness among young people that they’ve inherited a huge mess. But naively and understandably, in this age of trendy hype and online “movements”, they don’t yet know they can’t at this point significantly, positively alter the situation,  no matter how much marching and protesting they do.

Ironically, they are miserably failed by the the know-it-alls like Mark Boslough, who won’t look through that proverbial telescope, learn from those who are far more advanced – and actually concerned about our future survival – than we are, and share the wisdom with the young, who will so desperately need it.

Instead, in true book-burner fashion, Boslough wants to rally the climate faithful to block and ban the information.

The now unstoppable external events fulfill as they must, because of the unreasonableness of humankind for far too long. For those who wish to remain alert and clear-headed in the extremely demanding coming times, nothing is more important than learning how to think. Our thinking determines everything about how well we live our lives and in fact our thinking is what forges our destiny.

The Way to Live

Thanks to John Webster.

11 Replies to “Enviro-Nazis Censor Dissident Environmentalist”

  1. I just wonder how much traction will be made as Nasa begins to discuss their DART mission. Will they be willing to take advice from outside sources, or will they continue to know-it-all?

  2. It’s interesting how seemingly intelligent people like Mark Boslough seem to act needlessly in a self-destructive over-reaction to the truth. Acting out of pique, or pursuing revenge will only damage himself and many others unnecessarily and pointlessly.


  3. One more comment: When you think about it, how can a Physicist also be a skeptic? A true physicist must have an open mind to let the facts led them to the truth! If a physicist has a pre-determined mindset as to how things must be, these people are not a true scientist in the realm of physics and definitely not an expert by any means!

  4. MH .. I feel you are never one to expect special recognition, but I wish to pass along kudos for your healthy, persistent, accurate effort to inform. In the couple decades since being introduced to the Meier material, I’ve had to ‘bounce around’ in my own thoughts .. ‘bounce around’ in my own activities and relationships with others, and even be hacked by an unknown entity who used my name to post insulting comments [on this blog a year or so ago] that were very contrary to where my heart and mind is. I’m content to say that I’ve maintained some semblence of an ‘inner knowledge’ akin to spirit, and will remain a ‘student’ to the Meier info until I exit this experience. To say the least, I fully appreciate and respect the other contributors on this blog. Our mismanaged human affairs have been very accurately described via all the information Meier, and his relationship with the Plejaren, has so freely given. It certainly makes life VERY fascinating!

  5. “Enviro-Nazis” Do tactics include long, hard, “Who, me?” stares from Greta and your signature on a new electric car contract, or, green tax? I hear a crack team of Teslas are going to invade Area 51 for the free energy, but, there’s a guy near the dance tent who can sort you out if it all gets too real.



  6. I don’t care about you people and your critics. Pending approval for every comment means you are a coward and you have no guts to face those who think differently. You are just greedy for people who agree or even bow to you.

    Your behaviour together with that mongrel’s will drive a lot of people away from Billy and his contacts. He should run this site. I believe he can communicate better.

    I will still write even if you don’t accept my comment, and you do because you want to show yourselves as less mean HA!!!

    1. Hi Jin,

      I plucked your comment out of the trash heap here, where it really belongs, just to respond.

      When you start your comment with “I don’t care about you people and your critics” it means that you’re a disrespectful, inconsiderate loser who probably is one miserable human being. That in itself is rather sad. Perhaps if you can pull yourself together and join the human race, this won’t be the only comment that gets approval, ridiculous as it is.

    2. Okay, breathe… So, welcome Jin. Please help yourself to drinks and and a doughnut from the stand over there and grab yourself a chair; talk to some people, get to know them a bit, or, just sit and listen. I know this all may seem a bit strange at first, but, we don’t judge and are here to listen to you.

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