Don’t Donate a Dime

Here’s why one shouldn’t give money to environmental organizations

Before you, as a person truly concerned about the environment, donate a dime to any environmental organization I suggest a couple of things. First, you might want to ask if everyone involved in their organization is a volunteer, or working pro bono, or if donations also go to cover salaries, etc.*

While that will tell you a little bit about them, you may as well…stop there. Why? Because, as far as I have been able to determine, there isn’t even one so-called environmental group or organization that has a clue about the real nature, cause and true extent of what’s no longer climate change but is now unstoppable climate destruction.

Also, all that the governments – who supposedly can and should “stop this thing” – actually will do is find ways to impose taxes, levees, fines and penalties for the purpose of raising money (i.e. taking it from you) that will do nothing meaningful except mainly go to…them.

Forget it. Don’t waste your money on things that money alone can’t fix and that governments have long demonstrated ineptitude in addressing. The return on investment is very low and, more importantly, even the little victories are giving a false sense of enthusiasm and progress. It’s too late to overcome this massive problem with any of the means being employed.

Of course, the argument can be made that there are groups and individuals fighting the good fight, trying to make a difference, etc. Certainly, join with them and with others who want to pool and contribute their resources and mutually decide how they will be spent. But in the coming years and decades, everyone will have to face and deal with the inevitable, sobering realities of the climate destruction in order to assure their own future survival.

As much as we like to rejoice in small victories, we may as well prepare for the inevitable sense of let down and futility that we cannot long stave off.

The real truth is quite often harsh, and it’s all the more harsh since it’s basically been suppressed, covered up, sugar-coated, etc. So, let me say it again. The climate destruction is now unstoppable and no amount of feel-good strikes, marches, concerts, impassioned speeches, costly and hypocritical climate conferences, etc., is going to significantly impede the juggernaut and all its expected, and unexpected, manifestations.

What will be required from here on, if one hasn’t already embarked on this course, is to create cooperative, healthily interdependent relationships with like-minded people, who will share and exchange useful survival skills, including the growing of foods, building of homes and shelters, sanitation, healthcare related services, various kinds of barter, etc.

The actual core of the environmental problem is the unbridled, ever-increasing overpopulation. As unpopular as the recognition of the undeniable cause has long been,  so long has the inevitability of the climate destruction proceeded unimpeded. Never even considered in real terms is the staggering reality of over 20,000 births per hour worldwide, let alone the inhumane and far-reaching discrimination against women to whom birth control, and the right to use it, is denied around the world.

And not a one of the environmental groups that I’m aware of will even acknowledge these inescapable, causal realities. After all, most rely on your donations and even the truth itself must be subservient to the almighty dollar, as usual.

Please watch this important video and understand that the impeccably accurate, ceaselessly fulfilling warnings contained within it actually date back to 1951, when at 14 years of age, “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier began disseminating them worldwide.

Now – if you think you can handle it – read the most comprehensive, detailed, never before known, actual facts and figures about the REAL, unimaginably monstrous magnitude, of the now truly UNSTOPPABLE climate destruction and its causes, known and not known, in excruciating detail…here.

The people were warned…and did they listen?

*This organization has a paid staff of about 200 people.


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The now unstoppable external events fulfill as they must, because of the unreasonableness of humankind for far too long. For those who wish to remain alert and clear-headed in the extremely demanding coming times, nothing is more important than learning how to think. Our thinking determines everything about how well we live our lives and in fact our thinking is what forges our destiny.

The Way to Live

36 Replies to “Don’t Donate a Dime”

  1. In my view, the time is absolutely right for someone to address the overpopulation issue with a title like, “Why the left and right are both wrong about overpopulation and climate change.”

    In recent weeks, the topic has been on the lips of many social media celebrities, but, interestingly no-one is sure where to stick their flag as they all know there is not enough information on this issue and the recent info from Billy would be the glue to all the factured opinion that’s currently out there.

  2. can the world get anymore corrupt it is covered in greed
    it is greed that is behind most problems in this world
    from there deeds you will know them this was said by someone
    in the past apparently Micheal someone who was apparently called jmmanual who you talk about there is a story about those who where possessed and he apparently sent the demons or possession from the minds in to pigs and they fell of a cliff i think this is a metaphor and the real meaning is they have the level of consciousness of a pig and it will lead them to there own end off a cliff because they are possessed with greed and are no longer true men and woman

  3. Hi MH, tried to watch that video but as true as it is, oh my does he go on so slowly and monotone I canny listen to any more. Imagine any youngsters who know nothing about the Meier Case listening to that at first glance into it all, they’d be half a sleep in no time!! The case needs a more up beat approach to get the message out there quicker and to a much broader audience than just the existing Meier fans (not sure what the correct term is, I know we’re not fans but you get the message (no pun intended) )
    Good interviews recently too!! I listened to a pod cast today with Lee and Brit Elders, from 2014. They day that they KNOW that 98% of the Meier Case is true and authentic. Made up to hear that as I thought that they never ever mentioned if they’re 5 years investigation concluded either to be real or fake. Take care and thanks for what you do!! Much appreciated 🙂

  4. Hey Simon, add me on Facebook, I’m 29 and could talk in a bit more of a modern way about the spirit teaching, I’m buying a good quality mic anyway to start song making (I’ve been practicing my singing at my labour job). I’m a little academic and dry, but if there was a bit more of a charming and warm personality to talk with in a podcast or whatever, I bet I could make something with my personality.

    1. Modern? The spiritual teaching is already translated into present day languages.

      208. Only what is true and what remains truth can be regarded as truth; something on which one can rely in eternal times and which is never and under no circumstances ever in need of revision.
      209. Truth never has to be adapted to another and a new time, for it is constant for all times.
      210. It is eternally constant and always sounds the same, even if it is pronounced in other words.
      211. It is the rock on which one can build in eternal times and in all spaces.
      212. The truth was before life, and the truth is after life.
      213. What only lasts for a short time is a danger, a bad deception, a false doctrine.
      214. Creation and truth are always the same, today as tomorrow, they are always constant and of eternally equal value.
      215. They do not change, neither by name nor by form, for creation and truth are nameless and formless.

  5. Along with never having supported environmental orgs, I am, hopefully, disconnected [chequing/savings accounts] from mainstream banking. My reason being, the horrendous amounts of $cash investment$ into the fossil fuel industries that the banking cartels have maintained for decades. In Canada, we have Credit Unions, and when I check over the following list, I don’t see Credit Unions –

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