18,000-Year-Old Dog Bites Scientists!

Rabies are least of worries, dried out Kibble also found


A cute little, 18,000-year-old dog or wolf pup may appear to be a fascinating, delightful find but it’s bad news for scientists and others who are climate deniers.

The reason it’s bad news is that it’s another indication of the, mainly ignored, melting of the permafrost in places like Siberia which, just because we don’t see or know about it, is still occurring.

Please see this article, from 10 years ago, as a reminder of that which is now already underway, increasing and…unstoppable. As is almost entirely untaught, worldwide, there’s a little thing called the Law of Cause and Effect, an immutable law that Billy Meier has been effectively writing about in his environmental warnings for a long time.

While some of the manifestations of climate destruction are now unstoppable, there are still some things, some huge things, that might still be prevented…if the responsible parties will but act in time, which was the purpose of my five-part interview in the Express.

Double Foxes

As long as canines are making news, Fox News just announced an auction of some of Billy Meier’s UFO photos, including the one that was used for the “I WANT TO BELIEVE” poster seen in…Fox Mulder’s office”

Now, if people want to contact Fox News and hosts like Tucker Carlson, we could get a bit more information out to the very unknowing world at large.


We often speak of peace, love, freedom and harmony as foundational elements of the spiritual teaching, states of being that promote human happiness, to put it simply. And, indeed, it seems it’s often easier said than done to attain, and live in alignment with, these elements, about which volumes may be said and written.

Regarding harmony and being harmonious, the simplest thing, musically speaking, is to pick a note and go up two notes in scale. In terms of a human relationship, we could say that one partner is one note and the other partner would seek to be the other necessary note for a harmony.

However, we also know that, unlike a fixed melody, people may change their “notes” at any time, many times, and for various reasons. So, one (or two) people who want to be harmonious with each other may seek to find the notes in them that create harmony with the other.

And, believe it or not, it also requires…listening to, and actually hearing, each other.

This doesn’t mean that we then change our behaviors to manipulate others and cease to remain true to ourselves, etc. It means that if we find, for example, that we are easily irked or triggered by another person’s words or actions, that we catch ourselves before our own habitual reactions cause us to reflexively say or do something that isn’t productive and that we may well regret having done, sooner or later.

The very action of pausing and giving a little thought to what would be a more productive response, including silence, in itself can help us move towards being more in harmony with another, with each other. I’ve found that this pause is useful for remembering our essential connection to, and feelings for, another person. It can be helpful in getting us into the present, and disconnecting from habitual responses that may have been forged in other relationships, under different conditions, etc.

It’s actually an act of love to seek genuine harmony, which never requires us to be subservient, submissive, etc. In this way, we build entire new…melodies in our relationships, note by note. And, just like in any musical process, we also improvise and learn by trial and error. The important thing is to have, and to implement, the intention to live in love, as well as peace and freedom, which is to live in harmony.

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44 Replies to “18,000-Year-Old Dog Bites Scientists!”

  1. No. That is not going to warm the atmosphere including the seas and lakes.

    Noticeable warming is the result of solar activity and the Earth discharging the solar capacitor and the planet recovering (relaxing over thousands of years) from interaction with a planet-sized comet.

    1. The warming is due to overpopulation. The severity of the warming will continue to increase with the rising population. When everything is in balance, the natural warming cycles add and remove CO2 from the atmosphere, but we are not removing the CO2 fast enough because there are too many people for the Earth to support.

      We are burning through fossil fuels to the point that the plants and ocean can’t pull the CO2 out of the atmosphere fast enough. Something that normally takes millions of years, yet we’ve managed to put that CO2 in the atmosphere in just a few hundred years. The annual rate of CO2 increase is about 100 times faster than previous natural cycles.

      “Satellite observations since the late 1970’s have shown a slight decrease in the sun’s total energy output. However, instead of cooling, the Earth has warmed over this period.

      Also, warming from the sun would heat all of the atmosphere, including the lowest few kilometres (the troposphere) and the layer above (the stratosphere). Observations show that the stratosphere is in fact cooling while the troposphere warms. This is consistent with greenhouse gas heating and not solar heating.”


      1. Interesting article
        More than half of the climate tipping points identified a decade ago are now “active”, a group of leading scientists have warned.
        Nine active tipping points:
        Arctic sea ice
        Greenland ice sheet
        Boreal forests
        Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation
        Amazon rainforest
        Warm-water corals
        West Antarctic Ice Sheet, Parts of East Antarctica
        Though global temperatures have fluctuated over millions of years, the authors say humans are now “forcing the system”, with atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and global temperature increasing at rates that are an order of magnitude higher than at the end of the last ice age.

  2. Melissa, Greg,

    The whole CO2 meme is about TAXATION and NOT about WARMING.

    Think about the giant dinosaur plant eaters and their food requirements made possible by many times more more CO2 than present today.

    If ALL the plants and trees were set on fire, they would not produce sufficient heat to warm the planet noticeably. Keep in mind that there is no spherical GLASS containing the Earth to justify the so-called GREENHOUSE EFFECT (first suggested by Carl Sagan and falsified out of the gate). So heat is constantly escaping.

    There is the argument about human activity (including industrial) that warms the atmosphere (including seas) sufficiently allowing methane to escape from the sea floor and from decaying vegetation.

    However, this is NO MATCH for solar activity and the Earth discharging the solar capacitor.

    Keep in mind that warming is not going to appear 20 years down the road as claimed (because of CO2, but because of the CARNOT CYCLE where 80% of the inert fuel (coal, oil, nuclear, nat-gas) burnt goes to heat instantly before the remaining 20% of fuel does any useful work. Again this heat is negligible and WILL NOT contribute to GLOBAL WARMING in any meaningful way.

    There are also the Laws of Thermodynamics where a secondary source of heat can never replace a primary source of heat. Our Sun is a primary source of heat.

    Those hurricanes are NOT the result of warm seas as you are told by the Weather Network as there is not enough energy present to generate let alone drive a hurricane. The real energy source for hurricanes and tornadoes is the ionosphere. Read Principia Meterologia !

    The GLOBAL WARMING crowd will never ever mention the CARNOT CYCLE nor the Laws of Thermodynamics to support their arguments for WARMING.

      1. If that article is to be taken seriously, then where is the outright ban on burning inert fuels (coal, oil, nuclear, nat-gas)?

        What will be the new source of clean energy to replace the current polluting high-energy fuel sources?

        The distributed WING Generator energy grid is available NOW that can replace inert fuel power stations one-for one for the total cost of a few nuclear power reactors (about 100 Billion USD) and provide the power needs for the entire planet without the need for reduced activity nor covert/overt depopulation.

        No need for hydro-thermal sources of power where drilling can inadvertently pump water into a magma chamber causing volcanic activity or worse explosion (eruption) as happened a few years back in Hawaii.

        No need for the designed-to-fail 3-blade wind turbines nor solar both of which produce at best a tenth of design power capacity with a service life that averages ten years. The estimated cost for these subsidized designed-to-fail systems is in the tens of Trillions USD.

        Currently the end-user pays for all these designed-to-fail systems. And because of the CO2 Warming scare being hammered at the whole world, the whole world will be made to use and pay for these designed-to-fail power systems. Unsuspecting Kenya and Uganda have already been sold these designed-to-fail bill of goods.

        So the CO2 Warming scare is all about hidden TAXATION.

        A single 100 MW WING Generator can replace 125 of the 3-blade wind turbines or 600,000 solar panels.

        It will take massive bankruptcies of the power utilities (coming soon), nuclear accident in the eastern US where the nuclear reactors are approaching the end of their service life, and competition for existing energy sources (China, Russia, …) before the distributed WING Generator Grid is allowed serious consideration.

        Those recent Amazon fires, just as the California fires, just as the few years back Alberta fires were set via laser satellite to drive the then tenants out from their land. The recent Puerto Rico hurricane was created and driven via laser satellite again to depopulate (via emigration to the mainland US so the land could become available for the rich in paradise).

        President Trump pulled out of the recent Climate Accords because he understood it was a scam. The US population was spared from the pay-as-you-go energy and consumption taxes levied across the Commonwealth of Nations.

        CO2 via burning of inert fuels is bad because it depletes the life molecule oxygen. The trees and plants cannot compete with industry to recycle that oxygen (trees and plants don’t produce oxygen out of nothing!). The man-made warming as a result of burning inert fuels is bogus.

        Over-population is real and is solely responsible for environmental destruction and this should not be confused with any WARMING claims.

        1. While you continue to promote the ridiculous, politically driven, climate denier position, Billy Meier already explained that true, non-polluting, closed loop deep geothermal energy was the best solution and effectively also inexhaustible:


          Such things as:

          “Those recent Amazon fires, just as the California fires, just as the few years back Alberta fires were set via laser satellite to drive the then tenants out from their land. The recent Puerto Rico hurricane was created and driven via laser satellite again to depopulate (via emigration to the mainland US so the land could become available for the rich in paradise).” are simply more of the idiotic, conspiratorial bilge with no hard evidence. Christian Frehner explained how some fires start by natural means that most people are unfamiliar with. And Meier long warned about the fires that will seep America, which has already begun.

          So, unless you provide actual, substantiated evidence for all the conspiratorial claims and disinformation, they won[‘t be posted here any more.

          Do yourself a favor and get away from all of the online conspiratorial garbage, mainly promoted by hysterics who sensationalize everything, especially that which they don’t understand.

        2. Norm,

          Please do humanity a favour and hold back from promoting Conservative / Wall St. conspiracies about geothermal and when our future survival is at stake.

          Had the same sad discussion with a lefty friend very active in banning fracking here in the UK. After informing him about deep (vertical) closed-loop Geothermal power, he went away and came back months later with the squeamish (ONE TIME / highly developed) drilling concerns and effects on groundwater of possible refrigerants…. and – LIKE THAT – humanity’s real solution was gone in HIS HEAD and anyone he was speaking to in government (and winning arguments about fracking). ALL because human beings are irresponsibly not checking their facts.

          Firstly, you (thoughtlessly) said…

          “No need for hydro-thermal sources of power where drilling can inadvertently pump water into a magma chamber causing volcanic activity or worse explosion (eruption) as happened a few years back in Hawaii.”

          That’s a debunked conspiracy theory from Exopolitics:

          “To Exopoltics.org’s credit, it is true that fracking (if it were occurring, which it is not) could cause earthquakes. Unfortunately for their argument, another thing that causes earthquakes is volcanic activity — the very same activity that Exopolitics is trying to blame on PGV. You can’t use the symptom of a lava flow (earthquakes) as evidence that earthquakes (from fracking) caused that lava flow. That’s not how this works. Are there earthquakes in the area of PGV? Certainly. There are earthquakes all over the volcanically active Big Island. Is it shocking that there would be earthquakes focused in the (extremely general) region of PGV? Not at all — recall that PGV’s location was selected due to its proximity to a major fault system, thereby allowing water to flow through the ground and come in contact with the volcanically heated region below. You cannot use PGV’s location (intentionally placed in an area where earthquakes are common and lava flows likely) as evidence that it caused earthquakes and lava flows. That’s not how this works.”
          Source: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/did-fracking-cause-volcanic-activity-hawaii/

          Before the lava overflow – which has never happened before in regards to geothermal power – the plant “…had an installed generating capacity of 38 MW[3] from six production wells and five injection wells along Kīlauea’s East rift zone, which had provided approximately 25% of the island’s power.”
          Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puna_Geothermal_Venture#cite_note-Snopes_fracking-34

          Christian Frehner (and sense) clarified that the type of geothermal plants that are commissioned is important and should be…

          “Closed U-Tube
          Heat transfer occurs by conduction only and therefore the design is independent of the supply and quality of the ground water.” Source: https://pangea.stanford.edu/ERE/pdf/IGAstandard/SGW/2014/Law.pdf

          “Closed Loop Systems use a sealed water system in which [EMPHASIS] water [EMPHASIS] or a refrigerant are continuously circulated. They can be installed horizontally, vertically or into a water source such as a pond.
          Source: https://www.renewableny.org/geothermal

          In regards to your, “…end-user pays for all these designed-to-fail systems.”

          “Geothermal systems require little maintenance. When installed properly, which is critical, the buried loop can last for generations. The unit’s fan, compressor, and pump are housed indoors, protected from the harsh weather conditions, so they tend to last for many years, often decades. Usually, periodic checks and filter changes and annual coil cleaning are the only required maintenance.

          [With regards to the myth that Geothermal systems put refrigerant lines into the ground…]

          Fact: Most systems use only water in the loops or lines”.
          Source: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/great-energy-challenge/2013/10-myths-about-geothermal-heating-and-cooling/

          If refrigerant is used, it can be the nonozone depleting like R-410A , R 407C, R-22 and the pipes can be immediately decommissioned / drained of fluid to air as soon as any leaks are detected, but, again refrigerant doesn’t need to be used for very deep geothermal. Source: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/mpsc/geo_best_practises_327048_7.pdf

          FACTS please, not Wall Street ill-logic.

          1. Geothermal is not the dominant energy source because of technology to-date as per this article from 2016:

            To conclude, the technologies to harness geothermal energy will have to significantly improve in order for geothermal energy to become more used on global scale. Less expensive drilling, wider area to harness the resource from and reduced capital costs – these are all the solutions on which global geothermal energy industry should build its future progress.

            Had a chance to see Christian Frehner’s presentation on Christian Frehner – Part 2 – Applying the Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life – Q&A

            In that presentation, population levels would be brought down drastically at the 49:00 minute mark.

          2. Mathew,

            have you had a chance to read article on NASA Unveils Plan To Stop Yellowstone “Supervolcano” Eruption, There’s Just One Catch.

            So there is neither conspiracy nor political motivation intended regarding the risks of geothermal. I never said anything about fracking.

            Water expands to steam when it encounters a magma chamber creating a giant steam engine. If the pressure is sufficient, then an explosion will happen!

            However, there is a simpler solution to resolve the risk of Yellowstone explosion.

          3. Nice one for supporting a Democrat lawyer Norm.

            Who is Ned Haluzan?
            After researching, I conclude that he is a mole for Big Oil and will show how. His message is confused, he says all the right things to pass as a “green champion”, but, clearly states that he supports economy over the environment and he seems keen on pushing the, “It’s the right thing to do, but, it won’t work, is too expensive, but, did you know that Oil works” agenda onto the masses using his non-relevant law degree skills to muddy the waters. For example, look what he writes for Democratic underground…

            “Written by Ned Haluzan: California still remains nation’s undisputed renewable energy leader while the high ranking of states like Colorado, Massachusetts may seem to some people as a surprise though this is really a result of sustainable clean energy policy that includes mixing renewable energy research and [EMPHASIS] development with already existing manufacturing facilities.”

            Carry on industry, Ned’s got your back… as he has for the Oil industry…

            “Just how much can advanced technology help? Let us use petroleum refining as an example. The 2010 study showed that if this process would include high-temperature reactors, corrosion-resistant metals and ceramic-lined reactors, as well as sophisticated process controls it would yield energy savings in the range of 10% to 20%. [Emphasis] Cost-effective technologies are the way to go both now and in the future.” ~ Ned Haluzan

            Yay Big Oil! Wall Street wins. Carry on.

            Let’s look at some more confused messages from Ned about the costs and effects of geothermal power, which go from negative to positive, back to negative again as if he needs mood stabilisers….

            Negative in 2016 (See Norm’s post above), but, only after being…

            Positive in 2015 (Funny, I could have sworn he said it wasn’t cost effective not a year later)
            “Currently in terms of production cost, geothermal energy is very respectable energy source with 6.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, which is very similar to production costs of wind energy. Coal and nuclear power are still economically most acceptable energy sources with their 4-5 cent/kWh generation costs but if we look at natural gas production costs at 7 cents and petroleum around 10 cents, geothermal energy certainly looks to be economically viable alternative energy source.” ~ Ned Haluzan 24/11/2015
            Source: https://arpingreen.blogspot.com/2015/11/geothermal-energyoverview.html

            Negative in 2019 (Ooh, scary geothermal. What are we to do?))
            “Connection between enhanced geothermal technology and earthquakes:
            The problem lies in the fact that pumping up the Earth with high pressure can lead to earthquakes as this was the case in Pohang. Enhanced geothermal technology needs to find solution for this flaw. The potential of this technology is huge but the risks connected with earthquakes need to be reduced to absolute minimum.” ~ Ned Haluzan
            Source: http://www.renewables-info.com/energy_news_and_reports/connection_between_enhanced_geothermal_technology_and_earthquakes.html

            The Pohand geothermal plant was not the cause of the Earthquake, any more than the Puna geothermal plant was, as was determined by the, “Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA)…”, who, “…announced that Jangsa fault – a branch fault of Yangsan fault – is main cause of the earthquake”.
            Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Pohang_earthquake

            So, why would a so-called “green champion” be pushing such ideas? It wouldn’t be because he’s a filthy lawyer out to confuse the narrative for the Oil industry would it?

            “Oil wells can help geothermal energy development?
            Can this high drilling costs somehow be avoided? Well, there is even a potential solution in which oil and gas drilling can help the global geothermal energy development, and even reduce high drilling costs. The [EMPHASIS] concept is really quite simple, namely every single barrel of oil also brings out several barrels of boiling hot water which can be used to generate electricity through geothermal turbines. Many oil wells, from all around the globe, contain hot water at the adequate temperatures for geothermal power production”.
            Source: https://earthsheat.blogspot.com/search/label/geothermal%20drilling

            2 for 2 for Big Oil. Yay Ned. I get it now: Oil drilling = good and unproblematic and represents opportunity, Geothermal drilling = bad and rocky and difficult (frowny face). Just how much does a lawyer get paid by Big Oil to write this shit?

            Anyway, to the points you grasped at to save face…

            “Once the wells and power plant are built, the system is inexpensive to operate”.
            Source: https://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/green-tech/energy-production/artificial-geothermal-energy4.htm

            “Investors can get a good deal in the end, each year recovering 17 to 18 percent of the money they spend on building underground parts of the system, the same as what they’d get from an oil or natural gas field, says Tester.”
            Source: https://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/green-tech/energy-production/artificial-geothermal-energy4.htm

            “Cost analysis of oil, gas, and geothermal well drilling
            [EMPHASIS] Despite the differences in lithology [the study of the general physical characteristics of rocks] and well design, their average costs are similar”.
            Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0920410514000813

            Funny how Ned didn’t mention ANY of that and him being a democrat lawyer and everything. Nice one for giving me some material to research Norm and to discover a few things. I do think the Green movement is full of moles (and holes) and we would do well NOT to support those, given that our very lives and the future of human beings is at stake and completely dependent on identifying the right, true, correct message.

            Also, to pass onto you is that during my research I found that many pages in support of Geothermal were since taken down, are broken links and this takes me back to why Geothermal is not being rolled out across the planet and it’s not because of the excuses you cite and appear to support.

          4. Matthew, I am not here for a debate. I’m just presenting information and asking questions. Please respond to my question on why geothermal/hydrothermal is not the dominant source of power world-wide today?

            Yes, I am familiar with big Coal, big Oil, big Nuclear, and big Solar and 3-blade wind !

            My own search on “Geothermal limitations ” gave a list, two of which are here and here.

            No need for a critique on the authors of those two links.

          5. Let me spell it out then as my fireworks display and brass band, floats and hot dog stands around the main event answer above seems to have alluded you…

            Big Oil and Big Nuclear are actively tying to prevent the development of geothermal and put out disinformation via compromised writers, lawyers, fake activists, publications, politicians, etc., for them and idiots to reiterate baseless lies everywhere about Geothermal as if it’s not viable whilst REAL Geothermal projects consistently prove to be not only the best value for money for investors, but, also the best for the survival chances of humanity and all life. It should be a no-brainer.

            In case all your faculties haven’t been completely dissolved by your political views, seriously why would I be interested in anything else you post when you don’t check your sources or the facts and even have the gall to undermine them when someone presents them to you as requested ? Please stop wasting my (and humanity’s) time on stupid things.

          6. Another challenge is that whilst others pontificate about whether geothermal is or isn’t viable, the Earth has it’s word: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1214711/new-zealand-volcano-eruption-white-island-bay-of-plenty-injured-death

            It then becomes an issue of Earthquakes and volcanoes happening as a result of oil and gas extraction, which is then blamed, including by Dutchsinse I might add, on geothermal plants located on fault lines meaning the problem is exacerbated, so really think about what YOUR responsibility is in regards to this and if you REALLY support the findings of the Plejaren as you CLAIM to do (no evidence of that) and as time is running out and the arguments against geothermal can only be, stupidly, emboldened by the effects of OTHER industries, making them less likely for investment.

        3. Regarding California fires:


          From Christian:

          Hi Michael,

          Regarding all the fires in California Billy told me today (through the telephone) the following:

          There are three causes for all of these fires:
          1) Lightning strike (including lightning caused directly by great heat, an occurrence which is not yet known by terrestrial scientists)
          2) Linse effect (dew drops) on dry foliage
          3) Arson/incendiary

          The Plejaren did not observe any interventions (causes) from government, military or secret agencies, i.e. no application of laser weapons etc. etc. And Ptaah also spoke (privately) of coming very heavy rain in California, which will lead to flash floods (Sturzfluten) and mudslides etc.

          Kind regards from Billy to you and those who you are collaborating with.


          PS: We also spoke about the many trees that are still standing among the burnt ruins of the houses. Basically a tree with green foliage contains quite an amount of water, and depending on the direction of the strong air draft blowing into and beyond the fires (houses), a tree may very well withstand and must not burn in the same way as a house. But probably many of those trees will be damaged at least on one side, but will survive. I’ve noticed the same here in the FIGU forest when we had a huge fire with very high flames close to a foliage tree. All the bark on one side was burnt and destroyed way up the tree, but the tree survived and had new foliage the next year again, nourished through the bark on the rear side.
          However, if a dry = dead fir tree will stand beside a burning house, such a tree will be burning lightly.

          And an additional remark from my side: As I have noticed a lot of American houses are built in a rather “cheap” way that is prone for, or good tinder for a fire (wood frames with empty spaces, no heavy logs, no stone walls, much artificial stuff, etc.).

          1. Thanks for this Michael and also thanks to Christian, Billy and the Plejaren. I live in California and can see with my own eyes how some of these trees have been slightly burned on one side and not the other. The rains are also starting to kick in, and so far, we’ve had some very strong and heavy storms. Salome

  3. Just read CR680 block 152-159:

    153. This is also true, because climate change began already very early and caused a very slow but long-lasting increase in climate instability, and in fact from the 19th century, when the overpopulation had exceeded 1.6 thousand million.

    154. Since then the whole thing has increased to this day, of which the enormously serious consequences have been openly recognisable for several decades in nature, the fauna and flora as well as the climate itself.

    155. Today the time has come for the Earth and its humankind to face an inevitable mass destruction of life, which is already so far advanced that it is no longer possible to stop the whole thing.

    156. And all the blame for this lies with Earth’s humankind itself as a result of its overpopulation, who does not listen to your and our warnings and continues to push the overpopulation onwards to an ever-increasing extent.

    157. All research conducted in relation to the climate always focuses only on the corresponding consequences of climate change, in the same way as the real cause is sought in false origins, just not where it actually lies, namely in overpopulation, whose machinations in relation to the destruction of the nature, the fauna and flora and the planet itself have caused the climate change.

    158. And it is in that regard also a fact that the total use of resources on the planet as well as the irresponsible and over 2000 nuclear tests of various states have triggered an unusual pole movement, as a result of which the magnetic poles are shifting and are also contributing to climate change.

    That is what your father Sfath already foretold in the 1940s, when he also spoke of hundreds of thousands and even millions of human beings having to leave their native countries, consequently becoming “climate refugees” who would no longer be able to find a way to live in their homeland.

  4. The independent scientist that is author of the weather book Principia Meterologia and creator of the WING Generator gave a talk on his weekly Science Hour podcast on the following subjects:

    34:35 Climate Change disinfo program rages on…
    35:56 Tesla autos line-up waiting to be charged and electric companies going to bankruptcy court in next two years .
    40:25 This will put pressure on politicians to seek other energy solutions that actually work (WING Generator).
    43:08 Discussion on nuclear as a dirty and dangerous energy solution for industry and the war machine…
    45:13 Remember Hillary Clinton selling-off 20% US Uranium deposits to Russia being OKayed by the Obama White House?
    46:50 Ukrain is mixed into this also.
    47:43 … the so-called Alternative Energy cannot close the demand gap…
    48:34 We could do this within ten years, with a Manhatten style Project to get the large (1000 foot – 1000 MW) WING Generators on-line. By the time 2030 rolled around, we could be producing 97% of our energy including this extra gap for electric transport (road, air, and rail). This can all be managed and 97% coming from the wind with the other 3% coming from nat-gas.
    49:23 Mentions his experience, knowledge, and expertise with the electronic industry in commerce…
    50:00 My WING Generator – there’s the email on my website for support at the 3 to 10 million USD or above mark. Always looking for additional investors at those levels to come in… some projects are underway, some projects need funding, so those opportunities are available.
    56:02 When this Impeachment thing fails, there is likely to be civil unrest at the hands of the faceless nameless people behind this…
    57:10 All I’m saying is we might be heading into difficult times in the future. The WING Generator being energy independent and boy are we heading in to difficult times in terms of energy.

    1. Norm,

      It seems that you are somewhere between knee-deep and over your head in conspiratorial/political theories and their proponents. I haven’t listened to James McCanney’s show, nor do I automatically dismiss someone because of what this site says: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/James_McCanney. But if its accurately presented his “Ideas” (4 1/2 of which are questionable), then maybe it would behoove you to study the Meier material more thoroughly, state what your objections are to the scientific info presented therein and substantiate those objections with facts.

      And, as Matt’s comments above show, perhaps you’re a bit quick to enthuse over a lot of people who don’t have the credibility you assume and promote.

      So, please make your comments relevant to both the topic of the blog and, especially, the information in the Meier contacts. I’m also saying that I won’t be approving further comments that are presenting and promoting information that essentially disputes what’s come form Meier and the Plejaren without ample substantiation.

      1. Judging anyone based on a third-party assessment instead of reading the peer-reviewed material oneself is not in concert with the Meier teaching!

        That peer-reviewed 3-part comet paper (linked above) demolished all the axioms of Astronomy back in the early 1980’s (and still to-date). His pioneering work on calculating primes made all RSA-based encryption obsolete in March 2007 with the release of his book Calculate Primes. Within weeks Michael Chertoff, then security czar, publicly declared the demise of secure computing!

        Is it any wonder why “they” don’t like McCanney?

        Anyways here is McCanney’s bio and comment on peer-review.

        Matt’s comments above make automatic assumptions about my intentions. All that was required was a response to my question on why geothermal/hydrothermal is not the primary and sole source of power world-wide today?.

        1. You don’t seem to understand that we have very good reason, based on over six decades of impeccably accurate scientific information, that Meier and the Plejaren are a bit more knowledgeable than terrestrial scientists. Their scientific information has so far never been proved to be inaccurate.

          It doesn’t appear to be the case with McCanney. You’ve been allowed to post sufficient information/links to his info but until there is actual scientific corroboration that his theories are better than the advice fro the Plejaren, no more links, etc., pertaining to him will be approved.

          1. Agree that BEAM and the Plajaren are a lot more knowledgeable than terrestrial scientists. But, there is the issue of them not disclosing information that would interfere with the natural development and evolution of Earth humans.

            If search “Grand Prize Winner in $1.75M Water Abundance XPRIZE “, will see that McCanney (JMCC WING) received a $150K prize to acknowledge the team’s ingenuity in developing a unique technological approach.

            He lost because of a technological glitch that couldn’t be resolved in the allotted time.

            The winning team’s solution employed bio-gas which is not even renewable.

            1. The problem here is that when one thinks conspiratorially, when they dabble in all sorts of things floating around on the internet, every “new technology”, etc., and rely on the information from these sources, yet refer to the information from Meier and the Plajren in the same superficial, even dismissive way, it only shows that they have absolutely no comprehension of the reality and depth of the Meier contacts and the many decades of corroborated information, as well as the purpose of the contacts.

              This statement, “But, there is the issue of them not disclosing information that would interfere with the natural development and evolution of Earth humans.” is indicative of the wrong conclusions, the desire to make some current claims – and one’s own “important” role in simply repeating them – seem relevant and on par with the information from Meier.

              I’m approving your post only as an example of this very familiar kind of dabbling, whereby anyone with a computer who’s found and latched onto some online information, suddenly thinks that by repeating it that it’s weighty and they are on the cutting edge of these “new developments.” This isn’t a McCanney site and there’s plenty of good reasons why it’s dedicated to the information in the Meier contacts, which doesn’t preclude other credible information.

              Nothing further here about McCanney will be approved unless and until it’s really warranted, meaning actual manufacturing and testing of such technologies has occurred and credible sources present the results, etc.

              We’re not proponents of an “appeal to authority” but such stuff as you’ve been peddling, and which perhaps may ultimately be proven credible and beneficial, so far doesn’t warrant any more space…or time.

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