CBS NEWS Interviews Michael Horn on Billy Meier UFO Case

Historic mainstream coverage of Meier prophecies and evidence, skeptic corroborates authenticity

My thanks to everyone who’s helped make this possible.

Stay tuned…more to come!

Click here for more about the skeptic who proved Billy Meier published warnings about Apophis decades before “official discovery”.

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9 Replies to “CBS NEWS Interviews Michael Horn on Billy Meier UFO Case”

  1. Wow ! Great job Michael. msm has given the people a chance to read the material. something big must be close. This is historic.

  2. Michael,

    Excellent interview with CBS News! Your hard work is finally paying off; excited to see what the more to come will be. Hopefully the next interview will be longer? I sent this to an associate professor DePascal in New Mexico, his response – Great interview! Michael Horn is clearly a good emissary for talking about this information. He was quick on his feet and clear and concise. Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you

  3. Nice job, Michael. They appeared genuinely interested (and scared, as they should be). Love how you had the chance to give Mahesh credit where due ; )

  4. I cannot begin to tell you what a pleasure and a relief it is to see and to hear that the more and more main stream media cannot deny what is and what has been for many years right in front their face. All the liars and charlatans have been laying below the foundation on which the Meier case can now rest on top its’ everlasting forms of Teaching so that change will finally start to become for those with open eyes and can therefore start their change for “The Way to Live” and achieve a more peaceful coexistence on this planet. Your many years of hard work proving no match for closed minds.

  5. Wow! That is so cool! Good luck to you in this new endeavor! The world needs to know about Billy sooner than later! Thank you.

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