Cover-up Over As Media Reveals Billy Meier’s UFO Contacts!

and skeptic confirms Meier’s apophis warning beat nasA by 13 years! 


Newest Interview: Larry Richert Show

Below you’ll find regular updates on my new, national media, TV and radio interviews about Billy Meier’s hundreds of stunning examples of his specific, prophetic scientific accuracy:

Larry Richert Show: Pittsburgh

CBS NEWS: San Diego

Dave Glover ShowSt. Louis

Josh Tolley Show: Nationally Syndicated

Evertalk TV: Los Angeles

The Mancow Show: Chicago

The Rude Jude Show: Los Angeles

The Joe Bartlett Show WOR: New York City

The Scoot Show WWL: New Orleans

Douglas Wagner Morning Show WMT: Cedar Rapids


Sirius XM Los Angeles






Skeptic Proves Billy Meier Prophecy Right

Fortunately, we have skeptic Mahesh Karumudi to thank for confirming that Meier published his warnings about asteroid Apophis at least 13 years before NASA “officially discovered” it.*

Actually, I explained the ironclad nature of this copyrighted information in the following video, five years earlier, in 2010:

We’re always delighted to give skeptics credit for proving the prophetic accuracy of Meier’s information, as they also did regarding the planet Jupiter and its moon, Io.

While the original books, And Yet They Fly  and  And Still They Fly are out of print, you can get the downloadable version of And Still They Fly…


*While Billy Meier actually beat NASA by 23 years, having first published his warnings in German, in 1981, this date of 1991 is more easily confirmed. 

NOTE: My thanks go out to everyone who’s contributed to our campaign to bring this critically important information to greater awareness. I will continue to post updates as we have them.

16 Replies to “Cover-up Over As Media Reveals Billy Meier’s UFO Contacts!”

  1. Michael is doing such great work. I am happy to be a part of bringing this important information to the mainstream media. Keep it up Michael! And I will try and do my part.

  2. Great stuff Michael. I istened to the 1st and 3d interview, unfortunately, the 2nd link ‘The Scoot Show WWL: New Orleans’ leads to a message saying that ‘this site isn’t available in the EU’ (I am from the Netherlands).

  3. The snowball continues to grow . I hope everyone studies the material , and we change our world for the better.

  4. I’m so proud of this new media blitz when I was in college taking up graphic design in the early 2000s I had a vision and idea to do this stuff as well . GO MICHAEL!!!!

  5. That’s some speedy interviewing your doing there Michael, why don’t they wanna talk for longer, it’s got to be more interesting than any other topic or guest they all have on. Good job though 🙂
    When you say they speak in science, it’s more that they speak the simple truth, regarding the sciences and world events, as they say that our scientists speak to much mumbo jumbo that the average human doesn’t grasp the message or urgency etc etc. Good on ya for getting it out there to the masses, another 800 years and we’ll be there 🙂 Just wish you could keep going at it till then
    Salome 🙂

    1. Hi Simon,

      If you click on the linked interviews you’ll see that most are actually longer. I did one on TV in L.A. that was 15 minutes.

      Actually, considering the blackout on the Meier case for so ling, they’re giving a fair amount of time for the interviews.

      I use the word “science” because it’s actually more acceptable and provokes more interest than “truth”. Perhaps that will change when I’m doing my next…100 years of interviews.

  6. This is so spiritual thank you for
    Bringing the information to the public
    Iv know about Billie for years I read all about him in high school. I just turned 65
    Don’t think we have much. time left . Bill
    Gates an Ted Turner want 90% of the population gone. There is no climate change it’s a lie it’s Geoengineering , the Tesla weapon technology is being used for world wide weapons against humanity we are the enemy . You can read all the gov docs at Debra Trevares web site
    (Stop the Crime. Net ) the military industrial complex an satanic forces
    are trying to kill off all humans. The demons / ancient ones will come with a fake alien Invasion soon to try to enslave humanity. The UN troops are here the gov had sold us all out to the world new world order plus the Vatican which is a main player in the great coming deception.
    The military industrial complex is trying to chip us, poison us and exterminate us. When they release the demons from hell at CERN we won’t survive. Jesus will have to return or no one would be left the
    Bible is real, the demonic AI is on a level humans can’t survive, so many will die. Does Billy know about the technology? The FEMA camp decapitation head choppers ? Christian ✝️ persecution is happening now? If you don’t take the chip you can’t buy it sell if you do you lose your soul. Dr Tom Horn just wrote a book on the coming asteroid ☄️ It confirms what Billy says exactly. Humans have little time left . God bless you take care and thank you for sharing his info. I do believe in you and BM he is 100% real . May God keep you and he safe. Don’t let the evil 1% silence your msg.

    1. Hi Deborrah,

      I’d suggest reading the contact reports, starting from the beginning, and taking your time so you can process all the information. It seems that you have many misunderstandings regarding Billy’s material, especially concerning religion and other supernatural conspiracies. While many dark things are going on behind the scenes, it’s important that we understand the root cause of all these happenings around the world and try to peacefully and logically find solutions.

      Here’s a link to all the translated contact reports and also contact report number 1.

      This is a link to Sfath’s explanation about Billy’s mission here on Earth.

    2. To Deborrah .. I support Melissa’s advisement to you, and using myself as an example, if I can successfully trim away unnecessary facets of unreasonable ‘beliefs’, then others can, and do, as well! You suggested a couple good links, Melissa.

  7. The world leader must NOW discuss overpopulation and begin discussions of a world wide birth ban with equal birth control. Hopefully they’ll not only only find the humanity within themselves to do so but the self love and love for life.

    1. I just learned that Josh is an evangelical, so more kudos to him for having me on. I found it interesting to hear him read from the spiritual teaching too.

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