Billy Meier Beats the Scientists Again

People who chase lights-in-the-sky still lost in space 

About four-and-a-half years ago, an article appeared about a potential scientific breakthrough, by a team of Hungarian physicists, pertaining to the fundamental forces of nature, of which four are currently known. The article posits the possibility of a fifth force.

A more recent article indicates that the same team of physicists may indeed have discovered the fifth force. And it’s notable that another physicist, at the University of California, not only concurs but points to the possibility of a “sixth, seventh, and eighth force.”

Not surprisingly, Billy Meier was told that there actually are “seven major forces of nature in the universe”. Nor is it surprising that he was told it in 2012, three years before the initial discovery and seven years before the recent, more conclusive findings.

Elementary, My Dear Earth People

Also, should we not destroy ourselves before then, stay tuned for the discovery of a new element – or two, 10, 30, 80, etc. – since Meier was also told, in 1989, that there are actually 280 basic elements in the universe, far more than the 125 we currently have identified.

Keep on Truckin’

While we’re at it, we may as well point out that the new Tesla Cybertruck is shown without side view mirrors, which reminds us of the approaching San Francisco earthquake, also foretold by Meier, of course.

The Sad State of UFOlogy

As previously noted, UFOs have become all the rage, not only among the “out there,” paranormal, New Age, disclosure, conspiratorial types but also among the rest of the, equally bored, populace who live much/most of their lives online and confuse their fleeting interest in UFOs with actual expertise.

So, I went fishing on Twitter, looking for a little interaction with some of the multitudes of people there who say they’re serious about UFOs:  

I didn’t have to wait long until I was given this answer:

I hoped to encourage further discourse without discouraging the writer:

But, alas, even despite offering the comment below:

..there was no further response.

Come Again?

So, I thought, what better way to make myself feel better, than by offering you this cheerful, reassuring bumper sticker:

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Thanks to Dean, Christine, Robert and Annie for information.


11 Replies to “Billy Meier Beats the Scientists Again”

  1. you would think these so-called experts would look into the case for themselves, read the contact notes, witness testimonies, and watch all video presentations by Wendell Stevens and educate themselves , If they were serious It’s obvious they aren’t concerned about truth , I have zero respect for them. Humanity suffers because most UFO researchers are just lazy and self absorbed. If they would read the conversations Edward has with an off-world human race , check the predictions against history, billy was told years before the event, invention actually happened. The one that got me was the letter announcing the creation of the EU , cell phones, plastic credit cards, the internet, etc. Sorry for the verbal diarrhea, we fast approach ANOTHER prediction by billy, after 2020 if nothing changes for the better America could no longer be a super power, as deadly hostilities break out amongst her . Two civil wars, the second shortly after the first , the country will be divided into five territories , religious sectarians will play a dictatorial role. Meantime the so-called experts have ZERO evidence like billy’s …….

    1. Over the years, whenever I felt I had something to communicate to the ‘ranks’ of so-called ufo officialdom, I would usually approach Linda Moulton Howe. In the past couple weeks I’ve had one minimal email response from her. Out of respect I won’t share her emailed words, but she did convey she’s always accepted Meier’s 8mm film to be “real”.

      1. Well then, since what she actually promotes is utter nonsense, she’s another damn liar, hypocrite, spreader of DISINFORMATION and profiteer.

      2. How very telling that you would think Linda Mou-Cow is an authority on anything lol. You have so much respect for her that you won’t mention anything she said other than about the 8mm film? Is that because your actually part of the UFO Con and don’t want to be castigated from that community? There’s an old saying John which has nothing to do with the Meier material but appears to be appropriate – Snitches get Stitches.

  2. Meanwhile, David Wilcon praises his new documentary about the cosmic secrets he doesn’t know the answers to.
    And Justin Deschumps makes another push into promoting everything but the only person actually speaking with human extraterrestrials.

    1. Exactly , they all should be talking with billy, and reading the conversations between him and the off world human beings who have found peace 50,000 years ago .

  3. It seems every year Nick Pope elevates his own status. He started out as a self proclaimed secretary in a secret UFO UK government group where no one knew him and that he had no proof of. Now he’s Air Secretariat 2-A? It’s appropriate that his designation is now the face of an award winning American horse. What a goof.

    1. Pick Nope is such an squirming, pompous, turd of a man, it’s not true. The Ministry of Defence gave him a cupboard decades ago to get him away from the adults and now he’s the sceptical high priest of UFOdum regularly appearing in a mock-up of said cupboard with coloured lights so we don’t commit hare kari at the sound of his nasally voice. Did I mention he’s annoying?

      1. Lol that’s exactly it Matt!
        Plus the turd dragged Paul Hellyer into that creepy closet and fed him BS along with the goofs from Modern Knowledge who apparently petered out after their “conscious dance party” lol.

  4. If it wasn’t for modern technology, no one would have heard of Billy Meier. While he may be the best source yet of other human life in the universe, indications from flying objects, crop circles, etc have led people for thousands of years to believe there’s ‘something’ more going on. That there are so many people, from vast circumstantial evidence, personal anecdotes, and so on who can believe in some greater truth, in spite of BM, only shows how open minded and hopeful of enlightenment many people really are and should be appreciated and thanked for their efforts in advancement for us all. Little by little we’ll learn and come out of the darkness but why it’s such a difficult journey really eludes me. All we can be thankful for is every new piece of the puzzle, from wherever it comes.

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