Billy Meier Warns WHERE Apophis Will Hit

NASA, US government and media blackout info about ongoing UFO contacts

The Express today published their second article regarding Billy Meier’s warnings about Apophis. In this interview, Michael Horn relates what the Plejaren told Meier about the specific location that Apophis would most likely hit, i.e. between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

And while NASA, the government and the US media, i.e. the fake news, continue to narcotize the masses with vast amounts of inaccurate, useless gibberish, it’s still the responsibility of the people to desire and search for the truth. But while masses of people in America are far more concerned with legalizing marijuana, and literally narcotizing themselves, a little intrusion such as Apophis could still disturb their reverie here at home.

Skeptic Says Government Wrong About UFOs

As recently explained, branches of the US government and military unambiguously announced the existence of extraterrestrial UFOs pointing out what many of us have already long known.

But, believe it or not, somebody forgot to tell UFO skeptic Russ Dobler about the shellacking that CSI and the rest of the pseudoscientific skeptics have taken, since Joe Tysk published his definitive authentication of the Billy Meier UFO contacts.

Like many other skeptics, Dobler’s a dabbler who’s probably much better at things other than serious UFO research.

International News

Here’s a new interview with Lina Kay at Hala London  that I was delighted to do. I think it’s most hopeful that people in Europe and the Middle East, who may never have heard about the singularly authentic, still ongoing Billy Meier contacts and the spiritual teaching, will have the opportunity to learn about them and also participate with us here and on the FIGU forum.

And speaking about international, I gave a presentation in Hong Kong some years ago, the first one about the Meier contacts in Asia, that you can now download. It’s in both English and Chinese and was the first of two presentations I made there, this one for an audience of over 1,300 people.

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8 Replies to “Billy Meier Warns WHERE Apophis Will Hit”

  1. Hi Michael:

    Nice interview. Hopefully this can be the beginning of further sharing of information to the Middle East.

    Diane Grebe

    1. We know that there are even people who’ve posted comments here that are very threatened by this information, so much so that they’d actually prefer it be suppressed, or discredited, etc., rather than do anything to actually help warn the people about what’s coming.

  2. they could always direct the asteroid to the same place where all of the promises of governments go and all there spending and debt go because all the promises and money seem to disappear somewhere unknown never to be seen again don’t they Micheal im sure you know what im saying and your readers will also
    send the asteroid to the same place i am sure there is lots of room

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