The Wrong, Wrong Man

A massive case of buyer’s remorse awaits

This is a nonpolitical, nonpartisan commentary on the flim-flam farce that’s been perpetrated on Trump supporters and the American people as a whole. So, whether you’re a supporter or not, there are some very bright red flags waving briskly in the breeze.

To all my friends who were enthusiastic that Trump was going to:

  • Drain the swamp
  • Clean out the Deep State
  • Stop illegal immigration
  • Make America Great Again
  • Fix the economy
  • Prosecute Hillary
  • Restore good relations with Russia
  • Stop incessant American wars of aggression
  • Bring American troops home
  • Turn thousands of “sealed indictments” into actual trials, convictions and jail sentences

There are other major failures on the part of Trump, with health care, the environment, foreign relations, etc. So, while those who supported him were very hopeful that he’d end the corruption, fulfill all the failed promises made by those who preceded him, and the rest of the usual lunacy that is politics, especially American politics, they also forgot that he’s a billionaire, who didn’t acquire his wealth through altruism and humanitarianism. Trump is first and foremost out for Trump.

Either wittingly or unwittingly, Trump was used by the same people who’ve done it all before and who were just as glad to see him successfully sell his supposedly populist agenda, as they would’ve been to proceed with Hillary in office.

Trump can’t and won’t drain the swamp and clean out the  Deep State because he’s now effectively no different than, if not already part of, them.

It’s also time to recognize that Trump is no “master”, as portrayed by Qanon aficionados, those people who feel involved and important, thinking they’re actually part of some “movement”, as they sit around trying to figure out silly cryptic messages…while Trump continues to blunder and bumble and turn the world ever more against America, if that’s even possible.*

The Democrats are also to blame for galvanizing Trump supporters, as they tried to disenfranchise all the people who voted for and elected him, with their phony-from-the-start Russia collusion scheme. This of course followed on their cynical attempt to sell the psychopathic warmonger, Hillary Clinton, to the country. They should’ve focused on cleaning up their own mess and attracting a viable, decent candidate to oppose him. Billy Meier’s understated, prescient warning about the “just as dumb” Trump now rings painfully clear.

And while there won’t be anyone sane and qualified to vote for come next year (the very principled Tulsi Gabbard certainly won’t be the Democrat candidate) many people on the right will most likely suck it up and vote for Trump again.

The toxic preoccupation with the cult of personality in America is a very long-standing ill. It’s directly related to religious conditioning that has an imaginary deity and/or savior supposedly responsible for your life and everything in it. This kind of indoctrination spills over into American politics, with too may people transferring their personal power, their hopes, fears and dreams, onto the the projected image of one “almighty” leader or another, which always works out to our detriment. How could it not?

So, in one of those extended “Pied-Piper-meets-the-emperor-has-no-clothes” moments, Trump supporters will do everything possible to keep convincing themselves that he’s really the answer to their hopes and dreams, instead of one of its biggest nightmares. Barring unforeseen circumstances, he’ll probably be reelected by those who consider, and proudly refer to, themselves as “patriots”, etc., and  deceive themselves about the man who deceived…them.

Yes, politics makes people stupidvery stupid.

*According to Henoch:

217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

218. The cause for this will be manifold.

219. With its global conflicts which are continuously instigated by it and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against itself, worldwide, in many countries.

NOTE: I wrote the above article before I read this, not-for-the-faint-of-heart, assessment of Trump (and many other things) authored by Sfath, over 70 years ago. My criticisms pale in comparison with Sfath’s, whose very detailed description of what is coming to our country and our world with certainty – as obtained through time travel – is beyond staggering.

Perhaps it’s fortunate that the majority of people would be completely unwilling to give any credence to the claim that such a means is possible, thereby protecting them – at least for the time being – from being utterly overwhelmed by the reality of the approaching “storm”, for which no adjectives can possibly suffice.


Needed Now More than Ever

The now unstoppable external events fulfill as they must, because of the unreasonableness of humankind for far too long. For those who wish to remain alert and clear-headed in the extremely demanding coming times, nothing is more important than learning how to think. Our thinking determines everything about how well we live our lives and in fact our thinking is what forges our destiny.

The Might of the Thoughts

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Arahat Athersata

“After several cover-to-cover readings of the Arahat Athersata book, I became able to neutralize or eliminate my migraine headaches within seconds.”
Eddie M.
“I just finished reading the newly translated Arahat Athersata and I must say that it is the most helpful book I have ever read. The book puts it in simple and easy terms how anyone can change their bad thinking nearly overnight, a manual for a healthy mind if you will.
And a human can not only eliminate pain, anxiety, doubt, desperation, etc. but also real illnesses by just thinking as nature intended it for the human being.”
Anthony A.



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Patty Fletcher

I’m with BEAM, I too think it is a good thing that from time to time that Ptaah review and control the reports of the conversations, because only by doing so can Ptaah discern such perfidies which are caused by these sectarian-energetic vibrations, the existence and work of which not even the best earthly scientists have any idea! Just one question: What are these sectarian-energetic vibrations? Are they from all the religious BS? Or are they a form of computer manipulation?

Melissa Osaki

To a large extent, they are caused by religious and sectarian delusion.

Matt Knight

Hi Patty,

My reading is that it will be related to some kind ultra-rich Egyptian Goddess-cult that involves Bastet, Sekhmet (Cat) and especially “Isis” cult (Isis the Egyptian mother and Ra the father of Bastet) as Ptaah hints at this in the excerpt from 717th contact report in MH’s Greta Thurnberg blog. They probably have some secret, either, ancient, or, recently discovered, swinging waves generating device they use to promote sectarian, matriarchal, feminist, ideas. It’s probably centred around an ultra-powerful living female descendent of whoever was obsessed and responsible for the many depictions of the Eye of Ra in the 20th century.

Ptaah hints they may have a misguided sectarian idea from the Egyptian hieroglyphic depictions that the psyche can be preserved for the next life in some way (mummification) to transcend death, perhaps reclaim materials and status and like Tibetan Buddhists, will probably indoctrinate this early. A much earlier history is now being fleshed out by Ptaah in his mentioning his Egyptian ancestor Isobron in MH’s most recent blog and Nokodemion’s teaching, where, perhaps the distorted Egyptian myths were handed down. Just guessing though.

Luis Sanchez

Rattling premature accelerated rusting sabers and causing false conflicts for purposes of controlling the lube supply. It would be wise to get the cause of such symptoms of this premature quickness to rust and dust through wars. Perhaps not forging so many premature rusting and dusting humans would be a good start to get rid such an erroding circumstances. The underlining erosion to civilization is overpopulation. A mutiple year world wide birth stop with equal birth control need to be brought to the surface in order to prevent the erosion of civilization.

John Webster

I would be interested in knowing [the Plejaren] and Meier’s perception on the performance of the Swiss method of governance. IF Earth humanity needs to continue with any system, is the Swiss system the most successful in delivering an ‘of the peopl,e by the people, for the people’ concept? Do the Free Democratic, the Social Democratic, [ the Christian Democratic ] and the Swiss People’s parties still exist?

John Webster

Or have I already answered my own inquiry?