Cover-up Over As Media Reveals Billy Meier’s UFO Contacts!

and skeptic confirms Meier’s apophis warning beat nasA by 13 years! 


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Skeptic Proves Billy Meier Prophecy Right

Fortunately, we have skeptic Mahesh Karumudi to thank for confirming that Meier published his warnings about asteroid Apophis at least 13 years before NASA “officially discovered” it.*

Actually, I explained the ironclad nature of this copyrighted information in the following video, five years earlier, in 2010:

We’re always delighted to give skeptics credit for proving the prophetic accuracy of Meier’s information, as they also did regarding the planet Jupiter and its moon, Io.

While the original books, And Yet They Fly  and  And Still They Fly are out of print, you can get the downloadable version of And Still They Fly…


*While Billy Meier actually beat NASA by 23 years, having first published his warnings in German, in 1981, this date of 1991 is more easily confirmed. 

NOTE: My thanks go out to everyone who’s contributed to our campaign to bring this critically important information to greater awareness. I will continue to post updates as we have them.

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