Secret Agenda: The real reason for 5G?

Planting nanorobots in people’s brains to remotely control them via a 5G cloud

NOTE: The following article was translated from the original German, using an online translator ,and may contain errors, inaccuracies, etc.

Secret Agenda 

The real reason for 5G is 1000 times worse than the radiation! April 12, 2019 | Autarky | Free life | Awareness | Spirituality | Politics | Geo-politics | Psychology | Society | Science | Research |

5G is on everyone’s lips and is discussed very controversially. First and foremost, it is criticized that the health risk was not adequately assessed. Even the manufacturers have no analyzes and the government has already auctioned off the frequencies through. The reason for this questionable approach is that they know the risks well and creating a global 5G cloud is part of a secret agenda. Similar to the change of Europe, the plan is actually documented in this case. All you have to do is piece together the pieces of the puzzle to understand what the cabal is up to.

Specifically, it’s about planting tiny nanorobots into people’s brains to take control of neural activity and remotely control them via a 5G cloud. (Photo: pixabay, Angel-Kun)

For the first time in the early nineties, the development of Smart Dust (“Intelligent Dust”) was discussed for the first time. It is a swarm of nanorobots that are coordinated via a cloud. Scientists are working on this project on behalf of DARPA (Research Department of the Department of Defense) to promote military application. Specifically, it’s about planting these nanorobots in people’s brains to take control of neuronal activity and remotely control it via a 5G cloud. What sounds like Hollywood and science fiction at this point was described pretty precisely in the 2013 MIT Technology Review:

“Intelligent dust particles embedded in the brain could be a completely new form of brain-machine interface,” say the engineers.

“Real-time monitoring of brain function has skyrocketed in recent years. This is largely due to various new technologies that can monitor the collective behavior of neuronal groups (…). ”

“This work revolutionizes our understanding of the structure and behavior of the brain. It has also led to a new design discipline of brain-machine interfaces that allow people to control machines by thinking alone. ”

One of the authors, Michel Maharbiz, developed the world’s first radio-controlled beetle several years ago, a development that the Technology Review described as one of the top 10 technologies of 2009. How this looks in practice in animals is shown in the following video:

(At 1:18, demonstrating how a beetle is remotely controlled with a smartphone and the goal of research is to do the same with humans!)

They will sell this technology as a new achievement that will make your life easier. The danger or the hidden plan of this project is to connect the people with a cloud in order to remotely control it from a central office. This is the ultimate enslavement from which there will be no escape; at least not on their own. The perfection of this is that the nanorobots are taken unnoticed via the respiratory tract.

Already in 2007 Alex Jones warned in his legendary documentary “Endgame – Blueprint for Global Enslavement” about the cabal eugenics agenda (transhumanism). The documentary is a real piece of education that has contributed significantly to the awakening of the masses and everyone should have seen! (The second part is worth seeing, the complete version can be found below and synchronized in German.)

The fact that Jones was completely banished from social media around 12 years later shows how far the plans he unveiled at the time have progressed.

The grim agenda of the cabal is absolutely genuine and can be seen in the over 60-page strategic plan of the National Nanotechnology Initiative of 2011 (since 2014 on 88 pages). It is a long-term investment in nanotechnology applications to enable the management of all aspects of human life within the environmental, health and safety monitoring matrix. There are an incredible 25 different US federal agencies involved.

Note: Technological progress is basically something valuable; unless it is abused and above all not used against the people. Unfortunately, as long as the world is governed by psychopaths, we must always start from the worst in our experience: wars, weather manipulations, mind control,…

On March 8, the transhumanist agenda was also discussed rather clearly and, above all, surprisingly openly in the manipulated political program of the Swiss television “Arena” (video below). And there are obviously still fools with the far-sightedness of a mole who find that fascinating. At least nobody can claim anymore that he did not hear about it.

Source: worse-als-die-strahlung/



The following information is from 1958 – Warning to All the Governments of Europe / Prophecies and Predictions written and published by Billy Meier, in 1958.

40.) And it will be that even before the time of the Third Millennium, and indeed in 1993, a political and commercial European dictator will arise that will be called the “European Union” and, in evil, will carry the number 666, as through this the citizens of all member countries will finally be brought under total control through biometric data in identification devices and in the form of small data chips in the head or body inserted in a “biometric identification system” that would be overseen and controlled through a “central data bank” whereby finally the whereabouts of every human can be exactly determined to the meter. First the USA and later the European Union will introduce this modern human enslavement, thereafter, then other countries will also follow, all preceding the Swiss, whereby, through this process, the personal and national citizens’ human rights will be drastically trimmed, which fundamentally will be originally already planned at the construction of the European Union, whereby the citizen is finally deemed fully incapable of managing his own affairs, and should be governed only by the authorities, without having a right to a say regarding certain government things and decisions.

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Thanks to Arnoud Schutte.

17 Replies to “Secret Agenda: The real reason for 5G?”

  1. Who wrote this article in the FIGU pamphlet?It’s not a contact note and it does not sound like it comes from Billy.
    If these things were dispersed in the air surely logic dictates that even the supposed cabal would be affected by them as they are nano particles and could end up anywhere on the planet.

    1. They publish all sorts of rubbish in the Zeitzeichen unfortunately. I’ve been opposed to it for years because if I feel myself loosing interest in FIGU because of these poor tabloid newspaper style articles then I reckon others are too. It’s just hysterical and fanatically written, I know in many parts of the world we would sooner have a bloody medieval snowpiercer style battle, hacking limbs of politicians off etc., than we would accept something like that, so already you see the talking up is premature.

      1. I added the question mark to the title because I don’t know if this is merely a conspiracy theory. There are plausible elements to it and certainly there are those people who would delight in implementing it.

        However, we see that Meier’s warning, from 1958, about bio-chipping is already being implemented and even welcomed gleefully by human beings who are less forgivable than farm animals, who have no say in how they are implanted and controlled.

        1. Reality is always rather more boring. There will be a power struggle, an unreasonable argument like our twerpy ancestors, then some conflict, maybe a war like our plebby forefathers and then everyone will hit their knees, pray in church like our rotter predecessors done and then they’ll forget like they did in the fart era.

  2. …this is NOT a conspiracy theory (for those who are new to this information):

    – from Contact 251:
    …All this will only happen shortly after the time when the worldwide plight of unemployment and all the evils associated with it will finally be resolved and mastered, but then there will also be a new increase in the arsenals of weapons, when the worldwide production of weapons will be boosted again. These are already again the first signs of an impending Third World War, which is announced by prophecy, if the man on earth does not make an effort to avert this danger by his reason and a correspondingly correct thinking and acting.

  3. I thought to counter-balance the above agenda with CR701 from Figu Canada:

    “It is this country in particular that would have to have fundamentally a worldwide mission for the creation and spreading of peace, freedom, and justice, because solely the true idea stands behind this, that the entire earthly humanity can identify with the fulfillment of the creational-natural laws, which allow every single human being a life in peace, freedom, and justice, in accordance with the Creation. Behind this idea alone, the USA and the whole of humanity must stand, must logically follow it and care for it, because it corresponds to the naturalcreational laws.
    And this idea has been given since the existence of the Creation Universal Consciousness, that is, the universe and everything existing therein, so it does not have to be newly invented from scratch. “

    1. Thanks Ned. I’m always struck by how ordinary some of the contacts are. Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not meaning “uninteresting”, but, that they tap into that quiet part of the mind one obtains through meditation and from which basic, ordinary, values of peace, love, etc., come to focus. Looking around at the world, it’s easy to identify that the most peaceful nations are usually quiet, ordinary, nations – not ones that boast about how great they are.

      Connected to this, I’ve heard many Americans say they don’t understand why we Brits don’t have more pride in who we are, or, that we don’t seem to appreciate our history, position, as if we should be boastful in the world, but, my view is that we learned through our empire-building that being boastful in the world equates to rabid hostility and war and the US is still yet to learn this and let’s hope it does without experiencing complete collapse, which may become a necessity, but, through a handing over of freedoms and independence to other nations. Of course, there will always be those elements that still want to exploit and dominate, even when seemingly handing over independence, but, overall, Britain became much less boastful, loud, dominating as a culture post-empire and we are better for it, no matter how this is judged. Unfortunately for us though our democracy is now dead, our politics is a joke and I think Britons will be forever judged on what they did during Brexit to contribute to the downfall of democracy and the country as a whole now going forward and despite Trump’s seeming support of Britain, I do wonder how much the US had a hand in our downfall, as supportive of our self-esteem they appear to be.

      1. That’s a good summary why I posted that CR. The ‘in your face’ Homer Simpson way of doing things (which stems from religious proselytization of ideas since “time immemorial” from the first religions taught by the Bafath or ‘hater’ people) leads to a certain amount of culture shock as people have to deal with their ongoing evolution just as everyone else does. That shock is usually activated by a learned negative vibration (the poisoned well) which is energized by the aggressor genes we have (usually with little to no motivation and seemingly automatic).
        So, to look at it more plainly, people are the same the world over so you get haters of all strips that can’t handle the mere presence or position one country has obtained or even the Hollywood version of certain civilizations. There is a certain amount of self-flagellation (not limited to Christian religions) that occurs when folks want to rectify the perceived disparity going fully into the negative route in order to achieve a new desired result. We call this ‘pushing one’s buttons’ but Earth Humanity is particularly aggressive so there isn’t much external motivation needed just the presence is good enough as Earth Humanity will invent the rest.
        It’s the same negative vibration which unfortunately is mixed in the current religions-attitudes people have today and not done by any external factor of equalization. Billy has his role as prophet, so he understands the risks of doing very long discussions on it as people cannot separate, for example, time immemorial Bafath religion and something that is just over 2000 years old. After all, all of today’s religions have some form of the spiritual teachings people ignore, can’t handle, or don’t even want to approach the subject and suggest a ‘do over’. It’s not out of the ordinary for people, charged up by their utter submission to these “dark forces”, to fly off the handle and label the entire people associated with any religion as being agents of some nefarious power. People reading the Meier material already have it enough to undo that bubbling gift of Bafath joy within themselves and will only end up dumping more fuel into that if they don’t realize how unsuccessful they are.
        So there is a similarity with Silvio’s ‘devil’ comments and what people perceive American values in this video I’m highlighting and why Earth Humanity really all have the same problems but refuse to work together to solve them. I’m not totally sure why but it seems like we’re just unable to or can’t help ourselves:

  4. Echoing line 40. In Billy’s 1958 letter is a new “exclusive” story with more info about biometric databases. Not exactly a new corroboration but a new article in the news today that strongly matches the terms in 1958. 61 years ago.

    As far as biochipping, my research alleged that Timothy Mc Vei gh was biochipped in the military. This was obviously before the building was blown up in 1995. (So technology existed at least 24 years ago) Because he was mad about being biochipped and other things, he was offered a million dollars to destroy the building because it housed damming medical records of servicemen, which could have opened the door for massive lawsuits against the gubbermint. Means, motive, opportunity.

  5. Oh please be my prisoner, oh please, please! I want cheap equitable products at heavily discounted rates so I can increase my fat reserves for a climate changing day. I want a cheap delivery. Be my prisoner, do it voluntarily, that way you can get your head down and in with a chip, and I can keep my head up and fatten up like a baden. If you be my prisoner voluntarily i’ll allow you to live in Asia under a dictatorship if you want, you can make fast products for me while I eat fast food and that will be fast the best way to being a good prisoner if you know what I mean. I’ll write you down in a database and you can be on the good list, the voluntary prisoner list you mug. Oh why won’t you play with me, please be my prisoner, we’re all adults here, just play the delusional game. The Plejaren invented “Bafath” because they knew we would cannon these overbreeding quasi-voluntary slaves out into space had they not thrust religion down our necks and made us soft. I tell you, a few hundred years more of this and i’ll blow the world myself, -bunch of whining cringing confused noisily insane unsane barely reasonable genetically modified humans. Fortunately I live far from the maddening crowd, but with all these world powers throwing their weight about like babies their behaviour is becoming increasingly disturbing with talk of “bio-chips” and “social currency”, let’s just have a war now, get the fart administration.

    1. Daniel, what are you doing here?
      when you first came here, you seemed very reasonable.
      now you seem the opposite.

      If you are the real Daniel Leech which i doubt, Then i suggest Mr Leech, You leech onto something elsewhere.
      Go back to writing more medieval nonsense on music.

      I own Your book by the way and when reading, i fell asleep!

  6. You have gone David Icke on us, Michael!

    Microchipping, The European Union being the Prototype for the New World Order, Cell phones Causing Cancer, The 5G being linked to the Coronavirus, The 5G causing Cancer, Demons, Reptilians (Reptoids etc) The Californian wildfires being energy directed weapons or aren’t caused by climate change, Dissing Greta Thunberg etc all sound like Nonsensical things dictated by Conspiracy Theories.

    this is the nonsense that makes billy look no different to Alex Jones and refrerencing him and being polite about him just damages your predictability michael. Also all the absurd spiritual nonsense should be avoided to. we should only focus on the peace mediation, man made climate change and about 5 pages of relevance out of 45,000 pages of non relevance. where has the real michael gone?
    i haven’t frightened you off have i? being nice doesn’t mean you go soft in the head!

    1. Ash,
      These things aren’t part of Meier’s info: “The 5G being linked to the Coronavirus, Demons, Reptilians (Reptoids etc) The Californian wildfires being energy directed weapons or aren’t caused by climate change”

      The main differences between Meier and Jones are, of course, Meier’s record of impeccable accuracy, lack of rabble rousing, non-politicizing, highly intelligent, non-conspiratorial and…grounded in the spiritual teaching that you should take time to discover.

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