Captain Tim and the Little Pollutions

What goes up, must come down and when it does…


A Tale About Cause and Effect

I was about 16 when I first noticed it. I was riding a bus through Chicago’s Lincoln Park and saw the bus in front of ours pumping out plumes of black exhaust. And then it occurred to me that, “The dinosaurs have come back to get us!” While it was only partially true that so-called fossil fuels were composed of the remnants of prehistoric dinosaurs, considering all things, I was close enough.

About 10 years later, while living in New York City after graduating from the Art Institute of Chicago, I got together with a couple of friends, Stanley Edwards and Bob Kaminsky, to work on a little project for an animated TV series. We based the idea on my then recently released record on A&M, Captain Tim, coupled with my concern for the environment, specifically air pollution.

While my record was about growing up with radio and early TV space show heroes, this project turned the adult Captain Tim of my record into a young, hip teenager who was the commander of a spaceship and who, along with his interracial crew, belonged to S.P.A.C.E., which stood for Society Protecting and Conserving Everything.

The first mission of the S.P.A.C.E. crew was to go and help protect and conserve the environment on Q + (The City Planet), a mythical planet, somewhere deep in outer space.

A call had gone out from the good people of Q+ (The City Planet) to Captain Tim and his crew for help because their otherwise clear, beautiful skies had begun to darken in a most strange, ominous and unexpected way.

So, the crew boarded their spaceship, a sleek and lovely craft, prophetically named the Schermerhorn, which looked remarkably like the Washington Monument…with butterfly wings. Well, it was the 60s, after all.

Their flight would be anything but uneventful. As they were approaching Q+ (The City Planet) they suddenly encountered a severe meteor shower. More about that in a moment but first, why don’t I introduce…the S.P.A.C.E. crew:

Along with Nigel Proctor, Space Doctor:

…there was Corporal Bucky:

…Communications Officer Myra:

Corporal Fred:

…and of course Captain Tim:

Our intrepid crew faced its first challenge, as it was suddenly confronted by the diabolical N.M.E. Greed, as he let loose the full fury of a raging meteor shower:

The attack automatically activated one of the ship’s AI devices, appropriately called The Procrastinator. The crew scrambled to their stations as an automated voice echoed throughout the Schermerhorn, “This could be bad, then again it might not be any good, maybe we should try something else, later, like…ketchup, or, or…”

As Greed let loose a relentless assault, with hot and cold running meteors, the ship and crew had all they could handle in order to avoid the onslaught and enter into the airspace of Q+ (The City Planet), if it could even be called…air:

What lay beneath them was a curious, furious, sooty cloud cover but it wasn’t just the clouds. In fact, seemingly swimming among the dark and dingy banks of clouds were these little gremlin-like, four-faced, smoke-spewing, top hat wearing creatures, puffing cigars in each of their four mouths, adding to the gritty clouds obscuring what would soon reveal itself to be a cube-shaped planet, all six sides of which were overbuilt with skyscrapers and apartment buildings, with barely a spot of green to be seen anywhere:

Upon landing, Captain Tim and his crew were greeted by the mayor of Q+ (The City Planet) who hurriedly ushered them into an emergency meeting to explain the severity of the crisis, which was already no secret to the Captain and his crew.

They wandered among the populace and observed their activities. The crew was especially interested in a quaint…hobby that the citizens had. Many had what looked like…a bicycle tire pump. They’d put pretty little stones into them and then, with a swift pumping motion, launch them skyward. For a brief moment they’d enjoy their rapid, colorful ascent as they’d disappear into the ever present grayness. They thought not of where these stones were going and, since they didn’t appear to come down again, they were quickly forgotten about.

And who started this pastime in the first place? It was none other than…N.M.E. Greed. No stranger to the citizens of Q+ (The City Planet) his carefree promises of easy living and entertainment had infected the hearts and minds of the populace, encouraging them to endlessly amuse themselves and not worry at all about the consequences. Why he even…sold them the colorful little stones they were constantly propelling skywards.

What the people didn’t know was that once those pretty little stones had gone as high as they could, they transformed themselves into the dreaded, smoke-belching Little Pollutions. And, by the time the people noticed that they were suffering from the terrible, suffocating air the Little Pollutions produced, it was almost too late.

Captain Tim and his crew pondered the pressing problem. There was no shortage of suggestions, all of them expensive, complicated and…inadequate.

Then, suddenly, Captain Tim made a simple, Zen-like gesture:

The people themselves would have to take the problem back into their own hands and reverse the damage. The entire population was told to be ready, to stand outside with their pumps, wherever they were, at noon the following day. Assembled outside, pointing their pumps skyward, at the appointed moment, everyone in unison suddenly and strongly drew back on them, causing a huge vacuum-like effect that sucked all of the Little Pollutions back into the pumps.

Quickly, special trucks rolled through every street on Q+ (The City Planet), quickly gathering up all the little pumps and rushing them to a processing plant where the Little Pollutions could be converted back into…fresh air.

And that produced some amazing experiences, as people could actually…see the sky, breathe more deeply, and also see how much they had vastly overbuilt their planet and neglected, abused and fallen out of touch with nature.

Of course I didn’t know at the time, 50 years ago, that real space travelers had come to our world and – seeing that we too were destroying it – would reach out through a young boy on earth to try to warn us and prompt us to take self-responsibility for our own thoughtlessness and take the power back into our own hands and reverse the mess that we were making…before it was completely too late.

In 1970, I moved to L.A. and brought Captain Tim and the Little Pollutions to Filmation, a Hollywood animation production company, owned by a man named Norm Prescott. While Norm was nice enough to look at the drawings and read our story, he simply said, “I like it, very nice but…nobody cares about air pollution.”

Though it’s taken more than 50 years, the story is not only worth telling but all the more important today, as all sorts of trendy, fancy, futile and costly environmental “solutions” are begging for our money, though few ever make a great difference because, it seems, few to none will address the real underlying problem.

Even though as a burgeoning teenage environmentalist, I’d awakened to the problems of pollution, I’d never thought about the underlying problem.

If you’re pondering what more you can do to make a positive difference in our world, in addition to the profound wisdom in Billy Meier’s books of the spiritual teaching, I invite you to also download read:


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I love this book! The illustrations are fun and creative and the story has such a valuable and joyful message. I bought it for my daughter who has just turned two and she absolutely loves it.


Just doing that myself, my recommendation for you is to sit down in a quiet corner, let some relaxation music play gently in the background, and enjoy reading that little book and watching its beautiful illustrations. Yes, it is for children, who will love it. But you as adult will equally sense how well it connects with your deepest inner needs and dreams. The later part of the little book contains lyrics of songs from the author. These are aligned with the overall story and of an inspirational and motivational nature, helping you to dream and nurture your inner strength, no matter if young or old.

Stefan Zutt

Everyone young, old and in between will benefit substantially from reading this, for it is thought provoking and a truly beautiful collaboration. Its tenderness is unmatched and I thank all who were involved in its creation!


While you’re at it, get a copy of:


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This book will have a huge impact on those utilizing it. I have already gotten so much out of it and this is only day one. Thank you for this book. It has already had such a positive impact on our household and I can see so much potential. My daughter who is nearly two, loves joining me in my recordings and has contributed some hilarious videos of her own…After using the technique, my husband just landed his dream job and close to home. We are still in disbelief.

Katherine Whiting

Ingenious. Very creative use of today’s “everyday” technology to help us become our own hero. Thank you for sharing!

Katrina Loren Exconde

It brought me to tears when I thought about (or capturing) my happiest and most accomplished moment. I can’t even explain the feeling that came over me at that moment. It was joyous and liberating and I wanted to relive it over and over again. I’m looking forward to sitting down and doing the whole session.

Melissa Osaki

Great, thorough read that anyone can understand. The practice and application of Future Self is available to anyone and can be performed by anyone with just a smartphone. Highly recommended you read this book. The approach is unique and the method’s availability can be accessed by anyone with a smartphone, laptop, camera, computer etc. It also aligns with the spirit teachings. Be sure to get this, I’m personally using it and it’s been a great experience.

Jedaiah Ramnarine, Bestselling Author, PSI Raise

No fluff book that is easy to read. Teaches you how to focus on changing yourself from within by focusing on and recording where you are now and where you want to be.


I really liked it. No BS, to the point, and helpful advice. Highly recommend it.

A Viera

Future Self is intriguing and it’s amazing how much one can discover about one”s true intentions and dreams. I realised that when I will get to that place, It won’t make me any happier. Secure yes.

Happy to be able to help family members, friends, people in need yes.

But in terms of self worth, I never realised until I did the 2 interviews recording myself (btw hard to concentrate on the content and not the form…quite an exercise!) that the problem may be deeper. Probably due to negligence and indifference in my childhood.

If I stare at the recording when I am not talking but feeling the contentment of having achieved all materialistic dreams…I tap into a frequency that is quite powerful. I am not too sure how I can use that in my advantage as of yet but it is definitely inspiring.

I believe in other realms, in an energy anyone could tap into and discover or experience the truth. In other intelligent beings reaching out to some of us, helping increase our knowledge, sharing thoughts and dreams. I am in my thirties, married, I have 3 wonderful children. I have been getting gradually more responsibilities in our family industry.

I read quite a bit, (astronomy, maths, self help books, how to be a better parent now days, anthropology, history, the way few people changed our world and why and then I came across someone called Dr John Mack…that opened many many doors to different people, experiences, cultures and deja-vu experiences).

At the end of the day, I never really felt ‘normal’…always thought that I was here for a reason. Always managed to make my dreams come true….lucky you could say. Persistent. I always also suffered from loneliness and hardship in the emotional department. Your book future self…I feel could be developed even further to a certain extent. I totally get the idea behind the statements, explanations, organisational skills and finally…believing is receiving!

Hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet some day.

Many thanks for reaching out.

Best wishes for all your future endeavours.




2 Replies to “Captain Tim and the Little Pollutions”

  1. Very creative and full of joy . With such controversy over climate change , this should be distributed by a big book broker . I’m certain that reaching out to a well researched company might get this one on it’s way .

  2. What a wonderful little story. I can appreciate MH even more knowing that he was so ahead of his time. And his art looks so fab; I keep thinking that “Nigel Proctor, Space Doctor” ended up as ripped off concept art for the Pepper Land folk extras in the “Yellow Submarine” film. And there is no doubt that more of these characters may have ended up eventually in a major film studio, ripped off from this highly talented kid. For all we know MH secretly was responsible for inspiring the art for the “Scooby-Doo” cartoon. If not “Scooby-Doo” there is certainly “Lost in Space” final seasons in there for sure.

    In my opinion the whole thing must be a conspiracy to keep MH from succeeding by the Bafath, who were active at the time. However, as we can see from his resume he has accomplished many things to make these alleged 1960s trespasses meaningless. The guy who turned you down because “nobody cares about air pollution” must never heard of the Who. Because if he had he would have known that a brave child could “see the dust” “everyday” because of “too much magic bus.” Too much magic bus was literally all over the radio in the late sixties, early 70s for crying out loud. MH was robbed as a child, imo.

    PS- this post is meant for entertainment purposes only, well sort of;)

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