18,000-Year-Old Dog Bites Scientists!

Rabies are least of worries, dried out Kibble also found


A cute little, 18,000-year-old dog or wolf pup may appear to be a fascinating, delightful find but it’s bad news for scientists and others who are climate deniers.

The reason it’s bad news is that it’s another indication of the, mainly ignored, melting of the permafrost in places like Siberia which, just because we don’t see or know about it, is still occurring.

Please see this article, from 10 years ago, as a reminder of that which is now already underway, increasing and…unstoppable. As is almost entirely untaught, worldwide, there’s a little thing called the Law of Cause and Effect, an immutable law that Billy Meier has been effectively writing about in his environmental warnings for a long time.

While some of the manifestations of climate destruction are now unstoppable, there are still some things, some huge things, that might still be prevented…if the responsible parties will but act in time, which was the purpose of my five-part interview in the Express.

Double Foxes

As long as canines are making news, Fox News just announced an auction of some of Billy Meier’s UFO photos, including the one that was used for the “I WANT TO BELIEVE” poster seen in…Fox Mulder’s office”

Now, if people want to contact Fox News and hosts like Tucker Carlson, we could get a bit more information out to the very unknowing world at large.


We often speak of peace, love, freedom and harmony as foundational elements of the spiritual teaching, states of being that promote human happiness, to put it simply. And, indeed, it seems it’s often easier said than done to attain, and live in alignment with, these elements, about which volumes may be said and written.

Regarding harmony and being harmonious, the simplest thing, musically speaking, is to pick a note and go up two notes in scale. In terms of a human relationship, we could say that one partner is one note and the other partner would seek to be the other necessary note for a harmony.

However, we also know that, unlike a fixed melody, people may change their “notes” at any time, many times, and for various reasons. So, one (or two) people who want to be harmonious with each other may seek to find the notes in them that create harmony with the other.

And, believe it or not, it also requires…listening to, and actually hearing, each other.

This doesn’t mean that we then change our behaviors to manipulate others and cease to remain true to ourselves, etc. It means that if we find, for example, that we are easily irked or triggered by another person’s words or actions, that we catch ourselves before our own habitual reactions cause us to reflexively say or do something that isn’t productive and that we may well regret having done, sooner or later.

The very action of pausing and giving a little thought to what would be a more productive response, including silence, in itself can help us move towards being more in harmony with another, with each other. I’ve found that this pause is useful for remembering our essential connection to, and feelings for, another person. It can be helpful in getting us into the present, and disconnecting from habitual responses that may have been forged in other relationships, under different conditions, etc.

It’s actually an act of love to seek genuine harmony, which never requires us to be subservient, submissive, etc. In this way, we build entire new…melodies in our relationships, note by note. And, just like in any musical process, we also improvise and learn by trial and error. The important thing is to have, and to implement, the intention to live in love, as well as peace and freedom, which is to live in harmony.

And speaking of puppies, we’ve still got a few of these left for FREE:

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44 Replies to “18,000-Year-Old Dog Bites Scientists!”

  1. Just sent two twitter messages to @jamesjrogers @TuckerCarlson from Fox news (links shortened with Bitly), I refer primarily to the https://www.theyflyblog.com site.

    1) #UFOphotosauction https://fxn.ws/35Q3nA7 @jamesjrogers @TuckerCarlson Hi James, Tucker, for more information on the Meier ‘UFO case’ please see https://bit.ly/2QT2hiJ for a comprehensive database with objective, corroborated information about the case.

    2) #UFOphotosauction https://fxn.ws/35Q3nA7
    @jamesjrogers @TuckerCarlson Hi James, Tucker, for more information on the Meier ‘UFO case’. Two other links: https://bit.ly/2R3rMhr, https://bit.ly/2qPMx5e

    1. Hi Arnoud,

      HUGE thanks for being…proactive!

      This is what I’m hoping people will do, not just post comments here, nice as that is.

      When there’s a little breakthrough, a chance penetration through the ongoing censorship…PLEASE act, take advantage of the opportunity really participate in bringing this information forward!

  2. Hi Michasel,

    No problem, happily done, and I fully understand your point.
    I indeed try & want to become a bit more proactive lately, I’ll see where that leads me 🙂


  3. Wait, world-renowned Sotheby’s is selling Billy’s photos for thousands of pounds alongside NASAs? Let me paste the Lot details here for prosperity and in case I’m dreaming again:

    “Lot Details


    Six vintage chromogenic prints (each 3 1/2 x 5 inches), with watermark “THIS PAPER MANUFACTURED BY KODAK,” two with negative numbers in blue ink to versos (“negs#-20-10” and “negs# 17-00”).

    Taken in 1975 by “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier, alleged extraterrestrial contactee and the founder of the UFO Religion Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschafter und Ufologiestudien (Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies), these images purport to depict an interstellar visit by spacecraft from the planet Erra, two with a single UFO moving slowly over the town of Berg Rumlikon, in Switzerland on June 14th, 1975 at 1:16 and 1:20 pm, and four images depicting a single UFO in a forested hilly area of Schmidrüti, Switzerland on March 18th, 1975, from 4:45 to 5:40 pm. The present series of photographs (along with lots 214 and 215) are among the most highly publicized and well-documented images of UFO phenomena ever recorded; in particular, one of the photographs in the present lot is perhaps one of the most famous and notorious UFO image of all time, as it was used to create the famous “I Want to Believe” poster featured in the hit TV series The X-Files, and continues to the the subject of countless internet memes related to the subject. The poster hung in the office of FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny) for the first three seasons of the show, but was changed in the 4th season due to an intellectual property suit brought by Meier, as the creators of the show never obtained permission to use the image. In the 2016 re-boot of the show, the creators made up for this, and obtained permission from Meier to use two of his photographs in the trailer, one of which is part of lot 213 and the other, part of lot 215.

    Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens of the U.S. Air Force was a pilot who collected UFO related media for Project Blue Book. After he retired, he continued to investigate more than 100 UFO cases. One such case was that of the UFO sightings of “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier of Switzerland. When Wendell came across the Meier case, he gathered a team of U.S. private investigators to research the Meier evidence at labs including the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in an attempt to determine their authenticity. The photos were given to directly to Stevens by Mr. Meier, or sold for the cost of development. From the 1960s to the early 1980s, Meier took 1,476 photos and 34 films, of which about 600 photos and 9 films were of UFOs.


    Image numbers 49, 75, 83, 494, 638, and 639 from: MEIER, “Billy Eduard Albert. Photo-Inventarium. Standpunkte zur Person BEAM, Augsburg, 2014.


    Ex Estate of Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens”

  4. If there was ever a chance to break into the mainstream news, this is a good one. Also a chance to build tons of credibility with skeptics. Billy Meier’s photos in the same auction as NASA moon landing photos and astronauts.
    Please share this or other news links with major newspapers, youtubers, wealthy collectors, etc. It has already been on Fox news and Yahoo news on November 27, but I haven’t seen anything since then.
    If you ever wanted to convince the public that this case is real, this is a great opportunity. Space dot com is silent. Jordan Sather is silent. Stillness in the storm is silent (justin deschumps). Mufon is silent. Michael Salla is silent. David Wilcock is silent. Steven Bassett is silent. Etc.
    Isn’t this the clearest photographic proof we have ever seen of UFOs in the public? Isn’t this newsworthy? Doesn’t this add legitimacy to the skeptics? UFO photos selling for higher than some NASA photos?

    1. My article on this should come out tomorrow. I was in touch with some nice people at Sotheby’s.

      But if people who see the info, read this blog and others don’t use this to do their part – how much easier could it get? – then forget about it. People need to become PROACTIVE. Do something, call your local news, contact people online SEND THEM TO THIS BLOG…and actually help make a difference.

      1. Your latest blog and especially the newest video you made was excellent. I have shared your new video. I follow many people in alternative news and spirituality community. Those people haven’t moved past the 2012 ascension hype. There are also some new old videos put on YouTube by FIGU and Christian Frehner. One of the videos show Billy pulling out crystals and rocks from different planets and everyone standing around the table watching. And the large and small footprint tracks imprinted in stone. How can someone say there is no physical evidence?

        1. Thanks Greg. Please feel free to post the links to the new videos too.

          I’ve long said that the people in UFOLogy, as well as the scientists, people in SETI, etc., will be the…LAST to know the UFO truth because of their willful ignorance, arrogance and sheer idiocy.

  5. Many of the links in this article suggest warming is not natural. However, if one considers this weather book, Principia Meterologia, then the warming is natural as the Earth recovers from the last planet-sized comet encounter from 1511 B.C. to 753 B.C. (758 years).

    I believe it is Contact Report 155 block 62 -72 that mentions the Destroyer planet (comet) causing upheaval:

    1.4 times the size of the Earth’s moon breaks into the SOL system


    Note that comet Hale-Bopp had it’s orbit reduced from some 4,200 to 2,300 years because of tail-drag during it’s last visit around the Sun between 1991 and 2002. Hale-Boop at closest approach was three times the distance to the Moon yet appeared the size of a dime at arm’s length in the sky. This would suggest the nucleus of Hale-Bopp was at least a large as the Moon and may have been as large as the Earth.

    The way in which the warming of the Earth is being presented discounts the effects of the cooling as a result of past planetary upheaval with large comet pass-by to emphasize warming caused by man that should instead point at environmental destruction.

    1. Hi Norm,

      I read your comment several times and I’m still not sure what you’re trying to say. It could be that my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, but are you suggesting that the current warming cycle is the natural result of a cooling cycle caused by past planetary upheaval? Or are you saying that the past upheaval and the comet passing by is what helped to jump-start the man-made warming and climate destruction?

  6. From block 66 of CR155:

    It then passes dangerously close to the Earth and disturbs its orbit and balance, whereby the Earth, in the course of about 158 years, is disturbed by the wanderer that returns several times, and the Earth is even reversed in its rotation, accompanied by apocalyptic disasters, by which the cardinal directions and the annual revolution of the Earth around the Sun are changed in such a way that the orbital period drops up to 284 days. Worldwide fires, earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions are the consequences and leave their marks on the Earth. Continental parts and islands sink into the seas, while new portions of land are pushed upward.

    You must have heard of Mammoths found in the Siberian Tundra flash frozen standing with freshly eaten plant matter found undigested.
    Planet-sized comet encounters in close proximity to Earth result in pollution, deluge, mountain building, ice-age, species extinction, rapid biological evolution, and natural warming spanning hundreds of years.
    Just do a search for “Principia Meterologia The Physics of Sun Earth Weather”. One of the results will be a PDF. Download and read the book.

    1. Have you ever been in a cold house and then lots of people come over for a get together? You ever notice how warm it gets as more people show up? That’s exactly what’s happening on Earth right now. Too many people have shown up to the party.

  7. Of course, over-population and the demands on industrial production and excessive resource extraction (deforestation, defoliation, desertification) – not just consumerism, but infrastructure, pollution and destruction from the military industrial complex dwarfing all other activity … leads to environmental destruction (not warming).

    1. From Contact 437:


      The climate warms ever faster, whereby the snowfall is also absent ever more frequently in the deeper sites, while the Earth’s polar ice masses, as well as the glaciers, melt ever faster, which leads to this: that by the year 2100, in some cases, the water of the seas will rise up to 160 centimeters. [5’3″]


      And the origin of everything is overpopulation, which, however, neither humanity nor the responsible scientists, authorities and governments want to accept as true.

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