Apophis, the Moon and Mohammed

Setting the record straight on things unknown to the people of Earth

The newest installment of the interview with me in the Express, regarding asteroid Apophis, was published today.


Because the Express is a middle-market newspaper, one that “caters to readers who want some entertainment, as well as the coverage of important news events”, some people may feel that scientists who could benefit from Billy Meier’s information about the real dangers of Apophis will not see, or take the information seriously.

However, we should keep in mind that the American space agency, NASA, has long been provided with Meier’s information, though of course they won’t acknowledge it. Such is the case with other scientists and with the celebrity-seeking Asteroid Day organization. The materialistic mentality of these and other parties may contribute to, if not assure, no appropriate action being taken in time, which will deliver humankind a lesson that the survivors – if any – will never forget.

Nonetheless, publishing the information from Meier and the Plejaren in a tabloid puts it into the collective consciousness, which otherwise wouldn’t occur. In addition to the interview appearing in the Croatian press, it’s also been published in the German media.

The Moon

For those who want to understand the ironclad nature of Billy Meier’s prophetically accurate scientific information, there’s a tremendous number of specific examples on this page.

Since skeptics rush to claim that Meier “back-dated” his information, take a look at this press release, from nine years ago. Notice that the original BBC article is dated December 12, 2010. Meier’s information was originally published on December 2, 1987…23 years earlier.

But the most important date here is actually when it was translated, May 31, 2010. That means it was translated over six months…before the BBC article was published. That makes it not only ironclad but another one of the specific, informational examples that prove the singular, historically unprecedented authenticity of Billy Meier’s contacts with extraterrestrials, still ongoing for over…77 years.


While we’re working to set the record straight on a number of things largely unknown to the people of Earth, here’s a new interview with Hala London. It is important that the true information about the prophet Mohammed is made known to people throughout the world. Without truth and understanding, there’s little chance for real peace.

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The Psyche

The damage done to our consciousness and our psyche takes a huge toll, as we become numb, unconscious of and inured to the brutality and inhumane treatment of human beings, and other creatures, by the deeply disturbed among us.

Left unrecognized and untreated, even seemingly normal and healthy human beings can deteriorate in health, both physical and mental-emotional, from the increasing bombardment against our senses and sensibilities, our ethics and values.

As always, there is no better remedy, or preventive medicine, than the spiritual teaching. And one book that comes quickly to mind is appropriately titled:

The Psyche

Get It Here!

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Luis Sanchez

I just saw Michael’s new article on Apophis. Humanity of the earth “you can bump this rock”, this stone will break to many bones. This rock can beat scissors, humanity pay attention to the language of the infinite, unite for the common good and “bump the rock” Salome.


Luis Sanchez

This article seems sufficient to bring this up, since the plejarens discussed THE MOON IS FRAGMENT of a planet, then logically the circumference of the MOON (an artificial Sphere) was CUT using the CORRECT…pi, therefore solidifying Harry Lears Pi theriom using an already existing “extraterrestrial example source” to vefify Harry Lear’s Pi theriom.