We’re Going Back to the Moon!

In fact, we’re going to get there using time travel 


You may recall that one of the pieces of our UFO puzzle was Billy Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information about the moon bulge. So far, no skeptic/debunker, etc., has “explained” how Meier came to have that information (and hundreds more examples) and published it long before “official discovery”.

So, it seems like the perfect time for us to go back to the moon! In fact, we’re going to get there using time travel, as we return to 1946, when Meier was first shown some interesting anomalies at both the North Pole and South Pole on the moon by Sfath.

Express Publishes 5th Article on Apophis

Confronting that remarkable evidence with scientific objectivity – let alone jaw-dropping awe – any intellectually honesty, self-responsible person should certainly want to pay very close attention to Meier’s warnings about asteroid Apophis. And any credible, reputable scientists should be openly leading the inquiry.

So, I’m again grateful that, apart from featuring a bit of  ineloquent rambling on my part, the Express has published the fifth installment of my interview pertaining to the still disregarded dangers posed by Apophis which, if not deflected, will impact the earth and cause massive damage. To date, of course, our journalists in this country have said nothing about how real the threat is and, in fact, have barely mentioned Apophis at all.

Where Did the Disappearing UFO Investigator Go?

Speaking of incoming objects, I recently revisited a blog of mine from over eight years ago and lamented that, when it comes to searching for the truth, most of today’s so-called scientists are a pretty sorry lot. (One even guessed that Meier’s scientific accuracy was a result of…good guesses.)  I hold the same dim view about almost all UFO researchers. I say “almost all” because, while I’ve yet to meet one, perhaps there is somebody out there with the interest, intelligence and integrity to help bring Meier’s immensely important information into greater mainstream awareness.

With that optimism in mind, I sent my recent blog to Tim McMillan, who authored the two articles I referred to. He responded to me on Twitter:

Not sure you knew it before you wrote this, but I’m based in Germany. A mere 3 hours from Billy Meier. So you want me to investigate his claims? Game on! When can I come speak with him?”

I promptly provided him with additional information but Tim seems to have suddenly…disappeared, gone from “Game In” to “Game Over”. It’s only been a few days but you’d think that a guy who spent time writing two articles – with absolutely zero evidence of anything of actual significance pertaining to UFOs, etc. – would certainly jump at the opportunity to investigate the real thing.

We’ll Use Time Travel to Unravel the Truth

Maybe Tim’s still reviewing the information I gave him, and pouring over my blog, website and all other sites with Meier material. I doubt that he’d simply drop in unannounced at the center in Switzerland, especially since he asked me to facilitate it.

I want to give him the benefit of the doubt but the possibility that he’s a member of the cabal, a Reptilian, communist – or has been abducted by evil aliens into an altered time-space configuration – can’t be ruled out just yet.

Stranger things have happened, so I look forward to eliminating those possibilities, which may again require using…time travel to unravel the truth, to find out what happened to our intrepid reporter who sorta disappeared in space…without a trace.


It’s said that repetition is the mother of learning and certainly the people who’ve been studying the spiritual teaching now know why. And those of you who are curious about the books authored by Billy Meier may want to find out, first hand, why they’re so highly regarded and recommended and what they can offer you, to help improve the quality of your thinking and all aspects of your life.

The Might of the Thoughts

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Arahat Athersata


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18 Replies to “We’re Going Back to the Moon!”

  1. Hi MH,

    You have the contact report about the moon listed on your website as “30th contact. Wednesday. October 11th, 1989, 4:01AM”, but, the report in question is from Contact Report 230: http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_230

    The translation dates do match. i.e. (FoM); “Date of original translation: 2005-2019”, i.e., the earliest known publication date.

    To expect everyone to just believe the stated contact report dates and put that forward as scientific evidence without a reasonable basis for precedence and when “in 1994 scientists determined that there are parts of the moon’s north pole “that are lit 100% of the day”” which predate 2005, is entering into religious territory in my view: “This contact report date is true because the contact report says its true”.

    I’m much more in line with the stated intentions of the Plejaren who told Billy that he could not release any scientific information before certain facts had been established by Earthly effort is much more plausible as a way to continue to encourage those human efforts in the future and to not set up the foundation for a bag of nutjob schools of thought where people claim things that are true but just haven’t been proven yet in relation to this material.

    1. Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the CR number correction, I linked to the FoM version.

      As for you saying that I might expect “everyone to just believe the stated contact report dates and put that forward as scientific evidence, etc.”, I would disagree as follows.

      First, no one is expected to “believe” anything.

      What I would expect people to do if they’re skeptical, etc., is to go back to https://www.theyfly.com/india-1964 and apply MMO (Means, Motive and Opportunity) to this foundational evidence. I would ask them to consider that the application of MMO protocols rules out fakery. I would have them consider the physical evidence that Meier started to present, beginning in 1975, after he had lost one arm, and which ultimately included over 1,200 clear, still irreproducible UFO photos, films, video, plus the metal samples and sound recordings.

      I would remind them of the fact that, logically, someone who presents authentic evidence has no need of “hoaxing” further evidence. And becoming disabled can’t be logically assumed to improve one’s abilities to do so. That being said, I would direct them to the many (250+), ironclad examples of specific, error-free, prophetically accurate, scientific information culled from only a few thousand of the 45,000+ pages of information, most of which is still only available in German.

      I would point out that, with the exception of those documents, like the Henoch Prophecies, Predictions of Jeremia, etc., the aforementioned “prophetically accurate scientific information” is usually conveyed in conversational form, in numbered Contact Reports, interwoven into discussions about a variety of subjects and, in the original German and many translations, with the specific sentences spoken by the extraterrestrials sequentially numbered, thereby making “backdating” extremely difficult if not impossible. While rarely mentioned, the creative ability to fabricate thousands of pares of conversation that include such specific, prophetically accurate information, to which the author himself never draws any attention, seeks validation, etc., would be a monumental feat in and of itself, with all sorts of further aspects to consider.

      I would ask people to not rely on any beliefs whatsoever but rather to apply MMO and logic. Then, rather than attributing nefarious motives – and/or essentially magical abilities – to Meier, they draw the conclusions that the evidence compels:

      Based on the authenticity of the foundational physical evidence, and the vastly superior variety, quantity and quality of the subsequent physical evidence, along with the consistency of accuracy of the informational evidence, a good amount of which is also absolutely ironclad by virtue of publication in copyrighted, dated books and documents, it’s reasonable to accept claimed dates of publication (which DOESN’T mean necessarily widely publicly distributed) as genuine. Doing so doesn’t guarantee that the information is correct in itself, only that it was indeed first transcribed and published when claimed.

      The fact that so few people ever open the door to these considerations when launching skeptical attacks says far more about the skeptics and their prejudices, lack of character, real-life experience, logic, objectivity and, again…lack of awe.

      1. I agree; as you’ll know by my further 2 comments which were in alignment with all your points, but, got posted as replies to my second, repeat, post (sorry, it looked like the 1st one didn’t take after refreshing my screen). Can reiterate my further posts if needed to sort the mess out.

      2. The only thing I would add is in regards to, “…exactly as Meier first observed in 1946 and [emphasis] published in 1989” – in the linked to: “scientists-corroborate-billy-meiers-1946-moon-information”: I could not provide the proof that Meier “…published” contact report 230 in 1989. Can you, excluding MMO and supporting, non-specific, but, related, upon-balance, evidence? Specifically that evidence?

        Again, I’m not saying it wasn’t available in 1989, but, it wasn’t to the public, or, myself, or, in any books that I can prove to others and this led me to realise something more valuable then gilding known facts: Even with the known and provable publishing dates, it’s a massive body of real evidence for supporting that Billy has no contemporary in any scientific or human-knowledge related field as he was right… at that time. Take the ET out of it and you have a man publishing information that no scientist knew to that completeness.

        Also, this leads me to establish for myself the things that stick, that is mentioned in MH;s (and my other) post and that doesn’t need reiterating by me again.

        1. As it’s been pointed out that the 1964 photographic evidence basically proves the UFO part, with subsequent physical evidence of even greater quantity, quality, etc., it’s even more true with the written documentation. And this will be difficult for those who come upon the information/evidence who haven’t learned to…think. I’m neither attacking people nor avoiding the question.

          The fact is that the great majority of people today, continually overexposed to fake news, short attention span targeting information, texting language, etc., have long since forgotten how to research, use logic and deductive thinking, etc., if indeed they ever had been taught it and/or knew it. So, unless every little thing is provided to them, whether true or false, there’s little chance that they will be able to think their way through to logical conclusions.

          We could of course pose a question like: Where did Meier get that information? Now, as you point out, such information may have been known at the time that the translation was made, which is years after it is claimed that he published the material. We have to remember that we have so far about 250 specific examples of such information. Certainly, in some cases, we have later English translation dates. But then we have such things as the books by Stevens, with verifiable copyright dates providing ironclad proof that Meier published the information first.

          We also note that even in the English translations, as has already been shown to be the case, we may expect more corroborations. So we actually put the burden on the skeptic now. We can pose the question: How do you establish the availability to Meier of any so-called official information, for each and every specific example that you claim he backdated? We long ago pointed out that many claims that the information was already known were in obscure journals for papers only available at universities, etc., that were not publicly published before Meier’s information was first published.

          We can also ask…why this man would have at all been concerned about such subjects as he has written about, with prophetic accuracy, and which cover such a wide and diverse array of sciences. We can look at the known information about his life and also consider that with all of the known burdens, responsibilities, obligations, dangers, etc., that from an investigative standpoint – and a logical one as well – such undertakings would not only require enormous amount of time, as well as phenomenal luck, but also would show that any normal human motive is entirely missing on the part of someone who could produce such fantastic, “falsified” information and seek absolutely no profit from it whatsoever.

          We could – and should – ponder these and numerous other relevant considerations, large and small, as would be absolutely required should we be doing a proper, in-depth investigation such as would be both appropriate and required in a legal proceeding to determine the truth, or perhaps better expressed as guilty/not guilty options. It is because the majority of people who ever come across this material, and make their claims that it’s a hoax, are absolutely incapable and incompetent in terms of applying the necessary thinking to determine the facts.

          I’m sure the skeptics would try to dismiss all of the above reasoning and claim that it’s some kind of avoidance. But the fact is that the architects of these contacts are, demonstrably, far beyond us in intelligence and, nonetheless, not only provide the information but do so in a way that challenges us to rise to the occasion, to elevate our own thinking and, thereby, they express both respect and optimism that we are capable of such thinking and puzzle solving. In effect, they are betting on us to succeed.

          In that regard they either are, or were, more optimistic than I am.

          1. Think what you do requires some optimism Michael :-), even if this only produced from within yourself and, as we’re all one, this is expressed in the great work you do getting the information out there along with your own clear thoughts about it and in so doing, keeping me, likely many of us, that little more optimistic than I would be without that. Thanks.

        2. Matt, this has nothing to do with optimism, but pure reading, research and some thinking. I will give you an example: Meier gives you an ample amount of info on Jesus/Immanuel and many other past and ancient characters and civilization history. Read Meier’d info, go do research into arqueology, history and theology, then think. For example, although the Koran is also like the bible, most of it is BS, this because 20 of the 22 disciples of Muhammad were killed in the battle of Yamama. But! The Koran has little pieces of vital info spread across it’s pages that corroborate Meier’s info. Mohammad calls his brother Jesus his predecessor. The arabs called Jesus, Aayah – he who is the sign, Saint Essa or Isa or Isso, Alaai his-Salam – peace be upon him. Gabriel came to both over a span of 677 years. Meier gives us a lot of more info on Immanuel, follow the trail of crumbs he has left and find the truth for yourself.

          1. Hi Luis,

            Maybe there’s a language issue which can lead to misunderstandings, but, please reread my comments as I think you’ve completely misunderstood how far I am into this material (nearly 20 years studying, researching the case, nearly all my free time, visiting the SSSC in Switzerland repeatedly, investigating the case, archaeological, historical and scientifically connected information in regards to the case, my 11 years as a fully paid up FIGU Passive Group member. etc.). I know this case is valid. As many on this blog will know, I’ve been contributing to theyfly blogs and the FIGU forum and YouTube, etc., for years, so maybe you missed that.

            Your comment re. optimism will have been relayed to MH who first mentioned it and I was responding to.

  2. Just to add: I’m not saying there is no evidence of Billy’s published information for which there is no precedence, i.e., the photos, which many see as ‘the lower form of evidence’, often arrogantly in my view, and without really thinking and proving to oneself about the significance of these and that they are, really, unprecedented. Plus the known published, copyrighted dates for predictions and prophecies which is another area we should not overlook in my view when presenting best evidence.

    1. For me, important aspects of the case are:

      Arkhangelsk: Because I read that information and checked it out thoroughly myself at the time of reading the prophecy. Arkhangelsk was a snowy outpost with a few shipping ports and a disused rocket base in 2003 when I read the Henoch Prophecies.

      Billy population figures: A much, much, later official report showed that world estimates were around a billion short. Billy had been publishing the population figures as being a billion higher on the net well before that was known.

      Apophis: It’s going to hit in my view. Unless some governments are hiding plans to knock it off it’s orbit in the way the Plejaren suggested, this will be a massive shock to most people in my view. Also, will affect Switzerland, which makes me think this could relate to Billy being accused of being a Martyr by some.

      Billy published information about atom bomb testing affecting the ozone in copyrighted books before this was publicly known. I’ve got the copyrighted book and have verified this. However, there was a question mark over this upon further research, which I haven’t the time to relay now (sorry), but, seemed to support my hypothesis that scientific info was released at exactly the right time when the human effort had been made towards that. This is the incredible thing in my view – the timing… and so many times. Right at the point of discovery, Billy releases information that supports those threads, but, where the full details are only much later realised; not the obvious targets and mind candy; the circumstances around the facts being presented. In my view, much of the scientific information was realised by Billy himself and Sfath was merely introducing that info into Billy’s mind at a much earlier date so that he could concentrate on the real mission. The Plejaren have said repeatedly that don’t want to advance our scientific knowledge any more than getting us to the point of the internet in my view and to spread Billy’s information.

      The India evidence from 1964: Anyone claiming this could be faked, please fully show how, given the knowns, i.e., Billy not being a native Indian, working for food and board, travelling in 1964 and what baggage he would have travelling the middle east for which he has photographic evidence of doing and him not being well-funded, the witnesses who gain nothing from coming forward, etc. You’d really have to be something to miss all that and suggest it could be faked. No way it could.

      The UFO photographic evidence. All of it. Impossible to fake once you visit the territory and check the full information and have a working understanding of photography. I’ve stood in the same fields and someone is ALWAYS watching. Against a giant sea of green grass with mountainous lands that almost touch each other at the sides, human beings stand out like a sore thumb. No way anyone could fake anything there and “get away with it” for all this time. Someone’s greed would motivate them to blackmail Billy for money if there were co conspirators and they’d easily come clean if he didn’t pay out and there’d be too many for Billy to control if there was ANY kind of a real hoax.

      The evidence gathered by Wendelle Stevens’ team and the investigation by Gary Kinder. Essential reads for anyone starting with this information in my view. So many interesting details about speaking to locals and what they said, etc.

  3. Michael, the link “Meier’s scientific accuracy” in the text is pointing (by mistake?) to the main page of twitter.com.

  4. I recently sent voluminous information to Scientist and Astrophysicist Paul M. Sutter. He has appeared on TV shows, radio shows, websites, and scientific papers. He is also an “advisor”, “mentor” and researcher for many students. Hopefully he can prove that he knows more about space than a one armed farmer, or a two armed person with zero PhDs and an open mind. It seems he may be searching for the limelight more than the truth, based on his website. https://www.pmsutter.com/contact But maybe someone can ask him what he thinks of the PIOOSR manuscript, which was recently sent to his office. PIOOSR is a compilation of Plejaren Info – Only Outer Space Related excerpts from the contact reports. The reason this was sent to him is because he recently proclaimed something like, “if it’s interesting, it can’t be true” which I disagree with. The contact reports and the information contained in them are the most interesting information I have ever come across, and even though HE can’t prove ALL of the information stated in those reports, I think a lifelong career in astrophysics would be a pathetic waste of time if all of the information was actually true.

  5. Michael, bringing up time travel it’s like a flashlight turns on for me, for the light to be steered… like I recently said since the Plejarens state the moon is a fragment of a preexisting planet (in otherwords an artificial moon), this would mean the existing moon would have had to have been cut using the correct Pi, therefore in my opion using the this artificial SPHERE, the moon to SAVE our planet. By utilizing the moons existing circumference (because if correct Pi was confirmed by extraterrestrials, then perhaps they knew correct Pi while the sculpting of the artificial moon transpired)I think it would be not only advantageous but CORRELATIVE to confirm Harry Lear’s Pi theriom by simply studying the circumference of this ARTIFICIAL SPHERE our moon to help SAVE our earth from Apophis (because the blast trajectory has to be correct using correct Pi, Harry Lear’s Pi theriom).


  6. MH

    Please check Elon Musk Tesla. They just released a new futuristic looking truck today with see through sunroof and no side mirror. Just wondering if this is the same one on Billy’s picture.

    SF earthquake is getting close.

  7. The cars windshield glass went all the way to rear end…like a Volkswagen Beetle when Billy took photos of that time course in San Franscico according to Wendell Stevens. On the other hand the truck Elon designed I have to admit doesn’t look like anything impulsively designed from this solar system.

  8. Wendell Stevens – “Yes that does look a lot like the Beetle shaped cars we saw except, some of them were beginning to show small fins on the back of the rear fenders.”

    *In my opion because of the location being San Fransciso and he said car(s) (plural) “small fins “ and “Beatle Shaped cars” sounds like Toyota Lfyt/ and or Uber fleet cars (see 2017 CES Toyota concept)



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