How Did I Know Before Putin?

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Vladimir Putin recently made a very succinct comment  about the diminishing US monetary supremacy and its global implications.

Of course, while he’s not alone these days in sensing the coming financial collapse, I’d already reported on Billy Meier’s foretelling it, 14 years ago:

And when Putin says:

“Many countries are now turning away from the dollar

…we’re reminded of what the Henoch Prophecies also long ago foretold:

198. Finally, many Asian, African and European states will rise up against the American hegemony, once they recognise that the United States of America is only taking advantage of them for purposes of war, conquest and exploitation.

199. In this way, many countries will become puppet states of America before reason and realisation will emerge in the responsible ones of governments and in many of the population, resulting in a turning away from the USA.

More recently, Meier spelled out the global consequences in even more detail:

28. Speculators will bring about a global financial and economic crisis of such proportions as has never before been seen, so that the whole financial economy falls into terrible straits, and also very much trouble and great scarcity of commodities occurs.

…as well as what awaits the American people:

29. Even in the USA, the people will be dispossessed as a consequence of the global financial crisis, which shall become a pretext for deploying the military and police forces against the angry and partly also heavily armed population.

The Key to Our Future Survival

Survival is, and will increasingly be, on everyone’s mind. There are a number of different, important elements to survival. While most people may be familiar with components such as food storage, various survivalist skills, etc., there are others that pertain to health and healing that we’ll also be covering, beginning this week.

Fundamental to all aspects of survival is one’s mindset. It’s possible to have all of the necessary supplies and skills but yet be at risk because one’s thinking isn’t clear and correct. As we increase our ability to think logically, to control our thoughts, feelings and actions, we thereby also become aware of greater options, opportunities and solutions to problems in everyday life.

This is, and will be, especially helpful when everyday life, and what we’ve considered “normal” up until now, presents us with more, unexpected challenges and situations that can’t be solved using the kind of thinking that created them.

The Might of the Thoughts

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Ned Duke

The man of the hour seems to be Xi Jinping of China. While Donny was putting up tarriffs Xi’s been rapidly taking over the original role of the US in international trade; faster, quicker, smarter, better than anyone had imagined. With Silk Road and Pearl of Strings going on for many years now, China really has returned to similiar status it had many centuries ago from the days of the Ming dynasty but with a twist. Let’s remember, trade with the Ming dynasty prompted the Europeans to sail around the middle east and lead to their various trade outposts around the planet slowly cutting out the Ming dynasty’s hold in the process. China seems to have done literally the same thing as both the Europeans and Americans did buying ports from countries the world over or being a lender of wealth.

China is also leading the way to linking your life to a chip via your phone. Its a disruptive method to pay for services while removing most of the fees that normally ocurr under credit card payments:

The only thing both Putin and Trump have are the most advanced nucelar weapons stockpile on the planet and China eathing both Russia and the US’s lunch. This change has left many people wondering if “autocratic capitalism”, where both Xi and Putin have had success with, is a better model than what people normally associate capitalism with freedom and democracy. After all, the loudest people seem to be the ones which relate a democratic populace being unable to identify ‘fake news’ and will inevitably fail and go into a civil war.

I can’t wait for the day to walk into Starbucks and being unable to use money. I’ll be reminded about the 700-1000 years before the teachings sink into people.

Matt Knight

No irony whatsoever in that cashless business being called ‘Sweet green’, even if they do mean the lettuce.

Talking about ‘How green is your jargon’: This news site’s a personal favourite and the following links recent global events to the rush for lithium, echoing recent info from Ptaah:

“We’re fooling ourselves if we call this sustainable and green mining. The lithium fever should slow down because it’s directly damaging salt flats, the ecosystem and local communities.” ~ Chilean biologist, Cristina Dorador.

A Greta ‘hard stare’ should sort all this out.

Xila Clark

That’s probably why the recent USA coup in Bolivia, due to their vast amount of lithium. It’s been documented that the Senators who approved the coup were Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.
Since most of us have already investigated 9/11 it appears it all comes back to the most simplest thing which came from a recent Edward Snowden interview. 9/11 happened during a period when Snowden was just getting into “intelligence”. He said that as the event was unfolding – ALL intelligence branches were SENT HOME. He went on to claim that the vast majority would have gladly stayed on to help stop further damage. Instead the call was made to send everyone home. So as you can see when the USA is in a national emergency, the ones at the top will always save theirs and their families and to hell with everyone else.

Matt Knight

Hi Xila,

Yes, that info is linked in the article: The Bolivian Coup happened less than a week after Morales stopped a multinational (German) firm’s Lithium Deal.

“The Morales move on Nov. 4 to cancel the December 2018 agreement with Germany’s ACI Systems Alemania (ACISA) came after weeks of protests from residents of the Potosí area. The region has 50% to 70% of the world’s lithium reserves in the Salar de Uyuni salt flats.”

So-called “realists” will claim that if the US didn’t do it, other countries would, but, Morales’ actions show this isn’t true were it not for the coup, so, even a nations existing protections are trampled on by outsiders. Not sure we can really do anything to protect anything whilst the population keeps rising unabated.

This is why we Brits are very reserved with our open protest marches and revolts. You never know when you’re being played. Plus it’s cold.

Xila Clark

You’re right Matthew I didn’t read your link, which I did and thanks for that. I think the article is too hard on Morales. Is there actually a country out there which isn’t exploiting their resources? I also doubt it was solely a USA coup. I think both yours and my country is also involved in it as my foreign affairs minister had no problem backing Guaido during the attempted coup in Venezuela.
When Arnie said in Terminator that he would be back, who knew he would be back to loan Greta an electric car to interfere in foreign elections:

Matt Knight

It’s highly likely, re. UK being involved too. We’ve been known for it in the past.

My view, which could be completely wrong, is that if you build your country up to gain independence from negative (Western) influences, why stick a ‘For sale’ sign on your assets to advertise to those same influences, only to say you are then closed to them once the contracts have been signed? Did Bolivians not realise that, more often than not, you’re dealing with psychopaths in the world of Western global business? Doubt it.

Call me a cynic, but, I can no longer afford to presume anything about other nations and leaders’ in regards to their own intelligence and insight because I’ve learnt that what appears to be is rarely the reality and many sob stories are just preempts for someone taking my stuff and dancing in joy at my losses. Life is hard at this time, but, we can develop the strength to maintain ourselves within that with decency and integrity through Billy’s info rather then throwing in the towel to rampant materialism as many do, e.g., I still have the capacity to care, but, choose where to invest that much more carefully than I used to, if at all, except for this case, as most people are really full of it in my experience.

Xila Clark

Matt – you said “Did Bolivians not realise that, more often than not, you’re dealing with psychopaths in the world of Western global business? Doubt it.”
Yes they did understand, as their history reveals:
It appears the German company could not come up with the $250 million to start the project so no wonder it was cancelled.
Also in that article:
“Morales’ popularity has been attributed to higher economic growth (the highest from 2006-14 in 3.5 decades), a 45% boost in social program spending, and a near doubling of the minimum wage, states the Centre for Economic and Policy Research. Poverty has declined from 59% in 2006 to 36% in 2017. Indigenous communities have better access to electricity, water and sewage services.”

Matt Knight

Thanks Xila, Yes, that info about, “…build your country up…” I mentioned was taken from the other article on offguardian about Bolivia, which I was disappointed you did not see the value of as I’ve not found a better one for real journalists’ opinion pieces, but, obviously, I can’t expect you to have read all I have on the site.

As for the cash that supposedly couldn’t get raised: I can tell off the bat that this fall into the area of BS. You can find funders for anything, even for fracking and it’s not even profitable. There’s not much room for investors these days so they move their cash around. There will be other reasons, but, it’s likely more to do with some corporate “image” issues, which won’t matter when their other company coughs up and buys up.

Xila Clark

Haha Matt yes I did read a few articles on that site and I like it! Especially the most recent article about overpopulation being debunked and in the comments section was a comment that it’s not debunked. Was this site your creation? I also noticed the most recent articles are much more sympathetic to Evo Morales. So much for the evil dictator trope as it wasn’t real to start with. There seems to be a lot of the same information that keeps repeating from various articles on the Internet. But I’ve yet to find one that claims the German company actually gave the $250 million to Morales.
Since you asked about fracking (and I’m no expert) I can guarantee that if a new start up company had an untested new process of removing gas/oil (lithium) but had never tried it out and had no business experience in ever doing anything like that before, I highly doubt they would get financial backing. Also considering that some foreign infrastructure has been confiscated in the past by the country, would probably not interest many financial backers. But it would interest warmongers.

Matt Knight

Yes, I catch-up on all the articles every few months and one thing is for sure: The contributors are renowned, active within their fields, journalists, playwrights, artists, etc. It’s a refreshing place to be because all the contributors do so on the premise that they provide links and factual info to back up their facts, but, from there can go to town and have fun with words and world views and it’s like their downtime uninhibited by editorial constraints other than ‘back it up’ with quality. It’s a strange name choice, but, it started off the back of pulling the UK’s Guardian newsgroup’s articles apart intelligently, which got my attention and completely flattened their globalist ideology, ‘hug everything’ except all white racists or anyone we say is. All news has a subjective bias and it would do humanity well to recognise that more often to get the subtext. There, on offguardian, the glove’s are off and it’s honest, the site is sponsored by the public (no corporate controls).

Yes, there’s a bit of a battle going on over there over the subject of overpopulation and has been for about a year now, reflecting, I think, the group that created the website (not me), and there differing views. I have read many articles about the dangers of overpopulation on the site and it has become an interesting, running, theme over there. so, all challenges, likes for comments, etc., are welcome. Mine get a bit raw as I do not claim to be a brilliant writer, but, if you are, you can influence some of the biggest names in real, free, journalism and they know it is sadly missing in all mainstream outlets (except Russian ones, who have to be very careful, e.g., NatWest Bank threatening to freeze RT’s accounts, which I to NatWest about and it got overturned because of the backlash from British audiences.)

Could go on, but, had some really good news from James Moore today and now you, so am in a much brighter frame of mind than I was after waking up to a dream about a massive landslide event I was in the middle of (but it wasn’t me) with trees toppling all around me and the ground sliding down, so, happy the day ended well.

P.S. Not convinced about Morales. I agree, I don’t think he is a dictator like the mainstream paint him, but, I’m not convinced (the double negative I mentioned previously), that the government didn’t become more corrupt. I don’t know. Maybe, Billy has a view, or, the Plejaren?

Matt Knight

P.P.S. The trees that were toppling all around me had a distinct bright yellow leaf and whitish / grey / black bark and were tall, so fully wild and mature trees that were growing on a slope dominated by another tree variety, near a mountain plateau in a mountainous region where I could see other peaks covered with pine or fur. After researching the yellow-leafed trees, they looked like American Aspen, or, Quaking Aspen. The man I saw the event through was a farmer, had a blue/grey plaid shirt on and jeans and possibly even wore a greyish stetson hat. I’m thinking this was West coast than say Utah. He was running between the falling trees successfully and I guess there must have been a huge quake, but, I only came into the dream during the chaos, but, the the whole ground on the mountain seemed to start becoming unstable and begin sliding down and the dream stopped. Further research showed that American Aspen are a host species connected underground meaning they probably act like a carpet slipping off rock in the event of quake. I’m not sure if he made it or how much worse it got. It had to be in the autumn because of the leaf colour.

Basil Miracle

I think that what Billy Meier has long foretold should be no surprise to anyone who has an inkling of interest in knowing the real, actual Truth. The events that now unfold before us are the result of a long chain of events, set in motion by the power hungry, mad, and deluded human beings who have long sought domination over everything and everyone. They have sown the seeds of their own destruction, as well as the destruction of all of Western Society. Those seeds have now grown into a bumper crop and their terrible fruits now ripen.

Whether it is America’s unending wars of Aggression(Wars to go back to the very foundations of America, with George Washington’s evil deeds that brought about the first World War, respectively the so called “Seven Years War”) and Regime Change, devastatingly impoverishing sanctions, destruction of Indigenous peoples and their lands, or it’s total neglect of its people, infrastructure, and domestic needs; the causes of her downfall are now too numerous to enumerate. The riots that now set the streets ablaze of countries across the globe, either in rebellion against the USA(And her many Vassal States) or stoked by the CIA’s so called NGO(Respectively Non-Governmental Organizations) partners(Yeah, I’m talking about you, National Endowment for Democracy), are a direct result of US hegemony and its power lust. Despite the unfortunate blindness of many Americans, the world at large is not blind to the crimes that have been and are being perpetrated by America in her bid to be the ruler of the globe(You can ask the Iranians who is to blame for their collapsing economy, the Chinese who is responsible for the violent rioters who are burning down Hong Kong, the Yemenis or Pakistanis who is responsible for the dreadful and cowardly drone bombings of their people, or the Syrians who is responsible for the nearly 9 years of terror at the hands of so called “Rebels”; their response will all be the same, The United States of America).

The warnings of Billy Meier and the Plejaren should be shouted from every rooftop and brought to the attention of every human being that lives and breathes on Earth, for they are of the gravest importance for each and every one of us. The laws of Cause and Effect can not be fooled, nor can they ever be broken. The evils that are done by the power elite(Respectively those who wield the great scepters of power, such as the CIA, the greedy billionaires, those whose names are shrouded in deepest darkness that work behind the scenes, and so on and so forth) and by any individual human being of Earth, will, without fail, always come back in kind to them. The terrible evils and misery that are inflicted on others, will always return to those who inflicted them.

I’ve only recently discovered the Meier case(Circa December of 2012) and all of the absolutely accurate, astounding prophetic information contained in the Contact Reports(And also FIGU bulletins, etc) for myself. From my own life experiences, knowledge, and understanding, I’ve found no other body of information that is so impeccably correct and free from error(Not even the Scientific Journals or Academic Writings, which are oft touted so highly as the epitome of truth, are free from deception, misunderstandings, lies, or falsifications) as that published by Billy Meier. And I’m no scientist, learned scholar, or leader in a position of power. I’m simply a man with a keen interest in the Truth(It has been the guiding light in my life), and an insatiable hunger for Knowledge and Wisdom. So, I think that there is no excuse for those liars and frauds who have had access to the Meier material and have wantonly discarded it, hid it, or attempted to destroy it because it interferes with their wealth and fame. Especially, those who carry the many letters and Academic honors after their names, who should know better(I’m looking at you, Seth Shostak and all of your cowardly kindred).

Our own future survival on this planet depends utterly on the Human Beings of Earth learning the Truth, and turning away from the false teachings of gurus, saviors, religions, holy men, gods, politicians, and finally thinking for themselves as True Human Beings. I can only hope that we come to our senses and learn our lessons before we plunge off the precipice and dive headlong into a future of nuclear fire, killer automata, biochip enslavement, and total ecological collapse.

Xila Clark

Well it’s a great site to read as who doesn’t love evidence backed truthful articles, something so lacking today (excluding this site of course). I’m no journalist or even a wannabe journalist, but thanks for the offer. The Rebel and True North in Canada are the same although I don’t always agree with their view, I appreciate them going the extra mile to ask the questions. In the USA I like Aaron Mate, Max Blumenthal, Elizabeth Lea Vos, Michael Tracey and of course Jimmy Dore.
I’m probably biased about Evo Morales since a friend lived through the CIA coup in Chile.
In Bolivia, Morales called for a new election the day before the coup and wanted to stop the houses of his family and supporters being burnt, before someone got killed. And willing to bend to the wishes of the protesters and not one life was lost. Now after the coup 32 have died. Doesn’t sound like the new regime cares about the people like he did. Did you read his recent interview on RT? He said he was told they offered 50 grand for him, which is American and Canadian money slang for thousand and not pesos, denaros or bolivianos.
We only point our fingers at the Bolivian and Venezuelan government’s, as if our governments are somehow less corrupt?
Well that’s quite a dream to wake up from. Visions of things to come? The predicted 9 magnitude off the west coast at Bandon Oregon? Although I know many people who dress like that, a good chunk of our Canadian Rockies are national parks (Banff/Jasper) so no one can farm there and there is no fracking or open pit mining, as far as I know. Maple trees also hold onto their yellow helicopter seeds all winter long and look like leaves unless you’re up close to see that they aren’t. Regardless, it will be very devastating.

Matt Knight

I like Jimmy Dore too. His wife Stefane cracks me up when she answers all related queries with, “Population Matters. org”, especially the ignoramuses who think they’ve the right to ask any woman why they don’t have kids, not ‘why they had them’, which is more appropriate for these times. Visited ‘The Rebel’ a few times and they do cover things no-one else does. I’ll check out the others you mention. Understood re. Morales. I’m also biased in that I’m angry and want to shake SA countries and say, “Look, don’t sell ANY of your natural resources, don’t open your borders and you may just survive this”, so, just frustrated that they threw this away on the electric car-rush and green con.

Interesting thing about my dreams is that they can contain info I only discover later as the facts emerge, but, I’m convinced that the blue / grey is not to do with a farmer (although my old FB buddy Bob Foster comes to mind now and he lives in Washington State)., but, refers to a state that will be blue/grey politically at that time:

It definitely wasn’t a Maple as i know Maple. In fact, we don’t have Quaking Aspen in the UK (that I know of – certainly not common) and hence why I had to look it up. I’ve got a photographic memory for dreams after years of practise so remember clear details as these have steered me clear of real dangers in the past.

Xila Clark

Yeah I like Stephanie too and like her comebacks. That is a better question, why did you have so many children?
Here’s a recent presentation by two I mentioned:
Evo Morales didn’t have much of a choice since it was a coup. The throwing the resources away on a green con is a distraction to the USA coup and how they just decide to overthrow whichever country doesn’t bow to their wishes. If Morales did get on that American plane, do you think he was reasonable when he said he would be heading to Guantanamo? They did kill Allende in Chile after all. Ted Cruz recently tweeted that he was the infamous Dan Cooper (D.B. Cooper who hijacked a plane and was never found) but I think he actually meant he was a Dam Coup ‘er.
Currently Washington state, Oregon and California are blue states. Funny that in Canada the colours are opposite so the west coast of Canada is blue excluding Vancouver.
I’m familiar with photographic memory, therefore I take your word for it, that it was Aspen trees.

John Webster

It’s not really necessary to contribute this, so it is either a manipulated news item, or it falls right into place with Henoch: