Sotheby’s Sells Billy Meier UFO Photos for $16,500!

Buyer scammed, same photos available for years…for only a few dollars!


We, the people of earth, need to get our priorities straight, though it appears that time has completely run out for such a possibility to occur. Our first impulse is to try to profit financially from any and everything that comes our way…including the best evidence of extraterrestrial space travelers we’ve ever seen.

Sotheby’s Auctions Billy Meier UFO Photos

Naturally, when speaking about such evidence, we’re automatically referring to Billy Meier’s UFO photos from the 1970s.

During the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend, Sotheby’s*, had an online auction of prints of some of Billy Meier’s UFO photos. Reserve bids for small groupings of the photos ranged from $4,000 – $9,000 and final sales total was $16,500.

The ultimate buyer(s) may be interested to know that the same copies of Meier’s UFO photos they’ve spent thousands of dollars on have been available for years…for only a few dollars.

As many people around the world who have them can attest.

Real or UFO Hoax?

But let’s look at the really important issues:

1. Are these photos of something…real?

This is hugely important because if they’re of something real – i.e. actual extraterrestrial craft – the singular, unprecedented scientific and historical significance would be the most important element, obviously.

2. If they’ve been proven to behoaxed UFO photos”, then they’d probably be mere curiosities.

Anyone claiming that the evidence is a hoax, bears the burden of proof. That includes all the assorted skeptics who, unable to substantiate their accusations, have falsely accused Meier of fraud over the past several decades.


In either case, these particular photos aren’t worth anything. And certainly not thousands of dollars! Because, according to FIGU (emphasis added):

“The black numbers written on the prints clearly prove that these are not ‘original first generation prints’ because the original slides did not have these numbers on them. These photos have no special value at all, except that they look like the ones we are displaying in our photo album and still have the white border around as it has been the case in the 1970s…they are absolutely worthless, and anyone interested in the photos would have much more ‘visual benefit’ when buying, or looking at, the Photo-Inventarium”.

The Ironclad Authenticity

Regarding the authenticity of the UFOs in the photos, the following statement in Sotheby’s promotional material should’ve piqued the interest of any scientifically minded reader:

“When Wendell came across the Meier case, he gathered a team of U.S. private investigators to research the Meier evidence at labs including the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in an attempt to determine their authenticity.”

Is there any record of such efforts to determine the authenticity of the photos?

Amazing as it may be, most people don’t know that the evidence has been analyzed and authenticated, by independent experts using state-of-the-art technology, several times over the past 40 years. Among those experts was  Michael Malin,  a photographic expert who also worked with NASA.

Didn’t the Seller Know?

How likely is it that the actual seller of Meier’s UFO photos didn’t know that UFOs in the photos were authentic? In light of the fact that some person(s) spent $16,500 to acquire them, it would be nice to be able to ask the seller.

Who Profits?

Some years ago, the Phoenix-based company, Open Minds, acquired the estate of the late Wendelle Stevens who, beginning in the late 1970s, was the lead investigator of the Billy Meier UFO contacts. While they claim that they “inherited” the large body of material, it was rumored that Open Minds actually paid $50,000 to the Stevens estate for it.

It should be known that after acquiring the Meier evidence, Open Minds shamelessly began selling copies of Meier’s UFO photos, posters, etc. – while publicly stating that the evidence was a hoax and fraudulent!

Sotheby’s provided this information online: “PROVENANCE Ex Estate of Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens”

As best as could be determined, this means that the origin of the photos for sale would be the “Ex Estate”, an acceptable abbreviation for the executor of the estate.

Perhaps Mr. Rao, the owner of Open Minds, would have the answer as to who the actual executor is. Certainly, it would seem very strange for a company involved in UFOs to acquire the best ever evidence of authentic UFOs, and then auction it off…without raving about their authenticity, if for no other reason than to increase their financial value.

But Open Minds is already in the peculiar position of obtaining copies of Meier’s photos, declaring them a hoax, and then selling as many copies and posters as possible.

Taken for a Ride

So, while Billy Meier’s UFO photos and films have been see on the BBC, X-Files, Joe Rogan, Larry King shows, etc., and many of us have the exact same copies of Meier’s UFO photos that were just auctioned off, it seems that someone just got taken for a very big ride…and it wasn’t on any of the UFOs in Meier’s photos.

P.S. The Reason for the Meier UFO Contacts

The great, unasked question about UFOs and extraterrestrials is, “Why would an advanced race of extraterrestrial space travelers want to contact…us?”

The only place you’ll actually find the reason is, of course, in the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts. And that reason is to help us assure our own, very threatened future survival.

To that end, Meier’s been provided with not only the amazing, still irreproducible UFO photos and other evidence but also an even higher standard of proof, in the form of hundreds of specific examples of error-free, prophetically accurate scientific information. Verifiably published by Meier up to decades before  “official discovery” by NASA, or anyone else, such information could only have been obtained by parties with technology not possessed by anyone on earth…and certainly not Meier.

One of the most important warnings pertains to the danger posed by asteroid Apophis, as potentially fatally underestimated by NASA and largely ignored in the mainstream press.

Lamentable as their sensationalism may be, it’s to the credit of the British Express tabloid that they ran a five-part interview with me, regarding the warnings from Meier and the Plejaren regarding this threat to our future survival.

*NOTE: Sotheby’s is in the business of auctioning items for which ownership can be determined. They are not obligated to determine, nor comment upon, the authenticity of the items and, unless they knowingly sold fraudulent items, they are entirely blameless. Based on my conversations with Sotheby’s personnel, I am completely satisfied that they have no culpability. Should the buyer(s) been scammed, it would appear to have been done by whoever knowingly misrepresented the worthless copies of Billy Meier’s UFO original photographs. As is standard protocol in some auctions, the seller may remain anonymous.

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9 Replies to “Sotheby’s Sells Billy Meier UFO Photos for $16,500!”

  1. The $16.000 was good advertising (THANK YOU!) because these photos represent a very interesting story which will help us in our future survival. By showing us how the Universe works we are better able to improve our quality of life and awareness which is our purpose in life without hurting others, to live and help live… if you will. The Meier Case is by far the most interesting case in the world if not this universe, which, like atoms appear almost infinate to our current level of consciousness. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Salome

  2. More defamation coming BEAM’s way. People are erroneously believing it is BEAM that’sselling the “hoaxed” photos for profit.

    1. I can’t get over what folks will believe simply because their TV told them or it was in a news article. One of the things that plagues this world is how mentally lazy people have become. They need someone else to do their research for them and then spoon feed the information to them. It’s alarming how much rubbish is out there.

    1. That’s awful. Art is no longer beautiful and creative as it used to be. Chalk it up to another symptom of overpopulation.

  3. I found a beamship photo on Pinterest where the craft is at low altitude approaching the space between two columns of Italian cypress type trees. I lost it due a computer breakdown and I can’t find it anymore. If you know of this photo image please refer it to me.

    Sincerely 888,
    Stan Del Carlo

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