UK Express Publishes 4th Apophis Warning

Repetition is the mother of learning and Apophis is the mother of all asteroids

The Express has published the fourth article from our interview pertaining to asteroid Apophis.

While the so-called scientists continue to minimize or disregard the threat of asteroid Apophis hitting the earth – as predicted by Billy Meier and the Plejaren  in 1981 – at least the information is being seen in a well-read tabloid.

Having to endure being referred to as a “conspiracy theorist” is far less punishing than what the few…survivors in that region, and ultimately people all over the planet, will have to endure.

Interestingly, another newspaper,The Telegraph, has an article about possible plans to “nudge” an asteroid out of orbit. As should be familiar now to our readers, the Plejaren recommend a nuclear explosion to deflect Apophis off course.

Easy as Pi

Mathematician Harry Lear points out that, as the Plejaren also foretold, our currently accepted value for Pi is incorrect, making it quite difficult to assure the precision required for the calculations and execution of an asteroid-deflecting mission. Harry is working with aerospace professional Kenneth Smith and Swedish scientist Christer Svensson to inform mathematicians and space scientists on how to physically measure Pi and come to the correct value, which will have many implications as well for space flight, etc.

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14 Replies to “UK Express Publishes 4th Apophis Warning”

  1. Hi Carolyn anyone claiming to be a master is only looking to enslave you. This includes both so called spiritual masters and academics. For example the recent book launch of Ezra Levant – The Libranos, was stopped due to pressure from academia and their political cohorts.

    In regards to your question about Alheimers, have a look at this information taken from:

    “Ptaah explains something in Contact Report 267
    If pregnant women consume soy products it can lead to heavy and irreparable damages to the foetus’ body, limbs, nerves, cerebrum and muscles as well as to body deformations.

More than a quarter of a milligram of Isoflavones per kilo of body weight should not be given to babies and toddlers under any circumstances.

Said with easy and generally understandable words and concepts, soy products of all kind, because of their toxic ingredients, in larger quantities are even capable of impairing the health of strong adults and to cause serious damage, which can lead to growth of tumours, respectively cancer and to the fostering of brain-, consciousness and behavioural disorders, personality changes and to infertility.

Especially breast cancer in women and men is often caused by soy products, as well as depression and Parkinson’s, namely in particular when a hereditary disposition exists for it.

Also Alzheimer’s and dementia can be results of an excess of the Isoflavones, as well as an impairment of eyesight, the taste buds, the ability to concentrate, the moral balance and various other important life factors.

    Billy and Ptaah explain something in Contact Report 544
    Trans fats, that is to say, trans fatty acids, also would evoke pathological changes of the arteries, hardening of the arteries, as well as allergies, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer, as well as also evoke pathological inflammations.

    Ptaah explains something in Contact Report 260
    Regarding the aluminium particle, it is to be said that aluminium particles taken in by humans are hazardous to them because they release, among other factors, the terrible Alzheimer’s disease. In terms of cancer, it is to be said that in the future, the microwave will increasingly appear as its cause, for microwaves are, unfortunately, becoming more and more heedlessly as well as irresponsibly used for all kinds of purposes. Cooking with microwaves destroys the vitamins…”

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