UFOs: Taking Out the Trash

Tune in for this new two-hour, tell-all interview 

Michael Horn will be on Spaced Out Radio tonight, speaking about the – singularly authentic – Billy Meier UFO contacts, ongoing for over 77 years, as well as the cleaning out of the profit-seeking liars, phonies and frauds in the UFO industry who’ve misled, ripped off and betrayed the public, peddling utter disinformation, often provided by the intelligence agencies.

Also, an explanation about the meaning of the new endorsements by the US Navy and Christopher Mellon, formerly US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence at the Pentagon about the reality of UFOs. BTW, it’s not the first time the Pentagon corroborated Billy Meier’s information.

Michael will explain how this is connected to the recent authentication of Meier’s contacts by former USAF OSI investigatorJoe Tysk…and the terrestrial origin (Contact 441) of most UFOs.

AND Michael will explain how the recent increase in “revelations” about UFOs ties into US domestic and foreign policy.

Danger on Tap

Also, because of Michael’s decades long environmental work, and specific focus on water quality, we’re taking the opportunity to bring this new report about tap water  to your attention and this SPECIAL OFFER about how you can get a FREE Water Emergency Treatment (WET) System. But hurry, this exclusive offer expires very soon!


25 Replies to “UFOs: Taking Out the Trash”

    1. Jedi’s responses in the video are consistent with a narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)…and he goes further in this shamelessly delusional, grandiose presentation:

      https://youtu.be/syKvAN7kPWI (20:26)

      This is DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to the spiritual teaching. Welcome to the new, self-appointed prophet…and those who self-identify as his followers, thereby revealing their own complete lack of understanding of the spiritual teaching.

  1. I understand. I did learn the importance of joining a study group that does not alter in any form the spiritual teachings. Doing otherwise results in suffering among many other things. Michael did very well in calling it out.

  2. Well there is always the danger of being burnt by the truth.
    Then there is the prospect of the truth causing all kinds of confusion and chaos to the unsuspecting especially when they try to rush it.
    This then causes one to be deluded in thinking that the motivation behind one’s action conforms with the teachings when in fact its the lack of self awareness caused by the self created delusion that prevents one from actually seeing that it doesn’t because one’s judgement was impaired.
    Its a shame but a necessary learning step.

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