The High Cost of Truth Suppression

Left unrecognized and untreated, even seemingly normal and healthy human beings can deteriorate

The high cost of suppressing the truth about the Billy Meier UFO contacts has probably not occurred to most people.

The intelligence agencies, cultic skeptics, and UFO organizations like MUFON have all contributed to making us less safe by suppressing Meier’s specific warnings about everything from climate change to ISIS.

Think not?

For example, we could’ve known that the barbarity and horrors being perpetrated by the Chinese, and only now gaining worldwide attention, were revealed to Billy Meier by Ptaah almost…29 years ago: 

Excerpts from Contact 238:

Ptaah:  54. The events surrounding organ transplants from person to person in China are actually based on the information I gave you more than a year ago.

55. In China, organ recipients are beneficiaries of death row inmates who are executed.

56. People are sentenced to death and executed for trifles, such as stealing a bicycle and the like, as well as for serious crimes.

57. The judges and jurors who pass sentence are so corrupt and criminal that they only sentence people to death and execution in order to obtain free and healthy donor organs.

58. The matter behaves in such a way that the court and judgment rulers receive information from doctors and hospitals about which human organs are needed for a transplant, according to which the court rulers and judges condemn people to death and execution in order to obtain their required organs.

59. In this way the judges and the like, of the Chinese type, can also predict the time of transplantation, which will be communicated to the organ recipients by the doctors, whereby this time is of course always the time of the execution of the person sentenced to death, of course at an exactly predetermined time.

Billy: Then word for word the truth is what you told me back then.

Ptaah: 60. That is so.

Billy: Then the criminal judges and other court henchmen in China actually sell organs of living people, who then sentence them to death and execute them at the appropriate time.

Ptaah: 61. This is the fact, however, not only the judges and other court rulers do the big business with it, but also the policemen and prison wardens, but also the executioners, who execute the sentenced to death in such a way that the organs needed and sold are not injured.

62.It must also be said that the executed are robbed of all useful organs and thus serve practically as a human spare parts store.

Billy: A few years ago, I wrote a letter in disguise to the Chinese Embassy and the Chinese Government, denouncing the messes and inhumanities that exist in China with regard to the death penalty. However, I have not received an answer to this question to date, probably because the pig guys at the helm do not consider it necessary.

Similar atrocities have been reported in Brazil for many years. Below, Ptaah gave additional information, which is still not widely known:


205. For example, hundreds of young human lives are murdered in Brazil, where death squads not only shoot down adult criminals like target figures or mutilate them bestially, torture and kill them, but also many hundreds of children of all ages, even smaller children.

206. In many cases, death squads consist of police officers and fanatical right-wing extremists who carry out deadly and radical ‘purges’, as they call these terrible acts in their own circles.


237. The children, hundreds of whom are murdered in Brazil by death squads, are so-called street children who live wildly on the streets and live their lives without parents through criminal and other asocial acts.

238. Theft and robbery and many other lawless deeds of these children are not only objected to by the injured businessmen, but also by other citizens and above all by the death squads, whereby these death squads consist as a rule and mainly of police officers, together with other dark elements, who want to defend and create the right with the weapon and with murder and manslaughter.

239. On the one hand the death squads act at their own discretion and under their own direction in order to murder street children, while on the other hand also businessmen and private individuals pay the death squads with bribes, which are actually blood and murder money, so that they torture, massacre or otherwise bestially kill the thieving and asocial street children just as they do adult criminals and other asocials.

240. This, however, is not yet the full extent of the whole horror, for it goes much further:

241. The bodies of murdered children and adults are often used as organ donors, as is the case with the executions in China, although the actual events in Brazil are even more gruesome.

242. There not only are the murdered used as organ donors, but criminal elements and antisocial as well as stolen children are even held and well fed in certain places in order to kill them later and rob them of their organs, which are sold dearly, whereby these bad places are similarly arranged as breeding institutions for animals.

Certainly, in countries like Brazil, what must not be overlooked is the underlying problem of overpopulation, which can be directly traced to the huge influence of the Catholic Church.



The damage done to our consciousness and our psyche takes a huge toll, as we become numb, unconscious of and inured to the brutality and inhumane treatment of human beings, and other creatures, by the deeply disturbed among us.

Left unrecognized and untreated, even seemingly normal and healthy human beings can deteriorate in health, both physical and mental-emotional, from the increasing bombardment against our senses and sensibilities, our ethics and values.

As always, there is no better remedy, or preventive medicine, than the spiritual teaching. And one book that comes quickly to mind is appropriately titled:

The Psyche

Get It Here!

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Luis Sanchez

The next generations have to strive for being true humans. True humans have a grasping for the endless unconditional love, the all encompassing creativity that humans are surrounded in and even the origin of their own creativity this expression of unconditional love at some point future generations should strive for to synchronize with. A cold world amongst a warm endless logic laden love can only gain its calm if it embraces the calm that surrounds them. A calm logic laden love that has always been their in a none discriminative unconditional love creativity providing form not only for itself but all. The coldness of inhumaness Is worthless and of no value.

Arnoud Schutte

Terrible story, nauseating, I already knew this from the contact reports, but it is still extremely gruesome to read about it again.

David Kamada

Absolutely monstrous the way human beings just murder and “harvest” their fellows. Such despicable acts make me sick to my stomach.
I think that especially in Brazil and the Latin American countries, where Catholic and Christian doctrines hold much sway over the populace, government-enforced birth control measures are urgently needed; probably more so than in other regions of the world.
But that’s exactly what will never happen. Because the politicians and other self-proclaimed leaders are also blinded by their irresponsible, “God-fearing” delusions. Should any wise and sensible person ever attempt to rise to power in Brazil, they would be instantly shut down and/or taken out, and would gain zero support from the people.
I come from Brazil and I can attest to the fact that most of my compatriots can’t go two sentences without mentioning God or one of the myriad of saints the Catholic faith worships. They’re too busy asking these invisible (and totally inept) “caretakers” for favors to care about overpopulation.
Sadly, the average person in Brazil is so uncultured and stuck in their way of thinking that they “correct” me every time I speak about the issue, claiming that “every year more people die or get killed than are born.” I mean, really!

Matthew Knight

They don’t understand that the “get killed” is the rotting fruit of overpopulation. There’s profit in killing; the weapons, the organs, the urban renewal and the propagandised miserable states of consciousness that turn human beings into sheep to their own slaughter, or to the extremes that overturn, destroy, but, ultimately, in line with well-oiled war machine. Definitely a dark order indeed.

Just in the past two days, I’ve seen social media commentators say that overpopulation is a leftist plot (Paul Joseph Watson), that the bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was justified as it would have been worse without it (Razorfist) and watched Joe Rogan get all squeamish about Kyle Kulinski’s suggestion that the US withdraw troops from the middle east. Disappointing that they all turned out to be stupid partisans with their pants round their ankles for Uncle Sam’s pointy finger.

Ned Duke

Just a PSA that the Catholic Church, which the Henok prophecies was said to end, doesn’t have a monopoly on the power of Jesus as we stumble forward into a future of continuing religious issues where some view democracy as the work of the devil. The connection this video made reminded me of Silvio making the same leap of logic connection with Meier’s work and indicates (at least to me) that when the Pope no longer resides in Rome Earth Humanity will have 700+ years to still work things.

Andrew Grimshaw

I was thinking that The High Cost of Truth Suppression would be irreversibly insurmountable.
What we have here is a doubling of suppression; the 1st suppression occurring ages ago.
I was also thinking that it would be accurate to say that nearly 85% of action inducing thought is of absolutly no value yet is entered into the equation which is not understood to be at a Universal level, because of the suppression.
We need less stupid people following the too numerous Gods of Stupid Things and more who are talented at more things that are of value in the equation.

Andrew Grimshaw

I want to add that, there is a pattern to everything (Laws and recommendations) and if they are not realized and adhered to… guess what??!!?!

When a man heard that it is made in the image of a personified Creator-God, it went a tad to his head and he thought that Creation must conform to him.

Is there a more delusion-inducing, wicked deception?