Pentagon and US Navy Officially Confirm UFOs

According to Christopher Mellon, former United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence at the Pentagon, UFOs of extraterrestrial origin definitely exist.

The US Navy has also just gone on record unequivocally stating that they have proof that the UFOs are real.

Definitive Corroboration of UFO Contact

Billy Meier’s pre-digital era photographic and other UFO evidence has been analyzed and authenticated by independent experts using state-of-the-art technologies:

The Billy Meier UFO contacts were recently featured on the #1 podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience:

World’s Leading Authority on UFOs

The Silent Revolution of Truth, was produced by the world’s leading authority on UFOs, research scientist Michael Horn. Michael is a frequent international media guest who’s consulted about matters pertaining to UFOs and extraterrestrials:

Most importantly – and as some media now recognize – it’s the scientific information from the Plejaren that often contains critical warnings about events that threaten our future survival:


Interviews and Presentations

To schedule media interviews, multi-media presentations and lectures on the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts, by Michael Horn, please contact:

“Michael Horn is the world’s leading authority on UFOs.” 
George Noory, Coast to Coast AM (after Horn’s 20th appearance on C2C)

NOTE: The newest Gallup Poll shows two-thirds of Americans also believe the UFO phenomenon is real.

See also: Billy Meier’s Environmental Warnings



  1. According Plejaren logic (which is reasonable) Terra (Earth, the twin planet to Erra) can only sustain 500 million humans. At 8.9 billion humans on Earth, this mean it would take 1,780 Earth(s) to provide sufficient living for humans.
    Self denial of Overpopulation is the flat earth belief. A worldwide Birth Ban and equal birth control is the only way to salvage the future from this horrendous and monstrous illogic. Every human of the earth must decide its own future now to salvage it.

  2. From CR 251 … interesting info when applied to the title of this blog post.
    “Carlos Diaz, a purported contactee, what do you think of him?”
    “You pose an illogical question, for I already explained that no human beings on Earth maintain any contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences. Therefore he is a liar, fraud and cheat.”
    “I would like to ask for additional information about the following: Are you familiar with Area 51; Roswell, the 1947 incident in New Mexico; a UFO crash in Aztec, New Mexico, similar to the one in Roswell, but a year later; a third crash at the Mexican border in ’49 or ’50; and, in addition, do Americans in Area 51 have some extraterrestrial corpses along with one ET whom they hold captive, and who may now be alive?”
    “I have already stated several times that these matters fall under my pledge of secrecy because they are associated with government, military and national security affairs. I am not permitted, therefore, to speak about these issues officially, but I can speak to you in confidence — under four eyes — as you like to refer to it. Needless to say, it would indeed present a danger to you if you officially possessed such information. Let us keep things the way they are now.”
    “That’s ok, it was only a last attempt. Then back to Michael Hesemann. What do you think of him?”
    “He would be a very valuable individual in disseminating the truth about our entire Mission and beyond; if only he would desist being influenced to such a great extent by lies, deceit, fraud and charlatanry, and if he were more courageous in disseminating the genuine truth instead of so much nonsense that is presented in his books and magazine.”
    “You are expressing my opinion as well.”
    “Truly, he could be a person to be accorded the required trust to disseminate Mission material, if only he would possess the courage to commit himself to it.”
    “I know, but, unfortunately, this essential factor does not seem to exist. What about future contacts with extraterrestrials, may we speak about them now?”
    “Unfortunately this remains impossible. Nonetheless, I am, or rather you are, permitted to reveal that new events will soon occur.”
    “You mean the fact that time is fast approaching when official contacts with extraterrestrials will take place?”
    “Of course. I have told you about them. In times to come, many things will occur and changes ensue with regard to extraterrestrial aircraft, their crews as well as terrestrial, mysterious and exotic-looking flying craft. Extraterrestrial contacts may be expected, but they will be completely different from the current contacts that these many lying, deceitful and fraudulent would-be contactees have portrayed them to be through their religious-sectarian absurdities and other things. Immensely significant new discoveries are also forthcoming that will take place on Earth, on the Moon, Mars and beyond, as you have previously stated and extensively revealed in your 23page report without mentioning the specific dates for particular events.”
    “It would have been wrong to name the years or the exact days and months and so forth.”
    “I have already stated that you acted correctly. Regarding this correctness, I would like to point out something that is not particularly pleasant: After observing what has been transpiring over the past years, I have noticed that only a small number of Core Group members have sufficient capabilities to write in a such a manner that they can produce their own foreordained texts and books through their individual volition and ability. This is particularly grave among the male group members, excluding Guido. The situation with various female group members is much more positive. With regard to current writings in the way of upcoming books and writings, I find the required labor-intense corrections and revisions absolutely frightful, and this applies also to the required sentence structure to achieve the appropriate wording.”
    “Our people simply are not writers, and often they do not have the ability to write well.”
    “There are at least three male group members who are convinced that their literary effusions are of unique quality. Should their works be published, however, they would require complete re-editing, proof-reading [the old German expression ‘korrektiert’ is used here] and revising so that they would be both stylistically correct and readable.”
    “That’s a fine mess. But tell me, from where do you know the term ‘korrektieren’?”
    “This is a very old, long-gone term in Old German that means something is, or must be, “put right” again.”
    “I know this too, my friend, because I use this term all the time.”
    “It is a word-merit that briefly and concisely expresses the meaning.”
    “I am pleased that I am no longer the only one who knows and uses this term. But it seems that nowadays nobody really knows it any more – even in academic books one cannot find anything about it, as though it had never existed.”
    “It is shown in our old German language records, however.”
    “Well, this won’t help me here. – And our “great authors” will be “elated” by your words.”
    “It would be pointless not to speak about this fact, for the errors would never be recognized. On the other hand I would be lying if I praised them, and such actions are foreign to us. – The written works produced in the aforementioned manner truly cannot be published until they have been thoroughly re-edited.”
    “And who is to do all this re-editing?”
    “Probably you will not find the time, although you are predestined to do it. And yet, perhaps, you should not be considered for this task. I would like to suggest that Mariann does it, if she is willing; but it would take up a much of her time and would restrict her freedom. Although a few female members in the Core Group could also perform this task, they, too, have very little spare time. Therefore, we must drop this subject for now and see what can be done about it in the future.”

    1. It’s nothing new. Meier and his Plejarens started attacking other people in Ufology since the first contact report. That’s part of their “mission.”

      1. That’s complete and utter nonsense. If that’s what you get out of the thousands of pages of the Meier material and the mission as a whole, you need to start over and before the beginning. It’s amazing how so many people can have something right in front of them and still refuse to see.

        1. Melissa, it’s right there in the first and second contact report. The introduction of the religion (Creation), and the discrediting of other contactees. Go read it.

          1. Where did you get the distorted idea that speaking the Creation is “religion”? And where is the actual, independently authenticated evidence for “the other contacts”? Why do we never see any?

          2. Michael, I have prophetic information for you. In the 1950s there was a contactee by the name of Howard Menger. He had photographs, films and eyewitnesses who even went on live radio which was the communication standard back then supporting his case. Menger wrote a book about his contactee experiences in 1959. The name of the book is ‘From Outerspace To You.’ (There are PDF files on the internet – do a search and you can read the book.) In chapter 24 his allegedly alien contacts reveal that they are not the only ones contacting the people of the Earth. There’s another group that tries to undermine them and use a distorted form of religion. Fast forward 15 years and here’s Billy Meier and his Plejarens trying to debunk every other UFO case while inserting a new religion that was supposed to be the Original one but there’s no proof whatsoever.

            So Michael, what does this all mean? There are different groups out there. There’s a fight on for the hearts and minds of the people of Earth. Do you realize what you are actually doing?

            1. Ed,

              Again, if you have specific, credible, independently authenticated information, evidence, etc., then you can submit it here. We don’t care enough about people like Adams and Menger, etc., to bother doing searches.

              Of course, with two new articles now appearing in the Express, published in your country, about Meier’s specific information about Apophis, you might want to sit down, our yourself a cup of tea (or whatever) and ask yourself:

              “Ed, shall we give a moment’s thought to what might be more important, not only to us but to many MILLIONS of people in the overall area – okay, maybe BILLIONS on the…PLANET – dicking around with old UFO nonsense, or considering what Billy Meier and the Plejaren are warning will happen if our world’s scientists don’t take their advice?”

            2. Oh Ed, come on, let’s move on from Menger and Adamski. They have nothing to offer humanity. I just saw in the news yesterday that they found about 20 more moons around Saturn. Quetzal told us this would happen 25 to 30 years ago. Come on, move on.

          3. Ed Visser…it means according to Billy Meier’s information the Giza Intelligence were removed in 2006. Look up the Giza Intelligence as they were the ones using religion to control people and their lasting effects may linger for a few hundred more years.
            Or it could be the Bafath who were removed in about 1978 due to their aspirations of having humanity kill each other.
            Would you read some of material instead of yapping about the Menger crap. He said his aliens were from Venus for crying out loud. Surely that should have been your first indication he was a liar. And you call yourself an investigator?
            5 unsmiley yellow-skinned crabby face eyes popping out down votes for you.

          4. NOTE: I’ve removed a part of the comment that wasn’t relevant to the content of the Meier contacts.


            I do have another question for you Michael, if you would indulge me. Back in the 1980s Guido Moosbrugger more or less did your job and held lectures. One of those lectures was in the Netherlands, my homecountry, and an article appeared in a Dutch magazine called ‘Aktueel’ with Guido Moosbrugger. It was of course about the Meier case, it showed the classic beamship pictures and the ET message centered around overpopulation of mankind on the Earth. There was one really strange matter. There was a depiction, a drawing of Semjase and she looked like a female with brunette hair but there was also one major exception. She had large, black almond-shaped eyes. Do you know why Semjase was depicted as a Grey hybrid back in the 1980s?

            1. Hi Ed,

              You mention that the article contained the drawing of a female with “large, black almond-shaped eyes”. First, the question would be, did Guido show this image in his lecture? I doubt it, since not only do the Plejaren NOT have such strange eyes but also the so-called “Grey hybrids” are a…fabrication promoted by the idiotic UFO community and its so-called “experts”.

              Of course, they are either unaware of, or deliberately promote, the disinformation from the intelligence agencies, etc., based on the…android beings that were discovered at Roswell, and perhaps other crashes:


          5. Michael, I remember the article vividly. I flipped the page back a few times because those black slanted eyes freaked me out. Why Semjase was depicted that way I don’t know. The article did show the classic beamship pictures and touched upon themes such as overpopulation so the core material was consistent other wise. If I’m not mistaken Mr Moosbrugger passed away so I guess it would be hard to check on that from the FIGU side.

            But has it occured to you that the story of Bob Lazar also has a strange connection to the Meier case? Lazar claimed to have been employed at Area 51 were he worked on an alien craft. The craft he drew is remarkably similar to Semjase’s Beamship, and he added the interior of the craft held small seats…

            1. Since Guido also wrote the book “And Still They Fly”, which came out after the article, you’ll see that no such drawing was included. You can find a more accurate drawing of her here:


              What has occurred to me is that Lazar had an interview with George Knapp,in 1987, and mentioned the Billy Meier photos. “I too fail to understand why anyone thinks there’s even a speck of benefit and and value to humankind regarding Lazar. In my opinion, its only worth writing about to show how it’s used to distract from the Meier material.

              As I said before, paraphrasing what Meier’s said: “It’s doubly mystifying that anyone with real familiarity with Meier’s content would even bother to conjecture about the evidence-less tales from Lazar. It’s been said over and over and it’ll be said again, if he had an iota of truly valuable, classified info, he’d be dead for having shared it.”

      2. Ed Visser…you’re ticked off because “Meier and his Plejarens” attacked other people’s nonsense?
        This can be translated into:
        “Ed Visser knows that Meier and his Plejarens are REAL cause they hurt his feelings!”
        Thanks for helping with the mission Ed Visser lol.

          1. Ed,

            Just a suggestion here. You’ve been busy attacking Meier and the Plejarens, their evidence, information and the spiritual teaching for all these years. So, don’t you think that before you tackled something that’s quite obviously light years beyond your understanding, you’d have attained at least basic competence in some field that shows you know how to think at a level beyond the comic book, sci-fi and disinformation that you constantly regurgitate?

            Apart from being a proponent of the Adams hoax, what is it that qualifies you discuss this topic…let alone call Billy Meier a liar?

          2. Ed Visser…there are so many liars out there but Meier and the Plejaren are not liars. You seem to be stuck on Menger and Adamski simply because theirs are the same craft as what you saw. Big deal. I have a family member who has seen every craft out there, anything you can dream up, he’s seen. He’s not running around boasting about it because he knows most are secret military craft. Both of us also know that Canada had UFO craft in military hangars since the early ’50s because a recently deceased family friend said he saw the UFO while he was in the military. He also said Canada and the US held joint exercises in the Arctic during this time and everyone was debriefed/drugged/hypnotized afterwards. This craft could have been Adamski’s sighting because military loved experimenting in Manitoba for some sick reason. So whatever you saw or think you saw really doesn’t matter when it comes to the big picture.

          3. Really MH…. What qualifies Meier to be a UFO authority and call others lairs, cheaters and frauds???
            Meier spend years in prison. I never got so much as a parking ticket. Meier deserted from the French Army. I served in the military and was honorbly discharged. I never claimed to be some spiritual authority. Meier certainly did with his reincarnation claims. And the world is supposed to believe Meier on the basis of some UFO pictures and film?

            Even if Meier is in regular contact with ETs you can’t accept anything at face value. Only open diplomatic contact will show who these Plejarens are. Accepting all the claims about reincarnation, JWHW’s, Nokodemion without any evidence is simply religion…

            1. Ed,

              The fact that you ask that question, and then attempt your flimsy discrediting, while having done nothing that would qualify as actual research and investigation, just adds to the obviousness of your agenda and your role as a dabbler.

              While you don’t really want answers, perhaps you could give some. Have you, in all these years and with your proximity to the center being far closer than any of us in the states – and many other places – ever gone there and…asked the questions first hand? Using your kind of comparison: You never got off your butt and I’ve been to the center 20 times. Of course, that in itself means nothing, any more than your statements do. But you’re just a dissatisfied griper who’s seen things he couldn’t identify, and got tricked by a couple of charlatans.

              As I said, you really don’t want answers or, certainly, like many thousands of other people who haven’t gone to FIGU, you’d have discerned the truthfulness, and value, of the still ongoing Meier contacts for yourself.

          4. Xila,
            I’m not claiming everything is true regarding George Adamski and Howard Menger, but they had photographs, films and eyewitnesses to support some of their claims. That completely contradicts Meier’s claims (Adamski&Menger using hypnosis) whose case rests on the same principals… You don’t seem to grasp the irony here. Deception is at play here… And not just with the Meier case. Read some off Jacques Vallee’s books.

            1. Ed,

              I don’t think you’ve ever commented on what the…reason for any real UFO contacts would be. Certainly there’s absolutely nothing of significance conveyed by any of the people who’ve claimed to be contactees. The uniquely important, prophetically accurate information provided to, and published by, Meier is overflowing with specifics about events, many of which have already occurred, be they scientific, environmental, geopolitical, etc.

              We see that the easily deduced reason for the ones that are warnings, many of which date back decades and even beyond, has been to help us assure our own very threatened future survival. Yet not a one of the phony contactees has ever brought forward any such information…unless they’re plagiarizing Meier. Of course they can’t, since they’re simply lying because of their own self-serving ambitions, etc.

              Just so you know, we’re not going to approve any more comments – from anyone – who wants to keep beating the dead horse about non-existent “other contactees”, nor those who attack Meier’s authenticity without first credibly refuting Joe Tysk’s analysis and authentication:


              The fact is that the issue of the singular authenticity of the Meier contacts has not only long been settled, but Tysk’s definitive article is just that, which is also why the skeptics have retreated and, since most are unscientific cowards and blowhards, not only don’t try to refute Tysk’s analysis, they won’t acknowledge Meier’s authenticity.

              So, to all concerned, that’s the way it’s going to go from here on. Your comments and thoughts are welcome regarding this approach, so long as they don’t violate it.

        1. Ed. You’re showing you haven’t truly understand this, or, any other case. Adamski’s films and photos are obvious fakes because the focus, detail, camera movements, lighting, colour, etc., indicate hoaxing, can be tested (or not).

          Adamski looks like he fixed small UFO models to a pane of glass and his body / camera movements created the UFO movement. We do the same thing when we move our head around a mark on a window when close to it. By bobbing our heads up and down whilst focusing slightly on the horizon and the mark, we can make the mark seem to fly around. The effect is obvious in his films because distant landscape objects in his movies are out of focus because he couldn’t set his focus to eternity due to then giving the game away with the model. It’s the details like this you have to recognise and research before making any claims.

          1. Thanks Xila. I’m not going to say, “…for the Flowers” as that’s such a copycat, Billy’s thing. Personally, I can use all the compliments I can get. 🙂

          2. Matt, Adamski’s films and photographs

            NOTE: I think we’ve all been more than patient and generous in giving Ed an opportunity to actually discuss the Billy Meier UFO contacts. It’s clear that he doesn’t really want to and actually…can’t handle the requirements for doing so.

            Ed has his own blog for discussing the things that interest him and, unless any further comments from him are really on topic, they absolutely will not be approved here for posting.


  3. Excuse me for intruding on the above argument … don’t mean to be rude … but lately I’ve enjoyed introducing the Meier information to friends & acquaintances. I also introduce them to this blog … and so far, several of my friends have already indicated the oddballs who appear with their published disgruntlements … AND the defensive verbiage. So, allow me to reintroduce a favourite quote from someone I respect in the world of literature: “[resistance] will bring about the opposite of [its intent.] Why not simply ignore those who bring in unecessary frequencies?

    1. Because the comment section would be turned into a den of lies by those who like to post their fake, phony, delusional and libelous drivel.

      1. I agree Melissa. This blog sometimes gets clogged with false information like for example being able to tell by reading a comment what frequency it is. Just like a used car salesman, if you buy this model, just by tuning your radio waves you too can attain a “higher frequency” and then you’ll be able to drive into wonderful new “dimensions” – new age nonsense. Things that cannot be ignored.

      2. As I understand, the ‘comment section’ is moderated by those charged with the duty to moderate. So … to say again, why does a moderator need to publish ANYTHING from the likes of Ed Visser? Obviously, when disgruntled commenters are NOT published by the moderator, then, obviously, there’s no need to publish any verbiage to defend and protect Meier, Plejaren etc. There can be no posted ‘den of lies’ when moderation [avoidance of extremes] is properly applied. It’a a no-brainer!

        1. Everyone has a right to their opinions and beliefs, but we also have the right to not accept their delusions.

          1. Then, respectfully, I suggest not publishing the ‘delusions’ … because obviously there would be no further impetus for moderators / other contributors to retaliate and defend the mission. Let’s keep things closer to ‘noble’. I’m satisfied with the most recent from MH, “Just so you know, we’re not going to approve any more comments – from anyone – who wants to keep beating the dead horse about non-existent “other contactees”, nor those who attack Meier’s authenticity without first credibly refuting Joe Tysk’s analysis and authentication.”

    2. John, Would it be fair to say you like the idea of offering no resistance, but, have proven it’s impossible in practise as you were unable to ignore the perceived “oddballs” and “defensive verbiage”?

          1. There’s quite a quantity of repetition in the 722nd report … to say the least … but I suppose it’s all about transliteration … in ALL of the CR’s.

          2. Even elementary school teachers know that learning anything has to be repeated 3 times for children to remember it.

    3. John let me barge in by saying what then was the point of everything that Billy and the Plejaren ever admonished and spoke about regarding the wrongs that the various individuals and organisations committed such as GWB snr, jnr, ISIS, EU, CIA, Trump, Hillary, Adamski, Barbara Handclow etc.
      I think you have lost the point in all this.
      Just as the Plejaren had stated they state the truth as they are and in these horrible times especially amongst the sea of bad frequencies there is never a more appropriate time as this that people who are in the know clarify and state the truth against the irrational forces that people like Ed create due to their stupidity, abject ignorance and donkey stubborn unwillingness to learn anything.
      There are lessons to be learnt here if you can see it.

  4. Ed Visser… The difference is Adamski and Menger had photographs and maybe some witnesses and nothing else. Only sightings, which many of us have had, big deal. They did not have CONTACTS no matter what the tards at mufon say about sightings being contacts, they aren’t.
    Meier was sent to a home for unruly teenagers because he had issues with his teacher, hardly a prison. I doubt there are many who didn’t lash out at school. But you, you’ve done nothing of the sort? I highly doubt it. I bet you’ve never gotten a parking ticket because you always say “don’t you know who I am”. After a political leader Thomas Mulcair ran two stop signs on parliament hill caught on tape, funny how he never got a ticket either. I also know police can be vindictive as well, saw that firsthand.
    Meier has video and sound recordings that cannot be reproduced. And never forget that Marcel Vogel from IBM analyzed the metal sample. No other case compares to Billy Meier’s EVIDENCE.

  5. Right, Melissa … and I actually loathe the phrasing ‘beating this dead horse’ … because a horse is among the most beautiful of creatures … and knowing that it [they] contribute, along with every living being, to CO2 emissions … I’m the type who cannot even swat a fly. Imagine, Meier swatting a fly [a video I’ve seen] … imagine the Plejaren determining which creature has merit, and which creature has less merit! It’s in the CR material.

    1. Are you a vegan John Webster? Flies carry disease, why would you not kill them in your house? Would you allow a mouse in your house when you consider the hantavirus? Would you allow ticks in your house when you consider Lyme disease? Would you allow mosquitoes or spiders to bite you? It’s our duty to protect our health.

  6. To the most recently published comments from Ed Visser vs MH, MO, XC … or if you would rather, the published replies of MH, XC, MO vs Ed Visser … I let go an unfortunate sigh … I now fully interpret the [evolution in spirit?] found on this blog. Humanity on Earth has been infiltrated, and completely taken over by accusational, retaliatory judgement. EVERYBODY WANTS to be right! We’re a hooped species.

    1. I think that it’s been shown that repetition is definitely required for learning.

      It isn’t even so much that the responses are solely intended for Ed but, as we know, people come to this blog and look through, often without commenting. People who are interested in the UFO subject may have heard about Adamski, Menger, etc., and not know the truth.

      So, when someone sees answers, or a multiplicity of them conveying various facts, they may benefit from them, have some questions resolved, etc.

      Also, in this instance, it appeared that Ed had looked for something to substantiate his hopes and beliefs and perhaps thought that he found it. Now has the opportunity to present any actual information, as well as having been educated by Sheila as to why certain claims are impossible and ridiculous, indicative of a…hoax.

      While many of us have already determined the truthfulness of the Meier contacts, others are in the processor doing so, which naturally has its…moments.

    2. This very topic has been discussed repeatedly in the contact reports. We have to remember that Earth humanity has degenerated in consciousness so much that a majority of human beings can no longer think rationally. This isn’t to degrade others, it’s just a sad fact that we all must deal with.

      Until we solve the monstrous overpopulation and the degenerate religious teachings, it will only get worse.

      1. Simply put, don’t publish the Ed Visser [others of same] comments … then no one will be so obviously enthusiastic [ I know, I did ONCE] to correct [police] what does not jive with the Meier / Plejaren truth. There are healthy arguments … and then there are some embarrassments that show up on this blog.

          1. It’s ok, Michael … I’m not one to constantly argue with [some of the people] on your blog site, no matter the assaults … I will continue my $ donation to your effort.

          2. Gee John can’t handle a bit of heat what da hell does your meager donation to Michael have anything to do with the conversation unless its a petty form of ‘look at me look at me look what I am doing’ now back off please or at least back me the hell up cos I don’t deserve this.
            I thought you were above this childishness John considering all the big words that you like to use here I thought that maybe those grand words used was in proportion to how big a person was on the inside but I digress by saying fool me twice shame on me.
            We should like to tell it like it is because it should be how the spiritual teaching intended us to do or at least have the personal moral compunction to naturally do so why should we tolerate false humanitarianism exhibited by you when speaking up and speaking against what is right is antithetical to the very purposes that we find ourselves as the student of the teaching.
            Did you get it?

            1. Hi everyone,

              I ask that we please not be slamming each other unnecessarily. We can certainly focus on sharing with each other HOW we navigate life on this world in ways that are productive. That certainly can include standing up for what we think is right but we don’t accomplish anything of good value through tearing each other down.

  7. Michael……There is a media site that had info on how Nasa stuffed up the trajectory coordinates for the meteor .In the article is still sending people misinfo and crap about how “YOU” said aliens ……pertaining to little green monsters obviously and NOT the plejaren human beings .You would never ever state the things in this article like they said you did as follows ..Horn said that Meier, who founded a UFO religion and claims to have regular contact with aliens,

  8. Given the longevity of MH’s blog, it may well be that there’s some detail[s] I’ve missed … so I need to point out that the most current post on this blog [what shows at the top of the page, dated September 24, 2019] is, ‘US GOVERNMENT CONFIRMS EXTRATERRESTRIAL UFOS’. When I scroll down in the article to where the hot link, [Joe Tysk] is seen, and click [it] I see that under the heading, ‘Definitive Corroboration of UFO Contact’, the posted date re: what Joe Tysk signifies is January 22, 2018. I will ask you, Michael, is the September 24, 2019 posting coordinating with something else yet to be revealed? Or, is it simply your common practice to repeat things for the sake of anyone’s notice? I can only hope you get the gist of my asking.

    1. FYI, those first two articles at the very top, US GOVERNMENT CONFIRMS EXTRATERRESTRIAL UFO’S and The Spiritual Teaching Books, are pinned articles. Due to their significance, they remain at the top of the page until something more important happens. Those links to the older articles are related to the main article and correlate with the current news. In other words, Joe Tysk, a USAF OSI investigator, corroborated the Meier contacts, and now the US Government confirms extraterrestrials exist. Do you see the connection?

      1. Yes, I see ‘that connection’ … and, so now is it to be understood that ‘pinned articles’ are somewhat more recent? I don’t recall seeing ‘pinned articles’ maintained at the top of this blog, say, in 2018, and years prior. Finally, thank you, Melissa, for the time and mind you give to MH’s effort. Although I have all the time in the world to do [whatever] … I can’t say I could perform at the level you do. So … thank you for your prowess. I’ve experienced a good and healthy meditative day!

        1. A pinned article can be older or new. It is normally something of extreme importance that the blog author wants viewers to see first. You’ll find newer articles beneath the pinned articles, but those articles, although they are important too, don’t have the significance of the pinned articles.

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